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"Try to Perceive Me, I Love You. I Want to Save Your Lives,
Thu Dec 28, 2017 09:58

"Try to Perceive Me, I Love You. I Want to Save Your Lives," God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

Our Father who art in heaven and has been our Father for 1200 years now. Father is dying. Father is in His last time alive and what is Father concerned about? His long war suffering simian children on planet earth.

The sports war of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse that he used to take our rights away and fist us for sports, entertainment and insurance collections.

Judah and his warring us with his municipals. Labor pays all their paychecks but has a rightless relationship as mere vassals in a Jewish state. Must Labor not put our rights in again and get the Jewish rifles out of our faces?

Jewish, whose time has ended forever for first setting us up to be right attacked to exterminate us in a few hours of good shooting with their tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that they have been threatening us with ever since their Jewish scientists invented them, and also their taking out a third of the human race on the surface of planet earth with their back up shot of nuclear waste.

Are there any thinking people that consider Jewish with their assault and battery ways are not through in America now?

To do genocide against those they capture they claim as their right because "that's our way."

God Almighty in heaven above who saved us June 11, 2011, when Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear warheads in the middle of the night.

Father had His angels pull every single warhead out of the sky.

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR," God our Father has said to us for over six years now.

"They've completely ignored me,"Father said as Druid who has ever failed to Judah keeps funding the extinction of himself and his kids.

"You've been warned."

The vast wealth of America held in the private control of weap Judah and used to impoverish, imprison, make homeless, torture and kill the other children of God on earth.

While Judah built multiple levels of his technology of nuclear genocide, with enough atomic force to destroy us thousands of times over, Judah is limited to taking only one-third of the human race for his catch this time.

The dozens of Jewish electricity plants that weap Judah had put his Stuxnet controllers in, shut down by our elders before Judah could melt another dirty bomb Jewish power plant down.

The dozens of unscheduled shutdowns of Jewish electricity genocide power plants that tripped off of line over the last few years.

Can we not say prayers of thanks to God our Father for having His angels spare us from any more Hitachi-GE brimstone waste assaults against our life forms?

The Darwinian way that Jewish are exterminating the snow guys and gals. Will Labor not try to prevail in this Jewish test of survival of the fittest?

They have an escape plan that they have practiced already where when the ordinary people realize all our wealth is burned and poisoned out and will leave us wretched, our children and we sick and no longer able to reproduce ourselves, they'll slip out the door and head to the safety of their holes in the ground that they have built for that great day that they have finally sealed in killing us all.

The American minnow, the European minnow, loused out of life form in a most horrific way. Inhaling brimstone nuclear waste.

The two thousand years warning found in our bibles of how a third of the human race would die from fire smoke and brimstone in the last days.

Is it not seen it is all happening to us now?

The beasty boys and girls from the desert who carry around their cannibal complex cipher and afflict others with it.

Will Labor not get smart and end the free American Labor funding of it?

Judah, known by Mercury to be a "rare" life form in his ability to fool those that he gets a hold of, combined with Bitch fault that caused him to commit the deathly sin of insult to the hostages now has set us to be the occasional loss of life form that the Federation has when transitioning a planet out of war and into peace.

Though even with Judah "rare" ability to fool the ordinary fish might we see running against our peaceful extraterrestrial family his catch this time is limited to one out of three?

Even though Judah says the Druid people are not dutiful, and have ever failed to save ourselves from Judah false, lies, and smears, this time will we not step in and take the private issue of cash out of Judah's hands and save ourselves here?

A bruised reed he will not break, and a dimly burning wick he will not quench. Isaiah 42:3

Though Bitch may be a bruised reed and a dimly burning wick as long as Father has His angels keep Bitch alive he will not break or be quenched, he will continue revealing the truth of our good God in heaven above to everyone.

The relationship with God our Father is love between us and all of our brothers and sisters on earth and in the heavens above.

The mental hold of shame and embarrassment that Judah uses to keep the fish from freeing ourselves. Might we think of the true shame and embarrassment of harming our brothers and sisters for Judah sports war?

The 5% that Judah ballyhoo's to occupy the offices of his state. Will Labor not take over the issue of our money and allow some new selections to come in?

The six hours of a general STRIKE that will get Jewish out of the office of issuing our money. Must American Labor not try it?

"Why didn't you try it?" God Almighty asked American workers about the STRIKE that will free us forever from Jewish fisters.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Sweet Father asked.

And how better to give us the peace than letting Judah get caught in the act of trying to exterminate us all in a few hours of nuclear war?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," Father's angels said.

"Disaster is Polish script, their bench will war you here.

Maturity hikes awesomely."

The Polish American children that could not find an income source and now are serving Judah overseas sports. Will Labor not help them and everyone else with an existence stipend and get them home and out of war?

Will Labor not get the Jewish bench war out of America?

The maturity of Judah that is hiking us awesomely out of our field. Will Labor not come out of puberty, mature and close their fists sports out of America?

The assault and battery boys and girls. Will Labor not take our purse and let them off of here?

How about the videos just out of Russia that show nuclear warheads in controlled burnoffs?

What Just Happened In Russia? Now Things Are Getting Very Strange? 12/27/17

Published on Dec 26, 2017

It Just Happened Again! Now Things Are Getting Very Strange? 5 New Videos Of Breaking News Events Of A Massive Event That Just Happened Over Russia!
17 hours ago
Its a rocket dummies
Mas Emarod
17 hours ago (edited)
I saw something like this, the night it was seen in California, that same evening my bus driver pulled over & took pics of the sky with his phone, I thought he was taking pics of a billboard.. until I got off & couldn't figure out what I was looking at. Interesting...
13 hours ago
IT happend two days ago in Austria as well AT 5am

Kindle Faith
17 hours ago
The expiration date is just about up for this Earth! Life as we know it is about over! Have you been born again by the blood of Jesus from above? Because if you're not you will spend eternity in hell, so repent and get ready the end is near!
kelly barry
17 hours ago
Obviously they have a new weapon and trying to penetrate the firmament. Man will never overcome or outsmart what God has given us.
John staub
5 hours ago
They need to "OPEN This Contained Slave Camp!" It captures souls from outside to bring them into this Hellish Illusion, hidden from the Goodness... where else would a Satanic Church morph into acting GOD like, then torture people by burning them alive??? THEN they set Their nuke garbage on fire purposely to attempt murdering 85% of all LIFE on This Evil Place!!! Full removal of these Satanic Reptiles Is in Motion..Pray To Blast OPEN This Trap of Innocence = Do Thy Not Recognise This Place They Molest, Kill & Eat Children??? Well OTHERS KNOW WELL of
This ILK Playing as Holy. How Many of TRUE GOODNESS Have Been Trapped Here?

Unga Warrior
16 hours ago
I absolutely believe that the ufo's are dismantling the rockets. Just as it was caught years ago and Larry king had the military on his show with film of one taking down a warhead. They know how ignorant the government's are and we're heading for nuclear war so they're telling us in a round about way that it won't be allowed.
Patrick Sullivan
1 second ago
Does it seem too improbable to consider that these are nuclear warheads in controlled burnoffs that we have recently seen over Los Angeles and now Russia?

And who would have the technical ability to grab a nuclear warhead out of the sky and hold it to be burned off?

Might it be the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from the nuclear war that Judah planned to put us into?

And who might the angels be?

Sir Casper our friendly Martian neighbor and his diligent team from Mars. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending our big brothers in to spare us from extinction?

Here's a link with more information about it:;;
Show less
VIDEO 10.45 AT


How about the nuclear warhead that was seen burning off over Austria?

13 hours ago
IT happend two days ago in Austria as well AT 5am

Are we perceiving that Judah is wildly launching his thermonuclear missiles on us and Sir Casper is pulling every one of them out of the sky by burning or busting them off?

The maturity that Judah is using to hike us awesomely. Will Labor not gain the maturity to accept the truth, we are in a full-blown nuclear war with Judah pulling every trigger on us that he can?

Will American Labor not end funding these nuclear missile attacks against us?

Bitch just received a Tele receive:

"Pat you shame useless." 5.17 a.m

Might that be due to this paragraph?

"Might we consider that the stupid fault of Bitch is a fault that is widely shared among the Druids and Slovak people too?"

Bitch read that several times yesterday and decided to put it on the Simple site side of the post so that he could erase it if it wasn't useful. And then when he heard the Tele receive at 5.17 a.m., "Pat you shame useless," he immediately went to Simple site to erase it.

Then he discovered that it was on the unerasable side at APFN. He thought he had changed it but he missed and it appeared on APFN.

Bitch apologizes for that. He does not want to write anything that is not useful.

Have we noticed a large number of stories about dogs that are being harmed in one way or the other?

The dogs that have had their noses and ears cut off and the news reports about it. Here's another one, a dog that was purportedly strangled and had the trachea slit. A 2.12 video from Fox TV with the story and the veterinarian that told us all about it. For those who watch the video might you try to notice the unbounded mirth in their faces as they tell us all about it?

Dog survives emergency surgery after someone wrapped cord around neck, slit trachea
Note the big toothy smile of the handler behind the recovering dog?
Video 2.12 at

Can we only wonder what the Israeli psychologist knows about cruelty to animals stories that are useful to hold the people from acting to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish private control?

Here's some reverse facial speech from that video of the dog who had the trachea slit:
"We're just going to hold you to exhaustion so we're playing with you a little bit. This is part of our package for disease. This is some of my true sport sin. I'm doing your cipher to sport you in. I'm available to spot you out the right way.
We're always Judah the right force with Russians. I always phase you right. This is how we always set you off for a fist opp.
Racial in my time we savaged you in. I had Jasper from Toledo hole you right.
I just fine you right with a set policeman. My whole desk is fallen for making you nuclear here. Our sin is our big force that is completely done. We're just going to keep using the dog to perish your face. I just spirit you completely dumb so you can't get any help.
I'm formerly Jew vitamin to screw your wit. Stephanie screw your strike."

Those reverse facial speech were found in that video of the dog that had its throat slit.

Might we see that Judah has indeed spirited us so that we can't get any help?

Who will help us when we are funding and fighting Jewish sports war and genocide?

Our good God that wants to save our lives. Will we not get a spirit of peace and STRIKE THEM OUT so that our good God can send His diligent angels to help us set ourselves right?

Might we try to understand that the Israeli psychologist knows something about our emotions so he sends his Israeli opp teams out to strangle defenseless dogs, slash the dog's throat, cut off the nose and ears, stab some so that he can put the stories on television and sell it as news?

The story of a Baltimore cop that purportedly slashed a dog's throat. Might we understand that is how Jewish politics is played in Baltimore?

The link to the Baltimore police officer slashes dog's throat article is at the bottom of this page.

Tele receives:

"Gentlemen, STRIKE tight world. 8.34 a.m.

God damned thieves. 8.39 a.m.

Pat, you've tossed the foul wits here but the son of a bitches are still hanging around. 9.05 a.m

The ghetto is a rare force. 9.22 a.m.

Their genius is failed, they burst us bubbles. 9.27 a.m.

By bourse they're forcing you out, they're falsing you out. 9.28 a.m.

They've hassled incredible.

OK, haul them out. 9.31 a.m.

Pat, you threw out the Jews diligently. 9.34 a.m.

They're dying us here. 9.46 a.m.

Set you muster child. 9.54 a.m.

Incredible vicious bored away. 9.57 a.m.

Criminals run fist. 9.58 a.m.

The marshmallows are dying fistically. 10.03 a.m.

Bitch crushed Jewish but Jewish still crushing us out. 10.07 a.m.

Please understand this, 5% is quite done. 10.11 a.m.

Finish it! 10.27 a.m.

Continues at:

You're falsing out your safe route. 10.31 a.m.

Patrick, they stopped you dangerous fail. 10.33 a.m.

You're Reich dumb. 10.37 a.m.

They fall some fantastic. 10.39 a.m.

The goof set us up for a psyche sale to burst us. 10. 47 a.m.

God Jesus Ch

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