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"London Fooled Your Wit enormously. Vicious Is Clearly Dying
Mon Jan 29, 2018 09:23

"London Fooled Your Wit enormously. Vicious Is Clearly Dying Your Journey."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

The savagery of Parliament, the palace, the church and of course weap Judah.

Weap Judah the guy that ties it all together bringing tyranny to every shore by breeding in look-alike hybrid transplant Fornian shells in every terrain on earth.

Judah's ability to keep American workers funding and fighting the war even after he was caught red-handed attacking us with the blast and heat force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs.

Will we not pray to God for deliverance from the evil of war?

War, the organizing tool of the cannibal cult from the desert that has a cannibal complex of mind, weap Judah. The cipher that is being died off by our good God Almighty due to its weakness, an inability to accommodate others.

We have been assisted by extraterrestrials to survive the series of nuclear wars that Judah decided he needed to die our life forms off.

Will we not pray that we will reach out and accept the gift of life that our good God gave to us?

"Thou shalt not kill," the rule given to us thirty-five hundred years ago to set our compass for guiding our rise from planet earth to our ultimate destiny to journey in the universe.

We failed, we accept the rule of Lucifer, the devil, and carry on funding and fighting the killing of other children of God. Now set for a third of the human race to perish out.

Two thousand years warnings in our bibles of just how the beast will slay us, fire smoke and brimstone, and only days away from being sealed out of life form and suffering loss of our existence to weap Judah nuclear waste war disease.

Are some asking, "why did God not send someone who was not as deeply imperfect as Bitch to try and convince us to save ourselves?"

Did God not send Jesus to try and save us from our error ways? Yes God did send Jesus to try and to save us from our error ways.

Did God not send Martin to try and save us from our error ways? Yes, God did send Martin to try and save us from our error ways.

Will American workers not try to hear the words of Jesus and Martin and love one another?

What does it take
(What does it take)
To win your love for me?
(To win your love for me)
How can I make
(How can I make)
This dream come true for me?
(Had a dream for you)

Whoa, I just got to know
(Have to know)
Ooo, baby 'cause I love you so

I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried
In every way I could
(Anyway I could)
To make you see how much I love you
(See how much I love you)
I thought you understood
(Thought you understood)
So, you gotta make me see
(Make me see)
What does it take
To win your love for me?

Loveless weap Judah who is going away to die his cipher off right because in this area of our galaxy love is a requirement to enter the universe.

Judah, like the rest of us just happened to be born in a village of God, one of 1,300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of light.

The Galactic Federation of Light, 100 trillion high-level life forms living together in harmony and perfect peace. 3,200 species all living in peaceful cohesion with one another.

Judah on earth terrorizing God's kid with his .38 caliber police special and his .223 high-velocity ballistics he used to shoot our leadership away from us.

God in heaven living 38 light years from earth. The 223 high-level intelligence psychiatric genetics God gave us so that we could become extraterrestrials ourselves and escape the natural calamities that will sweep earth life away before we would reach the intelligence level to get ourselves inside our planet and into outer space.

The gift of long life gifted to us by Father Kirkser 200,000 years ago. Thrown away by weap Judah in his quest to destroy the children of God living on the surface of planet earth.

The single-minded plan by weap Judah to wipe out the children of God on earth. Carried on for thousands of years.

And now as Judah is days away from sealing in dying a third of the human race out is there not some way to convince the children of God on earth to STOP THE WAR?

Judah with his .38s, his .223s, his Kalashnikovs, his Tommie guns, the grease-guns he uses for dying the squeaky wheels off.

Judah and his mining harbors and bombing cities. Torture and execution chamber building. For the love of God will American Labor not end funding it all?

Deeply imperfect Bitch that Judah keeps lying about and shooting with meat or the mutt. Will Labor not instead try to focus on the words of Jesus and Martin, love one another and try to save yourselves?

The prostitute Mary Magdelene who kissed the feet of sweet Jesus as he was dying nailed to the cross. Will American Labor not try to think of Jesus who gave His life for us so that God's children might live in peace?

But didn't J. Edgar Hoover have four ears tapes of giggles coming from Martin's bedroom?

Weren't those giggle tapes used by the FBI to try and convince Martin to commit suicide? Yes, they were.

What is it about sex that Judah uses to such great effect that is capable of holding peoples minds to do what he wants to do to us?

"Because I'm numistic I hold you square," Judee say.

Might Judah with his numistic side have conditioned us with so much cunning and clever false that we have somehow missed seeing him clearly?

France was put to Chevauchee, that is genocide in the hundred years war from 1337 until 1453, and God sent Joan of Arc in to defeat Judah who was killing His children, can we only wonder why was the question of whether Joan would be allowed to save France was based upon whether Joan was a virgin or not?

What is it about the sex theme that Judah uses to such great advantage to himself that lets him use our purse and children to make war on the other children of God?

What could it be the sexual psychopath weap Judah and his Israeli psychologist knows about sex that has almost sealed us out of life form?

A couple of days until the white race is sealed out of life form. What is it about meat that Judah knows affects our thinking that allows him to push us in the ways that he wants us to go?

‘Disgusting’ photos show raw meat-filled shopping carts at California grocery store
POSTED 6:03 PM, JANUARY 28, 2018

Loretta Seto
on Thursday
Beware: Costco shopping carts (Automation Parkway in San Jose)
We were at the 99 Ranch Market across from this Costco and saw their vendors delivering meat with Costco shopping carts!! Talk about disgusting! I'm usually okay with sticking the kids in the seat of the basket, but this is a whole new level of gross. Beware.

What is that well-concocted intelligence opp with Judah rolling the raw meat around all about?

That the story was featured at FOXTV might that not clue us that it was aimed to monkey our heads?

Can we only wonder, what does that Israeli psychologist know about raw meat that is holding us to fund defeating ourselves right?

And what could be more right and fair than our funding death and destruction and genocide upon our family around the world while at the same time we fund the destruction of our nation and genocide upon ourselves?

Judah, who regularly kills other Jews because he won't let a sentimental notion interfere with making a buck. Will American Labor not end Judah's tough?

"Mere mortals let Jew core opp you revenge. Jew force surviving because Jews use cage force. The Mexicans now see how I brutal for my theory. My right I put in with pesos and beer. I'm useful to junk ya. Our vitamin twists so much it's making me leave," Judee say.

The authority to issue our money. Held privately solely by weap Judee.

Little pieces of paper that are made from wood. Abstract receipts of Labor. Used to exchange information. Chits, fiat money issued privately by weap Judah.

"White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

The force that controls Labor in our world. The force that determines whether we will have peace or war. Little pieces of paper with numbers and symbols on them. Will they finally put us out of life form or will we take them from Jewish and save ourselves now?

Will Labor not go on STRIKE until a Labor committee of the Whole gains the authority to issue our money?

At least 95 people have been killed and about 163 wounded after a powerful explosion rocked the city centre of the Afghan capital Kabul. Explosives Hidden in Ambulance Officials say.

As all the officials in Kabul are Jewish that American Labor funded fists installed might they be fibbing to us? Rather than a suicide bomber might they have purchased some of Berlins best boom boom and wired it up for when the victims walked past?

Will American Labor not end funding these sports atrocities that so thrill and excite Jewish investors?

Is there not some clarity of mind that Jewish are now dead fish in our world for attacking Druid all out with their great balls of fire? If this is understood will Druid not end funding Jewish sport?

"My favorite was to set Drewy. I engage seniority to win your die. My Jew mentaling let me shoot your state out. Because Druid is closing my house my arrangement is dead," Judee say.

Druid who has ever failed to save ourselves when Judah mental puts their lies and images in. Will we not try to save ourselves this time?

Tele receives:

"You just wasted yourself fair. 2.05 p.m.

Cash bee legitimate dies steering. 3.29 p.m.

Our establishment failed.

It's fair to score you. 4.30 p.m.

It's Jewish. 7.17 p.m.

It's a true die. 7.37 p.m.

Bitch has died for us already.

False street is compressing us. 7.48 p.m.

So under fails.

Your scientist is sure alert.

The merchants have about destroyed you.

Error scores our oxygen.

They war thee with kids.

They're fouling us here.

Mixed with bars they out foxed you's. 1.16 a.m.

False here rising. 2.18 a.m.

Oh, Pat failed to save us because of mutt.

Oh, Patrick their vitamin tax well.

They're arsive. 2.29 a.m.

You MUST STRIKE! 2.29 a.m.

Jealous man has an ungracious die here. 2.39 a.m.

Weaping failed.

London fooled wit enormously.

Vicious is closing down your journey.

We die Smith field.

Bisive they lie Jewish. 2.46 a.m.

You failed a sental rising. 2.48 a.m.

Jewlicity makes you savage. 2.50 a.m.

It's over abusive. 2.56 a.m.

Thank you, Mr. Sullivan." 5.16 a.m.

"We die Smith field."
Wilbert Smith (1910-1962) the Canadian senior radio engineer who investigated flying saucers in the early days of the modern extraterrestrial intervention after the Roswell MARKING in 1947.

Wilbert died of bowel cancer at only 52 years of age in 1962.

Do some recall civil rights activist Clyde Kennard (1927-1963) who also died of bowel cancer after being locked up in a Mississipi jailhouse for a spell?
Clyde was only thirty-four years old when he was stolen away.

Are we getting some idea of how long Judah has been dying us cancer to disguise the sin that he does to us?

And what was Wilbert Smith's violation of Judah rights that caused him to be cancered out of life?

Might it have been Wilbert's extra bright technical wits that figured out by the early 1950s that extraterrestrial spacecraft are powered by relativistic principles?

Might we think to when our early ancestors captured the flames that were started by lightning strikes and kept the flames alive by adding wood so to not lose the benefits of the heat of fire?

And now in our modern world, we have the lightning intelligence of Wilbert Smith who captured the flames of unlimited free energy for us.

Might we consider our ancient ancestors were lucky when they discovered how to handle fire that Judah had not invented himself yet?

The Wilbert Smith's of our world Labor. Must American Labor not end funding Judah destroying our most useful guys' and gals'?

Can we only wonder might Dr. Mallove (1947-2004) have looked at Wilbert Smith's research and picked up on the relativistic explanation for the production of free energy that has been demonstrated by numerous inventors and researchers?

The motion of our planet and universe (1), the two sides of the electricity field (2), the addition of a couple dimensions (3), and the relativistic time shift needed to produce free energy (4).

The Four Elements of free energy.

Bitch thought for a long time that he was the first one to perceive that our next level of technology will be based upon relativistic hyperdimensional physics.

Might we have to give to Wilbert Smith that he was the first one to perceive that the next level of our machinery will be operated on relativistic principles?

Instead of searching for lightning strikes to find a source of fire, are we seeing that the lightening in our heads will give us the heat of fire wherever we lay our heads on this earth or somewhere in the universe?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give peace a chance?

Can we only wonder who discovered that by striking rocks together it would produce little bits of lightning that would start a fire?

Will Labor not let a Godly spark start the fire of love in our hearts that will lead us to close the vile war of the beast out of our land?

Might there be some who think that nuclear brimstone waste is mere "fike," and nothing to be concerned about?

Might some say, "well there are over 400 Jewish electricity plants on our planet so if they were as bad as some claim would they have been allowed to build them in the first place?"

"If only one melting Jewish electricity plant can die a third of us away as is claimed, would anybody in their right mind have let them build hundreds of them in the first place? Because our leaders let them build them I just don't believe they can be that bad." Could that be the logic of some folks out here?

Our thirty thousand years of peace that came to an end when Judah showed up with his four-speed men.

Thirteen hundred years of hell on earth. Will American Labor not now bring it to an end?

Will American Labor not reject the Jewish destitution atrocity model of government and put our civil rights in?

"With Baltimore, I had a fantastic life but now I got to go because I hit you good. The British I'm still assembling every day. Our gorgeous fail would not let you win. Usury I use to push you out, it allows me to afford to accuse. We ruin you guys with suicide too much.

My number has a rifle and deceit. Because I'm numistic I hold you square. I do a well wreck treason and will until you get me out. We purchase a sewer complete. If possible I cite you bourse and boom bushes. We deport fisty. You give me entry and I make war.

We warred you major. We tank them video. Patrick, we fight you browser, browsey. A 12-year-old Venus is fast gold. We smuggle you quite evasive. We unibait thoughts. Our maximum relative has got to leave because we got caught burning you up," Judee say.

The question of whether Joan of arc had a Beau or not, the fate of Europe hanging on that issue in 1429. Can we only wonder how it came about that the question of survival revolved around if Joan was a virgin or not?

"Because I'm numistic I hold you square."

Might that be Judah's last trick, to hold Americans square so that we will not even try to save ourselves as he is dying us out?

Will American Labor not try to save us from Wall Street and the nuclear warfighting hobbyists cartel?

Continues at:

"We use sympathy to do Judah rubs, that's our trick complete. That gives me my entitlement. My goose war fell exceptional humans. Your pleasant days I put in because I'm crazy. I always shot you bad virtually. Morgan banks gave me my right to do huge general rub. I always form police to give you hell. I just do my truth faulty," Judee say.

Will Americans not step

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