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"I Wisk You Out With A Brassiere. We Jam A Wit. Passages Ar
Fri Dec 1, 2017 08:16

"I Wisk You Out With A Brassiere. We Jam A Wit. Passages Are My Mental Philosophy," Judee say.

Judee's sex tricks to get the boys and some girls into his cages so that he can properly molest and abuse us and steal our lives away.

Will we not keep praying for Labor to take the concession to issue Our money away from weap Judah and end his sports of us?

Jury finds Mexican citizen not guilty of murdering San Francisco woman Kate Steinle
Published time: 1 Dec, 2017
Vicki Behringer

In June, the House of Representatives passed HR 3004, known “Kate’s Law,” to impose more severe punishment for those reentering the country after being deported. The vote took place two days before the anniversary of Steinle’s killing.

Garcia Zarate had claimed he found the gun used in the shooting wrapped in a T-shirt under a bench and that it went off accidentally, The Associated Press reported. But prosecutors argued he carelessly pointed the weapon at people. The Bureau of Land Management previously said that the gun belonged to one of its enforcement rangers and was stolen from a federal agent's car. The shot then ricocheted off of the concrete ground, 12 to 15 feet away from Zarate, and then traveled at least 78 feet before hitting Steinle in the back.

On Thursday afternoon, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, 45, was found not guilty of murdering Steinle, 32. Zarate, previously identified as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, admitted to firing a single shot from a .40 caliber Sig Sauer at Steinle as she walked with her father on a San Francisco pier on July 1, 2015. He claimed he fired accidentally.
"Our right batteries settle our right apostrophes. Grumman had a challenge for some broken heads. In the United States, my memories are out. We assault you as part of our app game here. It's my right to use a bank to do a swish.
They fight for my right fisty. I fool fist to take out some hearts to put you into some pure rage. My weap app had a safe house. I offend from Austria right; Mossberg. I form a sight for a right fight for my day. My concrete bash. We're certain out."

Are we aware enough to figure out this shooting of Kate Steinle was a well crafted Judah opp?

The prosecutor telling the jury that the defendant aimed the gun and pulled the trigger that killed Kate.

That sort of an error, might we consider that was a provable false, and the prosecution did it intentionally to give leeway to the Judah Fornians that were packed on the jury to convince the jurors that were not in on the joke, to find the defendant not guilty?

The judge reiterating to the jury that it is 'intent' that is necessary to find guilt. That the judge gave specific instructions to the jury about it, might that have been ammo for the Fornian jurors to use to convince the other jurors to find the defendant not guilty of murder or manslaughter to ensure there would be rage at the decision?

That Kate was 78 feet away from the defendant when the bullet hit her in the back. Might there not have been a hidden sniper that actually did the shot?

That the defendant Zarate admitted firing the shot that hit Kate in the back. Might that be to throw us from suspecting a sniper fired the bullet that struck Kate?

The defense attorney that said in reverse facial speech:

"I offend from Austria right; Mossberg."

Might it have been a Mosssberg sniper rifle hired in Austria that actually hit Kate?

The gun that the defendant fired, do we recall that was stolen from a Federal government Bureau of Land management employee's vehicle?

The defense attorney again in reverse speech:

"They fight for my right fisty. I fool fist to take out some hearts to put you into some pure rage."

Has Judah not already used that rage to pass legislation to make longer prison terms as the provisions of 'Kate's law?" Yes, he has.

That Kate was alive and died in the hospital a couple of hours after arriving there. Might she not have been easy to fix up and instead Judah doctors died her off as part of their legislative package and rage the people opp?

Minor injuries that people receive from simple brawls that they go to the hospital and then die. Are we not aware that Judah ricepitals kill slightly injured people to create murder convictions so he can fill slots to pump up his private prison investment scheme?

When our grand juries are in place might we not be able to see these deadly Judah opps easily? Certainly.

"Grumman had a challenge for some broken heads."

Might putting the peoples' rage on finding a weap Judee sport innocent throw the peoples' rage onto him and help us to miss the mortal sin of Grumann that attacked us with genocide?

The atrocity war crimes and genocide for profit that Grumann has engaged in. Might the rage of the death of the 'white' girl let the mortal error of Grumann slide by?

Is Judah not a cunning operator how he stages his opps using all branches of the government, in particular, his courts to war our minds?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can see their sins right?

"It's my right to use a bank to do a swish."

Is Labor seeing that Judah's miracles and why he always wins is because he has unlimited free cash from American Labor laundered through the banking system that he uses to fool us right?

Are we understanding Labor that all of the municipals that got a check on 'Kates opp' would reveal the truth to a grand jury if only we were to ask them right?

Will Labor not help us to close the Washington-Wall Street Chimney store up right?

Reverse facial speech is coming from the subconscious mind. Did we notice this thought from Juan Zarates defense attorney?

"We're certain out."

Will we not pray that American Labor will recognize what Judah recognizes, "we're certain out," and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"It's a vegetable force that's holding you. 4.26 pm

Let's think. 4.36 pm

An imbeset way. 6.10 pm

Zip hurt. 6.13 pm

A very nice way they gulched you. 6.16 pm

They give us some fail lethal.

You're massaging a great fall. 6.34 pm

It's fumorous. 6.48 pm

They've shot us awesome. 6.45 pm

Mercury offend threw them all out. 6.51 pm

Super has to STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.52 pm

They're now being called out for much death. 7.06 pm

Stupid fails. 7.09 pm

He threw you guys fair; he threw you guys fiercely. 7.14 pm

They wrecked us on our dinner; you guys better get involved because they're staging war.

You're the right man Sir; God bless you. 12.45 am

You out yourselves martially. 12.49 am

Pat, they hold you embarrassing you in a para-state murdering your sale. 1.44 am

Savage core rates you.

They've betrayed us. 2.01 am

They deflate ya. 2.08 am

Take them out of the side bet.

Unbearable stuff died you out. 2.21 am

Perjure lie. 2.21 am

They pushed the button and you've done nothing rightful here.

Shot your alpha-bess. 2.37 am

Of peace, I'm rightfully scored.

Embezzle right this sphere. 2.54 am

Stupid lifes fallen down easily to Jew war through weakness use. 2.55 am

You lost your life forces. 2.56 am

That this is their adventure land is obvious." 3.14 am

Arresting people for failing to signal a lane change and then slipping them a meal of Berlins best genocide hobbyists pharmaceuticals, so they kill themselves in the lockup then.

Will we not pray the white force understand that we are being put on an irreversible course leading to extinction by Jewish that are holding our heads with all sorts of false accusations against accommodating peaceful nice boy Bitch?

A Tele receive from yesterday's post:

"Management faired the mouse." 1.56 pm

Have we figured out just how Jewish management has faired the American mouse?

The American mouse with a nice house and couple or few cars and trucks and a nice bank account now set to go completely out of life form with his children and grandchildren.

Did Judah not set the American mouse in such a way that God Almighty cannot save us now because of our being involved in sin? Yes, Judah did do that.

Has Judah not us involved in sin? Yes, he does have us involved in the sin of sports war and genocide against the other children of God in Father's village on earth.

Planet earth, one of thirteen hundred nurseries of the Galactic Federation of Light. Nine million years of living in peace now.

Planet earth ravaged by Jewish Berlin London Washington sports war.

The American race now less than two months away from our final farewell.

Warned thousands of times over six years now by God Almighty to STOP THE WAR and God says: "They've completely ignored me."

The commenter on the Internet speaking of the nuclear waste that is pouring in from Hitachi-GE that suggested it would be prudent for Americans to get a tank of nitrogen gas so that the whole family can go as they lived, together.

"The majority won't be around," is how elder described what America is under now.

Judah scientists are telling him that by the end of January he will have his full catch of a third of the human race died out of life form. Are we aware that includes the majority of Americans?

The German mayor purportedly stabbed in the neck. Might it be merely another Judah staged fable?
Andreas Hollstein, mayor of Altena, Germany, on Tuesday, the day after he was attacked. “I will continue to work for people. For refugees and for the weaker members of society,” he said. Credit Oliver Berg/DPA, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The story goes on to tell us another German politician who was kind to immigrants was stabbed recovered and went on to become the mayor of Cologne. The attacker was given 14 years in prison

Might we consider these attacks are staged up to fool the people about what is happening to us in the hands of Jewish shells?

Purportedly neo-Nazis protested against the politicians. Might we perceive the Neo-Nazis are mostly all German Jewish Fornian shells?

What might be some of the objectives of staging a neck-stabbing that purportedly wounded a Fornian German hybrid transplant weap Judah politician?

Might it be useful to silence those who see that Judah is bringing his Fornian shells in from other lands to take over the country?

Do we recall that Judah works on the basis of thousands of years of his plans to dominate all the other brands of human Beings on earth?

Might we see how Judah's Washington London, Berlin genocide war machine serves his predator purposes?

If we look at the two Koreas, and Vietnam, do we see how he used the mild people to shoot out the ordinary people of those lands allowing him to install his look-alike Fornian hybrid transplant shell guys and gals into office?

Germany itself completely and totally ruled by Judah Fornian Replicon shells with a few German collaborators to serve his sport

Do we see why he put America to wage war against Germany twice in the last century? Do we see it let him take full control of Germany by using the fist of Wall Street that holds American Labor subordinated to his war disease?

Are we understanding by controlling the purse of American Labor Judah has been able to first create poor and then cruelly manipulate them to allow his fat cats to sadistically exploit for profit and fun the plight, misery, and suffering of the tens of millions of American war created refugees?

Are we seeing that in the turmoil of the war he created using Americas Labor purse he identifies his Fornian shells in all the disrupted lands to bring his Fornian shells in to play more sport on the mild people of the north?

Do we see some of the objectives of making it appear it is Nazis that stab mayors in opposition to their immigration policies?

The Nazis that Jewish created. Communism that Jewish created. Their genius at fooling ordinary people most all of the time.

That they have wildly succeeded in fooling Americans to fund every single one of their wet dream wars and genocide. Are we not seeing we are set for a real fair fall down now?

A fall down where God Almighty will have to let us go because we are involved in Jewish sin.

Have we given any thought to the fact that the bad Jewish already went into their underground to finish us off?

Bitchie a truth boy, no fables. He reports the facts as clearly as he can. And what are the facts?

The facts are Americans are going out of life form now and never again will be available to pay for Judah war genocide fun.

Are we getting it, our good God cannot save us because we are involved in sin?

"Management faired the mouse." 1.56 pm

Do we see that the white mouse is set to go out of life form now?

The mouse that has gone along and waved the flag and quietly funded all the war of Uncle Sam.

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put us on the high road to peace?

"I core tate you; I blow your white semiss. Patrick cursed. I'm a suitable thief; I'm ready to go, Harold said it's the end of my time."

Will American Labor not try to realize that God Almighty has said it is the end of weap Judah's time?

Will Labor please recognize individually and collectively a responsibility to help weap Judah go the right way?

Are we not in agreement that because of his moose operations, he's properly dead?

"Revelations of our Jewish have caused us to fall off fast," Judee say.

Thousands of years of falsing us and now he's finally ditched himself.

Will American Labor not close this Judah menace and threat out right by taking American Labor money away from them with a STRIKE?

"Patrick we shot you smell through time that's why you failed to my sport," Judee say.

"Minutiae" is how elders from Mercury describe what Judah charges against Bitch through time.

And elders also said that Judah libeled Bitch great.

That Father who knows everything has gifted Bitch with his word to deliver to His Simian children on earth, should that not count for something here?

Did Father, not say he "absolved Bitch of embezzlement for serving Him well?" Yes, Father did absolve Bitch for shorting screwy when he had to flee Chicago.

And all the rest of Judee's woo-woo against Bitch.

Some sore eyes from 35 years ago. Did Judah not brag that they perfectly degenerated Bitch? Yes, Judah did brag about that.

But the one thing about Bitch, Judah could not get Bitch to go along with his assault of the other children of God.

Do we see why Father said of His Bitch, "You're a nice boy?"

Year after year decade after decade Bitch persistent in trying to get Jewish sports war and genocide out of our world.

"He remained true to me," Father said of His Bitch who remained insistent on not letting his money be used to harm the other children of God on earth.

Might we see the final decision on whether or not the mild people of the north will survive the nuclear waste genocide will be based on whether or not the mild people will hear God's warning words and STOP THE WAR?

Death, destruction, the brutality of American Labor funded dungeons and torture chambers. Do we perceive its all part of a big joke that Judah enjoys playing on you and me?

War, atrocity, the genocide of wiping simple people out. Are we understanding its just spite from their memories that drive them to wipe out the hostages they capture?

Will we not keep praying for the thirty-minute breakthrough that will lead American Labor to close Judah out of the land of the free, the United States of America and put our rights back in again?


Judah, set now to fair the Euro-American white force that has provided most of the dollars that has been used to make American war on our family on earth.

Before the Euro-Ameri

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