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" I Can't Accept You If You Can't Appreciate The Psycho Must
Thu Nov 30, 2017 09:56

"I Can't Accept You If You Can't Appreciate The Psycho Must Go." 3.03 pm

God our Father's words to us from yesterday's post.

The majority of Americans now less than two months away from losing our life forms.

We are being scientifically and systematically destroyed with nuclear weapons even with two thousand years of warnings in our bibles. What can explain it?

"I can't accept you if you can't appreciate the psycho must go." 3.03 pm

The thirteen hundred years the psycho has held sway in the lands of the north.

"The bad Jewish went in."

They have fled the surface of planet earth now that they have got us set to be fully contaminated with brimstone nuclear waste.

One hundred and fifty tons of radioactive waste water they are producing every day at their atomic cannon facility at Hitachi-GE.

What prayer is there to be said that will bring Labor to stop psycho from killing us all the way?

The nuclear brimstone waste producing melting reactor could be brought to a cold shut down in three months if only boron were added to the cooling water.

And instead of our money being used to buy boron what does Judah buy except more Boris to ride around with Baltimore cops shooting us down on the streets of America?

Will Labor not end paying Boris to shoot us and pay for some boron instead?

From yesterdays post:

Here is a reverse facial speech from a member of the A and H bomb sufferers: "Judas got out Harold."

Will American Labor not give us a RISE and get Judah out and let God come in?

Amend your ways and your doings, and let me dwell with you in this place. Jeremiah 7:3

Will Labor not Amend our failed ways of silently giving Judah all of our money to do with as he pleases? Will Labor not let God dwell with us and let the hell of Jewish off of here now?

Bad Jewish who attacked us in a well-premeditated plot with thermonuclear weapons to take us out of life form over six years ago.

Bitch, with no hatred in his heart only anger at Americans callousness towards our brothers and sisters in this world, committed the sin of insult.

Could it be our disregard, our callousness in how we let our money be used by Judah that has now brought us and our children to death's door for our ourselves too?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty in heaven said.

"They've completely ignored me," Father remarked.

Jewish hobby of eternal sports war and genocide have been brought to an end on earth, so how is it that American Labor keep's funding it and our die?

Our little children we had such great hopes for now sterilized before they reach six years old. How is it that we have ignored Jewish war on our dollar?

"We just abolish your life forces central wit. I'm Marfa rated for wood," Judee say.

Marfa Army Air Field, Advanced Flying School, Army Air Forces Flying Training Command, Marfa, Texas.

Marfa Texas home of the Marfa lights.

The Army air force training command for pilots who would learn how to correctly shoot and drop bombs on their fellow human beings. The base at Marfa was in operation training pilots for World War II. Can we only wonder did the Hiroshima Nagasaki atomic bombers learn their trade at Marfa airfield?

Lubbock, Texas home of the Lubbock lights also had an Army airforce base training fighter and bomber pilots.

Might we perceive the Lubbock and Marfa lights were our extraterrestrial family trying to open our eyes?

That Jewish have so cunningly created a society in the United States of America where it is considered normal to train Americans to shoot and bomb other human Beings, other children of God.

And the residents of the nearby towns lamenting when the bombers training base is closed down because of the loss of economic activity.

Might we perceive why our good God Almighty wants the ordinary people of Labor to direct economic activity from here on now and not Jewish ever again?

The Galactic Federation of Light raising high-level intelligence life forms up in their nursery on earth and Judah genocidally dying as many high-level intelligence life forms off as he can.

Judah, adopting as his own way the seven thousand years of the Babylonian stool culture that focuses on degrading, defiling, genocidally destroying others, might we view it as Judah challenged the Federation to a bake-off?

Judah firebug, the guy that gets excited by burning people up. Finally uncovered the secrets of nature to invent and build bombs big enough to destroy the entire nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The one hundred and fifty thousand atomic, fission enhanced and thermonuclear Tritium enriched hydrogen bombs that Judah mined our planet with.

Is there not some perception that he planned all along to use them on us?

Might we consider that Judah thought he was playing chess with our elders from outer space?

Judah with seven thousand years of false from the stool culture of Babylon from the resource-constrained harsh desert environment versus the Galactic Federation of Light that has a combined knowledge base of 87 million years of time on their side.

Did the Federation not let Judah mortal error throw himself outright?

Judah fooled us with his snake charmer ways and died us massively every day in every way.

Will American Labor not now help us to close out Judah's seven thousand years of sin?

The guy that went the wrong way and got good at it that's using videos to hold himself in.

Will American Labor not listen to God's angels and get smart and let them off right?

'Argentinian death squad leader' arrested in Spain
· Peronist force said to have killed 600 in the 1970s
· Ex-police commissioner was Fraga's bodyguard

Dale Fuchs in Madrid
Friday 29 December 2006 19.05 EST First published on Friday 29 December 2006 19.05 EST

A former police officer accused of being in a death squad responsible for more than 600 deaths in Argentina in the 1970s was arrested in Spain on Thursday night.

Rodolfo Eduardo Almirón Sena, a 70-year-old former police commissioner, was arrested on a warrant to face charges of murder and belonging to a criminal organisation in Argentina.

He is alleged to have been a leader of the Argentinian Anticommunist Alliance, known as the Triple A, which Argentinian prosecutors hold responsible for more than 600 deaths, according to the newspaper El País. The group, organised under the government of General Juan Perón, is believed to have committed 1,500 crimes during the mid- to late 70s.

The missing Argentinian submarine that was set to attack our family in Argentina with thermonuclear tipped Subroc missiles. Might it have been planned as a revenge attack for arresting some Jewish hybrid Fornians that directed the death squads in South America?

Friday, 28 January 2005, 21:56 GMT

Chile secret police chief jailed

A drinks can and a poster of a missing dissident are thrown at Gen Manuel Contreras at the Supreme Court in Santiago
There were ugly scenes as Contreras emerged from court

Chile's ex-secret police chief Gen Manuel Contreras has begun a 12-year jail sentence over the disappearance of a left-wing activist in 1975.

Contreras' relatives fought the police as he was arrested at his home.

Later, demonstrators pelted him with eggs as he arrived at court and when he left on the way to prison.

Human rights campaigners see his jailing as a crucial victory because he played a leading role in the early years of military rule.

Might the jailing of Judah's top police and military torturers and murderers in South America be what spurred the German-built submarine to be set up with thermonuclear weapons to even the score by burning up millions of our family in South America?

Bosnian war criminal dies after drinking poison in court as he loses Hague appeal
Roland Oliphant
29 NOVEMBER 2017 • 6:19PM
The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague itself became a crime scene on Wednesday when a convicted war criminal committed suicide with poison he had smuggled into the courtroom.

Slobodan Praljak, a commander of Croat forces during the 1990s war in Bosnia, swigged poison from a flask moments after a panel of appeals judges upheld his 20 year sentence for war crimes on Wednesday morning.

He was pronounced dead two hours later. Dutch police declared the courtroom a crime scene and have opened an investigation.

Might we wonder who brought the poison to court for Slobodan to drink?

If only he had lived long enough might he have opened up about his collaborators in the West that he was working with?

Bitch did some reverse speech wondering if it was a ghost operation but it appears from several reverse facial speeches that Slobodan did drink poison and is dead.

"We just abolish your life forces control wit. Zero wits caress us salve to screw you rich. To do my defis, I just use my colony outrageous. I just use a video to get you out. It's a sperm war.

I push you ever gentle. Rather stupid I cored you's. Druid cite us dope-ist. We want to establish human rape right. We push you around bad fiend. The turkey saw my sight. There's so many white people I just pitch you right minnow," Judee say.

This reverse facial speech was concerning the missing Argentinian submarine:

"We want to establish human rape right."

Might a thermonuclear warhead going off over a large metropolitan area not establish Judah rape right?

Koto, Japan objects photographed on November 18, 2017

That weap Judah reports in a facial reverse speech that he has poisoned our family in Tokyo with Hitachi-GE brimstone waste might we understand that our extraterrestrial elders who are MARKING for us do not want us to perish this foolish way at Judah's genocidal hands?

What might we wonder could be in Koto that might be of interest that could help us now? The reverse speech that Bitch picked up a couple weeks ago where Judah Fornian Replicon look alike claimed they had already sealed the fate of our family in Tokyo. Could it have something to do with how cleverly they have poisoned the drinking water with radioactive waste?

From wiki: As mayor in 2011 he accepted the burying of 3,000 tons of radiation-tainted sludge being buried in a breakwater project in Tokyo Bay

Might that breakwater with the radioactive sludge have made it's way now into the underground drinking water supply of Tokyo residents?

The reverse facial speech that Bitch is extracting these subconscious thoughts from. Might we consider who it is that is interviewed on television news?

"The bad Jewish went in."

For poisoning our air, fields, and water are we getting why they have built underground shelters for themselves to hide in?

The extinction of us in a nuclear war that bad Jewish have planned for us ever since their scientists informed them that we could be accomplished nuclear.

The two million year leap in intelligence that our kind extraterrestrial family has gifted to us so that we can escape the cataclysms that happens naturally on earth.

Will Labor not help prevent us from perishing now that we are so close to living on for the next nine million years in peace and love with the rest of our family in the universe above?

"Occasionally," elder responded when Bitch asked if they ever fail to save the life forms when they do a transition of a planet out of war and into peace.


Loretta, our sister that is on the boards sometimes told Bitch that she had done six planetary transitions and this is the first one that has suffered a death of the Beings being transitioned out of war and into peace.

The third of the human race that Judah is dying off as he goes away from us forever. Are we understanding the deal for our deaths will be signed sealed and delivered to us if we continue to fund war and genocide for less than two more months now?

Are we not sensing how Judah is harming our economy of the future by poisoning it out today?

Might hairdressers not suffer a sharp loss of income if our hair all falls out due to breathing in radioactive waste?

Nothing funny here Labor, is it not seen we are set now for the worst scene we could ever imagine?

Tele receives:

"It's over Pat. 4.49 pm

Hilton fall. 6.28 pm

Fouled it. 6.49 pm

For snuff right, Judas fell. 6.53 pm

Perceived science shot you. 6.54 pm

They're toasting the air. 6.58 pm

Embezzle cost you heart fair. 7.00 pm

With all this poison win some. 7.16 pm

We're just screwable pantry. 7.18 pm

Screw them out! 7.21 pm

Bigot. 7.22 pm

Just STRIKE THEM OUT, let's get them out right!

Get in touch, extension cost entitlement. 7.31 pm

Pull them out whole. 7.38 pm

You're attached for filth, get out! 7.48 pm

Dull sheeny fight ya. 7.56 pm

He's pound shot us. 8.04 pm

Your courage fail us lifeless.

It's already over, and you're boosting dud.

We died spirited core tek.

ORGANIZE this field.

Jew got your head most embarrassing. 11.10 pm

He always bores us out.

Oh my God-contact.

They've touched us. 12.08 am

Pernicious all excitement.

They disappeared.

They tossed you out.

Wonderful atom bombs.

Pat, you lost us. 12.15 am

An organized military rub.

Mutuals are dying us off.

Pat fairs to best us. 1.15 am

Fall out their peaceful. 1.37 am

Their rights have thrown the rest of us.

Receipts have opped us. 2.49 am

Pat's finish enormous set the boys out.

Maxwell attempt set them out of this place. 2.46 am

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Patrick, you failed us marvelous. 2.50 am

Reign cock fell Judee. 2,56 am

Crazy. 4.59 am

These boys truly sold you to sh*t on you. 5.17 am

An oversight threatens. 5.25 am

You've been an extreme help. 5.35 am

He's been completely refused. 5.41 am

They're bad journals obviously. 6.34 am

You guys have fallen Jupier. 7.04 am

They're just dying you guys wholesale and taking your property for free. 7.31 am

The circuit's failed to save us. 8.17 am

Bankrupt Auschwitz ways." 8.20 am

"You owe us an account of this fail." 2.33 pm

Might that have been an elder from the Federation that said that? Sounds like it doesn't it?

Elders who saved BItch's life numerous times so there would be someone here to inform God's children that they are being destroyed wholesale in a nuclear brimstone war and what to do to save ourselves. Failed.

What sort of account could Bitch give?

"The white kid's got my fiddle for foolish. Rightful I did machine fail. We've set scored you to be dead. My mentals like a time bomb that kills to false you. Our profit sales were fetched away.

I crumple your ass to make you portable for my Chevy. For our diamond Jew crumpled. We just ravage people as a way to eat you. Because of our foul way you promise us off. Jew management went deaths way.

We nurse you to bring you into a spot of Federal so we can do a big heroin. I nurse you into an outlaw. We're your equal; Jew do you in great, you're just going to want my big snot out of here.

Jew arrangement will bruise you out solidly. You give us average rights, and we just go bad. I ever throw my right through appagen. I've got an arrangement where all my tits want you to go away. Immigration gives us our fat cat," Judee say.

Judah tells us in reverse speech that Immigration gives Judah his fat cat. Can we only wonder in how many ways he gets rich with large numbers of fleeing refugees?


By forcing the government to hire people to process immigrants, do

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