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Pendleton family faces questions after violent attack in res
Wed Feb 7, 2018 05:32

Pendleton family faces questions after violent attack in restaurant they own

By: Dane Placko
POSTED: JUL 10 2017 09:33PM CDT


UPDATED: JUL 10 2017 10:02PM CDT

A South Side family that knows all too well the heartbreak of violence is now facing questions after a violent attack in a restaurant they own.

It happened Saturday night in the South Shore neighborhood in a lounge owned by the family of Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old girl whose murder in 2013 sparked national outrage.

"He is lying up with two black eyes, stitched up head, a neck brace. He was out for over 15 hours,” said the victim’s grandmother, Theresa Brown.

Friends and family say it's horribly ironic that 32-year-old Bud Clarke was badly beaten while visiting the New Look Lounge in the South Shore neighborhood Saturday night. That’s because the soul food restaurant and bar was opened by the family of the late Hadiya Pendleton to honor the memory of the 15-year-old girl gunned down near her school four years ago - a shooting that shocked Chicago and the nation.

"This restaurant is here primarily to serve this community in a positive way. There's not much around that you can go to, sit down and actually have a nice meal,” said Hadiya’s uncle, Ted Pendleton.

Hadiya's uncle says Clarke came in Saturday night and bought a round of drinks. Witnesses say he got into some sort of altercation with Nate Pendleton, Hadiya's father. After being asked to leave they say the doorman hit Clarke with a chair from behind.

"So Buddy rushed to grab him like this, and that's when I seen the bartender hop up on top of the bar with a big old wooden bat and he whacked Buddy in the back of the head, and Buddy hit the floor face first,” said Almisa Brown.

They say Clarke was on the floor bleeding for some time before the restaurant called 911.

Nate Pendleton told FOX 32 by phone the following: "I try extremely hard to stay away from violence... I really regret what happened, because this is not what this place is for."

But he and his brother both say Clarke’s beating was defensive and justified.

"We're really against violence. I think that’s been my family's motto for several years, especially since my niece’s death,” Ted Pendleton said.

"I can't believe you would have such disdain for another human life. Considering the situation that you and your family faced,” Theresa Brown said.

Police responded after the beating and took reports, but so far no charges have been filed.

Clarke remains hospitalized at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. His godmother told FOX 32 he has retained an attorney to investigate his case.

Bitch happened to see this story from last summer reposted at FOX 32 news in Chicago and read some of the reverse facial speech.
Hadiya Pendleton the 15-year-old girl purportedly murdered in 2013

For those who have been reading Bitch posts, he reported in 2013 after reading many reverse facial speech statements that Hadiya was not slain, she ghosted away. The body in the coffin was a wax replica made by Disney to fool the people.

Bitch found some reverse facial speech statements in the FOX video that looks interesting and might help explain why Hadiya had to ghost out. See what you think of these subconscious statements from the speakers.
"My insurance days core you out for lunch."
"My challenge is how to screw a potato in. For my falsin' my tight wad no longer exists. All of my stumblin' has to close now because of my race war. "
Beating victims Godmother

"I'm with San Francisco totally out. If we sit down I race you out with some true offense. Genocide has put me in trouble, terrorists go fight my fight. Shock ricin is not unusual for a Minnie opp. We just play prejudice to score you out."
Almisa Brown

"I'm doing this for Israel. I'm supposed to chump you all, it's easy, I fool you racial. I'm investable for all my views. We just register you Morgan penis white fist."
"We wiped so many with Germany people we have to go in. We survive white force on the interest rate. I pest you off on a register. White, you see my execution with genuine rules. We played with some mortgage money sport right."
"I had some whiskey Dee see. I have some problems with insurance, I made some white boys go. Gruesome my series I do final. I had a right power to shoot you and I scattered you bad. I'm all for Jew big hits false. My wrench is just about at an end. This is a freebie to give Patrick a false."
Dane Placko

"Handsome all go and fall here because our pitch was not refused."

Are we perceiving that was all a made up opp to falsely smear Bitch with another baseball bat beating story?

Can we only wonder was Hadiya bait that caught some boys in a register trap? Might that explain why she had to go ghost away?

Did some happen to notice that the Godmother of the purportedly beaten Mr. Clarke was mentioned as his "Grandmother?"

Might that mistake not clue us it was a clumsy Judah opp?

"This is a freebie to give Patrick a false."

Might that reveal what it is all about?

They say Clarke was on the floor bleeding for some time before the restaurant called 911.

Might we note if he was bleeding for a long time it doesn't show?

Did anyone else notice in the pictures the guy in the hospital bed has a beard and mustache and the guy on the floor doesn't have either?

Does it also not look as if the picture on the floor was intentionally blurred?

While on the subject of ghosts, the former spokesperson for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was purportedly killed in the hotel attack in Afghanistan recently.

CNN)Glenn Selig, spokesman for Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates, was killed in the weekend Kabul hotel attack, according to a statement from spokesperson for The Publicity Agency and Selig Multimedia Inc., his Florida-based companies.

Four Americans were killed in the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, according to the US State Department.

"The United States strongly condemns the attack on January 20 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. We can confirm that there were four US citizens killed and two injured. We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and wish for the speedy recovery of those wounded. Out of respect for the families of the deceased, we have no further comment," State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement.

Do some recall all investigations on the hill in Washington DC about the purported deaths of the American ambassador in the 2012 Benghazi attack? Have we not seen enough Judah ghosting operations that we don't recognize them when we see now?

While thinking about the people who did lose their lives in this attack on the hotel in Afghanistan Bitch read some reverse speech that there were Marines on the inside that opened it up to let the attackers in.

Six Taliban militants barged into the highly guarded Intercontinental hotel on Saturday night, fighting until noon on Sunday. At least 14 of their victims were foreign citizens, nine of them pilots and flight crew members from Ukraine and Venezuela who worked for a private Afghan airline, Kam Air.

Can we only wonder what the insurance packages on well paid pilots looked like?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get the paper away from these high flying sports guys and gals?

Thank you. God bless.

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    • Pendleton family faces questions after violent attack in res — PS POST, Wed Feb 7 05:32
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