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"You Were Invited Into the Universe But Accepted the Rite of
Tue Jan 2, 2018 08:39

"You Were Invited Into the Universe But Accepted the Rite of First Chapel."

While checking some notes, found that from the other day. Here's some more.

"Grand jury will save you from shadow life. Stupid suffered and failed. They frame you foul to bust you out zoo. Jew took us off racial to leave us hopeless. First war is now forming truly.

Realize that you all have now failed. He shot you goose right to fatal you. His crystal ball is of a foreign sight. I try to serve you right to end your under advantage. Painful Druid head is out."

Might that be a message from Papa? "I try to serve you right to end your under advantage?"

To accept having no rights in a Jewish tyranny state. Is there much more of an under advantage than that?

And Father tried to end our under advantage by gifting us with our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right to hold and enjoy property.

Is there much more of an under advantage than to not have the right to our own lives?
The elongated heads of pharaoh in ancient Egypt

These pharoahs heads of ancient Egypt were not only elongated, they had more brain tissue than human Beings.

Might the large brain size give us some understanding that these were extraterrestrial Beings that lived among us in ancient times?

Certainly. In ancient times extraterrestrials lived with human Beings openly and were helping us grow up right.

That the tribe of Judah was in Egypt in those early times, might the leaders of his cannibal cult not have surmised that the elongated head Beings were extraterrestrials? Sure. His group would have probably had quite a bit of knowledge of the extraterrestrials that were here helping us.

When God spoke to Moses in 1500 BC giving us the command to love one another and thou shalt not kill. Might Judah not have understood those rules were coming from extraterrestrial Beings that had a link to planet earth? Certainly. The deep thinkers would have had some understanding of what they were dealing with at that early time.

In 700 BC Judah attacking the Galactican meat dolls, the mission specific Beings that the Galacticans left for Judah to attack.

Might we consider that Judah would have thought for centuries that his cult had successfully killed off extraterrestrials in our midst?

In 1422 when our extraterrestrial family pulled Henry V out because "he was on a roll" carrying out genocide in France, and they left a meat doll in Henry's place, might that have been when Judah first realized that his ancient ancestors in 700 BC did not actually kill extraterrestrials, they only killed look alike meat dolls that the Galacticans substituted for themselves?

King Tut and Nefertiti with elongated enlarged brains but human facial features. Might we wonder, were they Galacticans?

If we think a little more about it, are we not Galacticans ourselves? Yes, we are. We are 223 genetic Galacticans. And all the other numbers of high-level intelligence Beings in the Federation are Galacticans also. All in peaceful cohesion with one another.

The Galacticans that gifted us with their own 223 high intelligence psychiatric genes is the third Edition of Galacticans.

King Tut and Nefertiti, might they be like us, forth Edition Galacticans?

We with our 223 high intelligence genetics for 200,000 years and they with maybe another 200,000 or 300,000 years of their high intelligence genetics that caused their heads to enlarge to accommodate their larger brain capacity?

Where did they come from?

That there are 100 trillion Beings that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light might we surmise they are one group that is living inside one of the many planets that are part of the Federation?

Are we getting some sense of the long-term efforts that the Federation makes when they craft high intelligence beings to become extraterrestrials as we ourselves are becoming now?

While many of us may see the extraterrestrial intervention into our world from Roswell in 1947 when elders tossed one of their spacecraft down to MARK the 509th Army airforce atomic bombing group that was stationed there, if we look into it might we not be able to see that six thousand years ago the Federation sent extraterrestrials in to guide us in Egypt?

Judee the animal primitive guy that is known for huckstering on other peoples blood.

"It looks like they're moving in on us."

A material scientist guy that examined extraterrestrial materials reported that was said to him by a big business guy years before. He said that on the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show in 1997.

The material scientist guy didn't know the political secrets about the extraterrestrials at that time and so the big business guy clammed up.

Now that we have survived nuclear missile attacks by weap Judah that would have died our race out of existence if the extraterrestrials had not stepped in, might we say that instead of them moving in on Judah, they let Judah move in on himself and throw himself outright?

The 400 Jewish delegates to the second Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1898 where the decision was made to put planet earth into war and extinct the white race.

Will the white race not try to get an extraterrestrial level view to see that the Jewish race has properly thrown themselves out?

Jewish who have a historical policy to race the white people to separate us from our family.

As Jewish keep shooting their municipals that opped in their investment prisons and got themselves identified will Labor not come in and help us to shut them down right?

Might we consider that it doesn't matter how many tax breaks the tyranny investors in war and imprisonment get they have lost their investments in prisons for the atrocities they have perpetrated against Americans?

Will Labor not step in and close this torturing gulag Jewish state out right?

The white people of England in 1689 decided to make torture a crime.

Will the white people of today not respect the decision our ancestors made over three centuries ago and put their wisdom of saying NO to torture in to guide us now?

Will the white race not choose to end Jewish huckstering on our blood now?

Has our good God not shown us the truth of His love by sending His angels in who spared us extinction in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that we will not organize to close Jewish hatred, racism war, and imprisonment out of America right?

Jewish who challenged us with fist and mental and won on both counts. Jewish who challenged God Almighty with fist and mental and lost all around.

Will American Labor not join with the winner, our good God above and close the nuclear war fighting Jewish cannibal cult out of our world for good?

Father Christopher had the Federation send Jesus in to give us a chance to be redeemed for our sins.

Are there any out there who do not yet understand that we exist solely due to the love of our good God for us?

Attacked by Judah with enough nuclear blast force to extinct the American brand.

And what is the American brand? Is it any other than life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to live in a land with liberty and justice for all?

The promise of America to live in a land that is truly free. To associate with all of God's kids everywhere on earth. To live in peace.

The promise of the good of America smashed on the rocks of war by the highly organized through time Jewish cannibal cult.

Judah, the rare aggressive force, unable to be thrown off by any human force, but easily tossed out by the love of God.

So easily tossed out that God let Judah toss himself right.

Has our good God not had His angels let Jewish magnify their imperfections enough that American Labor will not have a clear thought and help us to close them and their terror machine out right?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed," elder said.

The war with Russia about to begin. White fighting white, East versus West, both rightless men.

Can we not do better than our predecessors did in 1917 when Judah put his draft registration in to force the white to return to the old land to fight his brother for Jewish sports once again?

Might we recall that those who refused Jewish sports war in 1917 were tortured to death in Jewish Alcatraz?

Labor leader Eugene Debs who did what he could to help his fellow man explained the false of war and was imprisoned for trying to help us. Did four years in prison and lost his health.

Six hours and you've got them gone Labor. After thousands of years of abuse and molest. Jewish finally out of God's village on earth. Will Labor not give us a general STRIKE and bring us in to the love of God for man?

The nuclear missiles they pointed at us to help them sell their Maalox Rolaids and Tums. Now that they've shot their great nuclear bolt will Labor not let them off right?

"Because of your right fail to me you lose your real force. I rolled you all right with my jury rules, it let me bring in my fierce. With my desk, I hold you for roll thee with particles.

I war you with fiber to bust you, my war is about out. They're making my Thomas go. Our mission was to fist you right. I just sap you by wits. Bitch tersed our sale. Super perp easily got me done," Judee say.

Will Labor not step in and end Judah from just sapping us by wits?

The perp that Super delivered to Americans and the world of the nuclear attack upon America in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Did that not for sure get Judah easily done? Certainly.

And so why is our world still at war? Why are we facing the loss of life form now? Surely not a little thing like fear?

"A virus false I'm oppin to put you out," Judee say

Bitch just pulled that reverse facial speech from international news.

For the last month or more Judah has indicated in reverse facial speech that he has a biological weapon that he was going to turn loose upon Americans.

Might he have turned a virus loose on us now?

As Judah had his ricin heater in the library ventilation system might he have his virus sprayer installed throughout places where Americans go?

Shopping malls? Theatres? Libraries? Lockups?

Will we not keep praying that American Labor will see the breeze and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah, please? Will Labor not give their rust a flush?

Tele receives:

"They finally goofed good. 3.36 p.m.

Psychic is showing you a real deal instead of death. 4.48 p.m.

Pat, they're assaulting HUGE. 5.16 p.m.

Desolation holds us back, desolation holds us bad. 5.25 p.m.

Psychic failed to save us from right fistic. 5.31 p.m.

Gosh, they're scrimmaging.

They stop you with a foul.

Fear natious.

It's a help.

Their axle bruise usually leads.

Druid, they died you off of this field strangled.

Over six years and Bitch failed to get hold of the money.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

It's hell.

Poison that will sell your bridge and tollway.

Patrick folded them out. 5.59 a.m.

We're war victims sadly deceased.

The news is the perpetrator and perpetrated.

Let me help you nice. 7.13 p.m.

You failed to give your white persons an out.

Touring book.

We're densitive.

They racially pushed us out.

They miracle sieged us. 1.28 a.m.

He cashes us out of here.

You failed to save your futuristic dumb.

You lost your righteous here.

They organize us for a selfish savage.

You're fails to Jewish sewerage life.

He fatally boursed us out.

Pat, shells errored you.

Your will shows white install was nonsense. 1.52 a.m.

Stalled you right fist rightly.

It's scunge. 2.01 a.m.

Inebria stole your lives.

We disappear HUGE. 2.13 a.m.

You can be savaged now, come to see. 2.21 a.m.

He ran tourious.

We're done Mitchously.

Squirrly cash well wrecked them. 2.26 a.m.

HUGE Jews disarranged you's. 2.39 a.m.

Judee opped your sale. 3.18 a.m.

They hunt you abusive. 5.12 a.m.

Welcome to rough siege. 5.19 a.m.

He's failed you, he's failed us here. 5.24 a.m.

He's getting the third that deserves it.

You're falling equal. 5.33 a.m.

We're set to be beasted right. 5.47 a.m.

Their deal's a complete false." 6.08 a.m.

And now some more of what Judah is thinking read from his reverse facial speech

"A facial with police will cage wits. I took you away with right glory images true, it let me poison your atmosphere. The boy from Illinois cost us our threats. I'm just going to exhaust them right chalk.

I shuck you beautiful. Jupus falseness keeps on munching you's. We took you mortgage basically. I'm a 4-F for all shadows. March we get them out whole invested.

I assemble for attacking you, Judas is about all dead. If it wasn't for the German Judah would fall all dead. I always failed gesundheit. April was the last because of our mortgage," Judee say.

April 1952, when the Fornian Replicon President Harry Truman made the decision to wipe the white race out of existence with all-out nuclear war.

Will we not pray that there will be an awakening to who we are and a decision made by American Labor to listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR?

Judah known now for his mass mousing of mortgage holders after he stole Americans homes from them and then insurance collected them with municipals and ricepitals for more. The employers that moused with mortgage because they kept the insurance on their employees well after they were laid off.

Might we consider mortgage and employer mousing was the last straw if we understand the long-running plans made in April to give us an H bomb war?

"If it wasn't for the German Judah would fall all dead."

At the time in 1917 that Judah forced America to go to war in Germany America was 52% German. Was that not quite a bit of propaganda and force that Judah put into get us new Americans to go back to the old country to fight a Jewish sports war?

Judah is known for attacking Poland all out with Nuclear missiles from NATO and the Polish government ghosted out in 2010.

Will we not pray to our good God Almighty for Labor to take hold of the receipts so that we have a chance to re-sight our force in peace?

Will America Labor not take over the authority to issue our money and close the stage props out and let us hear the truth?

And what is the truth?

The truth is we are high-level Beings that were created to live peacefully and travel the universe with our elder brothers & sisters in the Galactic Federation of Light.

The truth is we have a kind and sweet Father who loves all of His simian children unconditionally. Father loves us all equally.

The Judah strategy to clown our wits out. And for those who might figure it out, their setups, frameups, their ricin in the restaurant meal or the library ventilator shaft.

Their Judah cancer on the shelf that always gets us right.

The embarrassment of the United States of America on permanent Jewish sports war. Can this all be due merely to who has the authority to issue our money?

Our good God Almighty who loves us all and wants us to survive and join with our elders to travel the Universe together in peace until the time we pass out of life form in nine million years more.

"I want you to be comfortable," precious sweet Father said.

But how can God's children be comfortable when millions are living homeless on the streets?

The useful that will show us how to hook the wires up to heat and cool our homes for free. Shot dead on our streets.

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Set now to be savaged right, a third of our race to be pulled out of life.

Will we not pray that American Labor will end funding the eternal Jewish war upon the children of God on planet earth?

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"Sooth me. I want to save your lives. Try to perceive me, I love you," precious sweet Father said

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