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"Cancer is a Fierce Die. Our Capture is Failed, we're Lettin
Tue Jan 9, 2018 10:30

"Cancer is a Fierce Die. Our Capture is Failed, we're Letting Them Die us here."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Are we all on the same page here? That is are we aware that we are being put to a Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste inhalation die?

Our kind elders that gifted us 200,000 years ago with our 223 psychiatric vitamin producing high intelligence genetics. Will we not put them to use and try to act and think like extraterrestrials collectively to STOP THE WAR?

Our kind elders Judee calls "our breeders."

Our kind elders won't invite Judah to the table to have a seat because he is so far away from being a good thinker that they will have no part of him.

Judah, who claims his famous wits are how he holds people in to perish them.

If his wits were really all he claims then why is he constantly killing our people that have useful brains?

Might it be that his brains, while tuned in to the reality of life, are not so different that ordinary mortals cannot comprehend their ways?

That Judah wits are famous for perishing everyday simple working people, what might be the explanation as to why he has been able to get away with it for such a long time?

Might it be his specialized facility of mind, his deep knowledge of how to deceive the ordinary brow?

Might it be his specialty in using others misperception as a tool to deceive us and take our lives?

But how could our wits be so far away from reality that we miss seeing that we are losing our life force, our life forms that are being perished harsh?

The make believes news reports that are totally made up, false staged productions that Judee puts on as news. Might we surmise those are aimed to infantilize our brains?

Bitch happened to notice a video news report of a guy driving with his windshield camera rolling and how kids on a sled rolled out of a driveway and into the street and he barely missed running over them.

Bitch immediately knew it was a Judee opp to put on the news as part of his infantilizing us. And so took a look and read this from the broadcaster's reverse facial speech:

"This is part of our child sport, we aim to flub."

Will Labor not bring truth in and end funding these false child sport opps reported as news?

That such false reports are presented as news around the nation might we surmise they are designed to soften our mental?

Can we only wonder how many may have heard, "Did you see those kids on a sled that almost got hit by a car?"

Can we only guess how much American Labor paid to first have that intelligence opp created and then how much was paid to the television station to put it on for several minutes of news time?

According to one estimate, a minute of local broadcast news time is $400 to $3,000 dollars for advertising air time.

So if the station spent approximately three minutes on the kids in the street sled story might that possibly be a $9,000 dollar cost?

Does that not sound like it is pretty expensive to be fooling with us this way reporting a false as news?

Can we only wonder how much the actors were paid to stage that opp?

Dad who was at the top of the driveway watching for the video car to come along and release the sled right at the correct time. Then the actors that rode the sled into the street. Might we wonder how much their trust accounts received for their first opp in America?

Five and 6-year-old children doing their first opp. Can we only wonder how thrilling that must have been for them to be able to fool fully grown-up people?

Or was that their first opp?

The driver that made the video. Can we only wonder how much he was paid for his thespian work?

Whatever the cost to make these sorts of false news reports, are we aware that it costs Judah not a penny to make them and put them on TV because he has all the free money he wants gifted to him by American Labor?

Will American Labor not get smart and cut the cash to these guys facility of mind that only does false?

NOTE: Discovered some other things about his sledding staged event and it is further in the post.

At 3.07 a.m. while Bitch was looking at his notes from during the news hour yesterday he saw he did a reverse facial speech on a broadcaster that reported a police officer that lost his life chasing two burglars.

Here's what one news reporter said in reverse facial speech:

"This was a Judee do it."

One of the burglars escaped and the other was shot to death while fleeing the scene of the burglary.

Will Labor not spare us any more police being shot by ending funding Judah shooting them?

Will American Labor not shut down the violence of this uncivilized savage Jewish beast cipher?

Before the Druid people have perished with our children will we not act collectively and put these wicked sinners out of here right?

And yesterday's news reported a smoky fire at one of Trumps properties. Are we not recognizing the invisible hand of weap Judah still perping in our land?

Peeping and perping. What a life plan. Jewish that made it a lifestyle to fight with everyone in every land.

Will Labor not give us a new plan?

With his peep show book telling bad stories about Trump and now his fire in one of Trumps properties are we sensing Judah is pushing forward with his 25th amendment clerks removal from office of an elected office holder?

Might we understand that it is our organization that Jewish seeks to destroy all of the time?

Might we see in Judah arguing the particular, what Judah said Trump said and then using one of his cleverly long laid traps such as the wording found in the 25th amendment, he is aiming to remove a person that was elected publicly using unelected clerks to toss an elected official out? That it is the highest office in the land should we not take notice?

Might we see in this Judah opp at the deeper level is the plan to destroy the last vestige of democracy in America?

In the past, Judah has had to use large numbers of people to support the gunmen that pulled the trigger to get our good Presidents Garfield and Kennedy out.

All the dollars needed to get the 6 million dollar man in the limo behind the President to steal John's blood away.

Presidential assistants Dave Powers and his companion Ken O Donnell that happened to be riding in the limousine behind John that terrible day in Dallas.

Might we speculate that Powers and O Donnell were Jewish hybrid transplant Fornian Replicons that were well positioned to pretend they were Irish?

Do we recall the six million dollar man, secret service agent George Hickey, was also in that limousine with Powers and O Donnell?*800/jfk-hickey-with-rifle.jpg
That's Hickey in the limo right behind John holding the AR-15 223 sports rifle. The type of bullet that was technically determined to have shot President Kennedy in the back of the head was a 223 caliber.

Might we think of all the laughter and mirth Judah had when he put the six million dollar man television show on TV from 1973 until 1978?

Are we recalling that Bitch only figured out recently why the 64,000 dollar question was named that after he calculated how much nuclear blast force that Judah attacked us with in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and discovered it was 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast and heat?

You can check Bitch's math if you like.

3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that our Martian good neighbor and Friend Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians pulled out of the sky in the boost phase at 80,000 feet up.

Multiply 300 kilotons times 3,200 and then divide by 15 kilotons as the bomb blast was at Hiroshima.

Is that not 64,000 times the atomic blast force of Hiroshima that Judah tried to use on Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

The six million dollar man, the 64,000 thousand dollar question. Might we get some idea of Judah's mirth by those names of his television shows? Might we understand his smirk?
7.09 a.m.
Bitch took another look early today at a news report from the other day and found a link to the story of a 9-year-old girl purportedly getting hit and killed by a truck while sledding down a driveway that happened about a week ago.

9-year-old killed while sledding down driveway
CNN Wire
The tragic incident happened before 2:30 p.m. Thursday outside a home along the 2600 block of Mistwood Forest Drive.

The girl's name has not yet been released. Crime Insider sources said she was not from Virginia, but in town visiting family.

The driver of the truck, a man who lives in the neighborhood, immediately stopped, police said.

The investigation into the crash remained ongoing. No charges were filed as of Friday morning.

Snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning cancelled school across Central Virginia.

For those who watch Judee closely have we noticed when he does opps, he economizes often by doing similar opps in different areas? Have we also noticed he will use an opp as a tool to convince us that the other opp was a real event?

The staged near running over children sledding down their driveway in Des Moines with a video to prove it. Might that be part of getting us to accept that a 9-year-old girl was run over while sledding down a driveway in Virginia while visiting from out of town?

Rather than a sledding accident, might we be looking at a Judee ghosting of one of his 9-year-old oppers?

Maybe the nine year old set a guy a few years ago to get him in a cage and let daddy insurance collect the victim and now the family of the victim figured it out and the lawyer they have knows the score so Judee had to ghost his 9-year-old opper girl?

Bitch read some of the reverse facial speech of that video of the girl purportedly getting run over sledding the other day and he detected it was a Judee set opp of some type. After spending more time reading it today it appears clearly to be a ghost opp. Here's some reverse facial speech, see what you think:

"A fatal opp of a four-year-old girl riced away. This was fall all Methodist, a foul war through police. A mind in Dakota was sowin'. This is to make you believe a weap from Allison. I deface you oppy, I got a new offer.

Merle Hay has a new market. This is to reduce a signature right. Jew believes you'll buy a Federal lie. It was an all whiskey fell. It was a great out with a passport. I'm just exhausting wood.

My management awesome famous is almost dead. We just cuff and cap you right. This all came out of the Eastern territories sin. A tomato does not see cuff. This is a therapy. I'm so obviously out so I set you with Grayson to set you off."

Those reverse facial speech was from a few different speakers in the video.

Bitch found these from a couple of police officers that were on the scene. Here's what they said in RS:

"It's spin. It's juice-el, there was no fist here."

The mention of a great out with a passport and a fatal of a 4-year-old girl. Might we see how Jew has been getting away with even his tike hits?

"A fatal opp of a four-year-old girl riced away."

Might it have been a playmate that took a piece of candy that stole the child away?

Will Labor not try to protect us and our children from the failed Jewish cipher?

There is no punishment Labor in our future, that was of the bad Jewish past. Will you not help us to close their bad cipher out right?

Are we perceiving that we are set now for our future to live in peace and travel the universe with our extraterrestrial elders? Will Labor not help us and make the time to meet our extraterrestrial family who are all kind and sweet, all the time and everywhere?

Papa said to Bitch sometime ago, "I will never harm you."

Are we understanding that even though Papa will never harm us he will not save us if we fail to listen to his love and wisdom and His thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR?

As we are now into the very last days to have any chance to prevent the Druid people from being washed out of existence with our recently sterilized children, might we not for once in our history try to get the Jew fist off of us right?

Reading the comments on the web might we wonder could Judah be correct, did whiskey really die us off right?

Could it be that 80% of the American people that are set to be destroyed in a nuclear war really do not know what is happening here yet?

"I weap molest you if you got courage," Judee say.

Might it be the poultry factor that causes people to not even want to think about the big questions of peace and war?

By continually knocking our courageous into the grave historically might Judah have reduced those that are willing and brave enough to confront the devil?

Might that explain why 80% have not tried to save ourselves yet?

What used to be called third world countries. Countries mired in poverty homelessness, destitution, a hopelessness and lethargy that holds large numbers of the population backward. The people having no rights so there is little way to pick themselves up easily. Gunmen running around the streets shooting the people up to keep things that way.

Will American Labor not end Judah third world country arrangement in America with us?

"I do my criminal through police," Judee say.

Might we understand Labor that the police will gladly inform us what Judah sports are all about on our streets if only we will ask them nicely?

Most are trying to get a paycheck and provide a fair service to us. Will Labor not end the HUGE free bribes available that Judah uses to corrupt our public servants?

Bitch has found righteous municipals that Judee put in because they were incorruptible. Judah then arrests an innocent framed up guy and executes him.

One specific case comes to mind of a California fireman that was shot to death, (from memory) and Judah arrested a guy with a little voice and no legal resources and executed him some years ago.

Might we see why Judah likes capital punishment? Do we see it lets him escape because the alleged perpetrator has been executed by the state?

If the wrongfully executed guy had stayed alive might a legal researcher have freed him eventually?

Do we see why Judah wants his frame-ups dead? If the guy is freed might it start a search for the real perpetrator that shot the fireman?

Bitch doesn't know if that fireman he read about years ago was shot for being righteous or shot because he was found out for an opp. It could be either or something else, but that they executed an innocent man, might that not indicate that it was important to the state authorities to end the interest in the dead fireman?

Though, while reading this at 6.16 p.m. it just jumped into mind, might that fireman not have been killed at all, it was a ghost opp and Judee arrested an innocent man and executed him to make the ghost scenario believable?

Some estimates are that for every person shot by police in Jewish America that fire dies about twelve silently.

Police officers killed 1,129 people in 2017.
More people died from police violence in 2017 than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in action around the globe (21). More people died at the hands of police in 2017 than the number of black people who were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow (161 in 1892). Cops killed more Americans in 2017 than terrorists did (four).

If the estimates are correct that Jewish fire services do twelve times as many dies as their Jewish police services do, does that not equal 13,548 people they died last year nationwide?

Continues at:

With these sorts of numbers, which do not include the palace sniper teams and foreign police and military teams that Judah is shooting us with are we seeing that Jewish are waging a pretty big war against us right inside of America here?

"I just wanted to sport you out

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