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"Let It Snap Into Your Minds, Patrick's Helping Us." 12.15
Thu Feb 8, 2018 08:40

"Let It Snap Into Your Minds, Patrick's Helping Us."

12.15 a.m.

Just can't sleep it is so troubling to be watching the mass of the American people perished out fair and right and not able to get it stopped.

Our fabulous food supply that gave us the first wealth that continues to let us eat well, being terminally poisoned out in such a way that we apparently don't know about it yet.

Our good God almighty in heaven above inviting us to join the big guys club. The one that is in peace all the time with plenty of abundance for everyone to go around fine.

"They've completely ignored me," Papa said as His children die our selves out fair and right.

The invitation from Papa to join the rest of His children traveling the universe with our big brothers and sisters, the angels.

"I encourage you to sail beneath us." 6.50 p.m.

Will the love and concern of God almighty for us not break through to save us yet?

They shall live in safety, and no one shall make them afraid. Ezekiel 34:28

Was that not why we left the cruel violent unjust lands of the old country to come to the new land of the free the United States of America?

The promise of a grand jury to first look into what the state wants to talk to us about before any employee of the state does anything.

The system of checks and balances that was the intent of the framers of our Constitution, put out of operation due to the privatization of our money supply.

Our wondrous Bill of rights no longer in.

Is it not plain to see that with the checks private and issued in secret only by international weap, Judah, that the balance of our society has gone from free to unfree?

The claustrophy that they lethal us with. Will American Labor not get smart and put our free society in once again?

Americans stabbed in the cradle by the supreme clerk's on the bench, taking the decision of a jury away from us in 1859.

The best deal ever for the children of God, a state created that had laws that served to fairly protect everyone, destroyed completely by Jewish on the unlimited workers' free bourse.

The 2% that continue to attack Americans with nuclear missiles. Will American Labor not wake yourselves to your own passing and act to try and save yourselves?

The 2% that could not get their blast attack by the Martian defense and so they are sneaking their nanoparticles in to die us big.

Will we not keep praying for the day that Druid-Slovak ends puberty and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The Jews with their assault and battery, their lies, smears, their cage storage ways, though have their ways not proven strong enough to take our whole nation away?

The people of America that gave Jewish their greatest wealth ever now being died out inhaling Jewish electricity brimstone waste.

The authority to issue the money of the workers of America. Held privately in international Jewish hands.

The Jewish hands and Druid pockets that built over 150,000 atomic and hydrogen bombs and the rockets to shoot them at us.

American Labor funding a permanent state of war in our world. Atrocity, torture, and genocide the Wall Street business model.

"Why didn't you try it?" Papa asked about the STRIKE by American Labor that will close this nuclear war-fighting war hobbyist crowd.

They've got their planes fueled up and ready to fly but as American Labor keeps funding our die they stay to molest and abuse us some more.

The American Airforce and US Navy and Berlin's genocide sports that tried to kill us and our babies in a three-hour nuclear blast shot. Must we not end funding their war genocide sport?

Will we not pray that Druid-Slovak becomes dutiful and helps to close Jewish nuclear fighting hobbyists out right?

"Druid has ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful. White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up. We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Are there not some that share the belief that before we are totally poisoned out that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish thieves?

The "Organizing Principle of Society," the concession to issue the money of a nation.

That economic fact known to weap Judah by 1604 after the Mixt money cases worked their way through the London courts from 1602.

From before their Keynesian economics to their Laffer curve, has there ever been even one economics book written that has explained that most simple though crucial fact to us?

"Abstract Receipts of Labor." What money really is.

As to economics, have we ever had even one economist explain that most simple though crucial fact to us?

Will Labor not end war sorrow hurting us?

Will the worker bees not awake to who we really are and let the queen bee off of here right?

The vicious and violent errant life forms that occupy the offices of state. Will American Labor not retire this most dangerous and violent cipher group NOW?

Our wealth based upon our Labor being healthy enough to show up for production. Might our wealth decline when our children are deformed from Hydrogen waste and not able to show up for production?

Do the mild people really not perceive that we are being destroyed systematically and scientifically with brimstone waste?

The messages from outer space, the messages from our kindly elders. Will we not give the forty minutes time to think them through to understand that elders are helping us to try and save ourselves?

The 1955 Hopskinville encounter.

Extraterrestrials landed at a farm in Hopkinsville Kentucky and engaged in useless antics frightening the families living there.

Two of the adults, Elmer Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor, claimed they had been shooting at "twelve to fifteen" short, dark figures who repeatedly popped up at the doorway or peered into the windows.

What might we wonder was the "MARKING" there?

Might we see the "useless antics" that Jewish engage in as the meta-transiliatory message to us kids from our outer space elders to us?

Concerned about a possible gun battle between local citizens, four city police, five state troopers, three deputy sheriffs, and four military police from the nearby US Army Fort Campbell drove to the Sutton farmhouse located near the town of Kelly in Christian County.

Might elders have also been "MARKING" Fort Campbell?

Have we not learned from Judee's reverse facial speech that Fort Campbell has been a big spot for opping us?

The family's claims received widespread coverage in local and national press. Early articles did not refer to "little green men", the color was later added to some newspaper stories. Estimates of the size of the alleged creatures varied from two feet to four feet, and details such as "large pointed ears, clawlike hands, eyes that glowed yellow and spindly legs" later appeared in various media.

Will American Labor not give us some help to STOP THE WAR before Judah harms us anymore?

"Large pointed ears and clawlike hands."

Will American Labor not end their abuse and molest of us?

The spacecraft that landed was reported to have had an exhaust that came out that looked like a rainbow.

As our elders use free energy on their spacecraft that has no exhaust are we connecting the dots that the rainbow exhaust was to send us a meta-transiliatory message?

The rainbow of weap Judah that he uses to mutual war us in every land.

The Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shell Replicons that hold every seat of power in every nation-state of our world.

Might we surmise that our elders from outer space are blowing the horn on Jewish nuclear war sport?

Are we not able to connect the dots to perceive that a Jewish desk in Birmingham England is calling North Korea and telling him what threat to do next to fool and hold us?

Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tseung, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, might we recognize those names as a few of the better know hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Replicon Jews?

Will we not try to perceive their international mutual war sport game they are playing on all of us?

Will American Labor not put your faith in our good God above and close the 'deuce force out of our world right?

The 2% that enjoy toying and playing with us. Will Labor, not end funding their sports?

Must mild people not prevail and end accepting Jew lies and threats?

Reincarnation Proof: 5 year old white boy lived past life as black woman! *Best Quality*

Published on Feb 20, 2015
Luke Ruehlman is a healthy 5-year-old boy. Still, he's already had a lifetime of experiences -- he has even died! Luke has managed to convince at least a few people that he lived a past life as Pam Robinson, an African-American Chicago woman who died in a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993.

Standard YouTube License
"I'm just oppin' you my best die. This is really a rave show. Judee has mass failed you. My wake is to rupt your day. Race properly is toww' fisty. My geno-sight is sad.
"I had some clausterfell weaps minnow. I perp your peace from coming in with my congress boy. You fail war rightly. H----- halt me weap show. I want your peaceful out sad. I have hypee sin purity insurance. Bridges fall all failed.
"I hames you all sore establishment. My thespy is to do heart attacks for offices. I'm eneeferous ever suffer you. Pitts war was amazing. I just moo cow. I just for a fact roll you off as a fish. This is to opp you dog blind. We want to hold his mother as a fail right. I fault you all failed with a jail cell. We see you more vegous with war fail. Washington is washing a true fall.

My mother worked the wicked side. Mortgage pay me awful fairce'. With a pure way you'll always be set, he'll just roll you here heart stopped right. The sheriff's office handled all the boomis Loomis calls. My true heritage is sad, I jumped for a Jew offering. It's a fool fail you fall this way.
Chicago River
Video 4.48 at

And what are we to make of Judah making a false video in 2015 of a little blue-eyed white boy's mommy claiming he is a reincarnated black woman that was burned up in the Paxton Hotel fire in 1993?

Might we perceive by the mother's polished good looks that she works for weap Judee and the Chicago branch of the Kosher Nostra?

"My true heritage is sad, I jumped for a Jew offering."

As Bitch has written about the significance of the Paxton Hotel fire previously, might we suspect the reason that Judah did this mental opp of a reincarnated black woman was to take off Bitch peace intent?

"We want to hold his mother as a fail right. This is to opp you dog blind."

Wasn't it strange that the Paxton Hotel was ordered demolished before fire inspectors had a chance to determine how that blaze started?

Might we see a redux of Our Lady of Angels fire in the Paxton Hotel blaze? Might we see that Judee once again was able to freely bourse those that agreed with his course?

Might that fire have been a test of sorts to prove loyalty to Judah force?

Do we recall that Judah attacked us with one thousand intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Will American Labor not try to get real sober and prevent these Jewish war makers and their hybrid transplant look alike shells from pushing the mild people into hell?

"It's a fool fail you fall this way."

The errant people who came to America with a preformed plan to destroy our free way of life and reinstall the Reich.

As the Tele sender said, "they get smart to erase you."

Will American Labor not listen to our good God above that loves us and wants us to survive and help us close out this alien enemy foreign war making alliance right?

Will American Labor not awake to the fact that it is Labor money that is erasing us now?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. I urge you to give them a fall for their sin. I encourage you to sail beneath us." God Almighty in heaven above said.

The highest member of our house, our good God Almighty. The head of the extraterrestrial society from which we arose from.

Will we not pray that American workers will spend the forty minutes of serious thinking to bring about the end of the Jewish eternal war in our world?

Tele receives:

"The gentlemen make the beautiful beast delightful. 4.29 p.m.

They're trying to rape us whole checks. 5.14 p.m.

They war reckless. 5.26 p.m.

Badly they mush our field. 5.27 p.m.

Oh, Pat, it's real dreary. 5.30 p.m.

The scientist scores them goofy.

Your overall is running, super will not drop the page.


You're faired, they finish you racial.

It's horrible reach us.

Tough mosh us way up.

A thousand people play us.

Harsh won. 11.09 p.m.

It's a nice molest.

The Reich is folding you off of this place quite abuse-al.

Oh, my God, they scored you obviously, polio received you.

Oh my God I don't believe you smashed us like this Patrick.

The basher already fell but you refused yourself.

You're already fuse cited.

Pest right terrible failed you.

You lose your field through free works.

Oh, my God, he touched you. 11.22 p.m.

They jail delightfully here.

They bilk you image.

STRIKE THEM OUT Patrick, don't leave us here.

Oh my God its ration being killed.

STRIKE THEM OUT they fool obviously.

Let it snap into your mind Patrick's helping us. 11.35 p.m.

Ice lands been refused, STRIKE THE WAR!

Cur-plex. 12.05 a.m.

Let's roll. 1.15 a.m.

Lets so end. 2.31 a.m.

You suffered. 3.41 a.m.

It's garbage, they leave filth." 4.12 a.m.

Might we not have to give Judah his due for is he not holding us to fund erasing ourselves?

"Oh, Pat, it's real dreary." 5.30 p.m.

Was that concerning yesterday's post?

Even without coffee for many months might we perceive Bitch is not a number one or two thinker here?

Will Labor not try to perceive that Bitch is a simple working guy just like most everybody we pass on the street?

"They bilk you image."

Will Labor not give Judah's image of Bitch a send-off and try to save yourselves from being erased fair and right?

And how fair is it to erase us in that we are buying the matches that Judee is using to burn us up with?

Has Labor selected the 160 workers who are to come in and issue our money for us?

One of the other things that the Mixt money cases in 1602-1604 in London decided was that it is the prerogative of the sovereign to issue a nation states money.

The sovereigns in the old world, were they, not sovereigns because they successfully fisted out anyone who doubted it?

Might we think of the creation of the United States of America, where no physical force was used in the mutual agreement that gave us our great Bill of Rights and our new nation, the land of the free?

Might we want to consider as no physical force was used to put our rights in then no physical force can permanently take them away?

But how can that be said when every day they take our lives, liberty, property and give us a land that pursuit of happiness is banned?

Have we not seen throughout all of our histories that tyranny is only a temporary state of things?

Might we wonder though why does tyranny keep appearing on almost every shore?

Might it be the question of vigilance?

Continues at:

Or might it be that the Organizing Principle of Society has seldom been held by the majority of the population?

Along with issuing our money might we think a little about the fact that the bank legally det

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