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Vehicles Spontaneously Combust In Liverpool Carpark
Mon Jan 1, 2018 22:23

Did Skynet Attack Liverpool This Time? 1400 Vehicles Spontaneously Combust In Liverpool Carpark… Feels Eerily Similar To California Fires Monday, January 1, 2018 - - By Indian in the machine -

It is now very apparent that the spaced based orbiting space defense system (Net.) that is called Skynet was actually set up to now fry and to vaporize their targeted peoples for elimination on the planet's surface while being disguised as Space Defense. It is their plan to pick us all off on this planet and destroy our entire earth based infrastructures. Mr. Trump, are you listening or are you part of this agenda? They first tested this entire system out on 9/11 when they vaporized the entire World Trade Center just after the Bush Crime Family with the help of the MOSSAD had looted all eighteen floors of the gold that was located directly under the this complex while Marvin Bush, was the head of all security of the World Trade Center under contract with Securicom. And, what ever happened to - The Latest On Rabbi Zakheim And The Missing $2.3 Trillion 3-28-7 - and Rabbi Zakheim was lavishly awarded praise and commendations from AIPAC after they pulled off 9-11.

How 1,000C car park inferno vaporised the FLOOR: - Apocalyptic images show gutted multi-storey with no sprinklers where all 1,400 vehicles were reduced to ashes by heat that could melt aluminium - People were evacuated from their homes and up to 1,600 vehicles were incinerated in 1,000C inferno Fire engulfed 7 floors of multi-storey car park at Echo Arena in Liverpool after Land Rover burst into flames
The blaze could have been stopped if sprinklers had been fitted in the ten year-old building, fire chief said By Khaleda Rahman and Amie Gordon - For Mailonline PUBLISHED: 04:33 EST, 1 January 2018 - Read more: -

Their War on Humanity is now picking up with this also - Terrifying double ‘bombogenesis’ storm forms off US northeast coast! God help us if it shifts west! – 163 million US american in wind chill advisory – huge waves in Cape Verde
By Strange Sounds - Jan 1, 2018 - - - - - - -

Thank you - "Bright" = Armageddon coming!! — butlincat2012, Mon Jan 1 - 2018 -;article=158600;title=APFN

And - GITMO Prepares For Amass Arrests Of Elites — William Mount, Mon Jan 1 2018;article=158598;title=APFN -

DEW Directed Energy War Against the People of This Planet. — willpwilson 908, Thu Dec 28 -;article=158581;title=APFN

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Planet Earth Is Under Galactic Observation & Elitists Aware. — willpwilson 908, Thu Dec 28 -;article=158586;title=APFN - - Posted on January 02, 2018 on the Message News Board - - By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - - - Tepco Can Neutralize All Fukushima Radiation With Browns Gas -;article=157903;title=APFN -

  • "Bright" = Armageddon coming!!butlincat2012, Mon Jan 1 15:14 END TIME DECEPTIONS EXPOSED! How deep does the rabbit hole REALLY GO? On December 22nd, 2017, Netflix released a urban fantasy action crime film entitled... more
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