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"The War We Are Doing Now Is To Stress You. I Just Jew Fist
Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:11

"The War We Are Doing Now Is To Stress You. I Just Jew Fist You Good and My Course You Even See," Judee say.

Is Judah sports war not seen by quite a few of us for what it is, merely a way to stress us with his state terrorism to entertain and enrich his cannibal cult?

Does Judah not tell us to our faces, "Jew fist you good and my course you even see?" Yes, he does tell us to our faces and do we not see what he is doing? Certainly, is the war not obvious?

So why don't we stop his stressing us? Why don't we stop funding his terrorism?

Might that be it, his terrorism works and Labor is too frightened to want to oppose Jewish Terrorism that is directed from the state level?

Will we not pray that the faith to follow our good God above comes in and American Labor closes the last of Jewish terrorism out of our beautiful nation and world?

Here are some non-Judah reveres facial speech from family members of some of his victims:

"Why should You be making me deceased when my course is not in error. Jew wants the police to judge you all. You failed literacy for a big loss, a dog. That Jew jokes with you right with a Mormon. He just hates you out with his favorite sin. When Jew walks into the state everybody walks out."

Bitch heard several Tele receives last night indicating that yesterday's post had an error in it. "Insult," one said.

Bitch got out of bed fifteen minutes early to read yesterday's post to see what was an error, an insult.

Was it mention of "Euro-thugs?"

That is what Bitch pulled out of the reverse facial speech of war refugee in Europe that was bombed, burned and shot out of his home due to the American Labor financed sports war that Wall Street Washington is shooting in our world.

Bitch tries to not put any error in. That's why he puts his post up early at Simple site test page so he can hear Tele senders give him clues and feedback if there are things that need to be changed in it.

God our Father in heaven is all merciful and forgiving. Father wants us to save ourselves. Father wills that American Labor issue our money. Father is dying weap Judah cipher off.

Over thirty million weap Judah already secure in their permanent tunnels to die off casually, leisurely, naturally.

While Father is dying them off, they get to keep their tissue, just their cipher will die out now.

A thousand years inside our planet and they will then enter the universe and be at peace and travel with our family from the Federation.

And what of us? Does it not appear that we will be the people in the past that Judah died out of life form when it was time for him to die off?

Two-thirds of the human race will survive the brimstone genocide. Judah, with his back up shot of genocide of brimstone waste, did we see he was not able to get dozens of his Jewish electricity plants into meltdowns because our extraterrestrial elders shut dozens of Jewish nuclear electricity plants down right?

But only one melting brimstone Jewish electricity plant. Is it not something that only one has enough brimstones to die a third of the human race off?

Our children already sterilized and our life form coming to an end. Is that Judah not cunning that he has been able to keep such a significant fact from the attention of the American people?

Tele receives:

"Oh, these son of a bitches are destroying us? 8.17 a.m.

Pat you're nicive. 8.47 a.m.

You've been very involved with the field, you folded fistage rules. 9.12 a.m.

Get out this serious thug. 9.14 a.m.

Jew war all strategists. 9.19 a..m.

They shot a sightless false here. 9.26 a.m.

Is that who we are and those guys are all bullsh*t? 9.30 a.m.

They took our life forces away. 9.38 a.m.

They severed us fairly. 10.10 a.m.

Dull happens. 10.30 a.m.

Stupid memorial cot. 11.10 a.m.

These guys are shooting us out of here. 11.58 a.m.

These guys are animaling this field creatious.

Cut them off. 12.02 p.m.

Ever their sharpshooters roll wood. 2.09 p.m.

If the mind don't teach you you're weaped dead. 3.35 p.m.

You all remain fetchables. 3.52 p.m.

It's a vegetable rout, it's a vegetable rub. 3.56 p.m.

If your mind won't teach you then they decease you.

Stop your heart attacks, STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.59 p.m.

They've linked us to die. 4.03 p.m.

Toss them out of here, they've failed the states. 4.11 p.m.

Professor failed plantation progressive. 4.16 p.m.

They want to perish you out full breezy.

You're half an immersion down. 4.18 p.m.

They hold you threat dumb. 5.00 p.m.

You failed Jew life. 5.12 p.m.

You scored them made. 6.06 p.m.

It's an error. 6.50 p.m.

Dupid, make cash territorial.

You grudge. 6.57 p.m.

They made a gold fist. 6.58 p.m.

They sure failed us stupidly.

Jew tossed your sale and got us done.

Your establishment is lost ricing.

You failed to tight forces.

You're dying a right scorch. 7.07 p.m.

Shooting junior is much for sale.

You failed yourselves off. 7.20 p.m.

Sewered by snot.

Gracious sear us.

Parasite failed us.

He's dying diesel.

All America is going to write them all off. 9.39 p.m.

Jew do all force to fail us.

Quite beautiful fist us.

You're out of here successfully and nice guy failed them. 11.16 p.m.

You had plenty of opportunities but revealed some graftion.

He takes away any desk right.

They pushed you out of existence.

They put you outside with their habits.

Fugitive they play right.

With negative evidence storage failed to save us.

You failed your gumption, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.32 a.m.

Bitch errors fall honorable deal, save us.

Stupid palace ways capped us out.

Bust you fugis.

Die-a-gen is theft.

They foul you violently. 1.22 a.m.

Tumultuous failed.

You virtually falsed yourself, you're all failed.

Press indicted.

You all finished off your nice fish.

They want to visch finish us.

Pat for telling us pressure MARKS awesome.

You lost your maintenance.

Financial free money I missed.

They cite you falsage. 2.04 a.m.

White caution failed.

White cost you your safe.

You don't seem to perceive you lost your existence.

You failed for dumpy insults.

They raped us here.

They pushed out your street here.

Insures it, insures thee.

They failed your ciphers here, they failed your lives here. 2.11 a.m.

Fouled us out completely.

ALL RISE, attempt a state here.

Burke hassles burned us.

Whites hold the deadliest tyranny in that is destroying them.

You're modeled cash.

They municipally push you off.

They die us fieldless.

They die us wholly.

All jobs they fault you now Policeberg.

They fearless die Christians. 2.25 a.m.

Embezzle rate fall the nursery passed. 2.28 a.m.

He invades you to torch you.

STRIKE THEM OUT and Israel will be defeated.

Apologize for failing to save our lives.

Sports rules ease entry to fail. 2.35 a.m.

Harsh failed us. 2.41 a.m.

You stumbled right.

Pat, you tossed us fatal. 2.48 a.m.

Cash boy criminals wisely." 3.13 a.m.

"I'm in the basement for my foul push. I got a pooch to push you off of here. I fail remorseless, I feel excited I shot you. I assault you out tactfully. Stupid errors I wash you vengeful," Judee say.

Judah is in the basement and still directing our tax dollars to make war in our world. Still poisoning out our environment. Still putting his sterilization and cancer in. Still pushing us out of life form.

"I feel excited I shot you."

Judah and his Fornians that is 2% of our population and with his mental force he is holding the mass of Americans to finish ourselves out of here.

For those who want to survive this nuclear brimstone war that Judah is successfully waging against us might it not be best to pray to God?

"YOU disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.

Bitchie, still making errors that rub the readers.

Father wants all of His children to know Him, to love Him as He loves us. Father loves us equally and unconditionally.

Father is from our future world. Millions of years ahead of where we are now.

The healing love of Father's unconditional love for us all. Father's will that American Labor issue our money and not weap Judah who only harms God's children on earth.

Will American Labor not have faith in our good God Above and do God's will and issue our money?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God asked American Labor.

"I gave you everything," God said to us.

The lives that would have been taken away from us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, if our good God had not of had His angels here to pull Judee Truman's 64,000 Hiroshima vengeance amounts of nuclear blast force off of us.

Does that not mean anything to you Labor? Our little lives spared by the love that our good God has for all of us.

"I gave you everything," Papa said.

Judah, who is in the process of being died off by God Almighty due to his weakness, his inability to accommodate others.

The big fish in the little pond of earth that just was not extraterrestrial material in this area of the galaxy.

The ingrate Judah that tried to assault the angels that God sent to help us.

The life that our good God gave us and Judah refused to learn to live right.

Bullheaded Judah with his rigid ways. Exactly opposite the rest of God's children on earth.

Judah claiming there are too many of us and our resources cannot bear the strain and what does he do other than poison out our resources to prove he's correct? Are we seeing the plan is that we will not have the resources available for all of us because Judah poisoned them?

"The professor wiped them out of here obvious." 4.42 a.m.

Thank you for that Tele receive.

How obvious it that for attacking us all out with the intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles we bought them that the professor wiped the Jews and their planet tyranny out right?

All the heads of state are Jewish Fornians with many building nuclear weapons of genocide. Are we perceiving that it is American Labor money that is holding Jewish tyranny states in worldwide?

Rather than the professor wiping Jews out might it not be correct to say that Jewish wiped their own selves out when they got caught red-handed attacking the United States of America with enough nuclear blast to kill most all of us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

"They simp us selfish." 4.50 a.m.

America, the promise to be a true land of the free. Finally rid of the church, Palace, and Parliamentary savagery.

Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in and get them out properly?

Will American Labor not close out the Reich with their potion wizardry? Will American Labor not end funding putting chips in people heads?

Police investigate connection between Skyway jumper, woman found dead in East Chatham

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 03:01PM
CHICAGO -- Investigators are looking into a connection between a man who jumped from the Chicago Skyway into the Calumet River Monday afternoon and a woman who was found dead that evening in the East Chatham neighborhood on the South Side, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.
Curtis Bradley, 24, jumped into the Calumet River from the Skyway about 3 p.m. following a traffic crash on the toll bridge near 97th Street, according to the Chicago Police and Fire departments and the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.

In January 2015, Bradley was sentenced to five years in prison - with credit for 481 days served in the Cook County Jail - and two years of supervised release.

"We fairly source you right," Judee say.

Using Americans like "wood," that they call us. Will Labor not end Judah sourcing us so right?

A few more non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"Jew dull all touch me. Poochie rate harsh you. Mouse bender brutal."

The general STRIKE that will take Judah off of privately holding the Organizing Principle of American Society.

Will Amercian Labor not do the will of our good God above, and issue our money for us all?

"Apologize for failing to save our lives."

Bitch apologize for not saving our lives. But might we not have to add in that Druid Slovak people have never once our history survived any Jewish die of us in any of the lands of the mild people of the north?

"Druid has ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful. We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

The Jew shot himself Labor, did he not blow his own head off right and fair enough that you will not now come in and let them off right?

"Your nuptials are sacrificed." 5.16 a.m.

Getting married and raising a family. Is that not all part of the American dream?

Now our genetics washed out even with the love of God to help us live right.

Are we not yet seeing that if we do not claim our God-given right to life then Judah will finish out taking it away from us?

Do Americans not yet see that we are now in the end times? The end times that our bibles informed us about.

Is there not some sense that we are going out of life form now as the good book warned us two thousand years ago?

Will we not try to inform ourselves about the love of God so that we can call upon Him to save our lives?

The advanced extraterrestrial society that kept us in when nuclear war fighting weap Judah tried to put us in, our home world, the Galactic Federation of Light. Will Labor not do the right thing and close the nuclear warfighting business model out of here right?

Our good God above who loves us all, our home in heaven where precious sweet Father lives. Thirty-eight light-years away in the direction of the North Star.

Will Labor not accept our welcome into the universe in peace?

Will Labor not let the dull tricky nuclear warfighting sports' off right?

"He was making war."

Bitch just asked elder about USAF pilot Lt. William Schafer who was delivered to our extraterrestrial family for safe keeping on September 8, 1970.
Bitch wondered why William was delivered to the care of our extraterrestrial family and that's what elder said, "he was making war."

USAF pilot William Schafer was a Brooklyn Jew that was assigned to a British Airforce flight group in 1970.

When he went in pursuit of a UFO that had been in the area over the North Atlantic he had one armed missile and only enough machine gun ammo for a short burst of cannon fire.

Though his British lightning fighter plane was armed, he never tried to attack the UFO but elders pulled him out anyway.

Might we wonder why?

As Judah has repeatedly tried to trigger a nuclear war between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, might we conjecture that Schafer was sent to the British air force in 1970 to attack a Russian plane and shoot it out of the sky to trigger a nuclear war with Russia?

Might we not want to say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to deliver USAF Lt. William Schafer to a rest and retirement center in outer space until the eternal Jewish war on the children of God on earth is finally over?

May 28, 2009

Do we recall that President Lyndon Johnson had given the go-ahead for the nuclear war with Russia that was set to follow the sinking of the USS Liberty by the Israeli air force disguised as the Egyptian airforce to allow for an attack on Cairo Egypt with nuclear bombs?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in preventing the Israelis from sinking the USS Liberty and triggering a nuclear war between America and Russia?

Continues at:

Will ordinary people not try to grasp the significance of Father's love that has kept us in despite the numerous attempts by Judah to start a nuclear war between Russia and the United States of America?

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