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"The Dog's Not Going To Hold Them Forever; Our Fortune Is Ho
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:10

"The Dog's Not Going To Hold Them Forever; Our Fortune Is Hopeless," Judee say.

Though the dog is not going to hold them forever, that it has held them long enough to get our fields air and water poisoned, might that not be enough to get a large number of us gone?

No visible sign of the damage from the super high radiation levels of what it is doing to our insides. Our children castrated, sterilized with no knowledge of it until the time to have children of their own.

Is that Judah not quite a long-term genocide guy?

He reveals in reverse facial speech that has put a "beef" on Bitch that is still fooling the people about who Bitch is.

Bitch, a nice boy that doesn't buy their torture chambers, their kidnapping transport or murder for hire operations that they employ in the United States of America or any other sad land they get their hands on.

"Simp ya phony," they say in reverse facial speech.

The mental of the ordinary people they confuse by filling us up with absolutely false stories and reporting them as news.

Simple everyday stories such as reporting a hero student giving another student a Heimlich maneuver to save her from choking on a coin.

Then an X-ray is shown of a quarter stuck in somebody's throat. Then the teenage hero is given an award, and the story ends with his Jewish Fornian look-alike mother hugging him. All made up out of whole cloth. Never happened, strictly a Judee intelligence mind control opp.

And not something out of the ordinary. Car crashes people falling out of windows; kids stuck in chimneys upside down. Shootings, and stabbings, a three-year-old girl that goes missing. Mother weeping on television. All made up for Judee mental opps scheduled to put on as news.

Might we see how Judah is holding us with his false new reports? Are we understanding yet just how deadly Judah journalists have proven to us?

Our life forms are now going out of existence, our heritage of thirty thousand years of living in peace until Jewish with their spite and fist showed up. Our children sterilized and no longer able to carry on our life force.

The "marshmallows" they call us. They tell us it is torturing the mouse that holds us.

The Fornian Replicon guy in Asia launches another missile, and they pretend it is a big thing on the news. All the Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant shells in every country interviewed on the news talk and pretended they are concerned about us.

And all that needs happen is for American Labor to cut off the free cash, and Fornian Replicon Judee with his missiles will run out of cash and no longer be playing make-believe with his intercontinental missiles.

They stage threats to other countries as a way to keep their look-alike shells in.

Thailand Judah shells just had their supreme clerks on the bench rule the political opposition parties out of existence.

Judee in Myanmar visited with the pope, and he mentioned nothing about the atrocities Cambodia Judee is committing against our Rohingya family that has been put to a new genocide.

An earthquake in Nepal that has now set the stage for a bunch of refill Judee look-alike shells to take over and sport the people for some more time.

Can this all be due to Judee still holding the occidentals so well? Yes, it is.

Are we understanding that when Judee loses his right less states in the occidental lands, he no longer will have his white purse and fist to the hold rest of God's children on earth in?

Micky and Stosh that Judah has been shooting our family out with. Will Mickey and Stosh not get together and give us a better plan?

In one reverse speech, maybe Bitch can find it in his notes, Judee claims to have already died Germans totally off. He also claims in his subconscious that he has poisoned our family in Tokyo.

The nuclear brimstone waste that is blowing into Germany as it is filling up America's fields and our air. Are we not yet seeing it is the white fish that Judee wants to hurt most of all?

The white tissue that he reveals in reverse facial speech that gets him the most sexually aroused. Does it not follow then that it is the white folks that must be perished most of all?

Judah with his death seeking force. Are we understanding that if not for the love of God he would have already gotten us gone with his great balls of Einsteinian fire?

A people who since ancient times have given themselves the mission to take over and use other people as objects of sport. The ordinary people to be used as a cat to a mouse to be played with. Humans Beings to be used to be toyed with and died off.

Our good God Almighty has let Judah die himself off right, much chance any functioning people will ever again allow them into any management positions for their persistent irritate of war and genocide? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

And yet their purse and fist, provided to them by the whites, they still hold us subordinated to their sports war and genocide.

Bitchie, even if he did not have his fault of stupid that sinned with an insult against the whites, would have had his work cut out for him because Whites have ever failed to Jewish force.

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

The vilest cipher of them all, is it not perfectly clear they are completely dead for making the white people fall?

White people going out of life form now, losing not only our ciphers but our tissue too,

And what a way to go out, abusing and molesting our brothers and sisters in this world because weap Judah told us too.

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," our extraterrestrial elders said.

Wondering each day when will it be that they will have their millions of well boursed up Fornians inside attack our infrastructure?

Shooting every nuclear missile, they have at us and just not able to get passed our Martian friends and good neighbors.

Must we not take our purse way from them and try to save ourselves this time?

Two more months of funding Jewish sports war and genocide and we and our children will forever be gone from here.

Two more months of occidentals funding and fighting sports war and a third of the human race will die.

Do some think it not true?

"A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave." Mahatma Gandhi

The natural love we have for each other, The love that tells us we will not go along with mistreatment of our brothers or sisters. Will American Labor not show our love for our family by taking our purse away from Judee loveless?

"I command you to love one another," God Almighty told the ancient Israelites who blew it off just like every other rule that our good God gave us.

You cannot be a hero without being a coward. George Bernard Shaw

The fear of death by a great ball of Jewish fire. The cowardice of Bitch when he did the mathematics of nuclear war in 1965.

Bitch decided he didn't want to be caught in a nuclear war.

So his focus since then was to get the threat of nuclear war off of us here.

Judah, with his Fornian Replicon look alike force in Russia, played with New York and Birmingham, England Judee to threaten all of the world with a three-hour nuclear blast incineration.

All the time weap Judah knew that our good God above was watching His kids.

"I died them truthful. They have no defensible rights," our good God in heaven said.

And what has been the result of our heavenly Father saving our lives?

"They've completely ignored me," Father said.

With two thousand years warnings of our last days in our bibles and over six years of Bitch shouting the warnings with his noisemaker, will there be any that will claim, " I just didn't know about it?

While Jewish war has been brought to an end on earth by their failure when they attacked us with their nuclear blast sword, might the people that are funding and fighting it have just not been apprised of it yet?

The pervasiveness of Jewish terrorism. Is that what is holding them in yet?

The 'Deuce,' the Jewish 2% that wanted to have it their way that has now thrown themselves out. Will American Labor not help us to close them out right?

Jamee Baldwin who liked to tell the truth and died at only 63 years of age of stomach cancer. Can we only wonder was it just a little too much old basalt that was mixed in his food?

Bitch was even wondering, could James have gotten on to the extraterrestrial intervention?

Bitch was wondering if Gore Vidal had figured out the nature of the extraterrestrial intervention into our world, and after reading his biography believes that Gore did not figure it out in his lifetime.

Both Gore and James excellent writers and social commentators.

Is it not something to ponder that the most significant thing in our lifetimes, contact with advanced, peaceful extraterrestrial societies, and neither of them may have written or commented about it?

Might it have been fear of being looked at as fringe writers if they would have investigated it?

Might such talk of extraterrestrial societies have caused them to lose their audiences?

Might Judah mocking and ridiculing of all things concerning extraterrestrials just have made the issue too hot to handle?

Judah is now shooting hurricanes and earthquakes now that he has learned how to use the magnetic force. He has reported in reverse facial speech that he now knows how to control the magnetic force

God Almighty, the supreme contact has warned us thousands of times to STOP the war. Will we not pray that white people with stop funding the war and end the extermination of us?

"I shuck white mental force for attainment because I'm crazy. I sold you some mental force that took out your day cancer. We core you even with shrimp here because we're maggots," Judee say.

Will Labor not look to the skies and see our family that flew in from outer space to try and save us from perishing in Judah nuclear world war?

"The white people I take you out draino and show you my racket head," Judee say.

Will the mild people that have the unique value of cooperation not let Judah off right and let us move forward to cooperate with the rest of our family on planet earth and in the Federation?

The complete die of our breed now less than two months away. It will not happen in a day, some years for brimstone waste to die us and our children away.

The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger. Andrew Jackson

"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself. We had fun with the white guys. White children don't have any receipts, so we have them beat you up. We score your mental in all the time," Judee say.

Will we for once in our history not prevent Judah with his miracle trance and spell with vowels from scoring our mental in?

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. John Calvin

God's truth to love one another and live in peace and harmony with each other. Will Labor not once and for all Get the Jewish sports war genocidal state off of you and me?

Though might we not have to brace ourselves for the truth of our elders' computer simulations of two thousand years ago that revealed that Judah would die a third of the human race off before he leaves us for good?

Bitch watched Richard's video again for about the 6th or 7th time. Richard who died and went to meet God and God hugged Richard and Richard felt unconditional love so strong that even now it makes Richard cry.


Bitch watched the video and read the facial reverse speech and is convinced the video is absolutely true.

Then after watching the video Bitch saw a video purportedly of a boy who drowned and died for forty minutes and was revived and told his mother what he saw on the other side.

10 yr. Old Jeremy Taken to Heaven, told of Future Events (Shocking!)
2,287,637 views 7,064 Comments

There was no facial of the mother, only her story. After listening for a few minutes, Bitch determined it was a false Judah mental opp.

She claimed her son told her of aliens coming that would eat us. Then she invoked the name of Jesus Christ to help us.

Might we see how the name of Jesus is used to disguise the false story of aliens coming that will eat us?

Judah puts on a false video or a written essay that may have some truth, a lot of truth or no truth whatsoever in it, only to slip one key piece of false misdirection to us. Might we understand the part about aliens coming to eat us was the false that Judah wanted to us believe? Do we see by mixing Jesus in to the story Judee is trying to use Lord Jesus to try and fool us?


"We discourage your honorable men. I just app bees warts this way. I just spray you for molest tendencies. I set your wits for a fall down fierce. I suffer you false all the time. "

Video 17.20 at

That is just a little bit of reverse speech from the woman claiming God showed her her life review after she died and went to heaven.

1 year ago
Her testimony is 100% real. I felt a STRONG presence of the Holy Spirit while watching and even after. I could hear God's voice clearly.

Might that comment be from another weap Judee?

By invoking the name of Jesus Christ, might we perceive how they slip their false in on us?

Jesus, our good Son of God who died to bring us to love of Father.

Are we perceiving how Judah uses Jesus as a cover for his mental opps?

By Judah getting caught red-handed attacking us with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that were riding on the back of a thousand Boeing missiles might we perceive that those preachers who claim to love Jesus have been fooling us much?

Are we seeing that it is by the mental they must hold us to get us set up right for their clear shot at us?

That so many information sources are full of Judah false stories. Do we see how he spends much of his time and our money disabling our mental abilities?

That he has stolen the message of Jesus to love one another and live in peace and has used the mission of Jesus as a cover to support his sports war machine.

Will Labor not join with the love of God for His beautiful simian children on earth and STOP THE WAR?

14,590 views 113 Comments
VIDEO 17.17 AT

And here is just a small sampling of some reverse facial speech from that video:

"I just set you for vaporize from my perch. Completely I genuine set you out of wisdom. Vice sets me on some paychecks. I push you all with an original tale here."

Might we see how Judah does these sorts of false mental opps to set us simple folks out of wisdom?

The claim they love Jesus found in their tales. Might we see how they use the legitimate love of Jesus as a cover for their false of us?

Can we only wonder how many thousands of dollars of America Labor money was paid to produce that 17 minutes and seventeen seconds video to false?

With unlimited free money in his hands do we perceive how Judah can put his false everywhere?

Judee and his foolish, violent ways, no more to be with us any days. Will Labor not help us to close them out right? "I cheat on you," Judee say.

If you don't put in your God-given right to life is it not seen Judah will set you to steal your life?

To put our God-given right to life in are we seeing it is the purse we must have in our hands?


If so are we understanding the need to STRIKE WEAP JUDAH OUT to take the concession to issue our American Labor money away fr

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