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"This Arrest Helps Us With Our Aerosol Offend. I Fight, I St
Sun Dec 3, 2017 08:42

"This Arrest Helps Us With Our Aerosol Offend. I Fight, I Stole From Him," Judee say.

Those are a couple of reverse facial speech from the killing of the three-year-old child in North Carolina and the arrest of the mother's boyfriend.

Have we not seen enough Judee opps to recognize them now when we see them?

From killing innocent defenseless children to cutting puppies ears off to make them cry, do we not recognize Judee's MO yet?

His MO, Modus Operandi, his mode of operation. Have we not seen enough of Judah's mental sports that we just don't get it yet?

Can we only wonder did Judah have a drone overhead the trailer where that three-year-old child was taken from and used a microwave beam to hold the mother and her boyfriend into a state of suspended animation?

Are we aware that we are at the technical stage where Judah is using extraterrestrial level technology to abuse and molest us?

"This was inside noodle rule. Some of my microwaves are sharing in my oil fell."

That one reverse facial speech about the microwaves was pulled from one of the searchers on the teams that purportedly was searching for the missing three-year-old child.

And what about "oil fell?"

Might a Dallas oil bank have financed that Judee opp in Onslow, North Carolina?

Is Labor seeing how easily it is to arrest a guy when our rights are not in?

"We believe some palace rate war to you," Judee say.

Are we aware that killing children is one of the things Judah does to inflame public opinion and produces a blind rage in the people to arrest someone?

Might he use a child killing as a pretext to pass a law that makes it easier to violate our rights and arrest us?

Do we recall how Judah kidnapped the Lindbergh baby and bashed the baby's head in and used the staged event to produce anger towards the German immigrant who was accused and wrongfully executed for killing Lindbergh's, son?

Might we see the many points that tike hit did to help Judah in bringing about the second Jewish world war and also punish Lindbergh for him telling the people that Jewish was putting America into a European war?

Senator Lindbergh, Lucky Lindy's father who in 1913 spoke against giving weap Judah the private authority to issue America's money. Might we see how Judah punished the Lindbergh family by crawling through the baby's window kidnapping him and slaying him?

Have we not seen enough of these heart-wrenching emotion triggering child killings to not recognize the palace brand?

Will American Labor not put our civil rights in so that legitimate grand juries can be our eyes and ears?

A woman attacked in her home and sexually assaulted. How many might guess these sorts of crimes are financed by Judah bankers?

And why does Judah hire such crimes against the people? Might these sorts of crimes force the people to want tougher laws, easier rules for arrest and longer prison sentences?

Is Labor seeing why we need our Labor money out of Judah's hands to end these Jewish tyranny state directed attacks against us?

While accidents do happen, this one caught Bitchie's eye.
"We use this to help paralyze. This is our cart-a-mental muss for interest rates. I'm on a philosophy of fear. This is a half hold rate. My containment was sin."

Those reverse speech concerning that car that crashed through the front wall of a brick house in Chicago.

Might we see the many ways that Judah crimes us to paralyze and hold us?

Do we recall that Judah revealed in his reverse facial speech that the largest number of his hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon look alike transplant shells are in our family from the land of the good people?

African, English, French, and German. Those are the Fornian shells in how many are in each community of love.

Might Judah Fornians hid within our neighborhoods help to explain the extreme difficulties we all have in our original communities of love?

Somebody that Judah can't reach because they are living an exemplary life and what does he do but attack the house to bring mayhem and disruption into a useful family's life? Can we only wonder did the car have a remote control driverless app running it?

Didn't witness claim they saw 4 men running away? Might the witnesses be Judee Fornians falsely reporting to cover how the high tech opp was done?

Will Labor not help us to ferret the criminal Fornian shells out and end their crimes against Americans?

"All ricive police are shooting my children."

That reverse facial speech was a senior Druid woman in North Carolina.

She looked as if she worked real hard all her life living right. And ricive police are shooting her children.

Seeing the simple ordinary working grandmother caused Bitch to have a moment of anguish for insulting the Druids.

For here she was, an honest senior Druid woman of years whose children are being shot.

It's not that we are bad people or even stupid people. Might we see it as elders say, "we need to be re-sighted?"

Might this give us a clue from Judah reverse facial speech what we need?

"Your war wit is shallow."

Instead of Bitch stupidly insulting you's if only he did not have his fault of stupid might he have been able to shore up the war wits of the Druid people?

The radical German Jew anti-war activist Karl Liebknecht who blew the horn on weap Judah's game explaining to us that war is not aimed external, rather it is aimed internally to subordinate the mass of one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class.

Understanding that might we then be able to understand why Washington-Wall Street attacks Americans internally?

To roll foreign police sniper teams in our cities. Are we not aware that must be cleared from the top?

Might that help explain why Judah had to get president Kennedy out? Much chance he would allow the palace sniper teams to be shooting us down on the streets?

Not only at the top but also the city level. Might that explain why Judah had to get Harold Washington out when he was the twice elected mayor of Chicago?

Much chance Harold would authorize Judah to work his foreign sniper teams on the streets of Chicago when he was mayor? Of course not, he would not let them run their sniper teams.

And so if Judah can't have his way his right, what does he do other than assassinate the political leaders?

Has it not proven successful though?

Does Judah not have the organizing principle of Society of our entire planet in his hands? Yes, he does. Jewish are nearly the only authorized issuers of all the money on planet earth. Is that not a hold right?

That Judah privately and secretly issues money to do all of his sport. Our mothers, sisters, daughters that are attacked and violently sexually molested by hired Judah shell Fornian feinds. Might we understand that it is American Labor money that is funding it?

The states in the Middle East and Africa that American Labor has funded Judah and company to assault that has now produced over 60 million homeless refugees in the last quarter century.

Are we not perceiving that war is to produce hatred of the white people by having cruelly manipulated poor white faces destroying those countries and also to bring Judah's new Fornians in to molest us for a new century?

The designation of war criminals that was developed from the Nuremberg trials of captured Nazis. The class A, B and C war criminals designation that Judah courts put onto them.

Rather than focusing on what class war criminals are, would it not be more useful to focus on who it is that is inspiring war criminals to commit their sins?

Those who are hiring and issuing the checks for the commission of genocidal war crimes against the human race. Is that not where we should look if we ever want to end the age of the great war criminals in our world?

Berlin, London, Washington, Moscow. All have repeatedly attacked us with thermonuclear missiles to exterminate us all. Will God have mercy on us and give your children in America the wits to perceive what is going on and then the gumption to close Berlin, London, Washington and Moscow out NOW?

Will American Labor not end funding Judah nuclear war on us from Hitachi-GE before we are all burned out of life form?

"You're sewer gen. Bitch enemy me out whole," Judee say.

By exhausting our resource base are we seeing how Judah is planning to leave us sewered?

Has Bitch Mercury report not shown Judah as the whole enemy to the children of God that he is?

While it might have been easy in the past to shy away from Judah threats and to pass it off to the next generation to face off with the Jews to get them out, are we seeing that Jewish on nuclear war and nuclear weapons have no intention of there even being the next generation to get them out?

They've missed their blast extinction of us due only to the grace, love, and mercy of God. Will American Labor not listen to the good advice of the angels that God sent in and stop funding the Jewish nuclear brimstone waste extinction of us?

A truly sad fact from reading the comments on the web it does appear that the vast majority of Americans after all this time are not aware that we are truly going out of life form now.

Judah analysis says it is "whiskey' as to why we have missed our extermination date.

That 80% of Druids imbibe alcohol. Will that be the final analysis of why Druid-Slovacs had to die?

Judah tells us that we are in puberty and when we mature we will take the paper off of them and throw them out of here.

Will Labor not mature, take the paper away from them and close them out of here right NOW?

Tele receives:

"Judas game torch ya.

Settle fair. 1.31 pm

You're constantly falsing out yourself. 4.13 pm

Hitter's off. 4.20 pm

They core fish even though they're out.

Irritate cost us. 6:15 p.m.

They're winching us in 6:39 p.m.

It's an irra-hold. 6:43 p.m.

You let them stage outrageous. 6:48 p.m.

They are wiping you off the face of the Earth. 6:49 p.m.

They are offing Westberg . 6:54 p.m.

We're roasted air.

Patrick save us, save us Patrick, 6:58 p.m.

The spared us, and we're tossing out our free lunch. 6:59 p.m.

That's very fair about your screwing up.

Perceive the truth of Jew and STRIKE THEM OUT!

Sly. 7.02 p.m.

They para-state us nuke-us, nuked.

A very exciting new kid.

Fabulous false you failed to save yourself. 10.44 p.m.

Company fresh fail. 11.20 p.m.

Durable message throughout this theme is portable peace pipe you are my kids. 12.50 a.m.

Rightful get them off while you still stay with some wealth.

Patrick sold us fearfully out.

We're right dusted here.

You're fataled.

You failed tossing them, made contact fall scroungy.

You called bad. 12.56 a.m.

Died off by 1%.

Mirror state Judah is lethal.

They right tossed thee out abuse.

He's so vicious with his police state that contact was held out.

Right falsing fist degrade us.

My miracle fell holds you hell sick.

Care respective.

You harm yourselves, forger.

You refuse us never again will you be sighted.

Right this field.

Hire juries and grand juries then the people make the decisions. 1.02 a.m.

They're racket kids who are false.

They've fooled our ride, they've fooled us. 1.10 a.m.

They're pressing their foul.

Your states lost to 10%.

You're tossed out furious.

Minimum psyche theory failed us.

Their images fell. 1.17 a.m.

Patrick rifled them gorgeous.

Mercury contact rights you.

You died raper full of sin.

Jewish failed whole.

It's a psyche war children.

Economic criminals defeated us.

You certainly waste fall yourself here.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

They moshed us kids.

They failed us favorish, favorous.

His sin is ended.

Criminal police forces types are dying.

Tight they die us great.

Let's roll mutual.

By not challenging the Jews you lose your life forms. 2.12 a.m.

Good enough. 5.12 a.m.

They're going down here harming us. 5.27 a.m.

It's renewable fate. 6.03 a.m.

Let's end this foil. 6.07 a.m.

They say the guy is as honest as they get." 6.18 a.m.

Elder spoke to Bitch yesterday and gave him some information. Thought it might be useful to share it with everyone.

Elder told Bitch he is a 79 on his mental side.

When Bitch used to drink alcohol, he was a 42 on his mental side. A sixth level thinker.

A few years after not having a drop of alcohol his intelligence jumped up to a 64 on his mental side. A fourth level thinker then.

And now after not drinking any coffee for a while, he is a third level thinker at 79. He thought he was in the 80 percentile range but not yet.

That Judee has a bunch of level one thinkers that never touched a drop of alcohol in their lives and never endured prolonged periods of suffering to create a fault of stupid, how, is a third level thinker supposed to be able to get them out?

"They say the guy is as honest as they get." 6.18 a.m.

Even though Judah is flawless in his execution might his false, his basic dishonesty not get him out regardless of what level of thinker Bitch is?

For those who know Bitch might they agree that he is as honest as they get? Bitch thinks those that know him would agree with that.

Jewish with the "rare" as elders describe their ability to gull and fool ordinary people generation after generation for thousands of years.

How is a third level thinker supposed to ever overcome such a lead as the racehorse Judah has demonstrated in our time?

MIght we consider that Judah rather than holding people solely with his truth he actually has held the people by preventing others with truth from spelling it out to the people right?

That is if John Kennedy and Harold Washington were not stolen away might their simple truths not have stopped the war?

"I hold them the gospel," Harold Washington said in a reverse facial speech in a video that Bitch saw of Harold the good.

Might that have been why he was undefeatable? Might Harold have been reading his bible to see what the rules were for holding God's children in his care?

Bitch was no a regular bible reader then. He didn't know what to make of the rules in the bible that purportedly came from the house of God. He didn't believe there was a God.

The fear of God was a big one that always held Bitch off. How could you love someone if you feared them?

Might we understand now that the fear of God is fear that we should ever do anything that is displeasing to Father? Might we understand that our good God almighty will never harm us no matter what?

"Durable message throughout this theme is portable peace pipe you are my kids." 12.50 a.m.

If only we will recognize that God is our Father might we not yet get ourselves right? Will Labor not recognize we are Father's kids and STOP THE WAR that is destroying God's children on earth?

With their moose opp on us has Judah not thrown their musket hard?

Bitch 6th level intelligence on nuclear warfighting mathematics told him in November of 1965 that nuclear war is a way that we cannot go.

His simple intelligence was not and is not able to tell us which way to go, but by use of deductive reasoning, he can tell us which way not to go.

The lemmingness of taking management instructions from Jewish on nuclear war profiles.

Can we not pray that Labor will take elders advice, get smart and realize that hot radioactive nanoparticles are not good to breathe, eat or drink in for you or me?

The criminal nature of the nuclear industry. Is it not becoming clearer every day that from the beginning both Jewish nuclear blast and Jewish brimstone electricity waste were brought into our world to genocide us totally out of existence?

The meta-gorical transfiguration of our species that our good God has his angels guiding us through now.


Will Labor not turn on the 223 high-level thinking genetics and toss Jewish nuclear war

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