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CDC Discovers Over 3,100 US Water Systems Highyl Polluted
Mon Nov 20, 2017 06:07

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Before we begin our news stories we will begin by fulfilling a promise - showing you how to get off of opium.

For years Nanochips have been placed in foods and at certain times the Cell Towers send out a frequency to create a craving for that particular food.

While doing TV shows Doritos bragged about using Nano-chips to track their customers and boost their cravings for them. At particular times these food items.

These Nano-chips are also used in Drugs - such as Opium Products - Oxycodone.

Every night at exactly 10PM I get what I call the “Heebie Jeebies” as the local cell towers activate the Nanochips left after being fed high doses of Opium Products while in the hospital. My skin then becomes hyper sensitive.
When I eat more Oxycodone these feelings go away - I feed the addiction.

When I am away from Cell Towers at night these feelings do not occur.

The local Seattle Police Department taught us about this while I was a news broadcaster on channel 23 ad 77 in Seattle - but they did not expect me to broadcast it --- and I held my tong until the FDA ordered Nanochips be placed in all American Made Scotch to help monitor alcohol contents.

What I have discovered now is that drops of the 250MG Essential Oil from Ancient Life Oil turns the part of the brain off that allows me to get the Heebie Jeebies.

You can order either by going to

Be patient with them as they are producing a very controversial product that eliminates addictions and pray that the are successful.

We do not make money from this company and the owner donated all his profits from this company to help feed people - so no profits are made selling this product.

You will need to use this oil until all Nanochips are out of the body - probably for around 3 months at 4-8 drops per day.

Thus the cost to “Cure For Opium Addiction” runs around $100.


The CDC apparently went to 34 different states and randomly tested water systems.

What they found is that over 3,810 Municipalities were more contaminated with lead that Flint, Michigan.

Of course - their solution was to raise taxes and replace all water lines across America - but that would not solve the lead contamination, would it?

Pressurized Water Lines leak water out of their lines and do not absorb Ground Water.

The real problem is not the Lead Solder we occasionally find in Copper Lines but the fact that so many Water Pipes are made of lead.

Here in my area there are still large areas where water is delivered to homes and restaurants and their lines are made using lead pipe. It is easy to make and easy to repair and the water tastes sweet.

So it appears that when Lead Pipes were outlawed the older ones were never replaced - something the CDC just can’t seem to understand.

Perhaps the CDC is just another Well Intended Nanny State that has gone awry - and they need to be closed down immediately.

A Tax Credit for replacing Lead Lines would literally solve the problem. For every dollar you spend to replace Lead Water Lines you can deduct from your Federal Income Taxes.


1) Over 77 Holistic Doctors are now dead and not 1 murderer has been sent to jail.

Pray that the ones ordering this are neutralized immediately.

2) The New Chinese Tax Laws are now set to Strangle the already falling Chinese Economy.

Built on exporting primarily Non-Essential Goods like toys - now that the economy is still going down orders for these items nave plummeted and China is doing everything it can do to keep the Yuan in China.

China - you were warned but your leader Xi Jingping did not listen.

2) We are hearing news that 100 Armed Marines assaulted the CIA Headquarters with over 2,000 Armed and Psychotic Agents with Alien Technology.

Time will tell - but since there are no pictures - well - you decide.

3) Russian Arms Sales in the Middle East are up over 3 times as nation after nation turn away from the US for their defense.

US Arms Dealers you were told what to do to be dominant - you ignored us - and your weapons sales are now falling.

4) Angela Merkel’s Coalition has fallen apart and she may be forced to resign.

When President Trump took office one of the First Things he did was cancel the Marshal Plan and stop sending hundreds of Billions of Dollars to Europe every year.

As you recall -- John Kerry openly discussed the US Propping Up the European Banks under the existing Marshal Plan - it apparently never ended.

Without this influx of Cold, hard cash these European Economies will begin to fall apart.

Angela Merkel - we explained how to avoid this crisis - your Congress listened to us and repeated us - but you failed to listen. You were warned.


1) Both President Clinton and Senator Al Franken Grope are being accused of groping more women. Are you surprised?

2) Attorney’s General Jeff Sessions once again warned 29 Sanctuary Cities - for the 100th time : Follow Federal Orders or no more grants.


The Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show in China is breaking down as the Producer accuses the Chinese Government of Spying on him.

Apparently even man of the models can’t go to China as their Visa’s are now being approved.

This saga just seems to be getting worse and worse.

We shall see what happens in a week or so as this all me be a giant Publicity Stunt to get sales.


The Secret Service once again apprehended a guy trying to climb over the White House fence.

Apparently the President is cracking down on the Fat and Lazy Secret Service.

Please pray for President Trumps Safety - especially this week.

YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.



The Army retirement System is so screwed up that the man in charge of Fort Knox and the US Army Retirement System - Colonel Kaune - is not able to have anyone on his entire post enter in a correct Birth Date.

It is like everything is breaking down in this nation - even the US Army Retirement System.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount


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