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"You Lost Your Whole Life To Degenerates." That is a Tele re
Thu Jan 11, 2018 09:24

"You Lost Your Whole Life To Degenerates." That is a Tele receive just in at 4.28 a.m.

Thousands of years of warnings of how the beast would use fire smoke and brimstone to take us away in the last days.

Over 6 years of extraterrestrials speaking to us informing us how to save ourselves from inhaling hot radioactive nuclear waste nanoparticles. Will we not keep praying for an overnight awakening and that American Labor will save us yet?

Will American Labor not try to help us and take the cash away from these dangerous boys?

Here's a story about one of the people that were with Travis Walton when Travis was beamed up and went into outer space on board one of our elder's spacecraft:

Steve Pierce: Witness to the Travis Walton alien abduction incident
Travis Walton
January 7, 2018
Video interview 5.40 at

Bitch just watched the video interview with Steve Pierce who was with Travis Walton the day he was beamed up into a UFO.

Steve reveals in the video that UFO debunker Philip Julian Klass (1919 2005) offered him money years ago to tell a lie and tell the people that Travis was not beamed up, that it was a hoax.

And further, on the video interview, Steve reveals that recently he again was offered money to tell the people it was a hoax. The man is an honest straightforward working man that wouldn't take a bribe from Jewish and suffered for telling the truth.

Might we see how the people are constantly fooled by lies when Judah has unlimited free money to bribe people to lie for him?

How many people could turn down the offer of we'll say $600,000 dollars just to lie for Judah so Judah can continue to keep the people confused?

Bitch said, "$600,000" because that is how much Judah gave Mabel's boy for the dog video of Bitch from 35 years ago. And it cost Judah not a penny because Judah just writes his checks and cashes them drawn from American Labor to pay them.

If Steve would have taken the Judah cash and lied and helped fool the people, as it costs Judah, not a penny, Labor makes the check good, might Judah have written Steve a check for $600,000 dollars or even more to try to shoot down Travis Walton's story of his time on board a UFO?

Are we getting some idea of how with unlimited free cash Judah has been able to hire unlimited numbers of people to fool the rest of us out here?

If Bitch would have taken the 3 million dollars that Judah offered him to shut up would there be anybody writing here informing the people of our passing in a nuclear brimstone waste war?

Are we getting some sense how ordinary everyday people need to look closely at what is going on here so that we can get out of being set to be destroyed by Judah who privately controls unlimited free cash to do whatever he wants with it?

Will American workers not seek the mercy and grace of our good God and try to save yourselves from being perished out on your own money?

Heaven, an actual physical place that can be found on a star map. Located 38 light years from earth in the direction of the North Star.

And there we can find our good God and His angels that He sent to earth to save us.

Will American Labor not let God save us from being perished now in the last days of Judah with us?

Phil Klaas the late UFO debunker worked for General Electric for a decade. Can we only wonder if he believed the tens of thousands of atomic bombs General Electric built were really a demonstration of bringing good things to life?

Do we recall that Ronald Reagan that they put into high office was also raised up on the check of GE?

That GE is actually succeeding finally exterminating us with their nuclear brimstone waste artillery will Labor not try to bring good things to life like a STRIKE?

GE, Grumann, Boeing, General Dynamics, Westinghouse and many others. Will American Labor not take our cash away from the nuclear war fighting brands and try to save us here?

As Phil Klass offered Steve Pierce cash decades ago to try and get Steve to lie about the Travis Walton experience will Labor try to perceive that the bad things you've heard about Bitch from Judah are false and were hired with cash just like the cash that Judee Klaas offered to Steve Pierce long ago?

The same cash that tried to hire Steve recently to lie to the peoples' faces. Is Labor receiving the message that what you've heard negative about Bitch is hired by free Judee cash paid for by American Labor?

Wealthy and intelligent Americans, are we trying to perceive just how completely Judah has us set to leave?

Must we not protect ourselves and our children and grandchildren from Judah nuclear waste bombs?

Must American Labor not give us the thirty-minute breakthrough and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Shortly after yesterday's post elder said, "that's a minus."

Could this be the minus that elder was referring to?

Not an honest face to be found on Wall Street or in Washington, London, Moscow or Berlin politics, what might explain why we standby as they finalize the destruction of us and our children?

Might that be judgemental?

Sorry for putting it in.

Are we understanding though at the political level all of the states mentioned have been involved in pushing the mass of the human race out with atomic bombs and nuclear missiles?

"Our whole time was rude because you're wood for our fortune," Judee say.

Loveless Judah and his sport of the rest of God's kids. Will Labor not get rid of their shiv?

And from yesterday's post of something that makes them particularly deadly, anatomy envy:

"A personal truth is your body is just too right so we always have to fail you lethal."

From that reverse facial speech that comes from the subconscious might we understand why they force themselves to lethally attack our handsome and beautiful? Will Labor not end funding their vicious foolish?

"We just offend you jail ways to merch right. Our weapons summon you has failed easily. My Chinese force embezzle. Our stupid rights leave soonly.

With great shears, I fall you debt. My accomplishment is I hold you with a tale and lock. I be dead sauce here so I'm leavin'. With my German syndicate is how I got power. I had a fantastic boom boom, you only survive because of Casper. This mental of the white is right he don't fear our pitching," Judee say.

Bitchie is not corrupt Labor. Bitchie is an honest simple working man just as Father described him.

"He remained true to me," Father said of His shill Bitch.

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.

Will Druid not step in and close these deadly ciphers out right away?

"Jew has accepted you all to die, we're tourists who set you up. Our symbol every day gave Druid a complete die because his psyche failed every day, Judee say.

Are we seeing what those high-level Asian state Judee think now?

Are we reading they are perceiving that they have already died the Druid out of life form?

Must we not correct our psyche fail and end Judah at the helm of state? If so must we not remedy it by taking our cash out of Jewish hands with a STRIKE?

January 11, 2018, 6:08 AM
Father lashes out at cops over Pakistani girl's rape, murder
People attend the funeral for Zainab Ansari, a Pakistani girl who was raped and killed in Kasur, Pakistan, Jan. 10, 2018. AP

LAHORE, Pakistan -- The father of a 7-year-old Pakistani girl whose rape and killing shocked the nation accused the police on Thursday of being slow to respond when his daughter went missing in eastern Punjab province.

The father, Anees Ansari, who was on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia with his wife at the time of his daughter's disappearance, spoke after meeting with the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Might we perceive a Judah opp in the killing of this child in Pakistan? And for what purposes might Judah do these sorts of things?

How about these facial reverse speech from Judah to give us some idea why?

"I have a fine strategy that irks you and lets me club. I give you a frame to bourse your rights. The police ever have to have leverage to set me free."

The fine strategy that irks us and lets Judah club us. Might his fisting children not irk us most of all?

Might the rape and killing of a child not give the police leverage that allows Judah to be set free to play his sports on us?

Are we on the same page understanding Judah plays his sports in every land that he gets a hold of?

An incident that irks us like the harming and killing of a child as a ploy, a political strategy to get a police court statute hold on the population.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for dying these vicious killer error ciphers off?

UPDATE 4.44 p.m.

Bitch just saw the story on the international news of the child in Pakistan that was purportedly raped and killed.

Here are some more reverse facial speech from several different speakers:

"This is to help with our neighborhood scrimmage right. It was false indeed. This is Ibn fraud to fool you rightly.

What does it look like? Maybe Judah sport staged event?

"It was false indeed. This is Ibn fraud to fool you rightly."

Does that not sound like weap Judah?

Will Labor not give us our STRIKE and let these dangerous false folks off right?

"My wits war away and you don't have a grand jury so I die your wits away," Judee say.

Is it all as simple as that?

No grand jury and their wits war away and Judah dies our wits away.

Might American Labor want to try to appreciate that when Labor puts grand juries in the entire Jewish mafia, kosher nostra and their vicious will vanish away?

Giuseppe that Judee tells us he hires to do his opps. When Labor has our purse and doing God's will, will Giuseppe not get an existence stipend to? Yes, he will.

Did Father not give all of His children the right to an existence stipend with something in it for everyone? Yes, Father did gift all of His children with the right to an existence stipend.

The difficulties that our family faces worldwide. Might we see is due to Jewish holding the organizing principle of society in private Jewish hands?

The people that Judah says we failed our psyche every day. Might we try to understand that we are being faded away right?

If so will we not act to try and save our lives?

"My voice is just evil to hold truth out. As long as we've got Hansel on pooch we fold him," Judee say.

Will we not pray that Hansel will see how cunningly Judah is holding him to die our breed and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Jew fault here is taking out our resources. 9.09 a.m.

Settlement unusual is canceled. 9.21 a.m.

Mouse away. 9.23 a.m.

It's a bat to be defeated. 9.16 a.m.

Fear wet throw you right sword.

They're exposing us to radiation sickness.

You're closing out yourselves materially abusive.

Spirit sweet and volt it. 10.08 a.m.

They're just throwing us sport for kicks.

Total they leave here. 10.22 a.m.

Oh, they psyche official vicious. 10.35 a.m.

Patrick doesn't offendchildren been right falsed by Jew police.

Thank you. 10.31 a.m.

You're cleared for finching them. 12.09 p.m.

We got a wrench that died here. 12.24 p.m.

He's taking your sexual lives gone. 12.27 p.m.

They scooch us dumb ride. 12.29 p.m.

Toss them for their police rubbish. 12.44 p.m.

It's a fold huge hunger. 12.48 p.m.

With no freedom, they'll push us right in.

It's force real. 12.53 p.m.

He hunts war.

They're fouling us out of truth, off of truth.

They falsed you seriously and you failed to see reasonableness. 12.59 p.m.

They're playing us fierce.

They're waiting to pop your seed. 1.23 p.m.

Let's organize this place, the stupid marshalls are impossible. 1.25 p.m.

They're forcing our girlfriends out, they're forcing our jobs out. 1.28 p.m.

They're stealing our oxygen. 1.54 p.m.

Patrick's truth canceled the bar trick. 1.59 p.m.

He scores you attitude. 2.26 p.m.

One stupid fish saw it.

Police have been playing you vicious. 3.21 p.m.

Sport do make you die. 3.44 p.m.

They seek you toast. 4.00 p.m.

It's lethal. 4.18 p.m.

We encourage Jew fail. 4.25 p.m.

You lost your whole life to degenerates. 4.28 p.m.

Jew ghost us failed. 4.38 p.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 4.48 p.m.

Their attorney is soft. 4.51 p.m.

Foolishly you sit in dangerous. 4.56 p.m.

Lead us out. 4.57 p.m.

A powerful goose filch here. 4.58 p.m.

Save us here. 4.59 p.m.

Horror they skid. 5.00 p.m.

Good luck to you finishing out these incredible forces. 5.01 p.m.

They're giving us a cancer rub. 5.18 p.m.

He's a sexualized psychopath. 5.18 p.m.

So foolish lethal, they're scoring cheer. 5.21 p.m.

You failed us HUGE.

Psyche war theory.

Their choice thieves us.

Get them going out. 5.25 p.m.

You shot yourself. 5.40 p.m.

Hopelessly Boston bossed you out.

You're right. 6.16 p.m.

The Judee are completely off of here Star. 7.30 p.m.

Babydoll knowledgee'. 7.40 p.m.

Frightening things are done for cash. 7.43 p.m.

It's vegative. 7.58 p.m.

The sang-a-breeze lost a doubleheader and got them clear thrown out. 8.11 p.m.

Jail mart. 8.21 p.m.

The bank, save us, Patrick, save us.

Jail is about expiration.

You lost your way fortunes. 2..58 a.m.

Your police true are luckily leaving.

Cash buy a wits. 3.00 a.m.

Focus this sight, we've been hustled. 3.04 a.m.

You won. 5.04 a.m.

They cannot save us if we don't STRIKE THEM OUT. 8.17 a.m.

We've been swept. 8.50 a.m.

They chill your whole state error. 8.55 a.m.

You're faulting out yourselves permanently. 8.56 a.m.

Their spraying us failed. 9.30 a.m.

Idiot tossed you out of this." 10.31 a.m.

"One stupid fish saw it."

Will Labor not listen to the one stupid fish that saw it, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save yourselves from being perished out of life form?

"They cannot save us if we don't STRIKE THEM OUT."

Is that not about as simple as an explanation of why we need a STRIKE?

"I just moo ya. I fail Zuconi. Pat, because of your hostile our office fell awesome. I'm about ready to fall foreign. We just want to pitch Bitch false so we can put our big shot on you.

We obviously waste moccasin. My aptitude is to do all corruptible. I just deep you to get you unconscious, they're rolling my police sport on me. I put you on a boy scout to funeral you out.

I bourse you imbecile, that's my rights, it lets me give hell to you. My core-a-set is diapery. Jew struggle is to fail optimists. I raid tumors to erase alliance. I like to close you up insurance, that's why I like to keep you stupid, that's my palace way.

My genus is out to despirit you. I just fist you, white guy, to die you. Jewish as criminals do alright with our bear false. Your wholesome we close monument. The GIs I have weap your baby. A company STRIKE will blow us away, it will be our end.

I'm a fell for investment, I'm out for Jupiter. The Martian speared us and is getting us all off. H----- wants a right fortune. The Jew police state is over but we're still pushing. British was always how I shot.

We always over set you guys to foul abusive. I'm going to leave you all pissed off for a Judas die. As long as I've got the white guy I'm going to make you die, dutiful wants our scrimmage off.

Our communist age pulled you off bullet. My corpus set you with IBM. As long as I've got a staff I'll sucker sock you. My moose with Mercury fell me all down. My pantomime of super is now almost all failed.

Continues at:

My rights are off for my white cannibal jest. Your righteous I just socket and use grease wits. If I'm into hate and abusal I'm OK. A STRIKE will freeze up Jew true, our West German at

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