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Washington D.C. Object My family and I were in DC for a W
Tue Feb 6, 2018 03:28

Washington D.C. Object

My family and I were in DC for a White House tour on August 4, 2017. We climbed up into the Lincoln memorial where there the view is awesome, so I decided to take some pictures. It was around 11 a.m. and I took 3 pictures in a row of the Washington monument. Later, I noticed something on the right of the Washington memorial. I saw a little black disc shaped object just hovering next to it. It disappeared quickly within seconds of each other. The skies above the mall and the monument are a strict no fly zone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Triangle

Mililani — I parked on Akamainui Street facing southwest on January 25, 2018. I just sensed something had glanced up and I saw a different thing than I’ve ever seen.
Especially after I realized there were long horizontal lights down each tube, the tubes seemed to have some thick ribs spaced quite a distance apart. They were joined together with something thinner and darker. The pinnacle of the Isosceles triangle had a space where a star sized magenta light twinkled. After the flash it got a brighter white and all the other lights on the tubes grew brighter to drown out any definition. The clouds covered completely it.
Shocked how large this very shiny triangle structure was (metallic/lead). Thanks to MUFON CMS

Greece UFO Cloud

Rethymno, Crete — This UFO cloaked in a cloud was seen over Crete on January 11, 2018. You can see that it’s breaking through the clouds. Don’t be fooled by these cloaked craft. Aliens are highly intelligent and often believe that human intelligence is incredibly inferior to them. Thus, humans will often assume the cloud is just a cloud. However, we at UFO Sightings Daily know different. Here it almost looks like an invasion. Very dark, almost sinister looking. Thanks to Scott C. Waring

News states: Photographer Yiannis Gkikas snapped a rare scene on January 11 in Rethymno, Crete, Greece.希腊克里特岛惊现怪异飞碟云/

Oman Cylinder

Al Hamra – On January 25, 2018, at 10 am I was in the backyard and I saw object flying in a very strange way. I decided to take my phone and record a video. At first place I thought it was an airplane but later recognized how very slow it was floating in the air. So maybe it was a cylinder shaped object taken from the angle I was seeing this object.

It must be made of metallic materials. I kept recording the video until it disappeared and appeared again with another one following. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Peru Lights

Padre Abad – On January 26, 2018, at 11 pm, i saw a rectangular shape with 4 lights in a line. It turned on two exterior lights first, then it turned off and turned on two center lights. It then zoomed in and out all in a line towards me. It let me know I was watching it perform a whole show for me. It also made me feel as if it was my friend, I didn’t have a camera so later on I looked up sightings in the jungles of Peru and I found a similar picture. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Cylinder

Humacao — Cigar shaped objects and other unknown type objects were found in pictures taken on January 28, 2018

Numerous objects have been seen for decades. over Puerto Rico.

I did not observe the objects but when reviewing them on my computer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Thailand Cloud

Mount Taishan — Captured over Thailand was a UFO cloaked as a cloud on January 14, 2018. Why would an alien race disguise their craft as a cloud? First they have rules, rules about interrupting without the governments consent. Second they have no intention to frighten people, they instead want to get as close as possible to the ground so that they can scan the inhabitants and their daily routines. I think the cloud cloak is actually pure genius on their part.

Thanks to Scott C. Waring
News states: On the morning of the 14th, when many people are still asleep, the photographer Liu Guoqing of Thailand captured the wonderful scene in the sky. A cloud of a similar UFO, appeared in Mount Taishan, against the colorful sky. Dai top, many people also photographed this group “UFO cloud.”
It is understood that this god-like cloud of flying saucer, the scientific name pod cloud, is a natural phenomenon of weather. If the temperature drops over the mountains, the moisture in the air condenses into a pod cloud.

Thermonuclear warheads in controlled burn-off near Florida Shores

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