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The Kindness and Love that Precious Sweet Father has for Al
Tue Jan 30, 2018 07:25

The Kindness and Love that Precious Sweet Father has for All of His Beautiful Simian children on earth. Will American Labor not bring it in for us and let the hatred of the errant ones go?

The violence and depredations of the elephant warriors have to yield to the love of God for His Simian children on earth.

Will American Labor not let them off right?

The mental games Judah plays with us. His made-up stories to fascinate us.

Serial Stowaway' woman arrested again at Chicago O'Hare airport days after being released from jail
By Katherine Lam | Fox News

What might we guess that Judah is aiming for with an opp such as a serial stowaway?

Can we only wonder might such an opp be to fraud our constitution?

And how might that be?

Might the lady getting arrested repeatedly without a grand jury hearing the allegations and making the charge be a way to convince us that clerks can make a criminal charge?

Might we see that Judah always has a target in mind when he stages his intelligence opps on us?

Judah constantly gaming us. Will Labor not take our purse away from him that he uses to confound and confuse us with his staged opps?

Tele receives:

"They're falser ricing us all here. 9.52 p.m.

Because you landed a Martian here you have the full independence of your rights to live. 9.53 p.m.

They run you wholly days. 9.56 p.m.

Security leaves some pitch on portage. 12.13 a.m.

They push you infantry as part of their severage.

Their right nest is fist eggs.

They're taking our homes and sporting us out all on our tax bill. 12.43 a.m.

A shocker failed, the Martian proved it.

Completely molestfully you've been suffered by catase hold.

It drives us out. 1.48 a.m.

You're finally figuring out the voyage, get them in, you'll live too.

They blow peace right, they exhausted us.

You lost your life, your lines. 2.34 a.m.

They're crispin' us.

Sullivan obviously set them out.

Your portion has been ghost raided.

They punish you when they raid the store complete.

Oh, he got them offside.

The corporation beasts.

They wipe us helpless. 2.58 a.m.

Total they kid us, they did this. 3.04 a.m.

You're a law large here." 3.11 a.m.

The best laws ever to be made, that an open public grand jury is to hear the allegations before the state corporation does anything.

Trial by a jury of one's peers before life, liberty or property is taken away from anyone.

No cruel or unusual punishment to anyone at any time or anywhere.

All three rules made the law of the land of the new United States of America in 1791.

Laws to protect all the people that arose previously as laws of the mild people of the north both East and West.

Based in America and rooted in the 1776 American Declaration of Independence.

The 1776 indictment of the king of England that charged him with mistreatment, the killing of inhabitants of these new lands.

Jewish invaders in their perfected fraudulence used the power of the purse to install their Fornian Replicon look alike hybrid transplant shells on the supreme bench who created a false rule to destroy our rights in 1854 when they denied Dred Scott his freedom due based upon the made-up rule of citizenship.

By denying an honest workingman his rights in 1854 might we see how they set the stage to deny all men our rights in only another century of their false?

"You always let me take your rights away from you," Judee say.

Might it be Jewish terrorism that so frightens the people that many choose to not oppose their despot tyranny rule?

The 1932 taking of the Lindberg baby out of his crib on the second floor of the Lindberg home and carrying him away and bashing his head in.

His grandfather Senator Lindberg who stood against Judah taking over the concession to issue the money of the United States of America in 1933.

Might Judah have been revenging Senator Lindberg for trying to prevent Jewish from privately holding the authority to issue our money by killing his baby grandson?

That Senator Lindberg's son spoke against America getting involved in the war against Germany and explaining it was the Jewish that were forcing America into the war. Might that also have caused Judah to want to kill the Lindberg baby?

The frame-up and electric chair execution of an obviously innocent immigrant from Germany. Has that Judah not known how to fool us with his cherry-picked juries?

The chance for America to truly be a land of the free, dashed by the Fornian supreme clerks sitting on the bench.

God Almighty who has stepped in to give the mild people a chance to survive the Jewish war of extinction of us and our children.

"You always let me take your rights away from you," Judee say.

The jugular vein that carries the blood of our freedom, our sacred American Bill of rights, will American Labor not get the vampire Jewish off of it?

"It's just a G-- D----- piece of paper."

Can we only wonder did President Bush say that or not?

Rule by smirking chimp that kills us like "insects" that they call us.

Every bum in the world invited in by Jewish to twirl us.

Evey march, every demonstration hired by Jewish to sway us their way.

Might we note with unlimited free money they have to do with as they please they always have a nice turn out for their demonstrations for whatever it be?

Who might not show up to demonstrate for whatever it is if afterward, you get a $600 dollar check?

Whether the white race will live or die now to be decided in a day and night.

Warned for two thousand years in our Bibles of how Jewish will destroy us in the last days that they are with us.

Already they have thrown themselves out by attacking us with intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles they bought with our free bourse.

Have we not noticed how well they have organized themselves against us?

That they hold privately the Organizing Principle of Society in their hands, the concession to issue our money, might that have something to do with it?

Show up for one of their meetings and get at least a $200 check. Might a lot of people show up for that meeting about whatever it is?

Might we understand why Jewish always win in whatever land they raid?

Our good God Almighty who let Judah cut their head and tail off in a day. Will Labor not respond to the love of our good God and try to save yourselves now?

Judah with his cunning violent four-speed that has kept the mild people of the north in a war for over a thousand years now.

Might Judah have kept his war false in for so long now that we think it is actually something that came from us?

Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in and reject the .223 caliber rule that Judah used to steal our real leadership out?

President Kennedy who was using NASA technology to advance Labors abilities and with it raise working peoples wages.

Might we compare that with Judah who shoots our real useful people out one way or the other?

Dr. Mallove who was hit with hot lead in 2004. Wilbert Smith who was hit with bowel cancer in 1962.

Both trying to help us bring in the technology of life that will let us live in peace and plenty for everyone.

Civil rights activist Clyde Kennard that got bowel cancer while held in Judee jail on a frame up well.

The killings in the lockups of the old country known well for the thousand years plus that Judah has run them there. Was it not supposed to be a new land of the free in America where people are not killed in the lockups of the United States of America?

How is it that we find that Reich chemicals are doing fine in the Jewish American private tyranny investors prison system?

The toying and playing in an abusive way with the children of God that Jewish have chosen for their lifestyles. Will American Labor not close them out right?

Their Hollywood extravaganzas where they give each other awards and trophies. Will American Labor not take free American workers cash away from them and let them tell us their fairy tales on their own dollar?

The mass destruction of the human race plotted by Jewish and financed on American Labor cash for free.

Will we not pray to our good God to be able to have the wits to see how they are destroying you and me?

False people that are going no farther with us. Will Labor not let them off right?

Attacking our children in the ricepital on the day they are born with mercury to lame their wits for the rest of our lives.

And then putting boron in our children's pies and giving them dyslexia.

Will America Labor not give us a hand and take the boron out of our children's pies and put it into that steaming dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE that is making us die?

"You're doing something wrong here," a wise man's voice said to Bitch right after he posted a comment that was not in accordance with elders wishes.

So Bitch immediately went back to that page and posted a comment right behind the one that was not in accordance with what elders wanted and corrected it.

Might we think of Judah's style where he chooses to be "rigid?"

Bitch is exactly opposite Judah, he is highly flexible and if he detects he is not going the right way, his flexible lets him redirect himself in the correct way.

To share a thought Labor, Bitch does not claim that he knows the right way to go. That is what he wants the 160 members of Labor to determine, the correct way to go.

What Bitch claims he knows and knows for certain is the wrong way to go, and not go that way.

If the business model calls for war as a way to get income, might it not be easy to see that is the wrong way to go?

Might we see the entire scheme that is holding us concerns income and how to get it?

The receipts that allow us to access goods and services that we want and need.

Might we see Jewish power is in the fact they privately hold the receipts in their genocidal war-making hands?

Our chance to move into the universe and travel in peace with our extraterrestrial family and friends, or die out in a Jewish nuclear waste war.

Might we see it will be determined by whether we accept that we are children of God with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or goy, cattle for Jewish to abuse and molest us?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine. They've poisoned my village, I want them off. Put them out they're criminals," our good God said.

Might some ask, "if God wants them out then why doesn't He have His angels put them out right?"

With Technolgy that is 30,000 years ahead of us, could extraterrestrial elders not toss them easy?

With that big of a difference in technology could heaven not toss all weap Jewish right into the nearest river? Yes, they could.

But do we recall our extraterrestrial elders don't fight?

Are we seeing that God will never use force on the Jews?

But the Jews are destroying us. Will God not save our lives from the Jews on brimstone waste?

God will save those who pray to him. For those that do not pray to Father can we not hope for the intelligence to stop funding our die at Judah's vicious hands?

"My head captured your vitamin," Judee say.

Will Americans not un-capture our vitamin from Judah's head?

While Judah likes to feel superior to us in intelligence, has he not revealed in reverse facial speech that it is his violence that has vegged us? Yes, he does reveal that it is his violence that has vegged us.

The fascist white fist that Judah has used to take over the entire surface of planet earth. Might we perceive they are Fornian hybrid transplant Replicon look alike shells?

Are we not seeing the deal here yet? What is the deal that Judah has for us?

Are we perceiving it is to die the white totally out of existence now?

The mild people of the north that Judah rode for 1,300 years that gave him the Labor force to take over planet earth and carried him into outer space.

Outer space where Judah is not going to now. Instead, he is going into his well-prepared undergrounds to die himself out of existence.

Over thirty million weap Jewish have already secured their seats in the underground as they finish dying the mild people of the north off. The people who remain on the surface of planet earth, us, facing the loss of life form. Set to die off with our children due to inhaling brimstone waste.

That there is not a peep on the news about the nuclear waste that is being generated at Hitachi-GE, put into the upper atmosphere to rain down on us and our fields, should the silence not clue us as to how deadly is the plan for us here?

Has God Almighty not empowered American Labor to move Jewish off of the human race now?

How much more empowered does it get than to have spared us from Jewish three hour thermonuclear blast fire that Father saved us from?

"I gave you everything," Father said.

The preposterous racket to sell uniforms, the jackboots that Judah has put in in every land that he commits his sins.Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and pull this merchant militarism out of our world right?

"Bitch so angry at Benjamin he tells you my truth of how I bored you out, I played it right. My destiny is out for my infrequent rightly. I psyche you war way to win. I debase you a lot to foul your tissue. Because you have no input I ruin you with war," Judee say.

American people with no input because we have no democratic say about the Organization of our society.

We are strictly bystanders watching with nothing to say about how our money is spent.

And do we see because we have no input Jewish ruin us with war?

The sincere guy with a package to throw us out because he was always faulty. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us the input to STOP THE WAR?

Are we mature enough to understand that we will either take the cash so that we have some input into the circumstances of our existence or Judah will hold the war in and ruin us totally now?

Judah holding the simple working people in to fund all of his Jewish sport of war. Are we not yet seeing the consequences of letting Judah hold us to funding his war sin?

Are we not perceiving that God will not save us if we will not end funding the sin of war because 2+2=4?

The chamber of commerce with their dungeons, torture, and execution chambers business model. Modernized to roll execution vans throughput the lands of our family in China. Is Judah brand not well enough seen that we will not end funding their schemes?

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE to STOP THE WAR.

Might we want to consider the relationship where God our Father has given us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and Judah claims that we have no rights because for those who try to claim their rights he has unlimited free cash to hire a fist to shoot us?

Will American Labor not listen to the angels' advice, get smart, STRIKE THEM OUT and reject Judah's novel law interpretations and put our God-given American guaranteed rights in once again?

Will American Labor not reestablish the peoples' rights so that we can properly clean the criminal elements out of our society now?

The best creation that the human race has ever been witness to, the United States of America, a nation gifted from the beginning with guaranteed rights for all inhabitants.

Will Labor not shut this vicious genocidal Jewish invader out right?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their war psyching and mentaling us?

The Jewish deal is to get as many people as possible to assault and batter each other.

Will Labor not give us a better deal than that?

Our $100 trillion plus dollar peaceful advanced technical economy Jewish keep out to justify the millions of American homeless wandering our streets.

Will American Labor not put our God-given American guaranteed rights in?

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That Jewish show a white fist and face to our long-suffering family in this world. Will Labor not bring us back into the peace of God's love for our brothers' and sister

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