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"Shrimp Failed So I'm Poisoning Miami Wicked. I Dissemble Yo
Sat Dec 30, 2017 09:14

"Shrimp Failed So I'm Poisoning Miami Wicked. I Dissemble You If Possible," Judee say.

Radioactive waste from Jewish electricity plants being pumped into Miami's underground water supplies. Might that be the wicked that Judah is referring to for poisoning Miami?

Has shrimp failed or have we failed?

Shrimp has pulled every single nuclear warhead off of us that Judah shot at us foiling Judah's plan to extinct our race in a nuclear holocaust. Has shrimp failed or is it something else that could explain why we are facing going out of life form now?

Our good God loves and wants us to live. Shrimp informs us all we need is to resight ourselves.

All the while our elders are trying to convince us to save ourselves Judah with his huck hassle carries on. All funded for free by American labor.

The nuclear blast war and Jewish electricity arrangement Jewish put in. Now poisoning us out massively. They pulled the trigger on us and they're completely done, what might it take to bring American Labor in to save us?

Judah still sporting us. His apartment building fire in New York City that killed a dozen. Will Labor not take the paper from them?

"Patrick stole my fun because I shot you. We just officer you rainbow. Jew has to arrange you dead. Our history is we just keep you shoppers and fist you big time. I Berlin spoof you out.

Bar fells and chaining hold Jew now. I'm leaving you in 4 days crying. We just set you off optically. We just roll you with Hermes to get you out with war. I got some advice to fold you from Romania.

I bust velocity. The ET gave us an exam and we bust you right in. I legislate you problems, that's how I always put in my kennel. I Judee truly set you white guys to die. I'm Jew wine tale.

Jew great fuse you right to throw you fists. We keep you stupid as a function because that's our true profess. I'm faulty for all my arrangements. I set you force nice boots. We hire fouliticians. Your police are heiny so I roll you off Jewish.

Bitch apped my temperature. Even with Randall, I died you threats. For dumbest performance, I shot you. The veggies remain quite failed by Jewish. We're keeping you as cageable as possible for hell. HUGE rightless deal to make you go.

Our guts gave us our original conquest. Bitch set me and rolled me right, I'm out my war and state. I was H bomb serious with my Jew head, now they're pulling us. My Jew nebulize you to cap.

Jew was always maximum ultimist, keeps peace boys kinda shy. My error was a complete white toss. I do believe a soda pop weap do genocide right. I fish you with my cider huge. I keep my fortune by forcing Mabel's false.

Because of Mercury, I'm leaving my doorway to hell. I do right with piston. Jew communist state management makes you mad as big dog. I push you white guy no brain. I just set you bull fun with my complex easy," Judee say.

The bane of the human race, warfare. And Judah puts it in because it is fun; it is sport. Entertainment and oh so profitable. The most degrading thing a human Being can participate in, war, and it is the main thing Judah has had Americans funding and fighting ever since Judah took over the Organizing Principle of Society in 1913.

War produces selective advantage.

The destroyer of all that is good, all that is right, WAR.

The opposite of respect and honor to dignity, WAR.

WAR, the false that Jewish specialize in. Is it not seen for what it is that Americans will not now end funding the Jewish false of WAR upon our brothers and sisters on earth?

The peace that weap Jewish will not allow to come in as long as they have free money to make sports war.

Will American Labor not withdraw its hands from supporting Jewish war on the children of God and give peace a chance?

Have shrimp not let us see clearly enough what Jewish are to you and me that we will not act to protect ourselves from any more sports genocide against us and our kids?

The Jewish beast that our good God Almighty has now let them die themselves off right. Will Labor not get smart as shrimp advise and take the American Labor pocketbook away from international genocide Jewish and try to save what we have got here?

Cities sue Defense Dept. over gun-check system failures
By Associated Press December 26

The purported concern of three mayors, New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia about one of the church shooters in the Sutherland Texas attack killing 26 people.

One of the church shooters? Yes, one.

Have we not read reports that there was a second sniper shooting the parishioners down that November 26th?

As Jamaica street just had a sports arson in an apartment building killing twelve innocents might we have to take with a grain of salt claims they have concerns for our safety?

The church shooting in Sutherland, Texas, might we only wonder could Judah have had a couple of Army automated robot guns wired in the church to aid in the shooting that day? 4 eyes with the trigger pullers in Virginia somewhere?

Might we consider how well Judee plays the media is how he has successfully held our survival animal instinct out when it should have already come in and struck them out?

Just found this video at YouTube
Second shooter unconfirmed eyewitness report


Devin Kelley was one of two shooters in the church according to eyewitnesses.

A senior reports two shooters in the church: "ya, there was two.

I talked to some people that were inside and they said two guys came in the back carrying guns"

Video 2.39 at

Though after listening to video it appears the information may be false aiming to spin with the group ANTIFA.

ANTIFA, might we recognize it is one of Judah creations using his groups of hybrid transplant Fornian Replicons to be his street fighters that are called upon when Judee needs fists on the street?

Just looked at and it looks like a basic Judah disinformation site. So there you have it.

Might we consider all of this trickery and confusion that is being spun is all financed by American Labor?

Bitch happened to see a story of a man in his 80s that was reportedly killed in a house fire in Chicago and found these reverse facial speech concerning the fire that purportedly killed him:

"Our cipher fell off four weeks ago. We told him he had to leave. He did too much through Missouri. A stock raid was out to accuse him, a heart attack was the score. He had an awesome future, he had to go out to avoid a cell."

Bitch's computer gave an alert, "replace the battery." And so Bitch did.

The laptop is almost 7 years old and it is likely it still had the original battery that came with it when it was shipped in March of 2011.

Thinking about it later, a machine that spoke to Bitch and Bitch followed instructions and bought a replacement battery.

Though might we want to consider that it was all machines that convinced the original Galacticans to end their eons of war and make peace?

Yes, it was, the robots that remained and kept a light on in the window of Prenasour for 12 million years after the Periadon Beings had disappeared into the mists of time.

The light that the Galacticans saw and so checked further into Prenasour.

The robots that gave the Galacticans the records prepared for them by the Periadon beings of long since departed Prenasour.

So while it may seem odd to take a suggestion from a computer to, "replace the battery," and follow the suggestion, might we consider that the extraterrestrial Galacticans nine million years ago listened to the computer that said, "Make Peace," and did it?

Prenasour now gone for 21 million years. The Federation enjoying since it first arrived at Prenasour's doors nine million years of perfect peace.

Father's world, no force or compulsion in it. Do what you want when you will. "Most favored suggestions," are the law books that elders use to look up how to go about things smooth.

And Judah back on earth cutting dogs ears and noses off. Slashing their throats, stabbing and throwing them off of roofs to play politics with them. Putting puppies in the deep freeze to get them frozen like a block of ice and then putting them on the front porch to shake the emotions of ordinary people off.

Judah shooting free wars worldwide on the American Labor dollar. The Federation has offered us real peace, a peace with good and plenty for everyone.

Will Labor not reach out and take the good for us?

The critical issue of our time, will we live for nine million more years or die off in our time?

The offer made to American Labor to STOP THE WAR and save yourselves. Rejected so far by American Labor.

"What happened here?" Father asked when Bitch had his insult attack.

Might we not ask that of American Labor, "what happened here? Why didn't you try it?"

The machine-gunning of hundreds of people in Las Vegas and no real legal process. Might we understand it is because Labor cannot help us without its purse in its honest hands?

Anbjørg Allum
1 month ago (edited)

Is American Labor perceiving what our good God has said, "This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force, it is no more, put them out they're criminals?"

Will America Labor not put our Bill of rights in?

Must American Labor not put them out right?

And how can Labor put the criminals out right? Is it any other than what the angels advised to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them and give it to a Labor Committee of the Whole?

Tele receives:

"Bitch almost died for us. 9.04 a.m.

It's ill face us. 10.43 a.m.

You lost your full freedom to opp here. 11.25 a.m.

They've given us a big hearse. 1.18 p.m.

They made us stupid. 1.30 p.m.

Jew sold an arrangement to take you out. 1.34 p.m.

You death threat. 1.38 p.m.

Patrick's sciental. 1.40 p.m.

They're felons that die fishing us here. 1.43 p.m.

Horrible they take us out pollutious. 2.04 p.m.

Throw them out for cruelty. 2.08 p.m.

4th-hour revenge is evil. 2.10 p.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick, you failed to save us fearless. 2.53 p.m.

They mentally fooled us.

Patrick's tossed them out and we've done nothing about it. 2.59 p.m.

It's immolated. 3.19 p.m.

Cheap in-fearity. 3.20 p.m.

The mild people are being destroyed casually.

Cinamon closed us up. 5.21 p.m.

They fooled us foolish. 5.37 p.m.

We're gosh darned foosed. 6.10 p.m.

Your sweetheart wretch. 6.12 p.m.

Vegous harm life. 6.22 p.m.

Druid failed this ocean. 6.23 p.m.

Kiss my chewiness. 6.27 p.m.

Image gets void. 6.33 p.m.

Sperm-a-tech. 6.35 p.m.

Common horse thiefs. 7.18 p.m.

Fully RISE us Patrick. 12.13 a.m.

I think the strike failed because we failed to pull them out.

Fouled you in jeopardy.

They pushed the button bad.

Atomic you seriously hike you.

The light holds you fine.

Get them off of here with their failed die.

Jew just raped you whiskey.

It's ended.

It's a failed courage con completely wastive.

This is a failed fraud demoes.

Incredible bourse thief.

Patrick won't fail us rightly.

It's saled total here.

Gen hofes you.

Incredible fantastic margarine.

Failed fantastic your rich.

They're destroying your life.

The mouse we will just leave.

Their supreme force warts you.

ORGANIZE, you're dying out yourselves.

You've been sold funny.

If Pat is refused a right way it is truly failed.

The holster is failed abuse.

You are cat fused.

You are refused helpless.

It's stitched.

Throw them out. 2.50 a.m.

Take them out. 2.51 a.m.

Forced out by the outfit. 2.55 a.m.

Their package falls useless." 2.57 a.m.

Does this sound as if it is from our elders?

"The mouse we will just leave. You are refused helpless."

That Judah is ghosting out massively because he is now seen for his vast sporting of the people of America, will Labor not step in and STRIKE THEM OUT so that we can let them off of us right?

The Federal prosecutor that purportedly was found with a hole in his head floating in the Atlantic ocean.
Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.
Last hours leading to prosecutor’s mysterious death detailed in new police report
AUGUST 15, 2017 07:17 PM

A graduate of University of Florida’s law school, Whisenant had worked as a state prosecutor in Jacksonville and as a civil lawyer for the Miami law firm Foley & Mansfield before taking a new job in the U.S. attorney’s office in January.

There were no signs of robbery. A woman walking along the beach that morning found a pair of Nike shoes along the shore that contained two black socks, a key ring, an iPhone, and a wallet containing $80, several credit cards and his Florida driver’s license.

On the morning his body was discovered, Whisenant’s parents, both physicians, showed up at Hollywood beach shortly after his wife, who is a doctor who teaches at Florida International University’s medical school. The parents had driven overnight from Jacksonville after receiving a “distressed” call from Ebony.

Last week, Hollywood police said detectives and the Broward medical examiner determined Whisenant “died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound”

Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we have the peoples eyes and ears to see and hear what is really going on here?

Son of Chicago political activist shot and killed
Published June 10, 2017 Associated Press
CHICAGO – The son of a Chicago political activist who returned to the city after graduating college to work with disadvantaged youth has been shot and killed.

Authorities say the body of 23-year-old
Xavier Joy was found by police late Thursday in the parking lot of an apartment building in the Woodlawn neighborhood. He had been shot several times. No arrests have been made.

Joy's father, Ra Joy, is the executive director of the governmental reform group CHANGE Illinois.
Ra with Chris Kennedy. Ra Joy is running with Chris Kennedy to stand up for Illinois as Lieutenant Governor. Ra served as a senior aide to U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL-09) specializing in appropriations and community and economic development initiatives.

Ra is an AmeriCorps Alum, a Leadership Greater Chicago fellow (2005), a member of the City of Chicago’s Cultural Advisory Council, a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, a member of the Civic Collaboratory, and an advisor to the Chicago Commitment Team at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. He is a frequent speaker on democracy reform, citizen power, and the arts in America.

His mother,
Nykea Pippion-McGriff, is president of the Women's Council of Realtors Chicago.

After the first war in Iraq, the speakers' fees paid to those who tricked us into war who traveled about to give speeches to us. The millions paid to speak. Was it really to speak or to pay the bribes for the betrayal of us by falsing up the data and claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

Continues at:

Are Labor people aware that the .................

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    • "Shrimp Failed So I'm Poisoning Miami Wicked. I Dissemble Yo — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Dec 30 09:14
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