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Saudi Arabian court sentences famous columnist to 5 years in
Fri Feb 9, 2018 06:08

Saudi Arabian court sentences famous columnist to 5 years in prison
Thu Feb 8, 2018 03:36PM
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This file photo shows Saudi prominent columnist Saleh al-Shehi.
A Saudi Arabian criminal court has sentenced a prominent columnist to five years in prison on charges of allegedly insulting the royal court.

The ruling, according to some state-linked media, was issued against Saleh al-Shehi on Thursday. Furthermore, the court also ruled that the writer was banned from traveling abroad for five years after completion of his prison term, the Okaz online newspaper reported.

Al-Shehi, with nearly 1.2 million followers on Twitter, was detained after he accused the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, the official body that represents the king and crown prince of the country, of corruption during an appearance on the privately owned Rotana Channel on December 8 last year.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has previously urged Saudi authorities to release the writer, but all to no avail. Al-Shehi, who had also been a writer at the state-linked al-Watan website, had alleged on the Rotana Channel’s show Yahalla that any Saudi national, who has a contact within the royal court, automatically has an advantage in buying strategically located land unavailable to the public.

The ruling is the latest case targeting critics of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who in September ordered the arrest of dozens of well-known Saudi figures, including moderate clerics, for not publicly supporting or for criticizing his domestic and foreign policies.

PressTV-‘Bin Salman’s UK visit to be delayed amid protest fears’

A controversial trip by the Saudi crown prince to London is reportedly set to be delayed amid fears in Riyadh of negative media coverage and public protests.
Bin Salman has not stepped out of Saudi Arabia since the start of his so-called anti-corruption purge on November 4, reportedly over fears of internal disorder in his absence. His visit to London, scheduled to be made in early March, will be part of an extended trip that is expected to also take him to Paris and Washington.

The purge sent shockwaves through Saudi markets, with reports saying many billionaires moved their assets out of the region to avoid getting caught up in the crackdown. Rights groups have already described the 32-year-old prince's clampdown on dissent as authoritarianism.

Bin Salman, known for his unstable manners, became crown prince when a cousin of his was sidelined nearly eight months ago. Saudi royals are clearly fearful that the young and relatively inexperienced prince’s ultimate accession to the throne, which some say would be imminent, will destabilize Saudi Arabia and slide the country into further political uncertainty.

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Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes18 hours ago
There no journalist being jailed or murdered in Venezuela, and yet the MSM keeps quiet on tyrannies like Saudi Arabia or narco states like Colombia and Mexico.
()18 hours ago
Stupid Saudi, go on lock up your entire nation, it's coming and it's coming fast from "Creator" you better be prepared...
J.J._Israel_Pays_250,000_Propaganda_Posters23 hours ago
When the Truth is a Crime, you're either in K.S.A., or Israel.
TruthSeekeryesterday at 13:41
This is what a US ally really is.... another morally bankrupt corrupt rogue state like itself.
Birds of a feather flock together. Living proof.
nisar09nov1944yesterday at 12:22
The days of this despicable Zionist /Saudi rulers will soon come to an .
end(insha allah)
There is neither might nor power except with ALLAH.
Si-siyesterday at 12:14
Al-ghamdy is a tribe of cowards bought by sauds with the oil of the Shia in the Eastern Province.
Midwest For Truth
Midwest For Truthyesterday at 11:16
No citizen of Saudi Arabia could respect this supposed king. He is a joke. The world community has done nothing to prevent human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia. More evidence that the king is just another Zionist and the world community is afraid to go after Zionists.
Defenderyesterday at 10:05
Falesteeni> Defenderyesterday at 12:06
Saudis are America’s ally, what that tell you about the Americans?
When You Act Against "Creator"...
When You Act Against "Creator"...yesterday at 09:47
Your entire beyond bounds your immoral systems globally will be destroyed by the "Invisible Signal?"...

  • "Let It Snap Into Your Minds, Patrick's Helping Us." 12.15 a.m. Just can't sleep it is so troubling to be watching the mass of the American people perished out fair and right and not able to get it... more
    • Saudi Arabian court sentences famous columnist to 5 years in — PS POST, Fri Feb 9 06:08
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