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"Our Error Won Complete, Busted Out All Of Your States." T
Thu Feb 22, 2018 08:35

"Our Error Won Complete, Busted Out All Of Your States."

That, of course, is a weap Judee reverse facial speech.

Judah engaged the goodness that is the United States of America into permanent warfare. The killing of our innocent family worldwide all paid out of taxes forced from Labor.

Bitch detected a couple of signals while sleeping last might that indicate American Labor may be going to act real soon and close the Jewish Chimney Store management outright.

Might we want to consider with the extreme level of power that American Labor has that once it closes out the Jewish management abusive, our planet will no longer have abuse in any land?

Is that not why the old world sports classes set their sights on destroying the good that was America?

Did they not want to prevent the thought of freedom from entering their subjects minds and bringing them to demand a fair, just life too? Is that not why the old world despots and autocrats put at the top of their list of things to do is to get the American people without rights?

And has Jewish not served the despots right by fooling and falsing Americans totally out of our God-given rights?

And what are our rights?

How about the right to life that Jewish take away when they shoot our kids down in these prison camps they call schools?

Might the right to life that God gave us not be the most important of them all? What good are all the other rights if we are not alive to exercise them?

The right to liberty and to own property. What value are they when we are dead and gone?

Judee tells us it was a marijuana patch that let him bring his despot ways in.

Has Judee's war on drugs not enabled him to steal from us good?

Might we perceive the war on drugs has from the beginning been a way to crush our rights?

Throwing grenades through windows and busting doors in as his way to do good things for us. Has Judee not fooled us right?

Now Judah is making arrests on suspicion using the despot tyrant laws of the autocrats found in old Europe.

And our family in Europe that tried so hard to put themselves in a nice field put the grand jury provision in in 1430 that brought about the golden age of Poland.

Might we deduce from that that free people create the most wealth?

Certainly, free people create the most wealth and this has been known about for a long time. Might we understand that jealous Judah does not want us free because we make ourselves wealthy and it incites Judah's jealousy and envy against us?

"It's too late to shoot Pat; he's already shot me," Judee say.

The report of Judah attacking us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima atom bomb amounts of blast heat and radiation force.

Rather than Pat shooting him, did Judah not do a fabulous job of shooting himself?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending His kind capable angels in to spare us from Jewish thermonuclear blast war?

Our Father in heaven who loves us all and wants us to live in peace with each other and come on up and join the rest of His children to explore the galaxy and beyond with them.

Elders arrived on planet earth 700,000 years ago. Over 8 million years after the Federation was created, and it took them that long to finally explore this little planet one of trillions in our galaxy.

And in 9 million years only 20% of our galaxy has been explored.

If the Galactic Federation of Light lasts as long as Prenasour, 78 million years, we still will not have explored our galaxy complete when our 223 genes pass out of life form. It's that big.

Judah who is waging war in all the many varieties that he is able to score us in. Mechanical war with boots on the ground terrorizing our family all around our world.

Judah war on our resources that he is scoring out by destroying the insects that pollinate the plants that produce the food we eat.

His war on our underground fresh water supplies by putting carcinogenic chemicals in to do his fracking for carbon energy supplies.

The courts that have ruled the chemicals used for fracking is a corporate trade secret and so the corporations don't have to reveal what they are putting into our freshwater supplies.

Might we not want to keep in mind that these are the same Jewish courts that reenslaved an honest working man after a Missouri jury set him free in 1854?

And more Jewish court decisions that have authorized the pumping of radioactive waste from Jewish electricity power plants next to underground freshwater supplies. Based on assurances that the radioactive waste will not seep into the freshwater supplies.

All the while our atmosphere is being poisoned out setting us to die off like flies in some years ahead of us now.

Might we try to imagine we're in an episode of Star Trek and the Starship Enterprise with Captain Kirk and Spock on board is anchored on the other side of our moon and is helping with the meta-gorical transfiguration of our species out of animal primitivism and into our extraterrestrial life form?

The 35 hominids that existed 200,000 years ago that all are gone except us, God's kids.

And why are we here and the other kids are gone? Could it be any other than our high-level intelligence 223 psychiatric genes that gave us all the thinking power we need to survive?

The 223 gift to us from Father Kirkser 200,000 years ago that gave us a chance to survive the catastrophes on earth that wiped the less intelligent out.

The angels' genes that give us 50,000 extra vitamins and enzymes to help us think.

The angels genes that when programmed right will give us the chance to live the next nine million years in peace.

Then our time will end. 21 million years from beginning to end.

The Federation at that time will be 18 million years old, and if it goes as Prenasour did, it will have another 60 million years until our 223 genes finally pass out of life due to old age.

The incessant war of the errant life form. In our time will we not pull their score?

Judah who claims there are too many of us and we won't have enough resources for everyone's mouths is poisoning our resources out.

Bitch asked elder years ago about increasing populations and how long would our resources hold elder said, "eternity."

"We chose peace with no regrets," elder also said.

Mercury, Venus Jupiter and beyond. Over 100 billion human Beings of our creation on earth from 200,000 years ago already living and traveling in the stars.

The simple simian ape kids of planet earth that so excited and thrilled the love of Father Kirkser with the way we loved and cared for each other that Father Kirsker wanted us to survive and so had His angels gift us their high-level psychiatric genes.

Judah with his supreme intelligence knew quite a bit about these things. He knew that extraterrestrial Beings in our area of the galaxy base themselves in perfect peace.

Judah has known for thousands of years that extraterrestrials in our area of the galaxy do not fight.

Is it not something to ponder that Judah knew at the time of Jesus that Jesus was sent by an extraterrestrial peaceful superpower civilization to help us grow in peace?

King Harald of Norway that took the throne in 872 AD. Shortly after our precious sweet Father took His seat on the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Father Christopher had passed at that time. Father Christopher is who sent His son Jesus in.

Has there ever been an episode of Star Trek that approaches the magnificence of our elders in the Federation above?

Our precious sweet Father now 2,200 years of age. His beautiful life is nearing the end. And what is Father's love doing other than trying to save his beautiful simian children that are perishing in a Jewishly nuclear war on earth?

Father Kirkser declared us extraterrestrial stuff 200,000 years ago because we cared for and loved each other so well.

The cult of Judah with a deathly weakness, an inability to accommodate others now being died off right.

And yet Judah with his "rare" qualities of being able to fool and false fabulously, is taking a third of the people that are alive on the surface of planet earth as his catch.

Judah always fishing us putting lines out with bait on them. With such big catches that Judah gets might we not say a prayer of thanks that Father has let them get themselves out?

The extraterrestrial technology we have in our hands that is sitting on many of our desktops. The "Great Equalizer," elder called the computers that let us get everything done right.

The technical ability to feed house and clothe all of God's children on earth. Now at our fingertips.

So why then are so many millions of Americans living in the streets homeless, hopeless, destitute in misery and poverty?

Might it have to with the fact that all management no matter what color they appear to be are really Jewish Fornian shells pretending to be others?

The hybrid transplant Jewish Fornian Replicon brand that took over the entirety of planet earth. Their quest to spread disharmony and strife, make war and spread disease until they have the chance to genocide you and me.

Bitch has turned the television off pretty much in the last few days and is not watching the news because now that Judah has passed the seal date they are laughing that they have scored us Druid kids so well.

Many Druid kids sterilized and won't be producing offspring because of radioactive waste that our children have been inhaling.

Judah kids at a young age know this radioactive waste poisoning of Druid to be fact, as our elders from outer space know that fact. And of course, those that are focused know that fact also.

Apparently, that truth of loss of life form due to losing the ability to reproduce ourselves has not yet reached the majority of Druid workers yet.

"Your stupid stinks." A Tele sender said.

Bitch is not one to argue or criticize though he could point out, that Bitch stupid spotted these errant guys in November of 1965 when he did the mathematics of nuclear war.

Though Bitch technical is useful and elders said that it is beyond what Bitch himself is aware of, his social side needs help and has caused him to lose votes out here.

If Bitch's stupid stinks might it not be informative to consider that it was at least able to try and save itself?

Might Bitch's accidentally stupid but never intentionally ride side, that doesn't exist now and was only temporary due to deadly state terrorist incitement by Judee, arise from his one-eight stupid sand vibe side?

Might it have been the one eight sand vibe wit that saw death in a nuclear war in 1965? Might it have been the one eight stupid sand vibe that regrettably insulted you's?

Might we want to think how stupid Judah has proven to be for attacking us all out with his thermonuclear war force? If so might Labor not give Bitch a break because he got stuck with one eight sand vibe that is really stupid too?

"You're a nice boy. He remained true to me," Kind, sweet Father said of His Bitch boy shill on earth.

Bitch refusal to go along with any of the wars that the hustlers on Wall Street bourse in.

"He remained true to me," Father said of Bitch who was an atheist who didn't believe there was a God in heaven above.

Bitch remembers thinking that if there was a God in heaven above he sure doesn't care much about us.

Bitch logic was that if God truly cared about us would he not stop the war for us?

Might we see in the mystery and wonder of God is that he is giving us the way for us to stop the war ourselves?

Might we not say a prayer of thanks that God sent Captain Kirk, Scotty, Spock, and Uhura to help us wit ourselves in the right direction to STOP THE WAR?

Isaiah 41:10 (CEBA) Don't fear, because I am with you; don't be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand.

Our Father's house that has no such thing as punishment in it. Will Labor not let the foul breed off right?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," precious Father said.

While Judah claims that it was Bitch that shot him dead, do we see the gun that was used was fired from Judah's own hands?

The mirror that Mercury gave to Bitch that he held up that when Judah pulled the trigger and pushed the button that caused the ricochet that shot genocidal Jewish dead.

Will American Labor not let John Barleycorn die and try to save yourselves from certain extermination in this wide-ranging Jewish genocide aimed primarily against the mild people of the north?

Case of the Flying Saucer with Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)
Published on Apr 21, 2012
SPECIAL REPORT ON UFO's: Hosted by the great Edward R. Murrow, this 1949 report, set to video images, features interviews and sound bites of military and civilian witnesses to many of the early landmark UFO encounters. This recording is believed to be the first assessment

Barry I. Grauman
3 years ago
Originally broadcast on Friday, April 7, 1950 at 10:30pm(et).
Carolyn Childs
1 year ago
I believe this could very well be true. Just one of the things that is unexplaid. Someone said why don't they land, If we can not get along with people who live on our planet, what makes you think we would get along with somethng from another planet, or even be able to talk to who ever is in the ships.
5 years ago
Oh, sorry i thought You meant something else.
As for today's witnesses, they can be harassed, bugged, put under high tech surveillance that is almost paranormal in nature, be subject to psychological warfare, have their reputations and businesses ruined, and even run off the road, murdered or 'suicided'
Im afraid the UFO business is just as dangerous as ever if not more so! thanks
5 years ago
Reason why US won't open UFO files is because they're defending own "capitalism" based on mass enslaving of people - in correct translation they're defending banks and money. Evidence is overwhelming that's for sure. Thanks goes to the Internet which gave right evidence.

VIDEO 31.37 AT

Edward R. Murrow interviewed a woman from Selma, Alabama on that video that was with her husband when they saw several spacecraft in the sky.

"We had been riding along in the open country and had been observing a very beautiful sunset and as the sun dipped over the western horizon, I looked to my right and there in the sky were three small lights which appeared to me to be three very small clouds.

I looked steadily and said, 'no, they are not clouds they are airplanes,' and then I called my husband's attention to them.

And he said, 'no, those are not airplanes, those are lights. And we observed them very closely. But being in motion ourselves they were motionless because we didn't stop.

Right as we rolled along for something like a mile they hovered, hung there in the sky, and to us, they had the appearance of too sharp fluorescent lights, a silverish pink tinged moonlight.

And I said to my husband, 'that gives me a feeling that God is trying to say something to us. And we have had that feeling within us since.'"

That woman from Selma, Alabama gave that audio report to Edward R. Murrow in 1949, two years after elders crashed one of their spacecraft at the home base of the 509th Army Airforce atomic bombing group located in Roswell, New Mexico.

"That gives me a feeling that God is trying to say 'something' to us. And we have had that feeling within us since."

Continues at:

Will American Labor not try to hear the "something" that God is trying say to us and try to save yourselves from

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