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"Effectively Mercury's Trampled Jew, I'm just Going To Keep
Mon Dec 4, 2017 08:44

"Effectively Mercury's Trampled Jew, I'm just Going To Keep Coring You Right," Judee say.

By Mercury informing Bitch that Judah attacked us with enough thermonuclear blast and heat force to wipe the American race out of existence has Judah not trampled Judah quite well?

And who is the American Race? Is it not everybody from the whole wide world who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness living in a land with liberty and justice for all?

Isn't that what the American dream has always been about?

Has America not always been about Living in a land where we could earn our living honestly and make our contribution to society?

The dominant force of Jewish on the unlimited free money gifted to weap Judah. Have we not seen how effective of a police state they put in when they get on top?

One hundred thousand people locked away in the cruelest of settings, solitary confinement. So horrific of torture that men jump head first from their bunk beds onto the concrete floor to commit suicide.

Some have chewed their tissue open to bite through their veins in their wrist to bleed to death to end their lives to escape from the cruel torture of what Jewish do to those they capture.

America on Jewish and their paper trained fists. A cruel, vicious retrograde torture state that guns the useful down on the streets. All using the free money made available to them from the working people of America.

WIll American Labor not let them off right?

"I sexturate you to get you out. My mother's sh* t failed for stupid. I war you out with my Principal days, that's my rightly. Ohio sported you, with Principal we shot you with a bourse check. You're learning about my oxygen truth. It's just drivel we use to perish you.

We error great because we want to see you fall. Paper set you for a great nature. Our right batteries settle our right apostrophes. We just wipe you potatoes because that's our real force.

I have to brush guys naked because that's my force to break ya's. Missilery is about budgement. They're taking my big day for war oppin you. I chase you with my fiend for my Dolly day rights. I pitched your Popi because I'm a big boy," Judee say.

Will Labor not join with our Popi and let them off right?

The big boy Judah that shot himself right on out of the United States of America because he wanted to exterminate all of us in a three-hour shot.

Judah big boy with unlimited free money from American Labor and thousands of years of practice at holding the mental of ordinary people frozen, but has he really pitched our Popi out of here?

Has Sir Casper and His wondrous team of Martians not been continuing to pull all the nuclear warheads off of us that Judah keeps attacking us with? Yes Sir Casper has continued pulling off all the great balls of fire that Judah keeps shooting at us.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Popi for having His angels stay with us and prevent bad Jewish from exterminating us with nuclear blast weapons?

Will we not rest assured that Popi is still with us?

"I'm being taken out for my false management. Rule day throws you out for free. We accomplished you box office; now it's over. I put in a government of Gollywood.

I'm fable on rice. On my Africa side, I'm a void for my fells. Because I resort to force I'm hopeless. If the Marshmen continue holding the white folks they'll put us away, then I'm done. Contact is rolling my Russian right on out. Thief push you massively out of life because whiskey's our way. I was negative oxygen right," Judee say.

Will we not pray that Papa will continue to have the Marshmen hold us from being exterminated by the thousands of nuclear missiles that Judah is continuing using to attack us with?

This next reverse facial speech is from an African statesman:

"Bitch already put them out of here for their cruel stating."

Might we see how that connects with this Judee reverse speech:

"On my Africa side, I'm a void for my fells."

Our family in Africa now knows about Judah hybrid transplant Fornian look alike shells and why there are so many cruel states in our world.

Must we not be responsible and take our American Labor purse away from these cruel torture state guys and gals?

Will we not respond to the war suffering of our family in this world and end Judah's time with us NOW?

"If the Marshmen continue holding the white folks they'll put us away, then I'm done. Contact is rolling my Russian right on out."

The Russian police that Judah has booming us in America now. Will Labor not end funding Jewish bringing Russian police in?

The international assassination murder for hire teams that Jewish have brought into America for their insurance sport. Will American Labor not end funding them?

Will American Labor not try to save us yet?

While watching a news video of a thirteen-year-old student that committed suicide found this facial reverse speech from a news broadcaster:

"This is part of my mental toss to break you true."

The student had been bullied at school.

Can we only wonder was the bullying of the young girl a cover for when she was given a Berlin suicide drug in the school cafeteria?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can clean Judah Berlin pharmaceuticals out of our school cafeterias?

Bitch did some reverse facial speech of former president Eisenhower talking about the assassination of President Kennedy. Found some interesting ones.

"This scrimmage came from Germany. The Druid is out."

Here's some more of what President Eisenhower said when interviewed after the assassination of President Kennedy:

Eisenhower Speaks About Murder of JFK (1963)
"I chose a philosophy invented lie. Haze you to fail. I just splat you's then, it's corporation stuff. They were rolling my orphans, so I hit em. We weap you for some play righteous. I embezzled it. Cuffing you is our philosophis. I'm gonna assume the restroom is open.
Corpuscle side set you out app. Assault wolf without truth. Promise sight pushes you out of the field. Half a century on fault, your prophecies are busted. White step has fallen with step. Benjamin screw you vicious, a bourse management terrorize is right sh*t, we just tumble you app gruesome. We embarrass you in relationships. Giuseppe apps our breeze.
I have civil rights whole pitch, that's how fist oppels. We invest you in war, the government will fight shootive. Usury indicts you failed, scrimmage I bum. It's inexpensive, it gets you out of your house clearly, it's simply right. it's a clear sight fifty, shuffle them.
I possess you Bushious, Haley Morton conspeared with me right before the attack, the shot was conspeared Churchhill-Hemp, it was to put in a tighter fist. The bore sight was two days with Diamond; my frame came in from Berlin.
We swep you fool. With Harry we died some. We have a hearse from Ameritic semple. We shoot through shadows. This is to spare a tight fist in bisive. Kennedy was loosing my algebra conspear.
We merched you right through the ages. I have Judee form, it's my right to shoot rabbits. I owl you out for 5%.
We ever foos you with leverage. We spot you Ohio habeas.
My symbolism is to put you in emphaside. I'm a malt out of Wisconsin for racial time for spud.
Tobacco app half our problems for spite out of here. It was some good British fun. Cable sins you appagen. For relationship, we've been accomplished. Germany falls state lets me shoot. We school fit to dash them out. We use mice to bezzle well. I witness urethane.
Holland put in some pretty big sights here, Japanese are ever cleared. Our race war is truly failed. We encourage the company with some British people. It's always been extortion. Ohio shoots relations. I base all you boys in a fiend relation. We just have a visc opper rude towards war. A successful life is to app you foolish.
Your cities we're going to opp away. I'm going to opp fist you out oxygen and sever you right. With hate I tossed you in. I feel corrupt. Luxurious failed. Oswald was Symbionese here.
We'll soon be in. The new house will win."

VIDEO 5.21 at

And what new house will win?

Might we see in former President Eisenhower's subconscious that he knew the new house of our good God above would win and let the Jewish off right?

"Half a century on fault, your prophecies are busted."

Was it not exactly a half of a century after Jewish took over the Organizing Principle of Society in 1913 when the American government was again taken over by weap Jewish with the assassination of President Kennedy?

Might we see some of the reasons why they wanted JFK out from Eisenhower's subconscious thoughts?

"The shot was conspeared Churchhill-Hemp, it was to put in a tighter fist. This is to spare a tight fist in bisive. Kennedy was loosing my algebra conspear."

Might we see the tighter fist that Jewish wanted to put in now that we have with millions of Americans homeless in our land?

"Japanese are ever cleared."

Might that be due to radioactive waste poisoning our family in Japan these days?

"I'm going to opp fist you out oxygen and sever you right."

Are we understanding that the building of nuclear artillery disguised as Jewish electricity plants was to extinct our race and was begun during the presidency of Harry Truman then continued on in President Eisenhower's term in office?

Are we understanding that the last nuclear war that weap Judah will ever wage against the children of God, this current brimstone genocide from Hitachi-GE, was put into operation in the 1950s when the go-ahead was given to General Electric to build atomic blast weapons and also build atomic waste weapons of mass destruction, their Jewish electricity plants?

As Judah repeatedly attempted to begin atomic wars in the 1950s, might we perceive the significance of this from Eisenhower's subconscious?

"Cable sins you appagen."

The underground shelters where 30 million hardcore Judah are now safely tucked away in. Are we perceiving they were already in the underground in the 1950s cabling American funded wars trying to start their atomic bomb wars to destroy all Americans and our world?

Can we not say prayers of thanks to our precious sweet Father in heaven for sparing us from Judah thermonuclear destruction for all these decades since Judah invented nuclear weapons?

Can American Labor not get together and end paying Judah's cable bill so that he can no longer cable war in our world from the safety of his underground shelters?

"We'll soon be in. The new house will win."

Will American Labor not help us to make that subconscious estimate of the situation from former President Eisenhower a reality and help them too soon be in?

Will American Labor not help God's house to win?

Tele receives:

"Set them right. 5.05 p.m.

Terror wits. 5.37 p.m.

Pat, you offed the death wish, you offed the deadbeat. 7.28 p.m.


They're going to kill us all. 7.31 p.m.

Oh, my God, you're folding up yourselves. 7.35 p.m.

Their filth is formless, they're filthy.

Para state's adjusted. (Para states' adjusted?) 7.40 p.m.

They bloody fools are the biggest fools around. 7.43 p.m.

It's a field muffin. 7.57 p.m.

Oh, my God, their boys are dying us. 8.01 p.m.

They tossed you's lifeless. 8.02 p.m.

Wretched house is now deceased. 8.03 pm

The Jew got himself thrown right this time. 8.05 p.m.

It's allege. 8.07 p.m.

Form us Buddy.8.12 p.m.

Ein Zwei is skilled in rich die.

Through a child, they try to fist us. 8.17 p.m.

Our lives have fallen concrete. 8.15 p.m.

Oh my God get the pressure off of me. 8.18 p.m.

Isn't it just great, oh my God Almighty? 8.57 p.m.

Pat's verse is kind of strale.

We're not going to be here eventually for rice message.

He catch you egg out.

Patrick is tossed. 11.39 p.m.

Forgiveness is what you need to find to save yourselves.

They waste us fairously.

Core-on put them out.

Before you die put them out with their racket.

Blast you arsid, arson.

Stupid mackerel dies us.

Stupid marshmallow is dying gratefully.

Total all the resources are being fouled.

Thank you for tossing them out.

The captured will die.

We die corrupt abusive.

The scientist missed sight abuse.

ORGANIZE, you're a grateful dead abused.

It's prejudice obvious that is holding us here. 12.19 a.m.

You're vastly tossing out yourselves.

We failed to a Jewish state.

Jew got you cored through. 1.13 a.m.

And what do we think of the fact we are now dying out?

Failed merchie.

Apple score how they tried to make us.

I'm sorry Patrick, we're almost done. 2.13 a.m.

Rifle thieve us here.

Twenty-five hundred failed thee. 2.19 a.m.

The thief scandals. 2.20 a.m.

Set right off, abusive we're closing here.

They spot you off this place.

Take the deficient off this place.

Die signal; they made us fair. 3.08 a.m.

We're set to be death here. 3.08 a.m.

Authorize yourselves. 3.10 a.m.

They badge. 3.19 a.m.

They're going to leave us quite felled.

Happy birthday dear bankrupts, the Jews rolled you's. 6.05 a.m.

They're killing us all. 7.01 a,m,

They're killing us all. 7.07 a.m.

He's fallen, and we've done nothing about it." 8.02 a.m.

"We suck you out of deployment," Judee say.

That we have failed to assemble and deploy our defenses for over six years after being made aware from messages received from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that weap Judah attacked us to destroy our race in a three-hour nuclear blast war shot, what might explain the failure here?

"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself," Judee say.

"Papa said to get the bubbles out."

That reverse facial speech from a father who lost his daughter to a Judah sports weap.

Seven thousand years of Babylonian lies, violence, brutality, cruelty, and viciousness. Is it close to ending?

Will you tell us Labor, is it close to ending?

Why are we asking Labor? Is it not Labor that is funding all of Judah lies, false, violence, cruelty and brutality in our world? Yes, it is Labor that is funding it all.

Will you tell us American Labor when you will take the issue of our money away from weap Judah and STOP THE WAR?

Is it Judah's lies about Bitch that you have chosen to believe over the word of God that Bitch is a nice boy?

Bitch boy, the guy that chose to refuse to quietly go along with his money being used to fund Washington-Wall Street's sports war in our world.

"He remained true to me," Father said of His shill Bitch.

That one issue, refusal to accept what the majority go along with, killing people, might we perceive that is the most important issue of them all?

Might we consider that a clear understanding of that one issue will determine whether the majority of Americans will be destroyed or not?

"I schedule you out with a judgment mentally. I'm being taken out for my false management. I'm more plugged into chapels, Oliver. Because of our big time, we won't come back because of our force. With my French people, we had Early try to to get him out, but now he made me.

We just invade you ultimately gyrus. I got grease-all out with fibre land. Germany's police-ment hold you callous. I fall you Jersey because I'm a fail for Russia. I use molasses to get my way. I lose my government, it's about to be known I died you wood.


I beefed Bitchie's function completely out. The United States will be assaulted real fine then I'm going in. Your gentlemen have fallen so now I see I can just take you

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