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"I Failed Brutal Hearse. I Died In War. Because I Could Exha
Mon Nov 27, 2017 08:23

"I Failed Brutal Hearse. I Died In War. Because I Could Exhaust You I Did," Judee say.

We pray you, dear Lord, to open your children's eyes and ears to listen to your words to STOP THE WAR.

Will American Labor not lead us into the community of love of one another on planet earth and close out the bestiality of Berlins Jewish war on us?

"We cite you losers," she said.

Will Labor not get Berlins pharmaceuticals house out of America?

Youth pastor arrested in triple homicide; victims include wife, daughter
Thursday, November 23rd 2017,
VIDEO 2.36 at

"He was fouled by a mutual friend. This was baked with a sweet pie. Jewish jester shot likes to do this stuff. He's lost his life to a bam shoe waitress. Their fouler app is sad. Seller rights give me the option to shoot you. This whole package die was an Augsburg truth."

That the lockups across America have Germany's nuclear war-fighting hobbyists chemicals in the water supplies. That the keepers of prisoners have held people in their cages without water until they screamed for a week and died. Will America Labor not put God's rights for His children in and end the bestial Jewish Kaiser rule in this land of the free?

The Alliance, Germany's nuclear fighting hobbyists, and Judah. Will Labor not now put them out of America and give us our free land again?

The many centuries of the sport of Parliament and the palace. Will Labor not properly book them into history now?

The troubled states of Europe in eternal Jewish sports war. Will American Labor not free our people there?

So you're a crooked politician with a big fancy mansion, fancy sports car and a big limousine and boat. Paid for on the Labor dollar collected from Bitchie's tax dollar.

Bitchie doesn't make any noise; it doesn't matter to him if you're flying around and having wonderful vacations on his Labor dollar. Hey, life's short have fun, be nice.

Use Bitchie's tax dollar to buy some land mines to blow his family's body parts off and blind the children; you're on the wrong side of Bitchie, and he will do what he can to remove you from office.

The Crooked politician's response? To have Maxwell kidnap ya and get you into a cage to be heinously assaulted and battered.

"You're gonna wonder where the yellow went."

The lines of a toothpaste commercial from a half-century ago.

"Papa's got a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

The 22 veterans that kill themselves each day. Will Labor not relieve our children of having to lose their spirits by traveling thousands of miles away from our shores to harm our family for the Chimney Store?

Will the workers of the world not unite to put out this blight of Judah's industrial strength investment grade genocidal nuclear war fighting Kaiser warfare?

Will America Labor not free us here?

Their torture chambers at Alcatraz where they snuffed out the life of the Pacifist Hofer brothers in their first sports world war. Their cages they locked Union leader and peace activist Eugene Debs in because he spoke up for peace.

The natural love we have for one another. Will American Labor not end funding the hatred of Judah's war against God's kids?

The foul that took over planet earth with a thin hose. Stinks so bad the universe won't have them.

Will Labor not free our spirits and souls?

Their Auschment they have put in place instead of justice. Will Labor not help us out in time of need and let them off right?

Their cheery smiley faces that show no traces of the evil that lurks within. Can you hear it?

Your enemy won't do you no harm
Cause you'll know where he's coming from
Don't let the handshake and the smile fool ya
Take my advice I'm only try' to school ya

Will Labor not accept the schooling from our elders and STOP THE WAR?

The machine-gunning of concert goers. What might be some of the implications of such an atrocity?

Might they be that a whole lot of palms had to have been greased to let it happen? Of course.

That we have ignored American funded shootings throughout our world just as happened in Las Vegas. If only we would have taken the free money away from them when they were shooting our family down around the world might we not have been spared Las Vegas?

By attacking us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to extinct our race with a night of shooting away with 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of blast and heat force on us. Will Labor not help us to let these vicious hate filled insanities of our race off right?

2%, the Deuce. What could there be to be frightened of closing them up?

Even with their 5% crooked, and 16% grips that will serve whoever will give them a check, do we see that still leaves 77% of us honest everyday working people to set things up correctly?

Though of the 77% of us workers, do we notice that when Judah is on the bridge, he has as many of us as is possible in the unemployment lines?

That nearly half of our available Labor force is unemployed. Might that be to keep us frightened thinking that we can be replaced so easily with the tens of millions who are unemployed?

Judah's stalkers in reality, useless and unemployed that he uses to stalk us for the mouse sport he plays on us. Are we aware that he has it set up that his stalkers start at $600 dollars a week for their stipend paid for by American Labor?

The authority to issue our money. Are we understanding that who issues our money is the only issue that we need to address that will determine whether we or the Chimney Store will prevail?

They've failed brutally here Labor. Are we not understanding that we live due only to the love of God for His kids?

Will American Labor nor respect and honor the word of God Almighty and end the war that we are funding against his children on earth?

Tele receives:

"It's obvious they castarate us for free. 9.21 am

Thank you, Patrick Sullivan, for consulting right. 9.41 am

Wire them out, get some spiritual beliefs. 10.23 am

Degraded. 10.52 am

They tissue great false. 11.24 am

You have failed to a great force here. 11.54 am

They score for free and they're out. 12.03 pm

Your truthful shake them up. 12.22 pm

They threw you all out racial truly false. 12.34 pm

They dumped us? 12.44 pm

It's a chemical castration.

True emission. 1.10 pm

Low income will spite us all. 1.12 pm

You failed me enterprise. 1.18 pm

Yor rights are now failed.

You took them off glorious without a fist. 1.19 pm

Soup mate. 1.21 pm

Imprison them all for seizing you so well. 1.22 pm

Their stack's a fail. 1.23 pm

They shoot us right. 1.30 pm

You are obvious abusive. 1.32 pm

Chrome sports baloney. 1.34 pm

You're fairly closing them up with the truth. 1.47 pm

You're fake. 2.39 pm

That's considerable Buddy. 3.14 pm

It's felled. 3.43 pm

Dumwald. 4.10 pm

Naked roll. 6.04 pm

I get it. 6.00 pm

You've already largely lost your life forms.

Their reference fist died. 6.13 pm

Scum foul. 6.17 pm

Your beautiful life's going down the drain. 9.36 pm

O my God most dutiful has failed us.

STRIKE them will be most delightful.

Most beautiful failed to save us.

We're dying force.

You were failed air force marvelously while air forces are out failed. 11.09 pm

You failed me credit war. 12.14 pm

Merchant class to wits, we're cattle shooting out our souls.

Lets right this fail, obvious these guys are killing us.

End white slavery, STRIKE THEM OUT!

They fouled us here secret very useful reason.

Theirs is a dead line here.

You're lifeless forming up yourselves wasted, chase this warfare out.

They target credit. 2.19 am

They tunneled. 2.18 am

Authorize, this is spearing us out. 2.26 am

We're being destroyed, and you're seriously pushing out yourselves.

They're soiling you revolutious. 2.26 am

A dog is arrogant.

Labors folding us here. 2.31 am

They run us. 2.36 am

You rate us energy, let's do it. 2.38 am

It's just terrible lethal. 2.40 am

Wonderful they steal and big stage us.

Wrench abuse public sales. 2.45 am

They've got partial atmosphere here. 2.48 am

Pat will see them out of here.

You just die the credit theorist. 2.54 am

Get them out! 4.45 am

It's will. 5.01 am

They leverage HUGE. 5.12 am

Your rather stupid base us off of here. 5.15 am

Your morpha-line is failed. 5.22 am

Virtually life all you have failed. 6.33 am

"Wonderful my guys melt this farm. I stumbled you boursum fail. Before I snatch, I'm just the nicest guy. I punish with your awful rule. You all see me and I still wretch you pup. We set you up to blow your heads and use Mickey," Judee say.

Using the the pocket book of the working class in one country for harming the working class in another country. Is that not what we have been witness to in America ever since weap Judah took over the authority to issue our money in 1913?

"We set you up to blow your heads and use Mickey," Judee say.

Is that not exactly how Judee is using America now except that instead of Mickey he is now using Stosh?

Have the workers of America not forged not only our chains but also the infernal machines to extinguish every trace that we ever lived?

"You all see me and I still wretch you pup."

Judah opened fire on all Americans with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima blast and heat force of atomic bombs, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT to help us out?

"I shark tool ya. We establish the air as principal. Jewish raid god damned so I'm through, the nice boy throws us off. We just shot the family because our force is vagrant true. I sue you Jew hairdresser.

While the United States rules we possess you bad. As long as we have a government, we'll boomis right. I bourse neuralgia on you. We just murder you right. I chase you with a parachute true right. My bed roll snake you, I took you guys out easy," Judee say.

Are we seeing that to end Judah possess of our family and us in this world we must take the tool of rule, the concession to issue money, away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of Labor?

That we gave weap Judah all of the money that he needed to build the nuclear war-fighting machinery to extinct us. Will we not recognize the love of God that kept us in and STRIKE THEM OUT to end their bad possess of the children of God on earth?

"Jew geno-set you, I don't want his course sight. It's obvious you're better off without abrasive."

That facial reverse speech was from a gentleman in Nepal. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and reject Judah's abrasive course sight?

Will we all not be better off with Judah's abrasive out? Of course, we will.

Our extraterrestrial elders with their nine million years of peace. Will Labor not sign us up with them and let abrasive, course Judah off right?

Judah's intentional failure of maintenance of God's children on earth. Do we perceive that Judah does that to perpetrate genocide against God's children on earth?

Judah, quite aware that genocide is illegal in the Federation went ahead and turned his nose up at the regulation.

The Proper Behavior Committee of the Galactic Federation of Light that set in motion "Project Earth" in 1906 to spare us nuclear blast extinction of our race.

Is there not some way to bring Labor to lead ahead to close out this bad neighbor Judah on free American Labor bourse?

He's already gotten our air partially poisoned, and if we let this war go on for about two months more, he will have our whole atmosphere lethally poisoned.

"Most beautiful failed to save us."

Did our most beautiful Father not tell us that He won't save us because 2+2=4? Yes, Father did tell us that.

Can we not pray that American Labor will RISE and stop the war in our world?

"Chrome sports baloney." 1.34 pm

Former Florida Sarasota county deputy Frank Bybee who is now doing 15 years in prison for being convicted of kidnapping retired New York school teacher Marcia Sohl.

Do we recall that Frank's attorney reported that all they gave him was baloney sandwiches that were contaminated and Frank lost 30 pounds before they gave him a trial?

Are we aware that Judah has some of our food sprinkled with chrome to give us Alzheimer's?

Will Labor not get the gun out of our food and end Judah blowing our brains out that way?

"You are obvious abusive. 1.32 pm

You're fake." 2.39 pm

Bitch is not abusive. Though he does stupid things that as elder said, "it set you back a ways."

Might we think about what Judah said about the hypnotic trance, the spell his cult has weaved that let him put us into war against our brothers and sisters on earth, "your minds will be free two weeks after liberation."

Will Labor not give Bitch a fair read then, two weeks after you STRIKE THEM OUT and give us liberation from weap Judah on unlimited free American Labor bourse?

"You're fake." 2.39 pm

Might the way our extraterrestrial family has chosen to awaken us caused some people to think Bitch is a fake?

Did Bitch not foresee a nuclear attack upon us in 1965 when he first did the math and thought seriously about it? Yes, he did.

Might his singular focus on nuclear war for so many years have put his mind in such a place that some think he is fake?

Believe it; this boy is no fake. We are getting shot out of here with nuclear waste. As Americans ignore the harm that we are doing to our family in our world is there much chance that anyone else in this universe is protecting our children from being harmed?

And all it will take for the ordinary person to figure it out according to Judah is forty minutes of concentrated, focused thinking.

Can Labor not give us forty minutes of focused, concentrated, sober minutes to save our lives?

Judah tells us that it is whiskey that has let him destroy us so easily. That 80% of us imbibe. Might we not have to accept what Judah's analysis is?

"You're fairly closing them up with the truth." 1.47

The truth that we do have a good God above us who loves us all equally and wants us to live. Will Labor not bring the love of God into our world and close the smirking Judah out for good?

The biggest genocide that Judah has ever scored, the mass of the mild people of the north going out of life form.

Can we only wonder what percent of our youngster's are already sterilized? 10%? 20% 50% or more?

Will Labor not prevent this great catastrophe from scoring us out? Must Labor not end funding it?

Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Monday, November 27 — Psalm 135:1–12
Hosea 2:16–4:19; Revelation 2:12–23
The pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and on them he has set the world. 1 Samuel 2:8
God appointed a Son heir of all things, through whom he also created the worlds. He is the reflection of God’s glory and the exact imprint of God’s very being, and he sustains all things by his powerful word. Hebrews 1:2–3
Lord of all creation, you hold the whole world in your hands. We give you thanks for the teaching of your Son, Jesus, who sustains us and brings clarity to how we should live our lives. Amen.


3.32 pm

"All they do is make war. 8.35 am

A miracle lethal us. 8.38 am

They try to desocialize you. 8.39 am

Get em out, get them out of the ecology.

They shoot life natural. 8.52 am

HUGE edge they're offing you. 9.03 am

Oh, my God, they failed our democracy. 10.21 am

Hear me, SCRIMMAGE HUGE! 11.01 AM

You've failed your white boys where they won't come back. 11.46 am

Sharp. 1.17 pm

They're taking America out of existence. 1.25 pm


You're a dolt who's eventually dead. 1.41 pm

Fair you die here, your fault is fiction. 1.57 pm

Get them out of here as average wrenc

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    • "I Failed Brutal Hearse. I Died In War. Because I Could Exha — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Nov 27 08:23
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