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Common Law Court On Public Access TV Legal Document
Fri Jan 12, 2018 19:55 - - Common Law Court On Public Access TV Legal Document - - Cop crashes into elderly couple going 26mph over speed limit- - - freedommv1 Published on Jan 11, 2018 - and why is the officer not liable of reckless endangerment to the Crier family who were almost killed by the speeding officer and why isn't he being made to pay serious punitive financial damages and to also be rightfully detained for a few years for attempted murder by vehicular homacide? vehicular homicide - - Vehicular homicide From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - - officer charged in vehicular homicide - - -

January 11, 2018 From Will P. Wilson, and - Form a Citizens Common Law Court, the with thirty jurors carry forth a notice to appear to the the Officer and to the district attorney, and the Criers.

Carry forth and establish a Common Law Court proceeding with notice to the governors office, to the residing jurisdictions, judicial, law enforcement, and post in the local paper the notice of the Common Law Court Hearing, while also submitting to the court documents that are to be filed in the residing court of jurisdiction under common law proceeding as a case number filed with that court.

Film the entire proceeding and post on local public access TV that is cable broadcast and have these hearing legal media records labeled as court media documentation.

When these hearings that are recorded as legal media documentation as 58 minutes with stated court case description and local file record with date, and location, venue, and names of all of the residing court witnesses, jurors, judges, prosecution and defense counsel also listing in all of the proceedings media documentation.

Thereof, once these fifty eight minute media documents are submitted, filed and also archived on-line with listed (Printed-Written.) data that covers the entire case descriptions, parameters, circumstances, causes, names, etc.

Is because under the 1984 FCC (Federal Communications Commission.) Congressional Cable Television legislation laws, establishing that all broadcast on cable television once it has been broadcast on local cable television and filed with the FCC pertaining to and listing the published name of the program and the listed time of broadcast that is registered in the local published news journals thus this legal media document becomes automatically a Federally Copyrighted Indexed and Listed Media Document.

The use of Federally Copyrighted Media Documentation as media court record makes the filed documentation and record to very easily then also to file in other courts of law and judicial jurisdictions with the same Common Law Court proceedings.

Thereof, also mentioning and listing all recognized courts of jurisdiction and filed notification as record of submission these legally upheld courts of jurisdiction and of record by also used of on-line legal media documentation of the hearings and proceedings.

Legal media documentation covering all Common Law Court hearings of record, thereof, because it is very apparent after reviewing the video that in case the Criers cannot find proper remedy in their local jurisdiction they can proceed to file the Common Court Proceeding of Legal Media Record on-line to these other jurisdictions in order to find proper remedy when the local judicial jurisdiction if revealing uncalled for unreasonable conduct and in an illogical manner regarding this matter and that the case needs to heard and filed in another jurisdiction.

The Criers are clearly innocent of reckless driving and their lives were seriously threatened by the clear reckless endangerment on the part of the officer.

The law enforcement officer should be immediately removed from the police force, the local prosecuting attorney also needs to reviewed and immediately removed from the district attorney's office.

All charges of liability need to be brought by notification of recorded mail, to the local police departmental administration and jurisdiction and the prosecuting attorney's office who thereof, there record of decision, and finding need to also be reviewed (Based on their colluding to save the officer and the police department millions of dollars in punitive damages to the Criers.

To also find Common Court Hearing Proceeding Video Legal Record as a court filed documented that has also been Federally Copyrighted by having been also broadcast on local public access TV establishing Federally Copyrighted and archived legal court documentation as court filed media, to proceeding to find for record of discovery, criminal misconduct on the part of the police officer, the district attorney, and local police administration, listing the names of the local police administration in the media court documentation.

To file Common Law Court Proceedings as professionally witnessed (Professional Witnesses, also need to provide to the residing jury as professionally reviewed media recorded documentation of record.) during the entire proceeding and review of the accident scene.

The local police department and the district attorney's professionally review regarding he serious misconduct on the part of the officer concerning the mis-findings and the failure to find fault on the part of the officer ofor not finding the police officer being directly cited for extremely dangerous driving, and for the decision of the local district attorney and the local police department administration not finding the officer guilty of endangerment to the public, and first degree assault on the Criers.

Legal Media as Federally Copyrighted review and proceedings citing as a Common Law Court decision by jury reviewing and serving as a jury in review and of incident oversight finding the police officer, the local police administration and the local district attorney acting in full culpability and complicity to save the local police department's clear responsibility to pay for the damages to the Criers, including threat and unwarranted
endangerment with malice to their lives.

Thus establishing a Common Law Court Proceedings with Judgement making the police department, the local district attorney's office, and the police officer responsible to pay the Criers millions of dollars in restitution.

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No Joke, Wi-Fi Towers-Radio Frequency Towers Are Killing You. A Must See Video. 2011 Study, 4 Hours On The Laptop Will Lower Sperm Count. And That Is Not All Thursday, January 11, 2018 - - - By GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN - - - Radio frequencies were used in the invasion of Iraq to make soldiers cause depression which resulted in mass surrenders. As of October 2016 , 277,087 towers were counted. I have linked the location below. - Have you noticed an alarming increase in brain cancer? Did you ever hear a person say they hear a ringing in their ears? Have you noticed any of the above pictured towers? The effects of the radio frequency radiation has on your body, when listened to all at one sitting would frighten anyone. What makes this so frieghtening is the idea that we are neck deep in chemicals from chemtrails that turn us into a living antenna receiving deadly frequency.

Some complaints include headachs, heart, fertility, breaks in DNA, melotonin depleation, a carcinogen. Just to mention a small fraction of the effects. Humans with over 2,000,000 sweat ducts which act as receivers to micowave radiation makes humans a sponge for these frequencies. In 2011 a study internet connetivity after 4 hours a significant decrease in the quality of sperm.

A study in 2017 showed a continued decrease which has researchers without answers. Perhaps you have heard of the stidy done of seeds that were placed to a wireless router turned brown and the same seeds placed away from the router stayed green. If this is the effect R.F. has on plants what efect does it have on you the human antenna

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In 1982, the International Organization for Standardization acknowledged pinyin as the official standard for teaching Chinese phonetics and it was similarly recognized by the United Nations in 1986. In addition, Chinese Braille is based upon it. The multi-talented Mr. Zhou is also a Confucian scholar. Bravo, Mr. Zhou Youguang, for your enriching gifts to China and the world. May you have a blessed and joyous 105th birthday, celebrated with loved ones. -*ARqELAOWexdObPzuTR15m4yhk8yBHYBX5X7nZl7ON*YsMgA8UyRwtgu*AV7vVF1mFex--AGs*9/wantatheft.jpg - - stew webb lee wanta - - - Military Tribunals! Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Leo Wanta (11-28-17) - - - Glenn Canady Published on Nov 28, 2017 -

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