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Woman Beats Cancer With Turmeric Natural Supplement.
Fri Jan 5, 2018 13:01 - - Woman Beats Cancer With Turmeric Natural Supplement. - Doctors Confirm Woman Beats Cancer With Natural Supplement After She Stops Chemotherapy, Takes Turmeric - BY by Geoffrey Grider - - IWB · - JANUARY 5, 2018 - - - A WOMAN WHO BATTLED BLOOD CANCER FOR YEARS WITHOUT SUCCESS FINALLY HALTED THE DISEASE WITH TURMERIC, IT HAS BEEN REPORTED. DOCTORS SAY HER CASE IS THE FIRST RECORDED INSTANCE IN WHICH A PATIENT HAS RECOVERED BY USING THE SPICE AFTER STOPPING CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENTS. - turmeric curcumin cures cancer - - - - Linked from - - - - - - - - - - -
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willpwilson 908 Dr. Fred Bell Passed Away Investigating Secret Death Ray. Sat Nov 21, 2015 -;article=155401; - - - Dr. Fred Bell, a Mysterious Death - death ray whistle blower Dr. Fred Bell mysterious death -
- - The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fred Bell - - - E soteric Published on Jul 28, 2012 - - Death Ray Whistleblower Dies: Tyrel Ventura Reports - - - The Alex Jones Channel Published on Nov 14, 2012 - - -

Dr Fred Bell Dies Mysteriously after Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Interview - RIP - - Dr Fred Bell Dies Mysteriously after Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Interview - RIP - -

To let the readers that I, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, had known Dr. Fred Bell (And, I also know his older brother Art Bell the founder of ) thereof, Ihad known Fred, since the early 1970s and Fred was about to be also interviewed again on the AllDayLive TV program ( two days after his interview with Jessie Ventura who is the former Minnesota Governor and Navy Seal and decorated Vietnam Veteran, and famed professional wrestler, and as well as then when Dr. Fred Bell then right before his AllDayLive interview to be broadcast from and at Northwest Public Access TV with (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, the host of AllDayLive who was about to interview Dr. Fred Bell, thus regretfully did Dr. Fred Bell then mysteriously die.

Dr. Fred Bell, we will always remember you for the incredible work and inspiration in your life time that you did for all of us.

Dr. Fred Bell, a Mysterious Death -

Dr. Fred Bell, a Mysterious Death - An expert on Remote Neural Monitoring and Synthetic Telepathy, Dr. Fred Bell was trying to reveal government research in which people could be tracked by satellite by reading their thoughts. He died mysteriously after talking about it on television.

Renaissance man, inventor, eclectic thinker, and controversial scientist and futurist Dr. Fred Bell died on September 25, 2011, within hours after Jesse Ventura interviewed him for the program Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on TruTv.

Ventura told talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that Bell “dropped several bombshells” during the interview (the program by press time has not yet aired), but did not elaborate on the specific topics discussed.

Some conspiracists familiar with Bell’s work noted that he was considered an expert on Remote Neural Monitoring and Synthetic Telepathy, which is being used covertly by the government.

Dr. Bell disclosed that secret government agencies had technology that had the ability to record people’s electrical body impulses and upload them to a satellite. Using this method, a person under surveillance could be tracked anywhere and his/her thoughts could be read and even reprogrammed remotely.
According to Bell, the symptoms of electronic harassment include unusual forgetfulness, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, panic attacks, depression, and paranoia.

“Confusion weaponry” uses frequencies or impulses to disrupt thoughts.
Bell also warned about the advanced satellites that can knock things out of the sky with EMP (electromagnetic pulses) similar to what law enforcement is developing to remotely shut down the electronic ignition of cars they’re chasing.

According to certain conspiracists, Bell’s fiancée was with him in the hotel room the morning he died. He was carrying some coffee when he suddenly fell to the floor and began making odd noises. His fiancée called for help, and Bell was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. The doctors were unable to help him, and he was pronounced dead.

Dr. Fred Bell was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on August 10, 1943. According to his official biography, his father was a scientist who worked with the late Henry Ford, Sr. His great uncle on his father’s side was Alexander Graham Bell, and on his mother’s side he was a direct descendant of Ethan Allen, the folk hero of Vermont during the American Revolution.

Bell speculated that, as a result of this “strange genetic gene pool,” he had a tendency to be a “revolutionist with wild and crazy ideas … a bit of an eclectic eccentric.”

Bell was propelled into science at a very early age. At age fourteen he was not only working at the University of Michigan on nuclear energy projects, but was also inducted into the U.S. government’s project MK-ULTRA. This early mind control research covered such topics as past life regression and the popular remote viewing techniques used today by the CIA and other intelligence gathering factions worldwide.

At sixteen years of age he interned at the U.

  • Dept Of Justice Now Turns On Loony LeftiesWilliam Mount, Wed Jan 3 06:45
    Here you get more news in 15 minutes than anywhere else on the planet. ========= SUBSCRIBE - DISCOVER NEVER STOP LEARNING PRAY WE CAN STAY ON THE AIR ========== DOJ TURNS ON LEFTIES AS WEATHER GOES... more
    • Woman Beats Cancer With Turmeric Natural Supplement.willpwilson 908, Fri Jan 5 14:06
      - - Woman Beats Cancer With Turmeric Natural Supplement. - Doctors Confirm Woman Beats Cancer With Natural Supplement After She Stops Chemotherapy, Takes Turmeric - BY ... more
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