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"We Racket You. I Love To Banish You. Jew War on Guppies is
Fri Nov 24, 2017 09:50

"We Racket You. I Love To Banish You. Jew War on Guppies is Off His Fool Ment Next Week," Judee say.

The reverse facial speech comes from the subconscious of the speaker. They may never have said in forward speech what they say in reverse speech.

What a speaker says, of course, is their own subconscious thoughts which are not necessarily accurate.

For instance, for years now Judee has reported in reverse speech that Druid is going to STRIKE THEM OUT. And yet over all these years of nuclear missile attacks against us we have not as of yet struck them out.

And yet Judee has thought at the subconscious for years that Druid would get the authority to issue our money way from Jewish and STOP THE WAR.

So when a speaker says "Jew War on Guppies is Off His Fool Ment Next Week," might we see it is just a hunch at the subconscious level the Judee speaker has that Druid will take the concession to issue our money away from them and turn his fool ment off next week?

And how fool is Judee ment? How about this recent nuclear missile attack against Phoenix from last week that Judee attempted?

CCTV Records Bright Flashing UFO Over Phoenix
November 21, 2017
A strange flashing UFO appears in security cameras in Phoenix, Arizona, reigniting claims the city is a hotspot for visiting beings from another world.

Many people believe it could be an alien spacecraft as it also reportedly observed from New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Experts said it was likely an object from outer space burnt up in the atmosphere or a meteor.

How many can we only wonder would perceive those bright flashes in the night sky over Phoenix as nuclear warheads in a controlled burst off?

That our nuclear war fighting hobbyists have mined our planet with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and we are still here despite their numerous attempts to extinct us all in a three-hour shot.

Will we not praise the Lord for sparing us President Truman in April?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from these nuclear war fighting crazies and STOP THE WAR?


"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself. We had fun with the white guys. White children don't have receipts, so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

Bitch, seven eights Droopy with one eight sand vibe that gives him an antenna tuned to these crazies frequency that he reports to Druid to try and get him to save himself from their die.

Druid peoples in the past always able to breed ourselves up again after every slaughter that Judah has put on the mild people of the north.

But now Judee with his new and improved genocidal weapons are we perceiving with nuclear fallout, our injury is at the genetic level?

Mommy and daddy go to all the trouble to get married, and when junior is born, he comes out with radioactive metal in his breast, head hip, and thigh.

Is it not understood that we are being put to a nuclear fallout radioactive die?

The downwinders that were sickened and died from Judah atom bomb tests in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Might we not want to try and perceive that we Americans are all downwinders now?

Judee with his most recent atom bomb set off in Japan again this time from Hitachi-GE.

With two thousand years warnings in our Bibles will Druid not read our Bibles and close Judee's homicidal?

They're bashing us with their last weapon of mass destruction, nuclear brimstone waste from their felonious genocidal Jewish electricity power stations.

Shooting us down on our streets keeping our real scientists from helping us. Will Labor not get into this and take the financial tool away from them that allows them to harm us so, the concession to issue the money of American Labor?

A genocidal nuclear war fighting cannibal cult that is the only party authorized to issue money on planet earth. Will American Labor not organize and take our purse away from them?

Our creator force that has stepped in giving us a second chance to live. For once in our history will we try to save our lives from weap Judah and his kids?

Judah shooting some of his municipals down now to keep secret what he's done to us in his cages. Might we see that Judah is hoping to keep his investments in cages to pass on to his children?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," precious sweet Father in heaven said.

Will Labor not help us to shut this Jewish terrorist gulag slave labor state down?

Millions of Americans turned into slaves by decree of Jewish benches rights and ways.

His chutzpah in the face of Druid he has gotten away with. But his hubris in the face of God, is it not clear is out of here now?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

God Almighty in heaven above, our Sovereign, our Savior, our sweet Lord.

WIll American Labor not acquaint ourselves with our good God and try to save ourselves now?

Judah, cleverly casting Americans in the role of sinners. The people who provide the sinews of war. The workers that Labor to provide the dollars for Israeli war sport. The people that provide the fodder for Judah Wall Street cannons.

The people that maintain a rightless gulag at devils island Gitmo bay.

The mild people of the north that have ever failed to Jewish ways and sports.

Can we not get a win this time? Will our natural instincts not try to keep us alive?

Judee with his cancer sport. Will Labor not help us to clean our shelves off?

One meal away from a slow painful cancer death. Will Labor not help us to get rid of the pest?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can straighten these insurance hitters out right?

The enemy within that is dying us off now. Will we not try to save our own lives?

Our kind elders from the Federation haven't had a fight in 9 million years. Will we not release Judah so that we can have contact with them?

Our 17 trillion dollar economy that Judah is doing all he can to shrink. Will Labor not let our free energy come in so that we can have our $100 trillion dollar economy with something in it for everyone?

"I'm dying the hardcore ones off, tunnel death, " Our good God almighty said as to the fate of weap Judah cipher.

And yet God us not dying off their tissue only their cipher, and underground they will live for a thousand years and then enter into the universe in peace.

Do we see that us mild people are facing losing not only our cipher that was developed from thirty thousand years of peace but Judah is also destroying our tissue complete?

Mothers egg and fathers seed. Are we not aware that Judah is poisoning both of them out?

Radioactive fallout absorbed painlessly. Nothing that gives a hint of the damage within. Is that Judah not a cunning, sly guy to poison us in a way that may not be known about for years ahead?

The invisibility factor that Judah uses to hide in plain sight while living among us. His breeding of look alike Fornians in.

Are we understanding they have given themselves a mission to accomplish us right?

The massive slaughter Jewish have put on the ordinary people by being able to squeeze us financial.
Will we not thank our good God Almighty for letting Judah properly expose himself to us?

And how properly did Father let Judah expose himself to us?

That Judah was caught red-handed attacking us with the thousands of nuclear warheads, he told our parents and grandparents he bought to help us with?

Has Judah not been properly exposed by the house of our creator, our good God above?

The thermonuclear warheads that Judah keeps shooting at us. Will Labor not end funding their nuclear warfighting duds?

They're fleeing into their well-prepared undergrounds to sit out the die they have put upon us.

Will Labor not have pity on us and try to STOP THE WAR?

In 1638 Father Cyril was praying in front of the statue of the infant of Prague and heard these words:

"Have pity on Me, and I will have pity on you. Give Me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you.

Will Labor not give God our hands for peace and take them away from funding Jewish sports war and genocide?

A novena prayer, offered especially December 17th through the 25th, is as follows:
Dearest Jesus, little Infant of Prague, how tenderly You love us. Your greatest joy is to dwell among us and to bestow Your blessing upon us. Though I am not worthy that You should help me, I feel drawn to You by love because You are kind and merciful.

So many who turned to You with confidence have received and had their petitions granted. Behold me as I come before You, lay open my heart to You with its prayers and hopes. I present to You especially this request, which I enclosed in Your loving Heart: that American Labor strike them out and stop the war.

Rule over me, dear Infant Jesus, and do with me and mine according to Your holy will, for I know that in Your divine wisdom and love You will arrange everything for the best. Do not withdraw Your hand from me, but protect and bless me forever.

I pray You, all-powerful and gracious Infant Jesus, for the sake of Your sacred infancy, in the name of Your Blessed Mother Mary, who cared for You with such tenderness, and by the greatest reverence with which St. Joseph carried You in his arms, help me in my needs. Make me truly happy with You, dearest Infant, in time and in eternity, and I shall thank You forever with all my heart. Amen.

Will Labor not recognize the kind and merciful love of our good God almighty and end funding war on our brothers and sisters on earth forevermore?

Ezekiel 7:3 'Now the end is upon you, and I will send My anger against you; I will judge you according to your ways and bring all your abominations upon you. 4 For My eye will have no pity on you, nor will I spare you, but I will bring your ways upon you, and your abominations will be among you; then you will know that I am the LORD!' 5 "Thus says the Lord GOD, 'A disaster, unique disaster, behold it is coming!

"A disaster, a unique disaster, is coming!? What can that mean?

The "Unique" that Judah found among the mild people of the north.

That a "unique" disaster is coming, Is there not some way to convince American Labor to STOP THE WAR before the "unique" disaster completely scores us out of life form?

6 An end is coming; the end has come! It has awakened against you; behold, it has come! 7 'Your doom has come to you, O inhabitant of the land. The time has come, the day is near-- tumult rather than joyful shouting on the mountains.

8 'Now I will shortly pour out My wrath on you and spend My anger against you; judge you according to your ways and bring on you all your abominations.

9 My eye will show no pity nor will I spare. I will repay you according to your ways, while your abominations are in your midst; then you will know that I, the LORD, do the smiting. 10 Behold, the day! Behold, it is coming! Your doom has gone forth; the rod has budded, arrogance has blossomed.

Ezekiel 7:4 For My eye will have no pity on you, nor will I spare you, but I will bring your ways upon you, and your abominations will be among you; then you will know that I am the LORD!'

The abomination of funding and fighting permanent sports war. Will Americans not just say NO?

Bitchie took a breakfast break at 5.15 am and while eating he began to telepathically detect people reading APFN and the following the link and reading Simple site with the reverse speech from the disappearance of the Argentinian submarine ARA SanJuan.

Here it is from yesterdays post:

"My instrument got tossed, so they fall her down. This submarine was all lethal to foul your days. It's HUGE infamous sports. They were forcing an app here. I'm permanently out; I'm mad at you that's why I shoot. They've fallen my sub time for my terrorist. They're taking out all my offices for usury. This was a police war from heaven."

While thinking about it and hearing people awaken to such truth elder said to Bitch:

"We spared you rightfully." 5.40 am

Are we aware that our family in Argentina has been spared from Judees thermonuclear warfare against them as we have been spared from thermonuclear warfare in America?

These pictures of a thermonuclear warhead being burst off over Argentina are posted at Bitch web page UFO Prevents Nuclear shot

The above pictures are from an Argentina fireball on April 21, 2013. Could there be a UFO controlling the burn off of a Boom Boom? In this video "Meteorito Argentina 21-4-2013" a double burst seconds apart can be seen. Is this a controlled burst of a nuclear weapon done by our kind elders from space to spare us from a nuclear blast on earth?
2 more views of the Argentina air burst

Can we only wonder did Germany's industrial built ARA San Juan have some nuclear-tipped cruise missiles on board?

Or might it have been loaded with some Subrocs?

Subroc Antisubmarine Missile

This is the U.S. Navy's solid-fuel Subroc (Submarine Rocket), the first guided missile capable of underwater launch, guided airborne trajectory, and underwater detonation.

It was therefore very complex and underwent an extensive development program from 1955 until it became operational in 1965. Subroc could either be used as an underwater-to-air, underwater-to-underwater, or surface-to-underwater weapon and carried a nuclear warhead.

It was fired from a standard torpedo tube, then rose to the surface, flew for 25-50 miles before re-entering the water with its rocket motor already ejected, then homed in on an enemy submarine. It went out of service in 1987.

As the ARA San Juan carried 22 torpedoes. Might we only wonder were they Subrocs, where they could be fired from a torpedo tube underwater that rose into the air and the rocket motor fired carrying them a distance to do an airburst over a city?

And what size warhead might we guess would be found in the tip of a Subroc today?

As Great Britain attacked us on June 11, 2014 with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads from 2 submarines carrying a total of 32 Trident missiles might we speculate that was what was loaded into those Subroc missiles, miniaturized 100 kiloton thermonuclear warheads?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels protect our family in Argentina from Judah and his German industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists?

Will American Labor not give us a RISE and take the concession to issue our money away from these errant girls and guys?

Will American Labor not end free funding Judah's industrial strength investment grade nuclear war-fighting cabal?

The flash of the exploding nuclear warhead of an air-to-air rocket is shown as a bright sun in the eastern sky at 7:30 a.m. July 19, 1957 at Indian Springs Air Force Base, some 30 miles away from the point of detonation. A Scorpion, sister ship of the launching aircraft, is in the foreground.
(National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office)

The picture to the right is of the fireball that exploded over Chelyabinsk, February 15, 2013.
To the farthest right is the fireball over Argentina 4-21-2013

Continues at:

"It's mandatory to close these guys out of here if you want to live." Elder just said to Bitch at 6

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