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"Oh My God Helped Us, and Facial Cleared Him. Oh My, Just F
Tue Dec 5, 2017 09:47

"Oh My God Helped Us, and Facial Cleared Him. Oh My, Just Failed Awfully Jewishness."

Those are overnight Tele receives. "Oh my God helped us and facial cleared Him. Oh my, just failed awfully Jewishness.

"Verified they took the state off moonshine."

That's another overnight Tele receive.

Will Judah get his full one-third of the human race wiped off the face of the earth as he goes away from us for good this time?

Might we understand that we will know the answer to that in less than two months now?

Has Judah not proven adept at smearing a guy's face in a way that lets him keep making war and keeping us funding all the genocide he wants to do with our American Labor money?

"Oh my God helped us and facial cleared Him."

God Almighty a flesh and blood Mortal that lives in heaven located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.

Bitchie cannot get a good nights sleep because he is having dreams seeing buildings in our big cities burned out. People hanging out of windows as their houses are burned up.

Then he wakes up and realizes it was only another bad dream and starts praying that American Labor will STOP THE WAR.

Bitch posted a story about a Republican party official in Florida that attacked a girl years before, changed his name and how it came back when he went into a political office.

Here is what he posted after elders reacted to Bitch putting that story up:

"Patrick Your Giant Let Our Souls down."

Patrick heard that minutes after putting his post up at APFN. Wasn't sure who it was from.

Then after thinking about it for a few minutes, realized it was elder sister up on the desk that looked at his post after it went up.

Patrick found a story about a boy who hit a girl years ago about 40 times with a claw hammer until the hammer broke in two.

And now years later he is in Republican political party management in Broward County Florida.

Patrick posted it at APFN even though it ordinarily is not something Patrick would post as it may not do anybody any good to read about it.

Then why did Patrick post it?

He wanted to counter the minutiae Judah dug up about Patrick from decades ago to smear Patrick and so Patrick thought to put up about a shell Judee would be useful to give a comparison about what Judee is holding Patrick with versus what sort of things his cult does and gets no flack for it.

Patrick also wanted to give a comparison with how those who are in strong economic position bypass the cruelty of the prison system that is put upon us for the smallest of infractions, much less the frame-ups the court system does at Judah behest.

Then Patrick put a link to the story at the bottom of his daily post at Simple Site and at Facebook where he also posts.

After hearing from kind elder sister, "Patrick your giant let our souls down." Patrick skipped eating dinner that was ready and immediately turned his computer on and took down the link to Simple Site and Facebook with the story of the savage attack.

Once posted at APFN, it is indelible. APFN is permanent, so he can't take the story down there.

Elders are all forgiving and merciful and bringing up a person's errors from previous times is not something they do. Those are things of the past and to be forgiven.

Just wanted to get this in today's APFN so that it will be in the mail to read with the story of the guy who is in politics and how his past is news now and with regret for amplifying the story by posting it at APFN.

Going after a person to smear them, is that not a small person behavior? Sure it is.

Might we note that is Judah's first line of defense against those that disagree with anything he says?

My apologies for posting that story from the past.

Thank you. God bless.

Is Judah smearing of Bitch face not what has kept our good God out?

Of course are we aware that Judah makes up big lies to smear a guy along with some of the truthful things he reports?

The knack that Judah has for always being able to win against the Druids using his patented false routine. Will we not pray that for once in our lives Druid can win this time?

"Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Have we not been properly apprised that God's will is that American Labor be the issuer of our money and not international weap Judee?

Yes, we have been apprised that God Almighty wills that American Labor issue our money and recognize that we all have a God-given right to an existence stipend.

Have we not been warned thousands of times by our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR? Yes, we have been warned thousands of times to STOP THE WAR by Father.

Will we not pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven and that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews and STOP THE WAR and put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone?

Will Labor not take Judah leverage away from them that it is giving to them by allowing them to privately and secretly issue money for free?

The second report in the last few weeks of a school girl going home after being bullied and committing suicide.

Bitch read some more about it and learned that the young student was planning on becoming a lawyer.

Can we only wonder could it have been Judah Berlin pharmacy that slipped her some suicide drug in lunch? Might the Judah bullying be a cover to prevent checking out the school cafeteria to see if she had been drugged?

Do we recall Sandra Bland who committed suicide in a Texas lockup after offending by not signaling a lane change?

Have some of us read that Sandra had been blogging about police mistreatment? Might we see how her speaking up cost her to lose her life in this Jewish tyranny state?

While thinking about some of Berlin's pharmaceutical houses best drugs to drive us insane how about the guy that stabbed his brother in law 25 times and disemboweled him?

Chicago man stabbed 25 times, partially disemboweled by brother-in-law, official says
A Chicago man stabbed his brother-in-law at least 25 times on a city bus, partially disemboweling him in front of shocked riders, officials said Saturday.

Darnell Scott, 37, attacked his brother-in-law with a 2-inch pocket knife while the two were on the CTA bus on the city's South Side around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, The Chicago Tribune reported.

The video report of the stabbing and purported disemboweling story runs for five minutes and twenty-three seconds. Here are some of the news reporters reverse facial speech:

"If you're a minnow this is how we bash you right. Still scoring offendful. This is how we war you right if you're a white kid soul, this cost 4 or 5 thousand dollars to put away. Judah tumble you baitchery.
This was our college Alzheimer's. This was a fabulous app to dog you right. This lets me put my rule in unjustly. Federal boys were on this switichin'. Casual Murfa lights we're keeping out of here. Our age of debts buried you with our rule.

We renew assault you fisty. If you see my foul you see my tourist; shrimp head has some see our tourist. I'm a corporation that already is quite dead. Our mental took off all states by blasting you with a child. Our casual vitamin knows how to shoot you right.

The white boy sees my CIA boasting my gene for dusting ham. Big April let me hold my Tommy gun in. I perish you sufferage to abolish you nice. I'm rolling my best Goebbels trick. With our power side I push you well. With my court you see I'm happy.

I staged this opp for show. The economy I'm injuring with bash. I set you out well from Missouri. This is some of my rescue drugs that is holding me. My police now are working the states wood. Because you are helpless lets us do a great offend.

Truly I have your mentals formed my way. I shoot them so right bare, I fail them for benefits. We're selling a right dog with coffee to keep our truth. Our cipher wants to roll them back beers. We racial them with a fine fear day. God we got bolster out.

Virtually I foul on error to swep guys. I set you radio die. This was a Morgan app Shirley. I protest you scrooge-eral. Deaths are showing our German apps. Bench is out for jest. My best is serving circuit deal maestro, my package is air waste you away.

Simple boy question transfer camo-flog. We set you true racial for a racial nation. We keep the deadly on to keep the circuit off. Comets on for more brasive. Boy publish on my communist sief with my barbershop municipal. Jew ever make you minnows fall out nicely right.

The white guy be a tired Fudd until nice guy bashed my state. We're enemies with a property symbol to shoot. My last lunch was from Hapsburgh to shoot Judee. I false from all sides with speakers. Maximum torsion gives us great weight. I'm obessingly holding out jurors who see. The hasp is to scorch you."

Pulled those reverse speech from the video about the story.

Known bad blood between the two guys and maybe a Judee chef beverage or meal and then the two guys run into each other and an extreme burst of violence?

"If you're a minnow this is how we bash you right. Still scoring offendful."

Is that Judee not a cunning guy to use chemicals to make us insane and do things that we would not ordinarily do?

"We racial them with a fine fear day. On the street I death you racial to close you."

Are we seeing how Judee sets things up with his chemicals and makes it look as if the people are vicious and violent?

Will American Labor not step in and end Judah's Germany pharmaceutical house sport opps on God's kids?

That the video report of that stabbing ran for five minutes and twenty-three seconds might that not clue us running that long it was a Judee mental opp?

"I'm obessingly holding out jurors who see."

Will Labor not give us our grand juries who see?

"We set you true racial for a racial nation."

Are we seeing who has so harmed this society by forcing his violent racism in?

"My best is serving circuit deal maestro; my package is air waste you away."

Are we understanding the last mission of Judah is to get us out with poisoned air?

"Truly I have your mentals formed my way."

As we are funding all of the war and genocide in our world might we have to give Judah that one? Though will we not keep praying that we reform our minds God's way, the way of forgiveness and mercy, peace and love?

"I staged this opp for show. This is some of my rescue drugs that is holding me."

Any doubt that stabbing was a staged opp?

"The white guy be a tired Fudd until nice guy bashed my state. I'm a corporation that already is quite dead."

Will we not try to perceive that for attacking us all out with nuclear weapons to extinct our race his corporation is already quite dead?

"This lets me put my rule in unjustly."

Might this stabbing now be used to justify all sorts of illegal searches?

"This was a Morgan app Shirley. Comets on for more brasive."

They've attacked us with the genocidal thermonuclear blast weapons and now are attacking us with their last chance shot to exterminate us, hot radioactive nanoparticles from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor not take our free cash away from Morgan?

Will Labor not stop funding the kosher comets that Judah keeps attacking with?

Years ago Bitch was concerned that our elders might suffer a power failure during one of Judah many nuclear missile attacks against us.

If only one warhead got through and hit, one of our major cities are we aware that millions of people could die quickly from just one thermonuclear warhead going off over a major city?

Though elder shared with Bitch that the last time they lost their power grid was three million years ago.

So might we consider that it is likely that elders will be able to keep pulling the nuclear warheads out of the sky that Judah keeps launching at us?

Will we not say a prayer that elders don't lose their power grid before we take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the hands of Labor?

Moses said, “Take to heart all the words that I am giving in witness against you today. This is no trifling matter for you, but rather your very life.” Deuteronomy 32:46,47

That bible verse gifted to us from the Moravian Daily Text.

A shower of nuclear waste that has brought our extraterrestrial creators in to try and save us from being extinguished from life form.

The 'Deuce,' the 2% that chose to go opposite our creator's will has gotten his cult refused for offending God Almighty.

This is no trifling matter for you, but rather your very life.

Now less than two months away from the white race being sealed in to be massively snuffed out of life. Was the Judah not sly and cunning that he has been able to get white to do his fist sins for him?

Has Judah not been so cunning that he has got white involved in sin where God will not save us while we are committing sins against His children on earth?

Will Labor not ORGANIZE to take the authority to issue our money away from international Jewish and put it into the safe hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

Jewish great sport of getting groups of God's children on earth to harm other groups of God's children on earth.

Are we not yet understanding that phase of human existence is now over with Judah's tricky animal primitivism cipher being died off by God in tunnel death?

Are we not believing it true that if American Labor holds Jewish genocide fist in for only a short time longer that we will force ourselves out of life form?

"You let me siege you deceased." Bitchie heard Judee say to him telepathically at 7.32 am.

Will we not pray for the love of God to open the eyes and ears and to give wisdom and courage to American Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"We want to thank you Roger. 10.12 a.m.

Your argument sold. 10.14 a.m.

Give them an enema. 10.26 a.m.

These son of a bitches got some true-false and some true faults. 10.37 a.m.

Get them out of here for falsing us. 11.00 a.m.

They fisted us out of here. 11.04 a.m.

They're scoring us all out leverage. 11.39 a.m.

He missed, Jew has some powerful editors out here. 11.44 a.m.

I can't believe you wouldn't save us off of here. 4.50 p.m.

Pat, your giant, let our souls down. 4.55 p.m.

He's closing them ruthlessly. 5.12 p.m.

He took that down; he's in right form. 5.17 p.m.

Totally useless voices are getting their wish for income from destruction. 5.18 p.m.

Welcome in to sell your advantage. 5.20 p.m.

Screw em righteous. 6.21 p.m.

Patrick you do wake this field to turn us good. 6.28 p.m.

A complete sight April fooled ya. 6.32 p.m.

You see a rightful parage. 6.34 p.m.

Oh my God you're assaulting your family out filthy.

They might force die us fail.

Your side holds evictious.

They've already died. 6.46 p.m.

You're scoring yourself off rice.

Pat is a state commission that will allow us to live.

Total foul put sheeny fist away; you own the fiend.

There's no medical treatment at all, you lost your lives here. 7.02 p.m.

They died you with a rightful seagull. 7.07 p.m.

I thank you for alerting us.

You've got enough deceived to be fooled for benefits. 7.09 p.m.

ALL RISE, Casper is just failed. 9.18 p.m.

Trick hose tricky air.

Right on boozer fault. 7.13 p.m.

They direct hate; jailed.

He STRIKE us force right.

All their sport is a challenge.

They just use a court to molest you.

Radio slides you bad.

They've fielded our way of life outrageous stops.

Right, this wholesome Pat. 11.47 p.m.

Oh my God woodpecker failed us rude.

You fold your life forces big enough to die BIG!

To leave disarmament is foolish.

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A terrible life, insanity now

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