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Over 26 Feet Smoking Crater Sparks Speculation a UFO May Hav
Tue Jan 30, 2018 19:14

Over 26 Feet Smoking Crater Sparks Speculation a UFO May Have Crashed Into Earth
January 28, 2018 LUFOS Latest posts, N. America, UFO crashes, UFO News 3


Speculation of a UFO crash into Earth has taken centre stage after footage has surfaced showing a mysterious burning pit found at the side of a busy motorway.

Authorities are still investigating what they have discovered. The clip shows a thick mist that fills the air from a black hole.

The crater was measured eight metres wide and deep and can be seen smoking heavily, which suggests that the mysterious event had just taken place recently.

There were people on the scene soon after the incident had occurred but no evidence yet to explain what actually took place.

There were suggestions that a UFO or a meteor crashing into Earth may have been the cause the black hole.

The strange event happened on January 17 in Mexico and uploaded to YouTube the next day.

The original video has racked up thousands of views and being shared on several other channels.

Viewers were quick to suggest what it could be.

One comment said that it looked like a UFO landed and took off, leaving a crater.

However, others disagreed saying that it was a burning hole used to dispose rubbish. They explained that it looked like a burning hole and no impact on the earth as there was no debris.

Gangs may have also used the holes to burn drugs, weapons, and bodies.

Others believed that the increased sightings of meteors recently could be linked to the crater.

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Jim Westcott
JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:08 PM
Ya, I am thinking that if Aliens are flying across space at the speed of light. Mysteriously disappearing before are very eyes, coming out of mother ships ….you would think after all that, being intellectually superior by a 1000 plus fold , they would at least figure out how not to crash on our crappy planet. I’m just saying.

JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:29 PM
obviously a meteor !!!!!!!

Kevin Carney
JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:14 PM
Since,the time of this incident.Has the goverment been involved? Have they sectioned of the area?…. What has happened since the incident occured. There are to many Questions involved.To just assume, a UFO,or meteor may have been involved. I did Not see any soil,pushed up.Around the area.How deep is the crater? This needs more investigation.To get a positive answer.

Patrick J Sullivan
JANUARY 31, 2018 AT 10:09 AM

Might elders be MARKING something in that area of Mexico that we should be taking a look at?

Might a nuclear weapon be transported along that highway to a nearby city to be detonated?

Might we try to appreciate the way that our elders choose to speak to us? Might that crater hole near the road be an extraterrestrial “Meta-transiliatory communication” to us?

Have we not yet figured out that Jewish intended to use their nuclear boom boom tech on us?

Do Americans not yet perceive that even with their blast nuclear shut down by our elders from outer space Jewish are still wiping us out with their hot radioactive nanoparticles from Hitachi-GE?


Thermonuclear warheads in controlled burn-off near Florida Shores

Details at:

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