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Microsoft Will now Slow Down The Internet
Tue Jan 9, 2018 07:56

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(43) Microsoft To Slow Down Internet Speed - YouTube


Brought to you by Get The Tea, who’s products I eat every day. Pray we can interview the owner this week and let you know how to counter these poisons they are using against us.

We will be discussing Weather Change, GMO’s and how to stay healthy.


A few days ago to was announced that there were flaws found on all Intel Chips that allowed the CIA/NSA/Etc to access your computer. These flaws were called the SPECTRE and MELTDOWN viruses, the second flaw allowing someone outside your computer to melt down the hard drive. Please keep in mind that these are not “Flaws” in the chips but specifically designed Back Doors to allow YOU to be controlled.

These Viruses also mean that your Phones are effected - IE the Melt Down of a whole lot of Samsung 6 phones a few years ago.

This means - that when you leave your home or office - turn off your computers and monitors.

Further - turn off your Cell Phones when you go to bed and unplug your Internet Servers.

Today Microsoft announced that the “Fix” for these “Viruses” will significantly slow down the Internet.

“Significantly” is the Key Word.

This will allow Microsoft to do several very important things;

1) Sell a New Windows 11 Update and New Computers with the “Flawless“ chips. Computer sales have plummeted and they need a way to dump hundreds of thousands of already made computers containing the “Old Chips.”

Microsoft will just upgrade these computers to Windows 11 and put a code in it to keep the Computer Fast.

In other words - they will use the Old Chips and just claim they are New Flawless Chips with a Code in the Software to allow these computers to not be slowed down.


2) Software sales are way down so this “New Flawless” software will now have to be upgraded. Every program you use - form games to Office Ware will now have to be repurchased.

Call this Microsoft’s 9/11.


3) Sell New Phones and Parts for these Phones - including New Software. If you do not purchase these NEW phones you face a huge slowdown in accessing the Net, perhaps interference in your phone calls, and a possible “Melt Down” of your Smart Phone.


4) Microsoft Executives were allowed to Short Intel before the announcement and make a whole lot of Digital Money off of other investors as Intel Plummeted.

No insider trading there - right?


5) Slow Down YOUR access to the Real News. Yup - Sights that broadcast the Real News will now be throttled back considerably and Microsoft will state they were simply effected by the “Viruses.”

Pray that those who produce true news continue to move forward in this age of Lies and Deception.


Welcome to a world with 1 provider - a Nazhional Zozhaleest (NAZI) society - where we have in our Fair City One Phone Company that works, One Internet Provider, One Power Company, One Water Company, One Natural Gas Company, One Garbage Company, One Seed Producer (Monsanto), One Wholesale Food Distributor, One Wholesale Fertilizer Company, One Wholesale Herbicide Company, and One Microsoft - which owns Apple and controlling interest in ABC, Google and You Tube.

Please pray that those who are now about to throttle back the Internet are Neutralized Immediately.

By the way - Virtual Shield already has fixed the problem without throttling back our internet so we know that this entire “fix“ is a complete lie.

Please also pray that the President is safe from this interference by Microsoft.



1) Russia defended an airbase in Syria against 13 Drones last night. The terrorists apparently used Satellites GPS and Remotes to guide them into the base.

Somebody sent in some Mortar rounds simultaneously with these Drones.

Seven of these drones were shot down and 6 were intercepted and landed for examination. The Drones were pretty sophisticated and had a range of over 100 miles and carried Mortar Rounds for explosives.

Those who fired the weapons were - Obliterated. Those who made, sold and distributed these weapons will be - shall we say - dealt with post haste.

As you recall - back in June of last year in Syria the US shot down a Drone that attacked a US base and then bombed those who sent the drone.


2) The Trump Administration is now sending 200,000 Salvadorians back home because their Visas have run out. Please pray that they can all find work when they get home.


3) On the 30th of January President Trump plans on visiting the Prototypes of the Wall to be built between the US and Mexico. As a Building Contractor he will the weigh costs vs. benefits and begin construction very shortly afterwards. Another Campaign Promise being fulfilled.

The total cost of this incredible wall will be around $18 Billion Dollars an issued primarily to Minority Contractors - most of which are from Mexico and here legally.


4) All charges against the Bundy’s have been dropped thanks to the intervention of Jeff Sessions. The FBI and BLM had apparently had no right to openly kill cattle belonging to the Bundy’s for fun and to move Snipers onto Private land to intimidate the Bundy’s.

Those involved in this debacle will be investigated for the Murder of Roy Finnegan by the FBI - including Now Retired Democrat Senator Harry Reid and his #1 son.


5) The NAACP is urging fans to wave White Towels to protest President Trump. If a white Flag is waved - walk out and get your money back.

Is it really worth it top support a Corporation supporting these NAZI’s wishing to destroy Planet Earth?


6) Right here in my home town of Tacoma - it turns out that both the Seattle and Tacoma Police Departments have been selling weapons seized during crimes right back to the very criminals they seized them from.

In instance after instance it turns out that weapons sold by these Police Departments were later used in a crime.

Please pray that these activities cease immediately.



In our final story it turns out that a new technique developed by the Chinese 4,000 years ago may be used to help diabetics.

Apparently smokers who have Breast Enhancements often times have their tips turn black, die, and fall off. To prevent their deaths Leaches are applied to the tips until New Blood comes in - making the tips healthy again.

Apparently in Diabetics this technique may be used to save feet and toes from turning black and then having to be removed.

We just eat Immusist - which eliminates the problem but just keep in mind this new technique if you find your toes - and parts of your legs - turning black.


Please pray that General Mattis gets the letter he is being sent as it will help him protect the President.


Pray also for President Trump’s safety as those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.






YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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