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Elderly Abuse on Steroids, Psychotronic Warfare on Americans
Fri Jan 12, 2018 05:44

Elderly Abuse on Steroids, Psychotronic Warfare on Americans? Have they beaten us all down to our already having surrendered to these Deep State Elitists?

Barbara Stone - Gets Three Years. - Woman Refuses To Give Up List Of Fellow Activists, Gets Three Years - JANUARY 11, 2018 - - - By Janet Phelan - - On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 Barbara Stone hired Janet O'Brien (Seattle Private Detective Agency.) and I to fly to Miami three years ago to help Barbara Stone with the elderly abuse going on with her mother and all that I had observed the three days that I was there was extreme court corruption in Miami. What I observed revealed that these courts need to be completely replaced.

No Joke, Wi-Fi Towers-Radio Frequency Towers Are Killing You. A Must See Video. 2011 Study, 4 Hours On The Laptop Will Lower Sperm Count. And That Is Not All Thursday, January 11, 2018 - - Profile image 26 0 By GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN - - - Radio frequencies were used in the invasion of Iraq to make soldiers cause depression which resulted in mass surrenders. As of October 2016 , 277,087 towers were counted. I have linked the location below. - Have you noticed an alarming increase in brain cancer? Did you ever hear a person say they hear a ringing in their ears? Have you noticed any of the above pictured towers? The effects of the radio frequency radiation has on your body, when listened to all at one sitting would frighten anyone. What makes this so frieghtening is the idea that we are neck deep in chemicals from chemtrails that turn us into a living antenna receiving deadly frequency.

Some complaints include headachs, heart, fertility, breaks in DNA, melotonin depleation, a carcinogen. Just to mention a small fraction of the effects. Humans with over 2,000,000 sweat ducts which act as receivers to micowave radiation makes humans a sponge for these frequencies. In 2011 a study internet connetivity after 4 hours a significant decrease in the quality of sperm.

A study in 2017 showed a continued decrease which has researchers without answers. Perhaps you have heard of the stidy done of seeds that were placed to a wireless router turned brown and the same seeds placed away from the router stayed green. If this is the effect R.F. has on plants what efect does it have on you the human antenna - C4I -Jan 6, Dr. Talmor - sees Pure Light - Call 4 Investigation - - C4I - Jan 9, Stew Webb, and Kathy Rubio. - - -

January 12, 2018 To Paul Begley, from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, please stop using the reference to "we," or to thereof, the "us," all that these Globalist Elitist Illuminati Rothschild Arms Contractors are is "they," - "them," thereof, and not me, not you, not us, not we, it is the "them," got it? We are not "them." Stop saying "We," and "Us," like Art Bell used to do on - It is "They," "Them," and not "We," and "Us."

Referencing - Breaking: “War Breaks Out” Saudi Arabia Intercepts Missile / Invades Yemen - - - Paul Begley Published on Jan 11, 2018 - - -

January 12, 2018 Linked from - Another Step Toward Armageddon - - Another Step Toward Armageddon :The entirety of the Western World is devoid of intelligent political leadership. This leaves countries such as Russia, China and Iran with the challenge of preserving life on earth as the Western World pushes Armageddon. - - - Linked from - -

The Combined Resources of the Deep State Are Being Defeated by President Trump - - - - Donald Trump beat 16 corrupt, Deep-State controlled Republican candidates in the 2016 Republican primary. Following that victory, he destroyed Hillary in the general election, only massive voting fraud kept the election close. President Trump’s political successes have come in the face of blatant lies and coordinated scheming of the MSM whose entire existence has morphed into removing this populist Presient from office. For example, CNN serves no other purpose than to get President Trump removed from office. CNN’s low ratings reflext the folly of this endeavor. The American people have voted with their feet and if organizations like Clear Channel Communications, owners of 1300 mainstream media radio stations and CNN/MSNBC/CNBC/ABC/CBS/ESPN et al, are all going, or have gone broke.

Prophecy Alert: “The Assyrian” Land Of Nimrod 666 (Antichrist) - - - Paul Begley Published on Jan 11, 2018 - - To Paul Begley, from all of us who push the thumbs up button on all of your incredible Youtube reports, and wouldn't be neat if we were Youtube and we could find out who the thumbs down (Scum) are? And, find out who funds them. Will the Antichrist be an Assyrian from the “Land Of Nimrod” 666 the Mark of the Beast also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 also - - U.S. Sticks to ICBM Test-Flight Plan Despite North Korea Tensions - -

Sheriff Joe Not Backing Down On Obama’s Birth Certificate:We came up with some more, new information,not that we need it, but you’ll hear more about it,' he said. Sheriff Joe Not Backing Down On Obama’s Birth Certificate - -


Visit to Biggest Underwater Volcano in Last 100 Years Reveals Deep Sea Mystery remains of the largest underwater volcanic eruption in the 20th or 21st century to date, bigger even than Mount St. Helens. Party While You Can - Central Bank Ready To Pop The 'Everything' Bubble - -

Greyerz – This Is The Real Reason Why 2018 Will Be An Absolutely Terrifying Year - -

Greyerz – This Is The Real Reason Why 2018 Will Be An Absolutely Terrifying Year -

DAILY MAIL:Record 199 MPH wind speeds hit California last year: Meteorologists picked up fastest ever gust of wind in the Sierra Nevada that is more typical at the top of Mount Everest - -

'Super Hubble' is almost ready! World's biggest space telescope that could spot alien life passes key simulation tests ahead of its launch next year -


DAILY MAIL:One in 12 Christians around the world is persecuted: 3,000 were killed last year and six women were raped every DAY, Islamic extremism was a cause of persecution in 35 of the 50 nations that practice Christian Persecution!i -

CHINESE WORKERS ABANDON SILICON VALLEY FOR RICHES BACK HOME Exodus triggered by abundant capital, growing innovation -

Why Professing Christ Is Becoming a ‘Hate Crime’ in the West:Muslims are now even being used to make the central claim of Christianity—which the progressive elite especially despise hearing as it convicts their godless lifestyle—a 'hate crime.' -

Normalizing cannibalism via jokes and pop culture---One way to normalize something that is illegal/immoral is to joke about it. -

Hydration for the Apocalypse: Creating & Storing A Long-Term Water Supply -

AS SISYPHUS FAILS GOLD WILL ASCEND--Global debt has doubled since the beginning of the Great Financial Crisis in 2006--If unfunded liabilities and derivatives are included, the total burden amounts to $2 Quadrillion. -

The Who - Baba O'riley - - - zumie94 Published on Sep 4, 2006 -

willpwilson 908 Clinton Foundation Funded Global Child Trafficking Network. Tue Jan 9, 2018 -;article=158623;title=APFN - -

I Need Help Suing These Scum — willpwilson 908, Tue Jan 9 -;article=158625;title=APFN - - Posted on January 12, 2018 on the Message News Board - - By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - - - Tepco Can Neutralize All Fukushima Radiation With Browns Gas -;article=157903;title=APFN - - william mount -

Soc Sec recommends Benefit Cuts Across The Board — William Mount, Thu Jan 11;article=158633;title=APFN - - Social Security Recommends Benefit Cuts Across The Booard - - - - - Healthmageddon Now Hitting America Hard — William Mount, Wed Jan 10 -;article=158627;title=APFN -

Attempt to plant "illegal" money — katsung47, Wed Jan 10 -;article=158629;title=APFN

Steve Pierce: Witness to the Travis Walton alien abduction i — PS POST, Wed Jan 10;article=158632;title=APFN

"You Lost Your Whole Life To Degenerates." That is a Tele re — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Jan 11 -;article=158634;title=APFN

murder attempt on my daughter — katsung47, Wed Jan 10 -;article=158628;title=APFN

Pakistan central bank allows yuan-based trade with China — katsung47, Wed Jan 10;article=158630;title=APFN

"You Failed to get the Fist off. The Stools are Dying Us." — Patrick Sullivan, Wed Jan 10 -;article=158631;title=APFN

"Cancer is a Fierce Die. Our Capture is Failed, we're Lettin — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Jan 9 -0;article=158624;title=APFN

I Need Help Suing These Scum — willpwilson 908, Tue Jan 9 -;article=158625;title=APFN

Judge: Sailors’ Fukushima Radiation Case Doesn’t Belong in U — PS POST, Wed Jan 10;article=158626;title=APFN - willpwilson 908 Morgellons Is Real CDC Confirms. Center for Disease Control. Sun Jan 7, 2018 -;article=158617;title=APFN - - -

Cop crashes into elderly couple going 26mph over speed limit- - - freedommv1 Published on Jan 11, 2018 - and the officer is not liable of reckless endangerment to the Crier family who were almost killed by the speeding officer.

January 11, 2018 From Will P. Wilson, and - Form a Citizens Common Law Court, the with thirty jurors carry forth a notice to appear to the the Officer and to the district attorney, and the Criers.

Carry forth and establish a Common Law Court proceeding with notice to the governors office, to the residing jurisdictions, judicial, law enforcement, and post in the local paper the notice of the Common Law Court Hearing, while also submitting to the court documents that are to be filed in the residing court of jurisdiction under common law proc

  • Soc Sec recommends Benefit Cuts Across The BoardWilliam Mount, Thu Jan 11 03:16
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    • Elderly Abuse on Steroids, Psychotronic Warfare on Americans — willpwilson 908, Fri Jan 12 05:44
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