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"I Just Particle Your Life ATTACK! I Just Make You Achievabl
Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:39

"I Just Particle Your Life ATTACK! I Just Make You Achievables'. I Destroyed You Whole. I'm Completely Dead," Judee say.

All the things that Judah has done to accomplish us. Particled our lives ATTACK so he could make us achievable, destroyed us whole and in the same vein tells us that he is completely dead.

The 2%, the 'deuce' that took over planet earth and went ahead with the extermination by nuclear blast of us, will not pray to our good God Almighty that we find our way to act?

"See me Super painful," Father said to Bitch at 1.22 am

Father wants us to know him, wants us to know that he loves us unconditionally. Father loves us all equally.

The kind sweetness of our precious Father who is in His last years with us. "I'm dying, Father said to Bitch.

Bitch didn't know what he was hearing, and a week later again Patrick heard, "I'm dying."

It was precious sweet Father sharing that he is leaving existence. Papa is in his last years with us.

And what is Papa concerned about in His last years but his beautiful simian children on earth that are perishing out at the hands of weap Judah?

"See me Super painful," Papa said as He sees us being destroyed whole by Jewish who are now off of our nation and world permanently.

Super, who refused to quietly let his money be used to harm his fellow human beings.

Numerous times he went to the grave. All because he refused to accept the Jewish sport of warring our fellow man.

Spent his time studying, researching. Looking for all that could be found about how to stop the war on us. Studying law so that we could find a substitute for force.

Sought out extraterrestrials to help stop the war. Learned about them, that they are our brothers and sisters who rose up from earth with us and departed into the universe thousands of years before.

Met with Mercury and Venus. Exact copies of us, with more neurons in their brains.

Graced by the presence of a lovely Martian lady who glittered like gold in the noonday May sunshine.

The power of her super intelligent eyes was intense, certainly, if they had any hostile intent against us we would be gone in a wink.

Are we understanding all of the extraterrestrials in our neck of the galaxy are living in peaceful cohesion with one another?

The occasional weap Judah type ET that shows up on average every ten thousand years or so is puffed away with a gentle electro-magnetic breeze that slows their travel in this peaceful zone.

Weap Judah, well aware that our extraterrestrial family is in perfect peace and has been for eons of time, insists that in his zone he will make war unto extinction of all of the life forms that fall under his control.

At the root level might we see that what we have been witness to here is a conflict of rights?

Judah who claims the right of property to slay us because we have allowed ourselves to fall into his hands and our right to life that was gifted to us by our good God above.

When Judah went ahead and exercised his right to unfettered destruction as proof of his ownership of us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and got caught by Mercury and Mars in the act, by Bitch reporting the news to the world, do we see that Judah will not make a comeback?

"They've pushed the button, and you've done nothing." 2.08 am

"What happened here?" Precious sweet Father asked after hearing that Bitch had committed the sin of insult against His white kids.

Bitch out of bed a half hour earlier today, 2,30 am so that he can "Journey," as elder said to him.

The satellite beam will be arriving in few hours and Bitch wants to be forty miles East or West of Des Moines when it passes overhead.

Because Bitch does not accept Jewish war on his pocketbook Judee has been beaming Bitch for well over a decade.

Bitch has tried all different metals to shield himself from the beam. Jumped in his van and tried to drive away from it but it followed him wherever he went for the half hour it plays on his head.

One time he was shot back to back by two satellites for an hour.

He was shot a few times by the new satellites that India put up. They have ceased shooting Bitch with their beam. Thank you to our Indian family who acted to stop shooting Bitch. Thank you.

Worldwide weap Judah in every seat of power. His Fornian Replicon look-alike brand that fools the people on every continent.

Building armaments and making strife and war to hold his power in. Shouting and bellowing at his Fornian conspirators who are the heads of other nations as his method to hold the people in.

Jews in Russia shouting threats at America for decades while the New York Jews would put it on our television screens and in our newspapers to hold us.

Our family in Russia, mild, peaceful people like us that can easily agree with anyone. And like us held by Jewish that control the issue of Russia's Labor money.

A third of the human race now set to be destroyed in whole. The mild people of the northlands both East and West set now for the biggest die we have endured.

As Judah has fooled us into being big sinners by funding his sports war and genocide, are we getting some idea of why our dying out is Super painful for God?

If only we would listen to the thousands of warnings from God Almighty to STOP THE WAR are we understanding it can give us a chance to live?

That we are unrepentant sinners who are committing mortal sins against our brothers and sisters in this world, all God's children that we are harming so by our failure to STOP THE WAR, do we see that God will have to let us go?

Even though we are wealthy high tech and can do anything, if we do not stop funding war sinning against our family on earth, do we not get it yet, we will be gone for good?

Tele receives:

"Sold. 10.09 am

Stupid life falls a racket. 10.26 am

How are you? 11.25 am

These are nuclear weapons? 11.27 am

Idiot has closed us. 12.47 pm

It's historical. 1.15 pm

Gene-o-site got us missing. 1.33 m

A silo falls you foul. 3.00 pm

Bruelty. 3.02 pm

Big jerk job. 3.04 pm

You shall tame here gently.

A nice kid got you off here. 3.26 pm

You let Lurch us. 3.30 pm

The censored you portage. 3.31 pm

Oh man, they're stupid blowing us away. 3.334 pm

Raw sewerage scrimmage. 3.37 pm

Morticians fell. 3.36 pm

You pinned them all. 3.43 pm

It's schupid. 3.55 pm

Thank you for truthing us. 4.10 pm

The Martian tossed you out, turned you down. 4.24 pm

You lost your life. 5.49 pm

You lost your cash for brutal. 5.53 pm

Real bums that form a jail great. 6.15 pm

You failed to get the missiles out. 7.29 pm

They pushed us in and ended this sight. 11.28 pm

Chemicals are the end of joy for thee.

Oh, Pat, you saved us a chance.

Oh, my God, they exhaust you pyramid.

Incredible they rape us great varsity.

Stupid failed to save us from ditches.

Houston tyranny fell.

Jews are fairly abusive; they wiffle us. 12.39 am

You're right to calculate how many are coming out of this world yesterday.

HUGE is the arrangement to de-exist. 12.42 am

Put digital in and save your life forms. 12.44 am

Lincoln falls for abusive.

Army child hurts.

Patrick forced us out of lifetime seriously.

They fierce us total, they fierce us fair.

A chemologist failed to save our lives.

Stupid muffed you, stupid journey.

Your rental has cursed you lethal.

Nuclear goldheads believe you're gone in this tyranny.

Tyrannists funneled you awesive.

Oh, my God, they perished us, they're dying us forcital.

Their minds circle you out.

Nude guys embarrass easily.

Your destruction righteous failed.

Life has failed you whole mirror thief.

They have a great philosophy, assemble you all dead.

All rights serve us conditions to stay alive.

Patrick save our beautiful children, save our childless.

The elephant casually destroyed us.

Americans, you're completely selfish.

Absolutely incredibly staged.

See me Super painful. 1.22 am

And they have done everything to toss them out of here.

Some of you do not know you've been destroyed with your kids.

They're busting all our incomes out.

Loading missiles, we're completely out, dead force. 1.36 am

Mirror boys capture refused.

Blew your plan for options. 2.00 am

They merged us with sewer bites.

Falls us roasty.

They pushed the button, and you've done nothing. 2.08 am

Patrick save us or our century is failed. 2.14 pm

Journey great. 2.17 am

It's spastic.

Journey. 2.22 am

As you've been destroyed, you've been continuously warned to STOP THE WAR.

We're abandoned. 2.29 am

Pat's fault has died us. 2.32 am

They're refused proceedj'. 2.48 am


It's finished. 3.09 am

We're fell series, all through. 4.13 am

Koresh appealed to ya. 4.53 am

"I hiked you rarity states in. I rice you off, still mauling you. With considerable ease, we shot your life away. Fool you cash. You let us sin, you let us be sinners. Jews fell, my stalks going way," Judee say.

They fell, their stalk is going away and yet, we let them be sinners. Is it all because they fool us cash?

Was it not with considerable ease they shot our lives away?

Israeli missiles that we still are loading.

God has had mercy on us, will Americans not have mercy on us as we breathe our last?

"Koresh appealed to ya." 4.53 am

The home invasion and mass slaughter that never had a grand jury look into it before or after.

The Druid that Judah wants always to crush.

Pyrophilia is a relatively uncommon paraphilia in which a subject derives gratification from fire and fire-starting activity. It is distinguished from pyromania by the gratification being of a sexual nature.

While the erotic focus immediately raises the diagnostic issue of pyromania, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV classifies this disorder as an impulse-control disorder, with nothing to indicate or suggest an overlap between this disorder and the paraphilias.

Sexual gratification need not involve actual fire; arousal or masturbatory aids may include fantasies or talk of setting a fire. In other instances, the patient may derive arousal primarily from setting or watching their fire.

Will Labor not end funding their impulse control disorder?

Their serious attempt to burn us up in a three-hour roll. Will Labor not get active and get into this?

They dress in the finest of threads and eat at the fanciest of places. But their firebug aspect, their impulse control disorder, do we not see they have put themselves out of all places with us now?

Got to go now for a few hours. Getting close to the time of the satellite aiming to boom Bitch's head. Will be back in a few hours, God willing, to continue trying to convince American Labor to help us out here.

To be continued........ 5.21 am

9.34 am

Thank you, Father.

Once again Bitch missed Judah's satellite beam pitch. Drove 40 miles West and took the slow road home.

Heard quite a few Tele receives from folks passing by. Here they are:

"Police enmity. 5.24 am

They have been attacking us with nuclear weapons.

Dude, get us out of gyp. 5.29 am

Throw them away. 5.34 am

Finish it! 5.40 am

Let's rule it. 5.47 am

Its fraud, its sludge. 6.11 am

Failed mucker age. 6.28 am

Boom will fist you right. 6.39 am

Core-a-sec coursing. 6.41 am

Move out of their path. 6.43 am

They just fook you marches. 6.55 am

It's a halt. 6.58 am

He wasn't ready for the big show. 7.07 am

They awesome victim. 7.08 am

Groovy hot sauces that kill you. 7.12 am

Stone wicked bruisers fell peace. 7.18 am

Tiffity is off. 7.21 am

Tiller clear.

They're suffering us cash. 7.36 am

They got a nice foul. 7.42 am

Some were war sealed mortgage. 7.47 am

Useful let us die. 7.58 am

Chill. 8.00 am

Your doovy thugs die whores. 8.10 am

Cheat and mistreat, that's all they do. 8.24 am

I'm into jerk them right stupid. 8.29 am

Bourse ya's negative. 8.33 am

They really have assaulted you dumb. 8.36 am

Pure wretches. 8.40 am

Smart challenge us. 8.44 am

Burris bench nice Forrester. 8.47 am

Blaze failed totally unhinged. 8.51 am

You failed to save us. 8.54 am

Force your head genital. 8.57 am

The guys are burn dying us electricity. 9.01 am

Their adventures in ballistic caved thee out. 9.04 am

Stupid. 9.09 am

White people they had fun with. 9.11 am

H----- wants us to avoid the vagrancy. 9.19 am

Pat, your simp just let them score us deadly. 9.21 am

Contact fouls out jubilee. 9.24 am

The boss is raping us." 9.39 am

"Pat, your simp just let them score us deadly. Stupid. You failed to save us. They really have assaulted you dumb."

They actually would have easily assaulted Bitch out of life if Father had not had His angels step in.

Judee sending a constant stream of cruelly manipulated poor looking for a payday if they only could get a little 22, or 25 caliber bullet into him.

Just a little tiny gun and get up close and get one shot in the Bitch, and that would be it. Medical would finish the job from there on in.

"We missed you," Judee said as he passed Bitch on I-80 West at 7.20 am

Just at that moment Bitch was exiting having traveled 40 miles West of Des Moines.

Here was a sign just at the end of the exit ramp:

And a few blocks up the road, here it was, the corner of White Pole Road and Ranch Trail:

Any chance Judee financed naming that scenic road?

Can we only wonder who hired the sign at the end of the exit ramp so that we could not miss the White pole Road when we came into town?

"Force your head genital." 8.57 am

That road was named over a century ago.
Might today it not be suspected that it was part of Judah racing us?

Will Labor not give us our new day and get the racist force your head genital genocidal war maker out of here right?

"You're foolish to void yourselves out." Elder just said to Bitch at 10.28 am

And how foolish is it to void ourselves out just when we have the technology and Labor to easily feed house and clothe the entire world with no degradation to our environment?

Just as we are going into the Universe to travel in peace with our family from the Federation. How foolish is it to let our money be used to snuff us out of life form now?

They backed the decision that their president Truman made to exterminate us out of existence. Is there not some way that Labor will come in and act right?

"Let's rule it." 5.47 am

Will Labor not listen to the words of that working guy and agree, "let's rule it?

"Force your head genital." 8.57 am

Will Labor not get smart and end Judah from forcing our heads genital?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the Week So teach us, O God, to count our days that we may gain a wise heart. Psalm 90:12
Sunday, November 19 Zephaniah 1:7,1218; Psalm 90:18,(911),12
1 Thessalonians 5:111; Matthew 25:1430
The Lord your God has blessed you in all your undertakings. Deuteronomy 2:7
Paul wrote: So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. 1 Corinthians 3:7
God of the harvest, you make things grow. As gardeners in this world let your spirit work through us as we tend to the growth of others so that they will become what you meant for them to be. Amen.

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