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"Super Is Great Falling out This Field. Hose Death. Fish Ey
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:50

"Super Is Great Falling out This Field. Hose Death. Fish Eye Holds Us."

Those are a few overnight Tele receives. Super is doing what he can to try and bring labor to STRIKE THEM OUT to STOP THE WAR and give us a chance to survive this nuclear brimstone waste war that weap Judah is shooting at us.

He wakes in the middle of the night and prays to God almighty to cause his mild children to help themselves survive the die of the thin hose of weap Judah on unlimited free American Labor bourse.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American labor about the STRIKE to take the authority to issue our Labor money away from weap Judah and give it to a Committee of the Whole from Labor.

Are their some of us who are not yet aware that we are scientifically systematically being pushed out of life by the guys that brought Stalin and Hitler to life?

The best deal ever for the human race, the United States of America on our Bill of Rights.

A deal so good that in 1854 master was peacefully defeated by a jury of twelve.

Our ancestors were too young then and left the clerks reverse the decision of twelve freeing a slave, and let them then bring in their war between the states pushing us down with a bloody mess.

Might we have to say "the rest is history?"

Our preachers, school boards, our political leadership. The news. Have they not all done their part to keep us childlike and fooled?

Blowing up some old white elephant buildings in New York to ghost a thousand insurance executives out and put us into Bush's war.

Reverse speech indicates that the jackboots in the palace have made their plans, in three months they will be gone from the land.

Their Hercules enhanced fission missiles shots have now made them Bland.

Suicided themselves by trying to fell us all at once. No friend of God or man. Will Labor not step in and lend us a hand?

Mild people of the north as a matter, of course, are still dying ourselves off. The Martians wouldn't let them fell us, the universe welcomes us, but 2+2 still equals 4.

Our family worldwide still dying by the purse of American Labor that hasn't given it a try.

Can we only wonder when the Proper Behaviour Committee of the Federation critiques their transition plan of "Project Earth," will it be the "whiskey" as Judah analysis says, or will it be the pooch on the treadmill in a foot of water that their cameras gave a good anus shot of that caused this failure here?

They're moving right ahead to attach us all to death. What is it about the mild guys that make us so easy to kill again and again?

The record holders to suffer in Judah genocide are the white people of Eastern Europe.

And now the white people of the new world of America have cruelly manipulated poor white people faced off against white people in Eastern Europe, this time with Jewish nuclear weapons and extraterrestrial level technology to make a fight.

The ability of Jewish to hold the mild people into funding and fighting all of his thrilling and exciting dies.

What might explain it?

Judah, his weakness, his inability to accommodate others that has caused his cult to be died off by God Almighty in tunnel death.

What might explain why we have failed to take our purse away from him, the purse that is funding shooting us and our kids?

Bitchie recalling the curious conversation, he had with the Judee hybrid transplant look alike shell guy in 1975 who told him the plan was to sterilize all the white guys.

And now forty-two years later, is it not something it is happening with Judah long time well-planned hose death for our kids and grandchildren too?

Background radiation so high that we now are set for a multi-billion die.

Judah knows that it is only a matter of time before everyone figures it out and so he has chosen to hide and cable his thrills and excitement from inside.

If only Judah would have chosen a strategy of peace, but he didn't, he decided he would rather "fight than switch."

"Where's the beef," so many wanted to know. America that gave him all of his dough.

Might we have to write it off as that memory of how mean we were to him so long ago?

"I want the crazy out," God Almighty said to His children on earth.

And yet we keep funding the crazy to exterminate us. Could it be that some of us just do not know what time it is?

Is there not some awareness that Jewish time with us has run out?

Their making plans to be on vacation and to be close to the entrances to their undergrounds on the weekend of June 11, 2011.

And we with over six years alert from dutiful have done not a thing to help ourselves at all.

"Try to perceive me; I love you. I want to save your lives. My kids, treat them super nice. Be kind to the babies of the forest. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck."

All the love and kindness of Papa for us and yet we go on destroying his children worldwide and ourselves because Judah gives us sore eyes and tells really good effective lies.

Will we not pray that we find the courage within to close the super-fiend of our species out?

Tele receives:

"Pat, afford us now. 4.25 pm

He pushed the button and you don't have anything to do with it. 6.32 pm

Payback time is great. 6.42 pm

Desolate hold you. 8.05 pm

Their apostrophe is them out.

Ghost fiend us.

Your message is clear, they're taking us out.

Volunteer dude, we're in a hard sale.

Their baby doll port us. 11.38 pm

Icy strand us. 1.11 am

Nurses failed us.

The mouse is in a cat war.

Dangerous rate us, carefully cite yourself off of it.

The Martian masters fell.

What makes the character here?

Simply failed us.

The final fist of riches.

They fist us pitifully naked.

You're going fist right.

You guys failed the opposite choice.

WE lost you rightfully; you failed us feat, you failed to central. 2.49 am

Fisheye holds us dumb.

Hose death. 2.55 am

Super is great falling out this field." 3.03 am

Genocidal Judah life forms do make it into the universe. When they show up every ten thousand years or so in the area of the Galactic Federation of Light, our elders put the beam on them and slow down their travels through space and time until they choose to depart our area of the universe.

There are no star wars where we live. Only Judah hurting God's kids.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," our kind and good God Almighty said.

A peaceful, advanced extraterrestrial civilization that created a federation that has been at peace for nine million years. The civilization that gifted us with our extraterrestrial high-level intelligence. Did Judah ever really think he had a chance?

Have our extraterrestrial elders not given us a chance to see first hand what Judah is all about when he gets on top?

Judah and his focus on the pp to fill his private prison system. Have we not noticed how many of them have blood red swollen lips?

Erectile tissue found in our penis and our lips. When the brain sends a chemical signal to fill the penis with blood, it also fills our lips up.

And for the two or three days the lips on our faces are bright red and easy to see.

Have some of us not been clued about this?

Looking at Congress is it not hard to believe that some old guys there have such exciting and thrilling active sex lives?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in and let us see just what our Labor dollars have been buying them?

The finks that do us no good. Will Labor not help us to let them off right?

Will Labor not put humanity in and end this nuclear war fighting Jewish despotism on earth?

7.19 am

Last night read a really a good book published in 1956, UFOs and The Bible by Morris K. Jessup (1900-1959).

It is 120 pages, and you can read it here for free:

In his book, Morris speaks about the kindness of Jesus and His warnings to his flock. Morris even brings up the question of why God sent His Son to Jewish.

The understanding is that Jewish were the only children of God that were not on the right track. All the other children of God had developed to accommodate one another, except for Judah.

And so God sent Jesus in with the message of how to save themselves from their weakness, their mortal error, their inability to accommodate others.

Morris speculated at that early time that Jesus was sent to earth by an extraterrestrial Being from an advanced, peaceful civilization.

And Morris speculated that the bible has messages with warnings about the atomic bombs that had only been invented ten years before Morris published his fine book.

It is only in recent years that Bitch, who studied and researched everything available about extraterrestrials for decades, like Morris, came to the conclusion that the bible is an extraterrestrial book to help guide us to come on up peaceably into the universe.

Morris, a top thinker, figured it all out before 1955.

Shortly before Morris was found suicided in his car in a roadside rest area, he had been in a serious car accident that had almost cost him his life.

Some friends of Morris who saw his corpse claimed it did not look like him. A medium held a seance, and Morris spoke to him telling him that he was still alive.

What could it all indicate?

Might we speculate that Morris who had been helping the cause of our extraterrestrial elders was set to be assassinated by central giving him a car wreck and our elders stepped in and prevented Morris from being put out?

And then the next attempt to assassinate Morris might our elders have pulled Morris out to safety to live with them and put a meat doll in and that is why the corpse did not look exactly like Morris?

Might that explain the medium who reported a communication with Morris after he was purportedly dead?

For those how may have studied Morris Jessup's research and life and his communication with Carlos Allende, Carlos claimed to have information about what is called the "Philadelphia Experiment," Morris was wary of Carlos and did not follow up on contacts with him.

Carlos Allende, we now suspect to be none other than Raoul Wallenberg, the Jewish Swede industrialist who went missing after the second world war.

Do we recall that it was former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld who sat on the board of directors of the Wallenberg company ABB and resigned right before the World Trade Center attack in New York City on September 11, 2001?

If we connect some dots do we recall that James Earl Ray informed us that the guy that directed the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King was in Montreal Canada and was Named "Raoul?"

Might we suspect that Carlos Allende was the alias of Raoul Wallenberg who was the one that was behind the attempted assassination of Morris Jessup in 1959 who was researching the extraterrestrial purpose in our world?

For those who may have read about the Philadelphia experiment, Bitch feels quite certain it is all a made up fiction of weap Judah. Sold a lot of books though, didn't it?

Might we consider it part of Judah's "woo woo?"

"A sprite came in and failed us completely," Judee say.

The definition of a sprite is an elf or fairy. Might we not recognize now that elves and fairies and the wee people are actually extraterrestrials that have been with us through all of our travels?

That Morris Jessup was on the right trail of truth, seeing the newly invented atomic bomb and the end time warnings in the Bible and making the connection with Jesus being sent to us from a flesh and blood mortal that we call God.

Might we understand why Raoul Wallenberg tried in 1959 to give Morris Jessup the same treatment that he gave to Dr. King in 1968?

Might we not conjecture that Sweden's ABB had a hand in giving technical support to blowing the World Trade Center up?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that Sweden can act right with us?

Sweden is trying to serve some of the tens of millions of American Labor funded war refugees that were created by shooting out their cities and towns and villages in the Middle East.

Will America Labor not get smart and end funding this disruption that Jewish sports war has put into our world?

"Pat, you evict them. 4.59 am

We're fooled on ale. 5.08 am

It's the process of destruction of us nuclear. 5.37 am

Jewish monitors got you out of here. 6.00 am

Supreme contact and we threw our lives away." 7.25 am

Might we not consider that our extraterrestrial elders calculated everything that would happen in the end times of Judah with us?

Did elders not even predict two thousand years ago that Bitch would be stupid and insult you's right?

Proverbs 12:16 A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.

"Supreme contact and we threw our lives away." 7.25 am

Help from the universe, the rescue that Father sent in to spare us failed war makers from being died Jewish way. And we threw our lives away.

Might Judee have spoofed our mentals in a way that it is still holding us today? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and free our mental from torture guy right?

"Gumption you failed." 8.41 am

Will American Labor not show us some gumption and close master and his warmakers out?

"They physical right. 8.54 am

We need a Jesus Christ sale to fix us here. 9.18 am

We need the dis-cooperation ended" 9.26 am

Morris Jessup speculated in his 1955 Book that Jesus was sent to us from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization to help us. Will Labor not give us a Jesus Christ sale to fix us up here?

"Patrick is truthful, and he failed to save us." 10.11 am

Might we think about what elders said about Judah, that he is "rare?"

Judah tricked us to buy him weapons of mass destruction under the guise of protecting us. Now that we know the truth will we not close them up right?

Might it have been the computer programmers that made sure that they gave proper weight to Judah's "rare" that allowed their simulations to see what Judah would get as his catch in his last days with us?

To die out a third of the human race on planet earth with brimstone. Will Labor not get into this now?

"I image you for my cattle laziness. Your state of tomorrow will be right for duds. I just breeze because that's Jew philosophy. I just make you suffer me. I mated false.

Cinamon burned you with our codge. I'm here for more burlesque to sponge off you. My circuits were designed to make you die, now I'm finished. I scrimmage you with my big air raid.

I push my notions through but mercy makes me go, I'm completely dead. Our beautiful cheap thumped you. Our adventure land is through because of our STRIKE to get us free.

I just fouled your day because that's all I could ask for. Jew imbecile always opp your ment. My Jew right dies you beautiful; I'm still wicked. I put you in a Raymond section for a roll; nice guy dies me complete. Our register snap you off, that's Jew.

Whitefellas are stupid, I bourse them right out because I'm completely wicked. My cats be out for my Minnesota days. I fall your rights defis until I leave. Patrick got a big pooch to take me off, so I'm leaving.

Super foresees a lot of my fist. I cow sin. I shoot lunchmeat. Jew has closed the day of rabbit true Truman. We big lie Jew good timing you. It was force that made me able to die. I'm conscious of my free war estimates, when you guys see me I'm done.

Meals were an additional toss aside for genocide. Vegetable forces have won, Sherman shoot you stupid. My palace states break a big man. Whiskey let me scrimmage you, eventually you'll let us go. Because you're timid, we took away your sovereign," Judee say.

Will the meek not step up, end timid and take over management of God's long Jewish suffering village on earth?


The hundreds of millions worldwide put to death by American force in Judah's century, and the tens of millions of Americans that have been put to early graves by weap Judah. Might we think of president Lincolns word to com

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