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It Is Now Referred to As Gyroscopic Aether Not Anti-gravity
Thu Jan 25, 2018 13:19 - It Is Now Referred to As Gyroscopic Aether Not Anti-gravity - It is "Gyroscopic Aether," not anti gravity. Tell wikipedia to put the Gyroscopic Aether section back up on wikipedia and tell them to stop trying to block human transcendence of what this reference means. We, thereof, our bodies are also Gyroscopic Aether. This is the next step up the ladder of where we are supposed to open our minds to then open our eyes to finally see the real truth of our light matrix universe.

It is how we SEE, what this universe is actually and not what it is only according to them. And, not what they only want us to continue to be blinded from our not being able to SEEi what this universe truly is.

A gigantic connected galactic spectrally dimensional matrix. We do not need their chemical, nuclear, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, Monsanto, GMO, toxic bio weaponized vaccine, chemtrail laced nano Morgellons infections and DEW directed energy weapons burning down the entire west coast to satisfy their agenda 21, and their biometric psychotronic attack on our destiny and and our children's destiny any more and why don't we as a concerned people simply take a combined moment to visually see THEM just simply disappearing from this earth matrix.

Just like Art Bell did twice on his national CoasttoCoastAM late night radio program having his fifteen million listeners simply visualize rain in Texas after a long drought in 1997, and within eight hours the largest flood in Texas History took place.

He tried it again two weeks later for the long on going drought in Florida and sure enough his fifteen million listeners visualized for five minutes and again eight hours later the largest flooding occurred in Florida history. George Noory tried this again several years later addressing the drought in the Georgia state area and nine people apparently drowned in the Atlanta flooding that occurred eight hours later.

We can visually change this light matrix, redirect our worldwide destiny, disarm all nuclear weapons, and all weapons, make bad and greedy people either repent or just disappear off of this light matrix planet.

And, a concerned and SEEing worldwide community can make the worldwide Fukushima nuclear extinction event to simply stop, if we as a concerned and visually seeing worldwide community do finally begin to SEE that we can see where we are supposed to be going in our path of human destiny and our ceasing to continue to be herded like brainless blind sheep.

Our bodies are intelligently guided infrared lenses that can if combined with other visually SEEing people can change this entire light matrix and it's wrongfully directed destiny.

Thank you for helping us to SEE, the real truth of our human destiny and past on this planet and this light matrix universe. Einstein mentioned that the entire universe is nothing but slowed down light.

Our living God truly will bless you for all that you have done to open up people's eyes and helping them to finally be able to SEE. - - Reply to -

apfn gyroscopic aether - -

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    • It Is Now Referred to As Gyroscopic Aether Not Anti-gravity — willpwilson 908, Thu Jan 25 13:19
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