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"Patrick Your Giant Let Our Souls down"
Mon Dec 4, 2017 09:59

"Patrick Your Giant Let Our Souls down"

Patrick heard that minutes after putting his post up at APFN. Wasn't sure who it was from.

Then after thinking about it for a few minutes, realized it was elder sister up on the desk that looked at his post after it went up.

Patrick found a story about a boy who hit a girl years ago about 40 times with a claw hammer until the hammer broke in two.

And now years later he is in Republican political party management in Broward County Florida.

Patrick posted it at APFN even though it ordinarily is not something Patrick would post as it may not do anybody any good to read about it.

Then why did Patrick post it?

He wanted to counter the minutiae Judah dug up about Patrick from decades ago to smear Patrick and so Patrick thought to put up about a shell Judee would be useful to give a comparison about what Judee is holding Patrick with versus what sort of things his cult does and gets no flack for it.

Patrick also wanted to give a comparison with how those who are in strong economic position bypass the cruelty of the prison system that is put upon us for the smallest of infractions, much less the frame-ups the court system does at Judah behest.

Then Patrick put a link to the story at the bottom of his daily post at Simple Site and at Facebook where he also posts.

After hearing from kind elder sister, "Patrick your giant let our souls down." Patrick skipped eating dinner that was ready and immediately turned his computer on and took down the link to Simple Site and Facebook with the story of the savage attack.

Once posted at APFN, it is indelible. APFN is permanent so he can't take the story down there.

Elders are all forgiving and merciful and bringing up a person's errors from previous times is not something they do. Those are things of the past and to be forgiven.

Just wanted to get this in today's APFN so that it will be in the mail to read with the story of the guy who is in politics and how his past is news now and with regret for amplifying the story by posting it at APFN.

Going after a person to smear them, is that not a small person behavior? Sure it is.

Might we note that is Judah's first line of defense against those that disagree with anything he says?

My apologies for posting that story from the past.

Thank you. God bless.

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    • "Patrick Your Giant Let Our Souls down" — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Dec 4 09:59
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