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"Jew Core Tech Failed But I'm Still A Threat," Judee say.
Sun Jan 14, 2018 06:50

"Jew Core Tech Failed But I'm Still A Threat," Judee say.

Judah with his atomic bomb core tech that President Truman authorized to be used to wipe the people of the United States of America off of the face of the earth. The best and brightest of scientific minds assembled by Jewish to commit their greatest crime ever, the extirpation, immolation the extinction of the human race complete except for themselves who built an underground to hide in.

Will we not keep praying for the thirty-minute breakthrough where Labor decides to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Bitch dense put a fail in yesterdays post. He speculated about Father's will, Father's intentions.

Bitch begs Father's forgiveness for putting such a speculation in. Didn't pick up his fail until after he posted at APFN.

Bitch wondered why William Sylvis was let pass when he was such an important guy that he might have been able to protect Americans from a nuclear war if only he had lived and educated Labor about the significance of the question as to why it is that issues our money.

Bitch speculating as to why Father did not keep William in was a sin on Bitch's part.

Bitch wish he not commit such a sin as speculating on Father's will. He was trying to convey to Labor that the big deal here is the extinction of the white race that is going on now as the issue and compare it with William who was looking to set Labor right by getting the issue of money to be shared with Labor.

Bitch prays that Father forgives his stupid.

Bitch struggles with stupid Labor though might we not accept what Judah said, the peoples' minds will not begin to function correctly until 2 weeks after liberation?

Will Labor not liberate Americans and with it our family in this world from Jewish state-directed terrorism?

The Zuma satellite launch that shut down after being launched.

Did SpaceX’s secret Zuma mission actually fail?
Conflicting reports say the satellite fell out of the sky
By Loren Grush@lorengrush Jan 9, 2018,
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, carrying the Zuma satellite into orbit. Image: SpaceX
Late Sunday night, SpaceX appeared to successfully launch a classified satellite named Zuma for some unknown government agency — but it’s possible the mysterious spacecraft may have been lost once in space. Rumors started circulating on Monday that the satellite malfunctioned when it reached orbit, and both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have reported that Zuma actually fell back to Earth and burned up in the planet’s atmosphere. So what really happened to the satellite? No one is speaking up on the record, but it seems clear that something went wrong.

Bitch asked elder about the fail of the rocket with the secret payload of the Zuma satellite and elder said, "Jew policies."

Can we only wonder was that satellite to be used to collect on insurance policies? Now another man that burst into flames in Hull England


Detective Superintendent Dave Wood, a local policeman, said emergency services were called just after 8 p.m. following reports of a man on fire. According to The Hull Daily Mail, the man was unable to be saved and died at the scene.

“We were called to reports of a man who was on fire on 27 December 2017 on Thanet Road in Hull just after 8 p.m. The ambulance and the fire service were already in attendance at the scene. The man had suffered serious burns in the isolated incident.
John Nolan mysteriously caught fire while taking a stroll in London on September 17. He later died in the hospital from severe burns.

A man walking in London retired construction worker John Nolan who burst into flames and died last September from his injuries.

It was reported that John's internal organs were burned. Might that not suggest an attack with microwaves?

This latest man to burst in flames in Hull England, can we only wonder was it from a roving microwave beam mounted in a truck or hidden in a building nearby or could it be a military satellite that did the shooting from on high?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty who had his angels turn Zuma off right?

There was a fire in Chigao the other evening in Albany Park that killed an 80-year-old man. Bitch read some of the reverse speech from video news reports and learned it was Judah on a mission to collect insurance with his death. He died in a fire in his second-floor apartment.

Can we only wonder might that have been done using a satellite beam to first incapacitate the elderly man and then the second beam to ignite the fire?

Have we noticed that Judah likes to do his opps and leave no fingerprints at the scene?

Bitch watched a couple of videos of the Albany Park Chicago fire and in one video he read the word, "railroad."

Bitch paid into Railroad Retirement for years when he worked for the Illinois Central Railroad in the early 1970s and that's what caught his attention to the word "railroad" mentioned in the video.

Here's some RS from several speakers in a couple of different station videos:

"This is an old insure. This was all organized through the company. This was insurance weapo. I'm boursing app-a-time ruse. We just spot them beautiful gulch. This was an opp error Jew fold."

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can get the facts to the people?

If only a coroners grand jury were available might we not determine quickly if this was done on earth or shot from above? Certainly, we would.

Will Labor not take the Jewish tyranny state off of us?

Bitch pulled from a Judah Fornian shell broadcaster that the satellite beam is scheduled to shoot him on March 1st.

"March 1st is my false day Druid."

That reverse facial speech is what makes Bitch believe a head boom satellite will pass Des Moines that day.

Might Labor try to perceive that acting to help protect Bitch allows Bitch to try and protect you?

Bitch has had two satellite heart attacks done to him by weap Judah using American bourse to pay his satellite attack team members. Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can invite the families of victims in to tell us about these airforce satellite opps and how horrible it is to attack Americans in their beds while they sleep?

Can we only wonder about the failed Zuma satellite, how many it could put out of life with only one sweep?

Might we think of Israeli intelligence services feverishly sorting out which insurance policies to collect on first?

Can we only guess how strong the investment companies get when the expectant pensioners die like flies and don't get to collect their pensions?

The automated buses that are here to stay. The hundreds of thousands of city bus drivers that will get unemployment insurance when their job is replaced.

Might the bus drivers not say a prayer of thanks, that Zuma fell out of the sky and crashed?

Might Zuma have had a new and improved power supply that would of let it be deadly from way up in the skies?

To stop our hearts Judee has had to rely on in close satellites because of the limitations of the power supply.

This necessitates the satellites orbiting around our entire planet limiting how many days he can shoot us in America.

With a high orbiting satellite, 22,000 miles up, it can sit right over America all of the time allowing Judah to shoot us both day and night from now until Labor stops funding it.

At that high distance might we consider it would need a pretty powerful circuit to light us on fire on earth? With unlimited free money available to weap Judah from American Labor, might they have not hired the best and brightest electronics engineers on earth to put a fabulous power supply together?

Didn't the best and brightest engineers and scientists that money could buy not build their nuclear war machine to exterminate our simple lives? Yes, they did.

Will Labor not put our grand juries in and get the documentation on what was on that Pentagon nuclear warfighting satellite that crashed?

Is American Labor aware that it is Labor that paid a billion dollars to buy Zuma? Must the financiers' of it all not step forward and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us to end Judah zoom days?

"All we need to boom a boy is a signature over shoot. I just shot you with a happiest spirit. We have fiend roots. I just like to mouse all Drupal sex. I'm going into history with my great Germany belief.

I'm seeking a way to avoid you. Your professor held you oh so fair. I sport you all right breedly. I pitch you heart attack if you're on peace. This white boy has wiped us out tourists eventual.

We hurt you's failed right weapin'. Friend, that's our best sport. We just want you out as a usable life. Bitch has found our jail app and wrecked it. My philosophy play you chump for my rule, it's pretty much off.

Jew insure is our perp-a-tech. Westech has finally pulled our bubble. I believe Patrick is a true altruist and I just couldn't cage him up. Our last assignment is to truly leave you in mud sin.

We just hocus pocus for free and fib. Jew is rising guilty corrupt, the animal is leaving the best way. Quarantine has closed our fist here. Our police bar has proven immature, I'm a screwpid' right.

Zoo-us wants me out, I did weird with veterans. We're in the age of Jew Bulava watch and the dog has paralyzed you rightly. We just had a nice highness. America came in and said we're out," Judee say.

That last reverse facial speech, "America came in and said we're out," came from a weap Judah in West Germany.

Will Americans not get smart and close Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and London Jewish warfighters out right?

The last nuclear war that heinous vicious genocidal Jewish will ever fight, the one from Hitachi-GE that is dying us out right. Must American Labor not end funding it?

A woman whose son was shot down on the streets of America had this to say in reverse facial speech:

"Because I'm poor he don't play fair, he heinous."

Will American Labor not give us a real deal here?

The aggressive attack with brimstone nuclear waste that Judah is waging against the Druid-Slovak people in particular. Do the people not get it yet, this is the set for the end of our life forms now?

STRIKE THEM OUT and end their eternal war on earth.

Bitch reads all the purported stories that are on the web and so many talks about the Rothschilds etc, and yet have we ever seen even one that calls for a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Some sites know Bitch and won't let him post any comments. And because he reads reverse facial speech some won't even let him watch a video.

Bitch doing all he can to reach the ordinary everyday working people to inform you your deaths are at hand. The dog the diaper, the shout of "thief." "You're fike here," that one guy said.

So some don't even believe it is this serious. Are there really some that think nuclear waste is "fike," just more Henny penny, and the sky is falling routine?

The understanding is that half of our children are already sterilized from high background radiation levels and that if we ignore this and fund Jewish sports war for a couple more weeks it won't matter at all because they will be gone, died out from inhalation of radioactive nanoparticles in five years more.

Is there some understanding that we're talking about billions of people dying off now in the next five years from inhaling hot radioactive particles?

Will Labor not shake this dog and throw these fleas off?

Will ordinary people not try to perceive that our purported government is one big bad deadly and dangerous Jewish joke on us all?

If it wasn't so dangerous we could all sit around and laugh about how preposterous the pompous nonsense is yet it is dangerous and will destroy us if we do not take care to stop the war.

"You've been warned," God Almighty said.

Millions of innocents put to death in the last few decades based on false information from Washington's heads.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," The angels said.

Our extraterrestrial family from Mercury that has defended us from being put to death in a full blown well planned and lavishly financed nuclear blast war.

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

"You've shown coward efforts," our extraterrestrial family said.

Here are a couple of telepathic voice mailbox messages from Sir Jason and Sir Morris:

"They use sweet lies to take your lives away from you for score averages.

Racial deeds failed, Jew freakness is coring void."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

Judah coring us void with brimstone nuclear waste. Is that not a real freaky way to put us away?

The only guy on planet earth that gets to decide what is money, and issues it privately as fiat script.

Will Labor not step in, STRIKE THEM OUT and demonstrate its power for peace?

Tele receives:

"Unsuitable seekers here. 11.04 a.m.

Bitch report they purse thee lethal. 11.42 a.m.

They defeatd us falsely well. 11.45 a.m.

Jew policies. 12.44 p.m.

Genius died. 12.57 p.m.

Patrick, it's awful to psyche fish. 1.20 p.m.

We're funding genocide for free.

Pat, you died for useless.

Their genius has fallen. 1.42 p.m.

Pull them out for pure eviction. 1.52 p.m.

The Thatcherettes win. 1.55 p.m.

He's just folding us screwshalin'. 1.57 p.m.

You bust yourselves easily genius. 2.18 p.m.

You waste your life on the cheapest sale. 2.24 p.m.

You failed a beautiful age, STRIKE THEM OUT. 2.26 p.m.

He's pounding you with the dog. 3.02 p.m.

Dense, you failed us. 5.57 p.m.

They're torching us real bad. 6.05 p.m.

We're going out of here obvious. 6.06 p.m.

You're sported lethal. 6.16 p.m.

Nice boy is letting himself out nice.

They're falling us die-ish. 6.27 p.m.

They're folding us up air. 6.32 p.m.

They lost their satchel.

The resurrection is close.

Your wits are guilty of citing fabulous die.

Your wits are guilty of citing a true false.

Pat, they failed you right false.

They perish you freight loss. 10.05 p.m.

Police fell in a race riot.

Their psyche force you out of this place.

Course die challenge you STRIKE THEM OUT, push them away from us.

Idiots have tossed you out. 11.12 p.m.

They passed your time of cipher, you's lose.

They fork you and just shoot. 12.05 a.m.

You lost your bail. 12.22 a.m.

Your future is all thrown off, STRIKE THEM OUT.

Your life is melted full time.

Bush app refused for wicked fails. 12.25 a.m.

Righteous lost error to fister.

Their whole regime died you. STRIKE; their apps have died you.

They rice you off this land with theory.

Try and survive heretics fatal.

Jew unique state takes you off this place.

Your bench wiped it in.

Fantastic debt your life has fallen. 12.45 a.m.

Corrupt takes your life forces away.

Circuit cools you down. 12.46 a.m.

Discover right.

Mistakes own heritage.

STRIKE THEM OUT, it's error free. 12.50 a.m.

Rice failed very sorely.

They falsed you rightfully for luxury.

Scientist tells it right here.

We've been adjusted out of this place.

Retire extortion investment please.

You lost your ship to grace a tomb.

Scientist failed you lifely.

Your confederation is absolutely simple, stupid.

Continues at:

You do not proceed with Jew theories.

It's massive cage.


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