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Men Yank Woman Off Divvy Bike, Take Her Things in Old Town,
Fri Feb 2, 2018 07:22

Men Yank Woman Off Divvy Bike, Take Her Things in Old Town, Video Shows
By Trina Orlando
Published at 9:54 PM CST on Feb 1, 2018

Surveillance video shows a woman attacked by three men while riding a Divvy bike Wednesday--the latest in a string of robberies in the Old Town neighborhood.

The 42-year-old woman can be seen about 5:45 p.m. being pulled from her bike as the men take her belongings and flee as she lay in the street in the 1800 block of North Sedgwick Street.

Lisa Vakulin-Rose is the manager at marge's still on Sedgwick. In January, one of her employees was pistol whipped and shot at during a robbery on his way home from work.

"I think it's a very scary situation right now," Vakulin-Rose said. "There's been far too many robberies."

At least six people have been robbed in Old Town since the beginning of the year, police said.

Ald. Michelle Smith says 10 additional police officers have been assigned to the neighborhood.

"I am reviewing data that points to recent changes in the juvenile justice system that appear to be a significant part of the problem," Smith said in a statement. "Crime must have consequences."

Alderman smith's office also announced Thursday the creation of task force to focus on carjackings.

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Video 2.04 at:

Might we recognize a Judee opp when we see one of them now?

Bitch read some of the reverse facial speech and a few names appeared that he has found regularly in theses Judee opps

Here's some of what shows up in reverse facial speech in the video of the woman knocked off a bike and robbed in Old Town in Chicago:
"I'm racing my beautiful gym. This is my big devo oss you force. I just mush you hydra spin. I'm a core docker because I don't want you to get ahead. We want to use this to cite you for whiteness in war. Your fumble here is all dangerous. This is swell how we make you nervous throwing you off your bikes. This is sport time here we arrest you bribe. With a child is how we freeze your development."
"We present right imperial. We'll have a wonderful opper politic time Jewers with this. We always schedule a white missile."
"This was all a financial fight. I saw police go inside. Mike -------- was behind this one. It was chief-us. Communists are here to do a Truman mush well. I mentally screw around to freeze you for fun. Our Javits opp is out for hydrogen. This is all a cheapie island with a golden interest. Subject ease appess suspect to make war, our poor analysis."
"I saw police go inside."
"We want to use this to cite you for whiteness in war. This is sport time here we arrest you bribe."
"Harsh mush a ment. Our imperial thoughts have failed. Nice Gerbils are good for hostily racin'. I sir rash and do southside dumb. Best spice be Jew opps. Milartee. This is same alliance fun. If I spot you bis I lice rice a lot. I'm a commercial losopher here."
"Our whole press problem is true, I'm thinking about taking out your safest boy. I'm eppy store Wesson. Our problem is our purple off you hos. Our whole problem is taking out your oxygen for sport."
"This is all our Goebells dog food. This is deception whitehead mosh. The nursery will be dead with my Reichee soul. Dog you with a white male. Our dull wit is concentrating. Losefer warn all the minnows scrush die some here."
"Huge suparate' you with gore witch. These are cheap opps the way I do them marginal. I sold your country out to virtually toss. Plymouth housewares are imaging. The check came through Mike ----- with a Jersey mention."

And what might we guess are the investor aims in assaulting and robbing people in Old town?

Maybe depress real estate values to drive prices down for a nice turn over of prime area properties to big dollar purchasers?

"This is all a cheapie island with a golden interest."

Might it be easy now to arrest some innocent young guys?

The "Crime must have consequences," might that be part of the tyranny prison investors take here? Maybe they have some prison investment beds they want to fill up?

Maybe some new legislation aimed to make it easier for Jewish to arrest abuse and molest our children with their terrorist police state?

Ald. Michelle Smith says 10 additional police officers have been assigned to the neighborhood.

A chance to pump up appropriations to hire more of her sports guys and gals?

Will American Labor try to accept that Bitch is giving you as straight of a report on what is going on here as is possible?

Must Labor not end paying these Jewish police arrest bribes?

The $12 thousand dollars that was gifted to the two Maxwell cops to kidnap Bitch in Chicago with a false arrest. Will American Labor not end letting your money be used to bribe arrests of innocent people?

Four Irish American guys that do opps for the Feds came to see Bitch and inform him that they have an empty tomb.

Will Labor not have mercy on them?

Poor kids from Ireland born in America that never got a fair deal and so they went to work for weap Judee doing his deals.

Will American Labor not do the will of our good God and put the existence stipend and follow the love of our good God who has shown his sweet love for us by having His angels keep us alive?

Will American Labor not give us the bourse to remove the atomic bomb that is planted in the Howard street El station?

Are we understanding these assaults and robberies, shootings, stabbings on our streets are authorized by the highest authorities at the local, state and Federal levels?

Will American Labor not please STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding their sports?

Thank you. God bless.

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    • Men Yank Woman Off Divvy Bike, Take Her Things in Old Town, — PS POST, Fri Feb 2 07:22
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