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"Screwed Up!" Heard that only minutes after posting last ni
Wed Jan 24, 2018 09:10

"Screwed Up!"

Heard that only minutes after posting last night.

Bitch got the number of pounds of radioactive waste that Judah is burning and putting into our atmosphere incorrect.

Instead of 30 pounds of deadly radioactive waste, it is actually 13 pounds of radioactive waste that is being put into our upper atmosphere every 24 hours to rain down on the North American Continent and Europe.

And 13 is 43% of 30 so all the numbers would be 43% of 30 pounds.

So the potential 455 trillion people that could be wiped out by the 7 years of nuclear war that Judah has waged on us from Hitachi-GE if we multiply .43 times 455 is that not 195 trillion people that could be poisoned out of life if all the radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE were spread evenly among us?
195, 650,000,000,000

One hundred ninety-five trillion six hundred and fifty billion lethal does of radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE over the last six years of waging nuclear war on us.

Does that sound about right?

Will Labor not take the authority to issue the receipts away from Judah and put some boron in that dirty bomb Jewish electricity artillery piece at Hitachi-GE?

Did some see the evening national news?

Kentucky school shooting: 2 dead, 12 more shot at Marshall County High School - live updates

"This is our usual win to stop mental ya. We're going great school bus now. My family compass this corrept to sandwich you. This is a Muslim shaft to banish you. We used some leather here. Atta boursed it.

I cite you mayor R------ to scold you. This was Jew foundation for wars every day. Psyche off gives us our molestberg. I Poe you stretcher. The minnow has failed on Jew."

Those are just a small number of reverse facial speech pulled from a couple of videos of different speakers. Might we see right away that shooting was a basic Judah opp at that school in Marshall, Kentucky?

Can we only wonder how much that cost American Labor?

The power to secretly issue as much money for free as Judah wants. Are we not seeing how deadly that is to us?

Tele receives:

"You shout terrific. 8.27 a.m.

Your error relationship is out, psychic threw his ruse. 8.32 a.m.

He's thrown for threat. 8.53 a.m.

We're throw aways, eh? 9.14 a.m.

Rights falling here. 9.23 a.m.

STRIKE, get them off of fierce. 9.25 a.m.

They're killing us, leaving our lives ruined. 9.30 a.m.

You're really dying criminals. 9.39 a.m.

Bitch summon you to a brand new day. 9.40 a.m.

Professor, please hike Judah. 10.45 a.m.

Patrick, invite yourselves into democracy. 10.52 a.m.

Circ-em. 11.27 a.m.

Morgan shot you fatal. 12.56 p.m.

It's clear, they're dying you wits. 1.08 p.m.

It's over, delightfully end it. 1.121 p.m.

Jew snit is just about over. 1.19 p.m.

Oh, Patrick STRIKE THEM OUT! 1.24 p.m.

H bomb mental us. 1.50 p.m.

Idiot fields us.

Jews fold won. 3.37 p.m.

Nice guy is detecting falsing. 4.38 p.m.

God Almighty is trying to save us. 5.39 p.m.

They're scrimmaging you out. 6.13 p.m.

You're HUGE folding up. 6.19 p.m.

Screwed up. 6.29 p.m.

Their symbol has got a mandatory course for us of death. 6.31 p.m.

13 pounds. 6.31 p.m.

Thank you for MARKING sincere. 6.36 p.m.

High splitter. 6.38 p.m.

I'm leaving you's sported here for non-use. 7.28 p.m.

ORGANIZE, there's nothing to it.

It's terrible fail outside. 7.40 p.m.

Pure jester soldier sold us.

Finish racket. 7.43 p.m.

Catastrophe will make you leave. 7.43 p.m.

Patrick save us.

You failed salesmanship. 8.22 p.m.

It's been a densious field.

Bitch has accepted refused quite bad.

Legitimate forces obviously decide truth failed, you shall all die soon here.

You failed Jew politics.

They stage vibes.

They fall you obviously wholesale.

They're going to re-summons him and take future out catastic. 1.32 a.m.

Patsberg won't do Germany.

Pat, STRIKE THEM OUT, finish. 1.40 a.m.

They just threw us awfully dead.

Offensive warning now real abuse.

European refused stupid. 1.45 p.m.

The whole country is catastee.

Let's roll them, STRIKE is fair. 1.47 a.m.

The care will win success if it STRIKE THEM OUT. 1.50 a.m.

They waste you white fist here.

Patrick save us, save us nuclear fishing, advise them; they'll scrimmage you off. 1.55 a.m.

Their naturee is quite bad.

They won paralyzed now they've torn your field outrageous.

Parasite cans abusive.

Terry rule with fist you.

They conquer us bad fistol.

They get you used to carrying a rifle for them.

The feeler take us. 2.11 p.m.

Will we not turn to God to free us from Jew sin? 2.13 a.m.

They flammoxed you. 2.13 a.m.

A real psychic push with Mercury, you're dying yourself awfully swift ham. 2.15 a.m.

You're washing out the states' family.

Jew head likes baby for Hasbro pension.

They embarrass thee racious.

You're syphilis wasted.

School days are cruel days false.

You die idious. 2.23 a.m.

They close you out mortial, mortous.

Weak, sad, courage fold you right dead.

A jerk weaped us icy.

Get Florsheim missiles out of here.

They rice your field shitory. 2.36 a.m.

Picture your grease tossing yourself.

You are cheer Pittsburgh. 2.43 a.m.

The Martians will hold you up. 2.44 a.m.

Next week is mort away.

Jew make me." 3.48 a.m.

Bitch just heard a man say that to him, "Jew make me."

Maybe Jew killed his girlfriend and made it look like he did it?

Might we imagine his girlfriend had a few jobs in the last few years and Jew has two or three employer insurance packages on her and set her up and have witnesses that claim they saw her boyfriend nearby?

Might we see how Jew disguises motive for the murder? Might a conviction and imprisonment of the innocent boyfriend not then end the search for the real perpetrator?

With grand juries in might, we perceive how easy it will be to see Jewish employer police insurance executive collection setups like this?

Can we not say prayers for all those that linger in jail due to Jew employer insurance executive police set up frame opps?

Three employer insurance packages, each worth $250,000, for a total $750,000 payout.

If fifteen palms had to split, is that not $50,000 for each hand?

But how about we do the mathematics of fisting a simple worker to get a better look here why this sort of insurance collection state murder for hire is so prevalent?

The finder gets 40%. That is whoever initiates the killing gets the biggest single amount. And that person gets 40% of the insurance package. That is the amount the employer who initiated the contract on the simple worker gets to keep for themselves

So what is 40% 0f $750,000 dollars?

Is that not $225,000?

Does that not leave us then with $525,000 to spread around to the other sport team members?

But of course, we need to figure that law enforcement gets 4% of the insurance package. 4% of $750,000, is that not $30,000?

So $30,000 from the $525,000 is that not $495,000 to split with the rest of the sports team?

Oh, but we forgot to figure in how much of the insurance needs to go back into the hands of the insurance executives. The understanding is they get a 7% kickback on employer mousing insurance packages to smooth the payout.

7% of $750,000, is that not $52,500?

So how about we figure what is left for the rest of the sports team after giving the kickbacks to insurance executives,

The Initiator, employer gets 40%, which is $225,000

Law enforcement gets 4%, which is $30,000

And insurance executives get 7% which is $52,500.

So if we take these first payouts from the $750,000


Deduct that from out $750,000 insurance payout.

Is that not $442,500 for the rest of the sports team that put the simple worker fish in?

If there were 14 people that helped put the simple working person in might that not be a nearly $32,000 for each sports team member?

If only 5 sports team members were needed to put the simple working person in would that not then be an $88,500 split to each team member?

But what about the guy or gal that did the actual act, be it shooting stabbing or dumping the vial into the sauce at dinnertime or setting the cancer on the store shelf? Do they not get an extra cut for double duty? Yes they do

If we take our $442,500 that is left after paying off insurance executives, the initiator of the contract, and law enforcement and then divide by 6 team members is that not $73,750 for each team sports player?

And then the guy or gal that did the stabbing or shooting, etc, would that person not pick up $147,500 for their participation in rolling a simple working man or woman out?

Oh, but did we forget one other cost that is deducted from the payout, the amount the employer had to pay for the insurance package?

Might an employer give about $700 dollars a year for that $750,000 employer on worker insurance for the three $250,000 insurance policies that gave Judee his $750,000 total package payout?

And so if we figure a three-year insurance premium before collection, would it not be $2,100 dollars that would first need to be paid back to the employers for their premiums they paid for the employee insurance deal?

So instead of starting with a $750,000 insurance payout on a simple working person demise, might we figure the basic number would be a few thousand dollars less due to the need to first reimburse the employer for the premiums paid on the insurance on the simple working man or woman?

Incidentally, while thinking about these worker insurance sports packages a reverse facial speech from an elephant warriors face came to Bitch's mind.

The elephant warrior revealed feeling troubled because the Mormons are now revealing the opps they did for the elephants.

Will American Labor not give us our grand juries so that the Mormons can free their souls by revealing just what they did for the elephants?

Judee Manson may be gone, but there are many others who know the score. Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in?

The right to own your car and your home, your boat, camper and summer home. The right to earn your honest living.

Your right to dream big. To pursue what makes you happiest. Only to be taken away if a grand jury and then a jury decides you have done wrong. Never to be taken from you though by the private Jewish tyranny state alone.

"They play brutal." 4.42 a.m.

Think it could never happen to you?

Might we think of HG Wells movie, the Time Machine, where the simple people were eating lunch while ignoring the pleas for help from Weena who was drowning nearby?

And what happened to them other than the Morlocks sounded the air raid siren and they passively walked into the underground where the Morlocks butchered them?

Might we try to understand, passive will not save us this time?

The Jewish Morlocks are already in their undergrounds cabling more death and destruction on us. Will Labor not choose to not listen to their air raid sirens anymore?

The bankers and their fists and their boom boom score. Will Labor not stop their core?

The one promise that Washington made that even if the United States government is shut down the war will go on.

"I'm waking to an abortion of Euro-thug." A reverse facial speech of a hybrid transplant Fornian war refugee in Europe from Americas Jewish sports wars.

And yet every day our rightless family in Europe is more and more distressed by American Labor funded wars that have made over 60 million of our family into homeless war refugees.

The time is now, they'll be no more. Either we stop the madness of war or we will die out of life form now.

The Jew whose theory informed him that he could finally die all of the white people out of here with his great balls of fire.

Slain reporter was tortured before grisly death: prosecutors
By Tamar Lapin January 23, 2018
Kim Wall and Peter Madsen EPA; Getty Images

Peter Madsen, 47, stabbed Kim Wall with a screwdriver, and cut her with a saw while she was still alive, prosecutors said.

Wall, 30, was last seen boarding his DIY 56-foot vessel Nautilus while doing research for a story last August.

Later that month, Wallís torso was recovered floating in the waters off Copenhagen with more than a dozen stab wounds to the genitals.

Investigators discovered disturbing, presumably real, images of women being strangled and decapitated on Madsenís hard drive.

There is no prosecution in Father's world Labor, that is not the purpose that Bitch put that story up.

Might we not try to perceive that the guy that did that in his submarine is the same guy that has been holding us hostage with his great balls of fire and threatening to kill us all in a surprise three-hour nuclear blast shoot?

Will American Labor not try to grasp the true fact that extraterrestrials have disarmed the madman and separated him from his nuclear blast?

Stabbing at the genitals of a mild lady of the north. Will American Labor not end funding our Jewish grease brimstone waste abortion?

Jewish grease assaulting our family in this world to make it look as if it is us that are wrong.

"The Jewish hybrid replicon Fornians won," a Tele sender said.

Are we understanding that if we let that stand then we lose our life forms next?

The Russian German Fornian Jewish shell guy that did a bus bombing in Europe to make a killing on the stock market. And Europe has not told us his name yet. Can we only wonder why?

The mild people of the north that have ever failed to Jewish torch. Will American Labor not change it for us this time?

Can we not get a RISE and a general STRIKE with the demand that American Labor issue our money?

God loves us all and wants us to come into his world of peace and love. Will Labor not open our ears to the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not choose to not to be fooled this time?

"This is all out sport." 5.41 a.m.

The well planned and lavishly funded wipeout of the Druid Slovak peoples. The people that Judah hates the most.

Judah also has quite a hate for our peaceful family in Japan and in reverse facial speech he claims that he has already poisoned out our family living in Tokyo.

Nuclear poisons that we may not be aware until our children grow up to discover that they cannot reproduce themselves ever again.

"If it wasn't for the Martian theft I'd of boomed you wrench. If it wasn't for H----- I'd of shot your face," Judee say.

They have attacked us with thermonuclear missiles with the intent to extinct us. Is there any other conclusion than that to be drawn from Jewish mining our planet with nuclear weapons?

"I want you seized hustle. My app war is real, I set you out on your face. I'm a user, I get a free municipal for my wrecks. We always bang the boys nice, full fear.

I do you reducive. Electricity fool you for my theft. I do all my sex through insurance. Frisco shows my corrupt so I'm in. We give you Alzheimer's to leave you all waif. The bourse heimers weap is all folding because he made us.

My war bots affect you, that's my scrabie. The pickle was right for wishing. The Bishops house hold you jailed. My federal breeze always gave me my town fair. I'm enforcing my Jew Pontiac great.

Our bourse tech failed us this time because of our chalices. Europe is a complete pass off now, I've set it for a complete die now. I'm waking to an abortion of Euro-thug. Euro, you're just a jest. Europe, I f--- you.

I'm truly homicide on a true soul, I just put you away. I use dope for a summons. I just force you in a nice way to weap you so you don't see no civil rights. We just fight them now in a real intentional way.

Continues at:

We weap the minnows chemical, when they see the Pacific they'll pull us off of the state. I go primitive, I cap you for my knowledgee'. I slip you on a hinge, fall you down. We just want a white w

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