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Do not abandon that confidence of yours; it brings a great r
Sun Feb 4, 2018 07:53

Do not abandon that confidence of yours; it brings a great reward. Hebrews 10:35

That was in yesterdays Moravian daily text. Is it not remarkable how our elders from the Federation had in the time of Jesus such a complete knowledge of things that would happen in the end time of weap Judah being among us?

Are there not many of us that have confidence that American Labor will decide to STOP THE WAR and will STRIKE THEM OUT?

Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God. Isaiah 40:1

Is it not for certain that the love of God will reach American workers who will end funding Jewish who eternally are shooting and bombing God's children on earth?

Will Labor not listen to our good God and comfort God's people by acting to STOP THE WAR?

And how good is our good God?

Was our good God not good enough to spare us from extinction when Judah and his nuclear war-fighting alliance hobbyists attacked us with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Yes our good God was good enough for us to pull Judah's 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of thermonuclear blast and heat off of us.

To have already spared us the extinction that Jewish planned to force us with for the last time, has our God not truly demonstrated His good? Certainly.

Might we try to see that what is going on is not about Bitch or the fairy tale lies that Judah makes up and spreads about him, it is about God and His children that He wants to know Him, to love him?

Is there some feeling that we are living in an episode of Star Trek where the Federation has come in to one of their nurseries to save the children that were created by the Federation and the children don't know the truth that the Federation loves them and wants the children to end killing each other and because the children don't know the truth they continue paying their war masters who fool them and convince them to pay them to kill their brothers and sisters and at the same so unaware of the truth that they pay their war masters to kill them with a brimstone nuclear waste war?

The Federation does not fight or make war so is barred by Federation rules from having the Starship Enterprise from coming in and tossing war master out.

Captain Kirk, Scotty, and Spock on the bridge of the enterprise holding some of their contacts in telepathically communicating to them sending messages to try and wake the people up as to what their war masters are doing to them.

Psalm 136:7-9
To Him who made the great lights, For His lovingkindness is everlasting:

The lovingkindness of our precious sweet Papa who sent the Starship Enterprise in to tell us the good news that He loves us all equally and wants us to love one another and live in peace.

But the war masters fool and frighten the people so well that the people hesitate and fail to listen to the messages of God to love one another and live in peace.

The war masters freeze the people into sickness and death and destruction massively with brimstone waste to inhale and kill the children of God.

Might we see the battle is not between Bitch and the lies and evil of weap Judah it is between the lies and evil of weap Judah and the love and truth of our good God above?

Judah making up completely false stories that never happened and he puts them into his media as if they are true.

And yet he is still doing it and apparently getting many people to believe his false stories.

The nuclear missile alert story of the warhead that was coming into Hawaii. The people who saw a bright flash in the sky 100 miles away from Hawaii at the same time as the nuclear missile alert was given.

Might we perceive that warhead was burst off by the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from the nuclear war extinction that weap Judah ordered to get us out permanently this time?

HAWaii tourists say that they saw something blow up in the sky

Marfoogle Watutu News
Published on Jan 14, 2018
So a group of about 20 people including tour guides say that they were about 100 nautical miles away from Hawaii In tour boats, and they describe a meteor being blown up in the sky....shortly after 8 am. Is this connected to the false nuclear warning? Does anybody know if this is true? Supposedly it was on KHON2 local news and now has been pulled from their website.

Pinned by Marfoogle Watutu News
Janie Langley
1 week ago
I was awakened by a Thundering sound, thought it was 7:00AM but it was 8:00AM. My clock is shaded from where I sleep. I live on the N.Shore of Kauai. We did not receive a cell phone call, my Son called to inform us, he lives in town. We should have had a Civil Defense Siren sound but there was None ! Definitely something was Not normal in the Civil Defense Warning System. Many People do not have cell phones in rural area’s. These siren’s are tested every 1st business day of Every Month, for as long as I have lived here in Hawaii, 32 year’s.

Ashley LP
2 weeks ago
So I live on Island and our family has a lighthouse, we all saw a bright flash that morning as well. There is much buzz about this...Thank you for actually putting what islanders are all talking about

Comments posted on Hawaii story:

Patrick Sullivan • a day ago

philnmdg • 2 hours ago
There's more to this story than meets the eye. Dig deeper, don't believe it.

And what more might there be to this story than meets the eye?

What about the many people who saw a gigantic bright flash in the sky 100 miles away from Hawaii right at the exact same time as the nuclear missile alert?

Might our neighbor and good friend Sir Casper and His diligent, vigilant team of Martians have burst that nuclear warhead off? Might that be the story that meets the I?

Are we not mature enough to connect the dots and see that weap Judah is still attacking with nuclear missiles?

Aka Mogg
One thing I'm guessing you never experienced, Sullivan ... a bright flash.

And how does weap Judah respond to the state of Hawaii alert being given out that a missile was coming into Hawaii?

Hawaii false missile alert sender says he thought drill was real
By Steve Almasy, CNN
Updated 4:22 PM ET, Sat February 3, 2018
Silhouette of purported nuclear alert sender
"We're sapping you here Jewishly. Our torpedo weaper was refused."

Might we surmise this is not one of the actual senders of that Hawaiin missile alert rather it is a weap Judah guy doing a mental opp to fool us into believing that they did not attack Pearl Harbor with a thermonuclear warhead riding on the back of a Seattle missile?
"Our (w)hole age shot your state assh*le. This is wackin, we just toss you with a cowshed. This exercise is to toss you. We threw you outside with our whole reference."

That's some of the reverse speech found in that video.
Might we try to grasp the significance of weap Judah with his rainbow Fornian hybrid look alike transplants that they occupy every seat of significance in the American government?

Might we see how Jewish and their hosiery Fornians work together to try and fool us after the fact of them getting caught once again attacking us with another nuclear missile as they did in Hawaii on January 13th of this year?

Are we seeing the FCC statement is to try and make us believe that there was a problem with the alert system that needs to be identified and fixed rather than a real signal that a nuclear a missile was coming into Pearl Harbor?
VIDEO 1.55 AT:

Do the American people not yet perceive that if not for the Federation's version of Star Treks Starship Enterprise hovering above bursting and pulling off the Jewish nuclear warheads we would all have been Jewishly exterminated back in 2011?

Will we not pray that the truth breaks through into the consciousness of Americans and that Labor will act, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE JEWISH ETERNAL WAR UPON THE CHILDREN OF GOD ON EARTH?

"This is wackin, we just toss you with a cowshed."

Will we not keep praying that we see the truth and end our cowshed funding the evil nuclear war of Jewish?

Large numbers of tourists and residents of the Hawaiian islands all see a great bright flash in the sky. Others in bed hear a thunderous loud boom.

And at the same time, the Hawaiin state authorities send out an alert that a missile is headed for Hawaii.

But what about the FCC said that it was all just a mistake, something we need to fix? Does that not indicate there was no missile attack, the tourists and others were all mistaken about what they saw and heard?

"This is wackin, we just toss you with a cowshed."

Will American Labor not try to perceive just what Jewish think of us and end being their fifty cow sheds?

That many of our little children can no longer reproduce themselves due to being sterilized, castrated by the high levels of background radiation that weap Judah has put into our air, water and fields with his Jewish electricity brimstone waste generator operating offshore at Hitachi-GE, should we not be concerned enough to act?

Could there be some Americans who actually think that the Jewish genocide nuclear war machine was really built to defend us and our way of life?

"Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, wink wink, Gotcha," might Judah say?

Can we only pray that American workers will receive the truth that the threat of death in a three-hour Jewish nuclear blast war that the Yiddish bullshot artists have put in here is ended ever since our Martian friends pulled their great balls of kosher fire out of the air?

The truly burning hatred that Jewish have for the other children of God. Will American Labor not let them go to die out as our good God has decided for them?

"They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm," Father said.

Will American Labor not give us the wind of a general STRIKE to break these most errant guys and gals?

The "Baby boomers; Generation X." What next, "Neuter generation?"

Judah's war cipher is being died off and going out but God is letting them keep their tissue.

Are we not seeing though that Judah is not kind like our good God is, he is taking our cipher and tissue out too?

Our thirty thousand years of the mild people of the north living in peace with each other until weap Judah showed up with his extension warriors.

Will American Labor not tune into the love of our good God above and give these fisters a general STRIKE and a right breeze?

It's only a shanty
In old Shanty Town
The roof is so slanty it touches the ground
But my tumbled down shack by an old railroad track
Like a millionaire's mansion is calling me back

I'd give up a palace if I were a king
It's more than a palace, it's my everything
There's a queen waiting there with a silvery crown
In a shanty in old Shanty Town

Are we not aware that Jewish are doing all they can to harm our economy, nation and us as much a is they can because they're totally through in America now? Will American Labor not prevent them from running our economy down to the point where America is turned into a new shanty town?

The hot radioactive nanoparticles that we and our children are breathing in. Might our children be getting diagnosed now with radiation-induced dyslexia from the nanoparticles affecting their heads?

That an extraterrestrial super civilization has stepped in to spare us extinction of our race. Should that not count for something to help us end this Jewish war disgrace?

"We built these tens of thousands of nuclear weapons to protect you, to keep you safe," Jewish nuclear war fighting hobbyists tell us all the time.

And what do they really say when we're not around?

"Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, wink wink. If the Goy ever figure it out we'll kill em all."

Will Labor not join with the super advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization of our elders, get rid of this Jewish genocidal nuclear war-fighting machine and let peace begin on earth?

The technology of free energy demonstrated by the spacecraft our extraterrestrial elders that has no engine on board their spacecraft.

Might we think of sailboats and how they use the energy of the winds to send them to their destinations?

But there are no winds in outer space and so how do our elders fly their sailboats through the universe?

The copper-silver sheet that covered the bottom of the disk that elders intentionally crashed at Roswell in 1947.

The copper-silver bars with wires attached to them that were inside of Dr. Henry Moray's free energy machine.

The copper-silver interface, the flywheel of free energy power machines.

As the flywheel on steam engines let them develop great horsepower, the copper-silver interface will allow us to build super high powered clean free energy electrical generators that will be able to run full steam ahead 24/7 until the universe goes away.

Will American Labor not give us peace in our time? Will American Labor not give us PEACE NOW?

If not now, when?

The hostile beast that God let decease themselves. Will Labor not let Jewish and their jets go to their ultimate destiny now?

And their ultimate destiny is? Is it not clear they are being died off for hurting God's kids, due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others?

For the whites that have lost our rights to the terror wits of Jewish, will we not "Act right as I treat you right, Get Smart" and put our sacred human rights in once again?

They've proven to God almighty that they don't have the ability to accommodate others so God is dying them off. Have they not proven to humans that they don't have the ability to manage other peoples money?

That they are using other peoples money to die us off, should that not bring us to take the authority to issue other peoples money away from them?

Tele receives:

"Pick up. 5.04 p.m.

They cuff enterprise. 5.09 p.m.

The monster himself died and he's trying to terrify you. 5.17 p.m.

Attorneys have been ace-ing us. 5.53 p.m.

They're rolling out their transport ways. 6.02 p.m.

You failed a stupid goose here real comfy. 6.06 p.m.

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're taking us off errored. 6.08 p.m.

They cash wood right. 6.23 p.m.

Gross tumor state. 6.31 p.m.

We're not a T pad.

Racial is screwing the world.

They suffer you out because you're the best.

The government is dying you brain death.

STRIKE them, enemies!

Their zipper easily fused you out.

Their submarine was easy to sell with Toledo hotshots.

Tumors fail nice wick.

I'm all for you because you want us all free.

We've got a horrible moment close us out of our fields.

He shoo us in the hospital breeze.

Close them up. 8.12 p.m.

Patrick struck you guys so you be failed and Sealy took you out of advantage.

Ricely threw you out, assaulted your life forms fistally.

Idiot assaulting punished you. 12.55 a.m.

Poochie-ous cost you your life forces.

Get Kris Kringle in and toss them out. 1.57 a.m.

Bribes are Jewish.

They have a degrade you wish.

They bored you fantastic.

The U.S. has fallen Jewish state.

The universe has big electricity.

The police forces theory is finally out, does nothing but wall us. 2.08 a.m.

Genius had contact and riced it.

Champion bank robber dies sports.

Jester failed rightly.

Purse greatly won.

Noah keeps us in. 2.49 a.m.

You failed luxury state.

They kidnap multiple places. 3.12 a.m.

Get over paste-age roots. 3.30 a.m.

The impression is you're getting a boot.

The bullshot compass is done, it wasted you. 4.12 a.m.

Continues at:

Thank you for selective right attitude." 6.32 a.m.

That last Tele r

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