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"Help Us Labor. They Ever Core Your Health." And core our h
Tue Feb 6, 2018 09:24

"Help Us Labor. They Ever Core Your Health."

And core our health they are doing with radioactive brimstone waste. Coring our health so bad that they have got a third of the human race set to die off now due to inhaling Jewish electricity brimstone waste in every breath.

Burning their radioactive pile at Hitachi-GE that is so radioactive that only an hour of standing near it is lethal, it will kill a person quickly.

A commenter on the net asked why they don't have drones flying overhead and bombing that hot pile with boron?

Is that not a good question? Why doesn't Judah have drones flying overhead dropping boron on that dirty bomb to end the danger that it presents to us?

Might the answer be right there, if they did that it would no longer be a danger to us?

Could it be that Americans are just not aware of how dangerous atom bomb fallout is?

The atom bomb at Hitachi-GE. Are we not accurately gauging it is a slow burning fission atom bomb instead of their regular Jewish invention of a Hiroshima quick burning bomb?

Have we just not figured out they are shooting us in the gills from Hitachi-GE as to why they refuse to shut their atomic artillery down?

The recent missile attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii where large numbers of people saw the bright flash of the nuclear warhead being burst off in the sky and others heard the thunderous boom of one of Judah nuclear bombs going off.

Are Americans not yet perceiving that we have been attacked regularly with nuclear blast weapons?

Will we not pray that we catch on to what Judah is doing and STRIKE THEM OUT to shut out their war sports?

"I push you mental error easily. Patrick leave us stone dead. Because of my sports rule, I port you Muslim. I made STRIKE, and the mouse, he didn't close me. I bourse algebra and throw a torpedo at you right. All my days' are over tomorrow.

For my deeds I'm not suitable, I just hold you with dog sport. Our Reich on cable is doing fine. For my overment you leave me abolish. I wasted your core financial homeless. My core has always tumbled your ment when I met you. My general make my sewer.

I'm racial on my politics force. I still opp reprisal. My cage jaw you hospid. Marmalade hold you all minimus. The interest rate is what let us late you so good. I got over you to do you right because I booze forceful.

Gruesome I chapel office great. Bitch finished us because our spirit is lumpy. We sport you out municipally by putting peril on the street. We're ever screwin' in lightbulbs, it's a right die," Judee say.

Judah historically dying off our lightbulbs. Holding us backward. And for what reason is Judah holding us back? Is it not seen it is to die us all off before we reach our ultimate destiny, to travel the stars?

"Genius had contact and riced it."

Judah genius, the first in the modern era to have contact when Moses spent time with our good God Almighty in His spaceship in 1,500 BC.

And what did Judah genius do but rice contact?

"I want you to be comfortable," Father said to each of us.

The advanced technology of elders that produces as much abundance as is wanted for everyone with no environmental damage. Found in the free energy that elders use drawn from the continuous motion of our universe.

And what does Judah do other than ban free energy velocity power sources from our world so that he can bring in Jewish electricity with his MOX genocide fuel?

As he demonstrated his free energy machine to the world in 1928 Dr. Moray was asked by a reporter, "where is the energy coming from in your free energy machine?"

Dr. Moray replied, "I don't know but I think it has something to do with the size of the particles involved."

Henry was only 36 years old in 1928 when he built a solid state transistorized free energy machine that could produce in today's electricity market over $200 dollars worth of clean free energy everyday day.

Henry built crystal radios as a boy and continued on building crystal radios boosting the power output to where he was able to fry big speakers with the free energy from the circuitry he designed.

Henry didn't know where the free energy was coming from, but intuitively worked to increase the power output of his designs.

Canadian radio engineer Wilbert Smith made contact with our extraterrestrial family in the early 1950s and learned from them about their wondrous free energy spacecraft.

Wilbert revealed to us that the flying saucers worked on principles different than all our previous machinery.

Instead of differentials of temperature, pressure or voltage, the differential for extracting free energy is time itself.

The question that mystified Dr. Moray in 1928, "where is the free energy coming from," that brought him to suspect it had something to with the size of the particles involved.

The magnetic and electric, the two sides of electricity. Electric is 1 mass unit and magnetic is 3600 mass units.

When electricity is accelerated into fractions of the speed of light a relativistic slowing of time begins in the 1 electron mass unit electric side, freeing the 3600 mass units of the magnetic side of electricity to "torque at the plane of the dimension," as Kaluza-Klein theorem informed us in 1938 as to where free energy is to be found.

And what was Wilbert's reward for making contact with our extraterrestrial family and giving us the correct theory of operation for velocity powered free energy machines?

To catch bowel cancer and pass away at 52 years of age in 1962.

Wilbert was in his early 40s when he got the correct theory of operation of free energy machines.

In 2004, forty-two years after Wilbert passed, Dr. Eugene Mallove who was 57 years old was slain after sending his letter to the world informing us free energy is real and is a here and now thing as it was long ago.

America now being poisoned out by hot radioactive particles coming from the Jewish electricity plant in meltdown at Hitachi-GE awaiting only an explosion or earthquake there to send used spent plutonium fuel rods with millions of times more radioactive waste into our air, onto our fields, and into our water.

Will Americans not rise to this deadly occasion and buy us some boron to put into that Jewish dirty bomb artillery that is poisoning us fabulous?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you. The majority won't be around," the angels said. "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

American Labor funding the destruction of nation after nation in support of Jewish sport on free American Labor bourse.

Over 60 million homeless displaced people, war refugees produced by weap Jewish using the United States of America as their platform.

Mickey and Stosh, Bert and Ernie, Hansel and Boris as rightless as they can be. Shooting out the world for Jewish who enjoy sporting to death the children of God on earth for free.

Jewish who are excited and thrilled at putting God's children to death in as big of numbers as is possible.

Jewish now set to bag a third of the human race as they get out of here forever.

Bitch doesn't know if he should leave this in the post, so it is at the Simple site test page. For those that read the early test page, what do you think?:

The etymology of the word "stupid."

1540s, "mentally slow, lacking ordinary activity of mind, dull, inane," from Middle French stupide (16c.) and directly from Latin stupidus "amazed, confounded; dull, foolish," literally "struck senseless," from stupere "be stunned, amazed, confounded," from PIE *stupe- "hit," from root *(s)teu- (1) "to push, stick, knock, beat" (see steep (adj.))

Stupid from the Latin, "Stuprum," defiled, degraded.

Might we notice the etymological root of stupid, to hit, push, stick, knock, beat are all what war is about?

Is there anything more defiling or degrading than war?

Will the mild people not take good advice from our extraterrestrial family, "Get Smart" and end funding the Jewish hiring the hitting, pushing, sticking, knocking and beating of our family on earth?

Will America not end Jewish defiling and degrading of the children of God on earth on our pocketbook?

Do we recall that Father said, "Stupid is produced by enduring prolonged periods of suffering?"

Might it be the crack palace sniper teams that Jewish have working our streets that have put us through prolonged suffering?

What about municipals that shoot and gut us like deer, might that be the hitting, pushing and beating that has made us miss here?

Will Labor not put the God-given existence stipend in so that welfare does not need to carry a gun to eat here? Will Labor not help us to let off Judah's chiefs?

"The true function of war is not external, rather war is to subordinate the mass of one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class." Boom boom Judee shot the German Jew Karl Liebknecht dead for telling us such a truth.

Will American Labor not join with budget Judee and give weap Judee a right and just let off?

Our littlest children the first to suffer from hot radioactive particles in the air. Will American Labor not get serious here and close these genocidal nuclear war fighting sports finance hobbyists out of here right?

Is the American worker aware that it is our Labor dollar that is holding all of the Jewish nuclear war industrialists in worldwide?

Is American Labor not aware that a general STRIKE will have Genocidal Jewish off of our dollar in 6 hours or less?

"Nerve us!" The Tele sender said.

Will Labor not put our trust in our good God to see us all to live in a world without nuclear war-fighting hobbyists in management?

Will American Labor not close Berlin Jewish out? Will Labor not pray to God for the nerve to authorize yourselves and act?

The attack with a nuclear missile upon Pearl Harbor Hawaii the other day. Is it not clear that if American Labor keeps funding Jewish sports war hobbyists that we can only expect more nuclear missile attacks upon us here?

A senior gentleman in a bombed-out village in Afhanistan said this in Reverse facial speech:

"Managment disabled the spirit, there is no autonomy for me."

Must American Labor not end funding Jewish directed bombing and shooting our brother's and sisters in this world? Will American Labor not let God's children have peace to choose the way they will live?

Must American Labor not take the Jewish war management off of America and end them using us like toilet paper?

The gift to be born in a land that had laws that said they could not take us and put us in the can without a grand jury and then a jury hearing the allegations against a simple workingman or woman.

The way they early on shot away the best laws of them all, the American Bill of rights, when the Fornian clerks in Washington DC on the bench said a man in America had no rights if he was not a citizen.

Will Labor not take the ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF SOCIETY, the concession to issue our cash, away from Jewish and let them go on their way to die their errant cipher off underground now?

Will Labor not nerve yourselves with faith in our good God who has spared us all and take Jewish out of the arrangements here?

Might Labor not try to bypass Bitch's shortcomings, and hear the words of Sir Maximilian, known to us as the infant of Prague, "have pity on me and I will have pity on you," and try to save yourselves from loss of life form now?

Our pretty babies that are being poisoned with hot radioactive particles. Will America Labor not stop funding Jewish brimstone waste sport?

Here's some specific Tele receives citing Bitch as the reason we are allowing ourselves to be successfully destroyed:

"I think your attitude poisoned this state. 8.52 a.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Patrick beautiful fade us off.

Shanty buys us our field and stupid pushes us away.

Sullivan, it's kinda sad they sold you out, they kinda make you appear racial here.

Pat, they pulled your portion because your sight was feared." 1.43 p.m.

Might it be the baseball bat stories that Judah makes up and plants as news that has got some feared?

Seattle man brutally beaten with baseball bat for going home with white woman
By TheGrio - February 3, 2018
LaDonna Horne stands by her son, DaShawn Horne, who was beaten in Auburn on Jan. 20 and has been at Harborview Medical Center ever since. The family consented to Horne’s being photographed because they wanted people to see what a hate crime looks like. (Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times)

By Sara Jean Green
Seattle Times staff reporter
LaDonna Horne still can’t quite believe an alleged hate crime landed her 26-year-old son in the intensive-care unit at Harborview Medical Center with a traumatic brain injury.

“You just never think it’s going to happen to you or so close to home. I was just telling someone, ‘It’s different out here. Everybody gets along. It’s so diverse,’ ” Horne, who is African American, said Tuesday.
Seattle Times news researcher Miyoko Wolf contributed to this story.
Sara Jean Green: 206-515-5654 or

How many might guess that story is a total fabrication, made up out of whole cloth to hold in the minds of the American workers who are holding the Jewish Fornian war machine in?

That the story came from Seattle, Washington. And what is the significance of that? Are we not aware that it was Seattle that provided the genocide machines for the attempt to exterminate us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

But might some say, "he's laying in a hospital bed all wired up, must the story not be true?

At Harborview, doctors removed parts of Horne’s skull to relieve swelling in his brain, the charges say.

Is it not curious that purportedly after removing part of his skull he has no bandage on his head?

Do we recall the Trayvon-Zimmerman opp Trayvon was found and photographed laying on his stomach after purportedly getting shot in the chest with a 40 caliber automatic and that when Trayvon was photographed laying on his back, there was not a drop of blood on his shirt?

And the pistol that Zimmerman sold at auction for a nice quarter of a million dollars after the opp was done. Is Judee not cunning how he pays his opp kids to be fooling us?

Can we only try to guess where the $250,000 came from to give Zimmerman for that 40 caliber automatic pistol? If we guessed free money came from American Labor might we not have guessed correct? Certainly.

But how could they fool us like this?

Do we recall the congresswoman that purportedly was shot and wasn't, it was a ghosting operation so a bunch of Jews could get away before the families of the victims arrived with their lawyers?

But what about the national network news reports that followed her rehabilitation? Do they not prove she was shot in the head?

Do we not get it yet, Judee likes to jest and play with our heads?

The school teacher story out of Hawaii a month ago where she was purportedly beaten to death with a bat while working part-time cleaning houses. Are we not getting it was made up to keep the workers from not listening to Bitch message to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Might we not want to think a little about the fact that the same people who are giving us the news are the same nuclear war fighting industrial hobbyists that have repeatedly attacked us with nuclear missiles and have their GE Hitachi atomic cannon shooting our nation and our life forms out of here now?

Continues at:

In this false racial, sexual baseball bat attack might we see how cunning Judah is at working the mental of the people to separate us? Does Judee not say, "always opp racial?" Yes, he does say that frequently.

"Sullivan, it's kinda sad they sold you out, they kinda make you appear racial here.

Pat, they pulled your portion because your sight was feared." 1.43 p.m.

Bitch ta

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