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"Every body's a Failure, and He's Got Them Out." Those are
Sat Nov 25, 2017 06:54

"Every body's a Failure, and He's Got Them Out."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives combined into one sentence.

Here's all the Tele receives since yesterdays post:

"Just throw them out. 9.07 am

Clever how racially they false us. 9.09 am

Pat, you're welcome. 10.24 am

Cheery you rate. 10.57 am

We all failed. 10.59 am

You failed me psychus, you foolish real die.

It's a dorg. 11.32 am

Truthfully he storfed you. 11.36 am

Fear-berg owned weapian weapons.

Make bore tex leave. 11.41 am

Jew failed all break in. 11.46 am

Considerate. 11.53 am

They sport you low weapatory.

Give em a RISE please. 11.53 am

Union failed. 11.55 am

Coast guard false you. 11.59 am

They banned you for idiocy. 12.10 pm

Terrible life forcing out honor. 12.29 pm

A HUGE bolster. 12.33 pm

Get help. 12.38 pm

Their gulp-a-mart failed. 12.47 pm

Pretty stupid mouse here. 12.55 pm

Cake war. 2.16 pm

You're a tough. 2.14 pm

Hood. 2.19 pm

We irk you. 2.26 pm

It's sold. 2.43 pm

So stupid Oswald cave you. 2.46 pm

Plant eviction. 2.49 pm

Merch wretch you. 2.54 pm

Wonderfully you're making this foul obvious.

Jew lethaled you. 6.39 pm

STRIKE joy bus. 7.03 pm

Claws are off. 7.05 pm

The hatch men. 7.10 pm

Radioactive dementious. 7.18 pm

Their philosophy is reasonable vicious. 7.19 pm

Jew crisped us. 8.28 pm

Take a good look you're dying for first loss. 11.38 pm

Luxury fell, you lost all the state.

Contact, organize.

It's a can opener. 11.46 pm

We threw their lease out, and you jammed yourselves leaf.

STRIKE THEM OUT, or they'll get you's.

English guys they hold you obstacles.

Debts rule. 11.50 pm

Dunce right had to fail.

We're not coming back. 11.58 pm

Hope erupted.

STRIKE THEM OUT of this field.

Gold rush tossed you out.

Their ornery is cash-berg.

You've been unconscious; you failed it.

I got a little ahead.

Cash deed.

Right writings.

Organize, embarrassing him shouldn't cause you to die.

A nice guy who sails honorable Jew pitch.

They sold you die with their racket.

Suitable Bitch got them out of here.

Field your lifers here.

Cheat ems out.

They sold your place for evidence of everything.

It's basic.

Penalty right dies you; he wolfed you out here.

They're falling our kids.

We're in a very level.

Psyche canceled us.

Cautious your rights.

You're a toss, a tosssee.

If you want to survive get rid of your shells.

Pat crushed them.

They're fire-birds.

Their worship will die us.

It's sad all your fun has been taken away. 1.38 am

He's always been able to fool us.

A stupid die for free.

They're putting us in peace. 2.18 am

The future has smoked you's.

Beautiful this beautiful snatched you.

You're very fused.

For endless you're fused.

They can to deface us.

Their step majority bad fist assault you office.

Oh my God Patrick holds sway, but Jew cipher is holding you up.

STRIKE for electricity.

Everybody's a failure.

He's gotten them out. 3.23 am

You guys are gorgeous cuffables, custables.

Your crazies are accomplishing you's. 3.41 am

Their option fused us." 3.44 am

"You're a tough. Hood. They sport you low weapatory. We irk you."

Those were things said when Bitch was driving up the street yesterday.

Has Judah not demonstrated some rare ability to false a peace guy to look as if he is a hood, a tough, a weapatory guy?

Will ordinary working people not try to figure out if that was true Father would not touch me?

"He remained true to me. You're a nice boy," Father said to Bitch.

Will Labor try to keep in mind Bitch is a guy who hasn't bought one of their wars ever since he first started to think about it in 1965 at 17 years old?

The Druid lady that said, "We irk you."

Another Druid lady said to Bitch some time ago, "you never bothered with us."

The only person that irks Bitch is Bitch himself when he does something stupid, which is too often. That is the only person that has ever irked Bitch, Bitch.

Unending death and destruction on the white people's purse since long before Bitch was born.

Of course, it is not only white people that fill the purse that Judah uses to perpetrate genocide but might we have to concede that it is the majority of white that let him get away with it?

Are we not aware that Judee calls us the "marshmallows, gerbils, insects," and some other even less flattering things?

"A nice guy who sails honorable Jew pitch."

Whiskey, beer, coffee, pies, and chocolate. Might those be some of the things that set a guy to have blurred judgment sometimes?

Bitch, as many of the rest of us, ate and drank them all not knowing that Judah had dull hidden in them.

Even as a sixth level from the top thinker, he knew the war was wrong long ago and never did agree with what Washington Wall Street perps have been doing.

Bitch has tried to sail honorable, not always reaching his goal.

"Deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid," is how our extraterrestrial elders rate him.

While Judah gleams at how he thinks he has embarrassed Bitch, but the big embarrass of hurting God's kids Judah did not score on the Bitch.

A native son that saw Vietnam first hand in 1966 and returned home to tell anyone who cared to listen "that war is all false."

And what has been the outcome of the Vietnam war other than to install hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon look alike weaper shells on another Asian shore?

"He remained true to me," God Almighty, our Saviour, our Sovereign, our sweet lord in heaven above said about his shill Bitch.

And Bitch, then an atheist never looked for any help in the bible as he considered it something tricky Rome and Jerusalem cooked up to cleverly fool us to make war on other kids.

Christianity. Islam, Judaism Bitch considered cannibal and blood cannibal cults from the harsh desert environment and wondered how they ever were transplanted into the northern lands.

Cults with fairy tales to keep the mouse in line.

Who could be more surprised than Bitch to eventually surmise there is an extraterrestrial connection with all of the religions of our world?

The Indian Vedas and Buddha from the Far East. The voices that spoke to Buddha when he was seeking the truth.

Might we perceive today that those voices that Buddha heard were our kind extraterrestrial elders that were helping to give Buddha the right way?

Joan of arc on the battlefield with England in 1429. The voices that Joan heard at the time. Might we now understand that archangel Gabriel was Mercury lending a hand?

While watching the battle, an angel spoke to Joan of arc and She then told her trusty aid to step away from the place he was watching the battle from.

And into that open spot stepped count Delude who in a moment was hit with a cannonball dying him off.

Might we perceive that our extraterrestrial elders were watching the battle from above and using their supercomputers for calculating where each cannonball would land?

And when the saw that a cannonball was about to strike one of Joan's trusty men, they informed her saving his life.

And what about count Delude?

Might he have been a Fornian spy pretending to be a friend of Joan's?

Might we see that only those that have the love of God on their side get an angels warning when a cannonball is coming their way?

The perversions of the Christian church. Might we see how the message of Jesus to love one another has passed us bye?

Has Judah not been quite cunning to take over the message of Jesus and use the churches for sporting us guys and gals?

Can we only wonder how many of us have seen and understood the perversion of the churches and mistakenly threw the entire message of Jesus out?

Those who hold the authority to issue our money. Are we understanding that is who gets to pick who will lead our churches?

The authority to issue our money. Have we not seen that is who gets to pick our political leaders?

For the high technology industrial strength, genocidal assault upon the children of God on earth do Americans not yet perceive that we are now going out of life form fair?

"Bitch altumist respect us for screwing you fair," Judee say.

For continually funding the assault on our brothers and sisters, all creations of our good God, are we Americans perceiving that we are set to be part of the third of the human race that will be perished out of life form now to end the eternal Jewish war on earth?

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you, the angels' said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God our Father in heaven said.

While Father is kind, sweet, forgiving and merciful, might we try to understand for those who ignore his warning words to STOP THE WAR there will be a perishment now?

The abomination of desolation, the fire, smoke, and brimstone that will carry us away like flies dying out on the surface of planet earth.

Was two thousand years warnings in our bibles not enough time for us to understand that we as high-level thinkers must not make war?

Judee has shot himself out. Any that doubt it now?

If understood will American Labor not help us and STRIKE THEM OUT right?

"The percentage was a fantastic mistake. I'm a stupious. We just give you some vowels for a factory. Pat's coming up rouseful at me," Judee say

Rouse: to bring out of a state of sleep, unconsciousness, inactivity, fancied security, apathy, depression, etc.:

He was roused to action by courageous words.

2. to stir or incite to strong indignation or anger.

The fancied security of tens of thousands of nuclear weapons placed on a hair trigger to cream us all out.

The claim of Jewish that the constant menace and threat of nuclear war was needed to keep the peace on earth.

Might we not hear what Judee really thinks about his setting us for our biggest tumble ever?

"My cannibal score is HUGE, Patrick fails to make me leave because of it. I fist you obviously nicely. In minutes you died for me spiritually. I fault you great losers," Judee say.

The HUGE cannibal score that Judee has put on to the mild people of the north and the rest of God's children on earth.

Might it be that HUGE cannibal score that has frightened Labor to not even want to try to make Judee leave?

"In minutes you died for me spiritually."

The shame of harming our family on earth all for Judah luxury investment sports. Will Labor not try to analyze just what Judah is putting onto us now?

The brimstone waste war that is set to take a third of the human race away. The Jewish Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant look-alike that informed Bitch in 1975 that the plan was that the white man would no longer reproduce himself, he was to be sterilized.

Now forty-two years later since that conversation is that not exactly how things are going here? Is the white man not now nearly sterilized it's just that he does not know it yet?

With over six years of brimstone created high background radiation and getting higher each day, might little Johnny and Mary have lost their seed and egg?

Bitchie getting this information about the plan for sterilizing the white people long ago but just did not know how to interpret it then. But the Judee that talked with Bitch knew it then.

Might we consider that the bible has the way for us if only we will let ourselves go the right way?

Father Baldec's message to Moses thirty-five hundred years ago. "Thou shalt not kill."

Will the two out of three Druids that agree with Judah philosophy to kill with capital punishment not choose to reject Jewish philosophy and tune into the philosophy of our good God above?

"In minutes you died for me spiritually."

Will Labor not chose to reject the spiritual death of war and join with the life of peace of our good Lord instead?

"I just set you bourse fool with Wisconsin. I'm forced to switch you out, that's my only way. We've been pitched for Bitch symbols," Judee say.

Might meek Labor try to perceive that once you take over the issue of our money that our Good God will be directing you's?

Is the individual perceiving that by praying to God our Father He can hear from you directly?

Once Labor has the authority to issue our money in the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole might we perceive there will no longer be this political crimewave that we have been suffering from?

The terrorist cipher of our species is out of time. Has his hubris not gotten his head and tail cut off just fine?

"They've demonstrated a weakness; an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off tunnel death.

They have no defensible rights. I'm dying the hardcore ones off. I died them truthful.

They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm."

God Almighty in heaven said that about the destiny, disposition, and fate of the late great weap Judee and his tyranny state of planet earth.

"They've poisoned my village; I want them off."

Will Labor not heed the thousands of warnings to stop this Jewish sports war and genocide before we are tossed out right and fair?

Will Labor not do the will of God and put the existence stipend in with something in it for everyone and help to re-sight us in peace?

"You won, you own me," Judee say.

Without Labor coming in to take over the concession to issue our money do we see we still lose even though Judee concedes that he has already lost?

Psalm 37:1 A Psalm of David. Do not fret because of evildoers, Be not envious toward wrongdoers. 2 For they will wither quickly like the grass And fade like the green herb. 3 Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. 4 Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

For those that desire to survive this last nuclear war that weap Judah will ever wage against the children of God on earth will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them and STOP THE WAR?

"The idiot had powerful rights. 7.13 am

They just strafe us, STRIKE THEM! 7.32" am

"Jew lethaled you." 6.39 pm

Will Labor keep in mind that Jew did not lethal God and listen to God's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

Jew that fights with a smear a lie, a false. A meal that kills. Will Labor not look past Bitch's faults and get them out?

While Bitch did disrespect you and failed to honor your dignity with his sin of insult, will Labor try to consider that was an accidental non-intentional one-time thing of a fellow that was unbalanced and severely distressed?

If so might you not want to consider that Judah's constant vicious multipronged molest against our family and us worldwide is an intentional, permanent disrespect and dishonor to dignity as is his way towards us?

"Clever how racially they false us." 9.09 am

Must Labor not end funding Judah's Fornian look-alikes that are always inciting hatred between the peoples' with their violent staged racial molests?

Does this next Tele receive sound as if it is from elders from Mercury?

"We threw their lease out, and you jammed yourselves leaf."

The falling leaf motion of elders flying saucers that have been reported for years. Might we understand that meta-transiliatory communication now?

How Judah likes to fall a leaf to mulch us right. "Wood" that he calls us. Will Labor not let the loveless Judah wolf off right?

We are set now for a large drop in population due to being died off in this continuing nuclear brimstone waste war.

Our precious sweet Father in heaven spared us from Judah's three-hour nuclear blast extermination of us, and so we still live.

Might Labor try to perceive the magnitude of greatness, glory, and magnificence of our Father in heaven far overreaches anything us mere mortals on earth can perceive?


"Try to perceive me; I love you. Wake me when they've struck. Why didn't you try it?"

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