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"Their Fear Rate is Done. They Opp You Durable. Contact Roll
Sat Jan 6, 2018 07:38

"Their Fear Rate is Done. They Opp You Durable. Contact Rolled Missiles."

Those are a few Tele receives from yesterday.

"Individual biological opportunity," the option that the resource constrained competitor environment of the desert offered to Judah that he developed his cannibal complex in.

Guile and cunning with deadly force to eat the competitor in the environment.

Father Baldec who made the 8-hour flight from Galactica to earth in 1500 BC to speak to Moses to tell His children on earth how to live right.

"Love one another. Thou shalt not kill."

Judah, who has made it his mission to hate everyone outside his cannibal cult and kill as many of us as possible before he goes away from us for good.

And yet the wit he is famous for, perishing simple working people who would not harm other people.

And yet he holds us simple working people to funding the worst harm the human race has ever endured.

The industrial strength investment grade war criminals that Judah hires for all of his offices on earth.

War criminals, big legal words for "Sports people," as Judah calls the guys and gals that slay human Beings industrially in the hundreds of millions.

The simple working people of America that have funded destroying not only hundreds of millions of our fellow human Beings by not acting to stop Judah, now ourselves are set to go out of life form massively. MEGADEATH numbers from Judah's industries..

From reading Judah reverse facial speech his nuclear war fighting scientists have informed him that in a couple of more weeks of pouring radioactive waste into the upper atmosphere he will have the white race sick and dead in 5 more years.

The wealthiest people the world has ever seen, our middle classes producing wealth beyond belief.

Judah setting up the system to ship as much industry and manufactures out of America as is possible to reduce income sources for ordinary working people.

Year after year decade after decade continual whittling down of the wealthy Americans by forcing us to keep shooting his sports wars.

The cunning and slyness of his news media, print, and broadcast that is committed to never giving us a clear thought.

The false that Judah has spread about Bitch. Making up false police documents that he is showing to Labor. Cartridges that were found that were linked to Bitch. All false, and yet he is still getting away with it.


That he attacked us all out to exterminate us and our lower 48 states with a gigantic well planned and lavishly funded all-out nuclear attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and we have done nada, nothing about it. Who or what might we consider we are?

Bitch heard some loud Tele receives about this video, actually woke him out of a sound sleep.

Ohio Sheriff Sued after Video She tried to Destroy Surfaces, Showing Deputy Pepper Spraying Restrained Woman
Video 3.36 at

The jailer doing the spraying, might we understand that is not an African woman, rather it is a Jewish Fornian woman in a hybrid transplant shell?

A real African woman would not do such a thing.

Might we note the military and police have a significant number of Fornian hybrid Replicon Judah transplants in their ranks?

Might we understand Fornians are where the police shootings of Americans are largely coming from?

A different cipher than the rest of us dedicated themselves to harming and killing as many of us as they can.

The Princeton professor that became president, Woodrow Wilson, who destroyed our government by signing off on giving international weap Judah the private authority to issue our money in 1913.

Then put us into world war one. And finally, Judah with his war was able to use his nuclear war-fighting machine to destroy all of God's kids on earth.

Our teachers, our clergy people, our political leaders, business and community leaders, media talking heads. Have they not all shown they are false through and through?

Or could it be that some are mere simpletons who themselves didn't know the truth but enjoyed free bourse from weap Judah?

"Not your ordinary mope," Judee said about Bitch who put him out.

The love of God that kept Bitch in and Bitch didn't believe we had a God.

Slowly unraveling the mystery of our good God in heaven above. A kind sweet Being of Supreme Love.

Our Father who lives in heaven, thirty-eight light years from planet earth. An eight-hour flight in one of our elders advanced spacecraft.

Bitch saw Papa's spacecraft in the summer of 1954 over Bailey's harbor in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Bitchie, 6 years old saw a large disk about 6 to 10 thousand feet high up in the sky. It had maybe 6 to 8 smaller disks right behind it.

Our Zenith transoceanic radio stopped working and all the channels were off the air. Bitch recalls a nun in a habit that was on the pier that afternoon and she was looking at it. Many people saw the disks.

Only recently has Bitch perceived that the large craft had our precious sweet Father in it.

As Father Baldec made the 8-hour journey to earth three and half thousand years ago our Father made the journey in 1954.

Bitchie, the most ordinary of boys, a simple working man that just don't buy, imprisonment, war or any of the other Jewish fairy tales.

That Jewish always get over on the ordinary people. Are they really that grand? Can we not have a win here yet?

Though might we not have to give the devil his due for have they not fooled the peoples' wits well enough to hold the people of America to pay for our demise in a nuclear blast and now waste war?

That our fathers' and grandfathers sat through Judah building up his nuclear war machine. Is that Judah not quite some terrorist when he gets private control of a state?

Might it have been fear that held everyone from contesting building up a nuclear destructive force capable of wiping the human race off of the surface of planet earth?

Those not killed directly by Jewish atomic bomb blasts, to die out from inhaling radioactive fallout.

Judah all the time knew that he was contesting the will of God and kept up his offense.

Did our good God not let Judah step himself off right?

Simple stupid Bitch waiting for the chance to drop the terror of the Jewish nuclear war machine right.

And what a chance, Mercury informed Bitch in October of 2011 of what Judah attempted in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima blast and heat force bombs shot at America.

America, a fully criminalized state. Might we say, its a basic Jewish relationship with the rest of us?

Two thousand years ago Elders calculated everything that would happen as Judah left, figured it all out including Bitch insult to you's.

They covered it all in the Bible and gave us the tools to save ourselves if we decided to.

Could it be the lethargy that Judah puts in that might explain why Labor has failed to try and save us?

"Occasionally," the elder said when Bitch asked if they ever have complete failures when transitioning a planet out of war and into peace.

"You can lead an American to facts but you can't make him think," was a comment Bitch found posted on the net.

Hope that comment doesn't get me in trouble here with the reader again but you should know that your sweet little children and grandchildren will be consigned to sickness and death if you fund sports war for Jewish for just a couple of weeks more.

Will working people not take the forty minutes of thinking needed to see what a desperate situation weap Judah is leaving us in and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Jewish, already tens of millions of them have fled to the safety of their underground nests to sit out the die of the mild people of the north.

We didn't have Buddha to set us correct so Father sent Jesus to help us live right.

The Jews, as cunning and manipulative then as they are now, used the Romans to do their dirty deeds done dirt cheap to nail Jesus to a cross.

And what do we have today, Jewish instead of using Romans to do their dirty deeds done dirt cheap are using cruelly manipulated mild people to nail our family worldwide to a cross.

"You've been warned," Father said.

A nice meal, a bottle of booze. A pocket full of cash. Nice home and car. Might the next tune be good time Charlies got the blues?

Some gotta win, some gotta lose
Good Time Charlie's got the blues

Are the simple working people of America going to let Judah with his famous wits for perishing us make us lose while he wins again? Will Labor not act and prevent us from having a terminal case of the blues?

The stabbing death of a young Japanese worker living in Dundalk, Ireland. The four young men stabbed to death in London, England New Years eve and day.

The continuous acid attacks in London. 1500 people have had acid splashed on them in the last five years. Are we not detecting the modus operandi of weap Judah as the purse behind these terror attacks upon our family in Ireland and England?

Will American Labor not rout Judah and his collaborators out by taking our purse away from them?

Bitchie just read some reverse facial speech from a video from Ireland concerning the young Japanese man that was stabbed by an Egyptian young man in Ireland who spent time being interviewed by police two days before he did the stabbing. Here's some of it

"I chapel with police sports every day. I right your wits with morteman. The company opped you truly with sport. My jail sets my goosement right. All white people I set for purified here. This was an opp for Jewels.

I establish your great wits dumb. Jew airforce gives me my concession to weap. I'm a false cipher to set you with a ruse. Jew always hits you right to get you offended. This was Jewish force desk opp.

I serve opportune days with a shiv. You have no rights so I fold. There was a weap in here for insure true. We rule with bourse motion. We field you Auschley. My management time is up because of my spiritual sport.

Police administer college set. I had a wholesome weap with Fort Wayne. I furnish you with a wall. Truman's fight has closed my motel. We failed you with fabulous perjury.

Shrimp wants our baby out so they hossed us. In America, I'm slippin'. We're waiting for a call from the states for our fell."

They're waiting for a call from the states for their fell. Will American Labor not give us our STRIKE so the call can be made that they are fell?

Shrimp wants their baby out so they hossed them?

Judah who has tried over 4,000 times to kidnap or kill an extraterrestrial since 1947 and our elders have never once hossed Judah in any way.

Will Labor not help shrimp to get Judah and his dangerous baby out?

Might we see those police that claims Irish heritage are often times actually Jewish hybrid Fornian look alike shells?

"Jew Airforce gives me my concession to weap."

That Jew airforce has repeatedly attacked us with nuclear missiles must we not take away their concession to weap?

"We rule with bourse motion."

Might we see how our peaceful court actions get thrown out and their motions in court always proceed ahead?

The life or death circumstance that depends on who holds our bourse. Bedore you or your family members fall into one of Judah trap's would it not be nice to have an equal footing to protect yourselves should that bad day ever happen to you or yours?

Will Labor not RISE and help us by taking the concession to issue our money out of the private genocidal war-making hands of the Jews?

Tele receives:

"Their fear rate is done 7.40 a.m.

Stew wit opp hazardy.

They opp you durable. 8.24 a.m.

Gangsters scrounged us. 8.33 a.m.

Contact rolled missiles. 10.18 a.m.

Jew genius falls you theory. 4.45 p.m.

They're out, huh? 5.02 p.m.

You lost your life forces out here. 5.19 p.m.

Settle. 5.28 p.m.

The white minnow is to be crushed. 5.53 p.m.

They preserve a tale. 5.58 p.m.

STRIKE the whole field, let's fall nice shell.

They inject you with cirrhosis of the liver. 11.17 p.m.

Your whole evening has been sold fetch you rightless. 11.36 p.m.

Jew held rightfully here.

Like likes you. 12.12 a.m.

They molest your house full hike here.

The white man is suitable for fistol. 1.37 a.m.

Clear molest of state.

Heart attack horrifies you. 1.41 a.m.

Catastrophe is raining down on us. 1.42 a.m.

Sooth. 1.46 a.m.

Jerk fell them right. 1.56 a.m.

Tardy ments leave." 1.58 a.m.

How right was it to fell them by what it is they have tried to do, exterminate us in a three hour 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and what they are doing to us now exterminating us with brimstone nuclear waste?

The meta-gorical transfiguration of our species out of our animal primitivism and into our universal extraterrestrial life form that our elders have gifted us with. Will Labor not get us out of this Jewish eternal sports war?

if so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Woman in pepper-spray lawsuit was most wanted, for a moment

Mark Gokavi
Staff Writer
8:50 a.m. Friday, Dec. 23, 2016
On Dec. 16, the probation office said Swink’s whereabouts were unknown since Oct. 19. Swink had been arrested in Brookville and charged for driving with a loud muffler. She allegedly missed related municipal court dates.

The lack of checking in with her probation officer violated Swink’s community control sanctions. Swink had pleaded guilty to assault on a police officer for breaking an officer’s eyeglasses in November 2015 before she was booked into the Montgomery County Jail and pepper-sprayed by then Sgt. (and now Captain) Judith Sealey. Swink was placed on five years’ community control.

‘Problem child’ at shelter now a local police dog Leonard is Ohio’s 1st ‘pit bull’ K-9
ByAlexandra Mester | BLADE STAFF WRITER Published on May 19, 2017
Clay Township Police Chief Terry Mitchell says he is pleased to have narcotics detection K-9 officer Leonard join his force.

Jail captain charged with assault for pepper-spraying inmate
Chris Stewart Josh Sweigart Staff Writer
6:22 p.m Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

This story was updated on Oct. 25.
The former top medical officer at the Montgomery County Jail recently admitted to theft and theft of drugs in exchange for avoiding prosecution, according to county officials.
Dr. Brenda Ellis was fingerprinted and had her mugshot taken at the jail on Aug. 24 and accepted into a diversion program on Aug. 29, according to a prosecutor’s office spokesman.

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Continues at:

Ephesians 3:1–12; Matthew 2:1–12
Saturday, January 6 — Psalm 6
Genesis 7:11–8:22; Matthew 4:1–11
See, the Lord God comes with might, and his arm rules for him. Isaiah 40:10
By the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those

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