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DEW Directed Energy War Against the People of This Planet.
Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:44

DEW Directed Energy War Against the People of This Planet.

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They have extremely advanced remote operated Psychotronic Weapons that can target anyone and disable their mind from any where on planet Earth.

They, have been targeting me and using this on everyone around me and how do you inform your family that years ago, I (And, they.) had been an extreme target of these scum in their attempt to destroy my family. How do you explain this to your family now that my family has been financially destroyed also making me homeless, while we had no idea we were being targeted. Destroying my entire lifetime and keeping me from being able to see my daughter Haley since she was four years old. And, my family blames me for this. They have also been T - I s.

All of this ties into and goes directly to the agenda of the Vatican Jesuit Globalist Organized Crime and Banking Syndicate and Michael S. Kunath, who he and his father Jessie Sessions (Former Ambassador to South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam war.) who were high ranking members of the Rothschild Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.

(And, my entire estate that included three decades of very leading edge research and my license agreements with Mark Zuckerburg to help him to create and Jeff Bezos to help him to create when I had received the first license from the Internic in 1991 to create the first GTE and US West national yellow page index, placing my Intervend company as the first listed Internet advisory company.)

willpwilson 908 Smart Meters & Not Just DEW are Burning Down California & US
Thu Dec 14, 2017 - To BREAKING: - DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS USED ON WEST COAST RESEMBLES ATOMIC BOMB DAMAGE - - ron johnson - - Published on Dec 10, 2017

December 15, 2017 Incredible Report - Thank you and may God Bless & Protect You.

The next wake up will also be found that the Smart Meters are also tied to this mass destruction in California and now that they are selectively targeting for destruction throughout all of North America.

Get ready when hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are set on fire on schedule with their Agenda 21, mass population reduction when we finally realize also that the utility companies are now controlled by these Globalist Elements to now also use the smart meters to burn down America and the world.

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from 2011! Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA - - - - - Published on Oct 27, 2017
Debora Tavares' interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 conclusively provides documented proof of premeditation of fire destruction of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, in Northern California using microwave weaponry.
Additionally, RFID trackers are being used to locate victims in the vaporized rubble that is left of former residence's.
Part II will cover the logging companies efforts to provide massive fuel for West Coast forest fires using the hackn' squirt tree destroying methods of the Fischer Brothers, of Levi Strauss Jeans and GAP Stores fame.
This is all part of Agenda 21, which we will show is in full swing directly after the fires.

2011 PG & E and Cal PUblic Utilities Email exchange

The Plan To Burn Up Northern California & more bad news - - - TheRapeOfJustice - - Published on May 3, 2015

Deborah Tavares with Jeff Rense, April 30 & May 1, 2015, on the plan to burn up Northern California, intentional depopulation of the area along the northern coast of California, The Luciferian Fisher Family of San Francisco and their companies (GAP, Pisces) connected to developments in Rothschild's Sonoma County CA, MISO (Military Information Support Operation) and more bad news, such as the fight against Rothschild's (PG&E) smart meters in Sebastopol California, "smart cities", "Beamed Microwaved Radio Frequencies from outer space", "Resilient cities", the California Drought, "Incremental Regional Consolidation", The Water Shortage Hoax vs Primary Water, "Climate change" thanks to the Rothschild's weather weapons and weather control, the murder of Dr. Rauni Kilde M.D. from Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde on targeted individuals, Brain implants in Ohio 1974, and much more incredible horror.
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The Impact of Directed Energy

Leaders from Congress and across the Department of Defense (DoD) concur that our nation is facing new and emerging threats from adversaries across a wide spectrum.

It is generally agreed that directed energy (DE) has evolved to the point where it is technically credible and operationally usable. Join us at the fourth annual Directed Energy Summit to continue the discussion of getting the weapons into warfighters' hands.


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