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"I Fearlessly Shot You Electricity," Judee say. And how sho
Fri Feb 23, 2018 09:08

"I Fearlessly Shot You Electricity," Judee say.

And how shot did Judee shoot us with electricity?

Is it perceived that he fearlessly shot us electricity that is set to die off a third of the human race?

With total control of all sources of information, print, radio, and television, plus controlling our education system, have we not noticed there is almost no warning of our impending doom?

The few slight cues we get of our impending doom that comes from the internet. Will we not try to wake to what a few commenters there have said to us?

The commenter from years ago that suggested we get tanks of nitrogen so that the whole family can go peacefully together rather than dying off individually.

Should such a comment not clue us on just how deadly is radioactive waste?

Our entire atmosphere poisoned in a way that will kill us just from breathing it. Might we note that Judah has fearlessly refused to put boron into his odorless dirty bomb that he is stoking from Hitachi-GE?

Can we not pray that the victims of nuclear war genocide will awake and end funding the nuclear war that we are suffering?

Reverse speech analysis of Marilyn Monroe - Person to Person - Edward R. Murrow - April 8, 1955, 9,921 views
"Bourse raiders ever ride us in, my effort is to out foolishin'. My error is scrummaging pulling off my company. It's time for correction. Mercury is making an effort. I have more bust you right. Bourse has a HUGE error sight with hydrogen busting us right."
"I'm Mularkey parasite. Close your life performance; I'm selling this one up. This is my stripeo. Soviet guns are able to wash you perfectly true. I just purpose you right symbol. As long as I can keep the Martian away I'm with you.
This is my vengeance,
core you for free."
"---- -- ---- ---- -----; ------ -- -- ----. ------ ---------- -- --- ----- -- --------"
"My right past Germany failed. Jew has a big bourse swat behind to get his way. They take a peep, squint. I'm a rinsed success. Duck seeked. Kopf takes out states success pills.
Hustle you off in nicive ways. Cite you burlesque boo, my nylon is responsible for accomplishing this. I'm an obvious swit for summer.
I'm plurated, I'm schold.
Womb micey. I always app great falsing. The weal of sight are rich time. I want some props right with a jury.
They shot my cipher virtual. They're foreign falling us out. I have a boom for my chops here. A cannibal survivor rape me. They play with your genus like a melon. Their hos is all inadequacy."
"-- ------ --- ------- -- ------ ----- -----. -- ------ -- ------- ----
-----. ----- ---- ------------."
"Is that your repturous sights grand theory? You rice so over sin."
"-- ------- -------- --- --- ---------. - ----- --- ----- --- --- ----. - ---- --- -----."
"My can make softage. I'm bi-cipherin'. I've organized a fool analysis here. I just shoot them bad for philosophy. I was always a gem to get your race out. I'm a saleable gun with a Fritz guy."
"Jiminals, they fault you. Giapetto ouch fetch you right. I hesitate on merchant bourse opess, central way say Marilyn is screw dumb.
Judee fist you Iowa. I'm coffib insure."
"------ ------------ ---------- ---- ------."
"Alf true boursing false here."
"The whites have been set rapetous past. Childs boy helps thee force rule. Wonderbluss Jewish threat. Wisconsin ignored your cipher.
All British opps all play imp you. Puritan security kypes you off right, it's their necessary animal world. The world be sight (cite) bourse fight. Uni-central down ya. I know my state is falling Jew oppery.
Harold is sad they opp-a-gen right obsoboot. They're criminals perish psycho. My race now go opp wasted. I have racial love for my virgin. I want to bring you out of a blast-sphere.
Assault you mutual abraser. They fell us Belgianess; they ever fight you for freebie. You, nice guys, had a chance for high school, and they mauch you off.
I wish you boys would shoot the measuring. When we have armament truce Harold will grow right wits. I believe fist cipher is really shit.
Jewish USA really murder opped you, algred really died you. Pray exposing Judee appiness, their morosive race fold industry. They buy some Judah-felt sauce to make you happy animal for feud.
I see incurable ostragens. My luxury brain is awfully nice-ally. I cite controversy as a folding you force. Your whites are holding up a problem home. Maryland is going to app you all out.
Through Naples they make war."
"- --- ---- --- ------ --- ---- -----."
"--- ---- ----- --- -- - --- ----."
"I believe audi-ism will pursue you. Worst out scrimmage. The Jews are really vapid. I see London is not unusual with company. I say Marilyn chorizo is done, gone, it's probably the end. I'm at the end."

Video 13.37 at

All of those statements coming from the subconscious of the speakers.

Might we note that Marilyn from her subconscious tells us that her cipher is German?
"My right past Germany failed."

And what is the right past that Germany failed?

Might it be the failure of all of us to be aware enough to prevent Jewish from using us to fund and fight his eternal sports war?

"White children don't have any receipts, so we have them beat you up. We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

That we have survived the nuclear war fighting genocidal hobbyists of Germany and American Jewish will the Slav Druid people not respond in some way to our radioactive chemical execution now?

Will the white race not clear our past history of Jewish violence, take the Organizing Principle of Society away from them and let us live in peace again?

The peace the mild people enjoyed and lived in for 30,000 years until the four-speed extension warriors showed up for some foul sex in the northlands.

Will American Labor not try to take the tears out of our extraterrestrial family's eyes as they watch us being exterminated in a MEGADEATH situation?

"Harold is sad they opp-a-gen right obsoboot."

The obviously obsolete boot of weap Jewish. The guy that is always hiking us everywhere he goes. Will Labor not recognize what they are doing to us here and end their ability to poison us out by taking the concession to issue our money out of the bloody private hands of weap Jewish?

"You, nice guys, had a chance for high school, and they mauch you off."

The high school up above our heads, the universe our elders in the Federation have welcomed us in to. Will American Labor not take the catastrophe Jews off of us before they finish us all out right on out?

The actual German cipher. Might along with Marilyn we think of Jacob Hutter (1500-1536) who refused to go to war and would not harm his fellow man and so Jewish weap cipher along with their alliance partners burned Jacob at the stake?

Will white people not try to get past the false and fear and close these dangerous Jewish genocide ciphers with their royal Obergruppenfuhrers out of here?

The shooting in the Florida high last week. In reverse facial speech Bitch picked up a couple of mentions of "Austria".

He also pulled the name of an island out of one of the Jewish student's reverse speech (RS): "Curacao."

One other Jewish student mentioned "9,000" in RS for the day.

After taking a look found out that Curacao is a Dutch island located near Venezuela. It has numerous large financial institutions located there.
Might the "9,000" and the mention of "Curacao" indicate the checks for the shooting of American youngsters were paid through Curacao banks?

Then took a look at Austria and learned the head is a Dutchman. Might there be a connection somewhere there?

Are we understanding American Labor that the Jew is in alliance with the old world autocrats and they are working in collusion to crash the goodness of America bad?

Might American Labor not appreciate that when Labor is issuing our money the bank records, along with insurance records, will we be open to public inspection then?

Might American workers try to gain an appreciation that it is unlimited power to issue free money based on American Labor income tax that has allowed Judah to bourse his murderous corruption and genocide in?

From yesterday's post:

"When you STRIKE THEM OUT, I'm going to give you some new bail."

Bitch wrote that Tele receive that woke him from a sound sleep and when he read those words from Papa early today after he climbed out of bed, tears came to eyes for the kindness of Father's love for us all.

Our compassionate ever forgiving, ever merciful Father in heaven above and we continue to fund and fight the death and destruction of Father's children on earth and Father instead of being angry, harsh and mean, what does he say to us but that when we STRIKE THEM OUT, He is going to give us some new bail?

And today after opening up the Moravian Daily texts found this:

This poor soul cried, and was heard by the Lord, and was saved from every trouble. Psalm 34:6

The trouble of being poisoned out in the best land ever for the children of God on earth, the United States of America on our wonderful, wondrous sacred Bill of Rights.

The sacred rights that are our heritage, the rights the Jewish bribed court destroyed to set us on the way to permanent war.

Will Labor not act on the love of God for us and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?

The Jewish that are mature enough to understand that living on the surface of a planet in an aircraft-missile sort of world is a dangerous place to be and so they built themselves a vast underground system to live in while they bomb and burn us out.

Druid and Slav all set now to just add an "e," and we'll all be slaves again.

Must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end Jewish war disease in our land and world?

The 300 light year 'bubble' that the Galactic Federation of Light calls "home." Will Labor not try to recognize who we are and put our rights in so that we can move forward in peace?

The velocity electricity force that Judah has kept out so that he can sport us with Jewish electricity brimstone waste.

His poisoning out our underground fresh drinking water using the cover that he is doing it because we need gas and oil for our energy supplies.

Because his nuclear waste is dangerous and so to alibi it, telling us to safely get rid of his Jewish electricity nuclear waste he has to do it by pumping the brimstone waste right next to our underground water supplies.

Can we not try to look ahead and see what sort of wreckage Judah is leaving us here?

While Judah brimstone electricity waste is set to take a third of the human race out of existence, many will be Asian and African, are we not aware the largest single group that is set to be destroyed are the mild people of the north?

The jet stream that passes high over our heads is picking up the radioactive brimstone from Hitachi-GE and dumping it on the North American Continent where we are in America, and the waste travels on eastward in the jet stream to dump brimstone radioactive waste on the European continent.

Might we not see Judah war strategy is aimed to wreck as much of America and Europe as he can?

The cruelly manipulated poor Americans that are bombing and burning down our families homes in Africa and the Middle East.

Might we see by Judah using our free bourse he has been able to make over 60 million homeless war refugees that are forced to flee to largely European and American shores?

Then he plays his immigrant game with us.

Judah then trying to race everyone with tales of this that or the other.

Might we see the problems we face all arise from letting Judah disgrace us with our funding fighting his sports war?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and save us from every trouble they make?

Judah who has been fooling and porking us around thirty-five hundred years after he made contact with the advanced extraterrestrial race that created us 200,000 years ago.

Intentionally offensive to man and likewise intentionally offensive to God.

With man, he got away with it for thousands of years. With God, he shot himself right on out of here.

Jew's dead Labor, believe it, he's not coming into managing us ever again.

If he is truly dead, and any thinking 15-year-old doubt it? Then why is American Labor holding his corpse in yet?

The corpse of Judah that is wiping us and our children out. Will we not keep praying for the redemptive love of our good God to come in and spirit American Labor to let them off right?

Tele receives

"Dutchy's predictable.

They just bourse and fail and completely won. 5.22 p.m.

When something happens resign this field. 5.26 p.m.

Their pattern is weap us weapinal thief. 5.29 p.m.

They shot wit, they get you fair.

I can't sleep at night, too idiot, we don't want their war machine.

Psycho passed the state Jewish.

Super fell their age, but you died yourselves true butt morgue.

Falsely the mutual field ailed you out twisted. 12.47 a.m.

Patrick's fallen you's right for setting you's out. 1.12 a.m.

Patrick save us.

Your inside thief sold you a ticket to doom.

Genocide folds you ugly.

Oh my God save us here, Patrick save yourselves. 2.10 a.m.


Their Auschwitz take us.

The whole police department has failed us underground.

Goose felon.

You're almost failed.

Get them out of here right and failed.

He set us fair.

You're closing up your safe life.

It's in a fear.

Your whole ciphous is seriously failed.

I fail for letting them die you off this field.

If you do not put your rights in these Jew guys will die you in.

Your parish melts.

Take them off of their wit.

Your state rude will end your life.

They lethal rights here.

Close your right insurance state.

These folks are all mousey us.

Oh Patrick they full Reich us here.

Helps us easily.

Their weap was refused in their palace state.

Abuse fouls you off.

Boy chipped you because he sees truth.

They're giving us a glorious fail duds. 6.38 a.m.

Failed puritics have doomed you Portland gauge. 6.47 a.m.

Get out of their nefurious. 6.50 a.m.

We don't need it. 6.58 a.m.

You failed eruption. 7.13 a.m.

For 'f' forty efforts you failed.

They're bad savages. 8.40 a.m.

They just hold you for abuse." 9.09 a.m.

The abuse that Jewish seal in by using the power of Americas Labor purse. For the love of our merciful, good God above will American Labor not take our purse away from them?

Continues at:

The main utility of our existence, the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession, the authority to issu

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