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"April Will Cost You. They've Raped the Whole Country Rice.
Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:15

"April Will Cost You. They've Raped the Whole Country Rice."

Those are a couple of Tele receives overnight.

Navy sends destroyers to Black Sea to ‘desensitize’ Russia
By: Victoria Leoni   3 days ago
A sailor fires a .50-caliber machine gun aboard the destroyer Carney during a live-fire exercise in the Black Sea. Carney has been deployed to the Black Sea to join the destroyer Ross for the Navy's first multi-destroyer patrol of the region since 2014. (MC2 James R. Turner/Navy)

The Navy has deployed the guided-missile destroyer Carney to join the destroyer Ross in the Black Sea in a move that U.S. military officials told CNN is intended to “desensitize” Russia to the presence of American military assets in the strategically important region.

Are some of us not aware that the Jews have got the war between Russia and America set to begin in April?

Is it not something to think about that the face-off is set for America's military troops comprised mostly of Slavs, to shoot their fellow Slavs in Russia?

Does that not bring us to think what Judah says about the 1,300 years that Judah has held private management in the lands of the mild people of the north, "we had fun with the white guys?"

That leadershp between Russia and the United States of America get along well enough to kidnap people in America, transport them through Poland and send them on to be finished out in Moscow, does it not seem odd they appear to be so hostile to each other in other areas of interest?

Prayer, a telepathic way to communicate with each other and high-level Beings that are helping us to try and help ourselves.

Will we not keep our telepathic facilities alive and pray to our good God above to spare us from the catastrophic disaster that is coming upon us from this Jewishly planned war with Russia?

"We've just got to win one argument, and we can fist you without our missiles. The northern man I pitch side you, Bitch hangs us right out perfect. I got your spud," Judee say.

Will we not pray that American Labor has enough of the right stuff to STRIKE THEM OUT and break off this march to war with Russia?

To get an idea of what we are facing here might we think we have no brakes at all and are rolling downhill faster and faster into war?

Are we aware that Judah seriously tried to use his atom bombs on us?"

The beauty of genocide that Jewish crave. Will American Labor not spare us from an early grave?

While Judah himself knows God's will will be done and God will prevail, must we not try to prevent Judah from taking the full catch of a third of the human race as he goes away for good? Will Labor not act to prevent Judah from ash canning us?

Bitch had studied the extraterrestrial intervention into our world seriously since April of 1992 when he became aware that the signals he had been monitoring and recording in the phones lines were from an advanced extraterrestrial technology.

He first detected advanced signaling in our phone lines in March of 1989 after connecting his computer.

It was a one-year-old Packard Bell 12 megahertz 286 processor with a 40-megabyte hard drive. With 3.5 and 5-inch floppy drives. And a 2400 bit modem that plugged right into the phone line.

It cost $1500. New a year before it was listed at $2999. After using it for a time, Bitch discovered it had a problem with it.

The seller gave a one year warranty, and Bitch brought it to their authorized computer repair shop twice, and they failed to figure out what was the issue and did not fix it.

Finally, before the year warranty was up, they sent him to ATT Paradyne to see if they could figure out what was wrong with it.

They replaced the hard drive and then discovered that the hard drive controller had a glitch in it and replaced it. Worked great for many years then.

Sometime after it was fixed, Bitch was programming and experimenting with a variety of things. Then while using it he detected that sometimes after completing a task the hard drive controller did not end signaling. It would go into a loop and keep cycling the controller. "Hunting," continuously to describe what the controller was doing. Grinding the hard drive by cycling with no tasks to do.

Pressing control "D" would end the cycling and return the controller to ordinary function.

No more damage to the hard drive or controller. Might we guess that controller hard drive controller error was why that computer was traded in after only one year of use?

Are some wondering, "well it's nice this guy is having fun with his computers, but what does this have to do with saving us from being burned up and shot out?"

Might we think of how Bitch diagnosed the hard drive and the controller that went out in only a year because the controller didn't have some code written to disconnect it after a few cycles if no task is loading or unloading from the hard drive?

As simple as writing some code to stop the controller from continuously cycling due to an error picked up in signaling that came in from random software errors.

Are some asking again, "what does this have to do with the war with Russia that the Jews are forcing on us?"

Might we see that when Bitch does a diagnosis, he seeks to get to the root of the problem? If not for discovering the reason why the hard drive and controller failed in only a year might it have called for replacing them again in another year?

Root, the word root is the etymological root of the word "radical."

After experts found the hard drive was damaged, and when replaced they determined the controller, also was damaged and was then replaced. Are we seeing how we get to the root of the problem then? It was lack of safety code in the controller that caused the hard drive to fail because the controller kept cycling and hunting and caused both the controller itself and hard drive to fail prematurely.

As Bitch took his computer to the experts at ATT Paradyne for help in 1989 to straighten it out, he took his nuclear war problems to the experts, the angels in the heavens above in 2005 to help straighten it out.

And did our elders not deliver us well by explaining what is our root problem here and also giving us the remedy to straighten it out?

Are we seeing Labor the good advice of the angels is to STRIKE THEM OUT and take Jewish off of using our money? Will Labor not end Judah's cycling and hunting?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off. They're no friends of mine. I want the crazy out." Father said.

China and Russia dispatch ships to shadow Donald Trump’s 'armada' as it approaches North Korean waters - Japanese media report
The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson CREDIT: REUTERS
Japanese media reported the deployment as Mike Pence, the US vice president, warned Pyongyang the “era of strategic patience is over” during a visit to South Korea.

Has the diagnosis of our planet being held in the hands of look alike hybrid transplant Fornian Replicons that want to exterminate us nuclearly not the correct diagnosis of what is wrong here?

If we try to think of our computer systems as somewhat analogous to our nuclear war fighting hobbyists can we not put a line of code in that after they're done with their task of war, we signal them to quit cycling their permanent task, genocide?

Is that not all we had to do, put a couple of lines of code in to prevent our hard drive controller from continually cycling and grinding our hard drive up?

Will Labor not put a couple of lines of code in that will STRIKE THEM OUT and end their cycling war and genocide on our dollar bill?

"I honestly boot you truthful," Judee say.

Fornian hybrid transplant Replicons in Japan, Korea, both North and south, China, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, England. Holding the Organizing Principle of all of them and the United States of America in their private hands.

Heading us on a war collision course that may end any more good days for us.

The diagnosis to get at the root of what is ailing us. Will we not listen to the experts that our good God Almighty sent in, and take some real good advice, STRIKE THEM OUT and give them a fall for their sin?

Reading all the material available about the intervention into our world by our extraterrestrial elders now for over 25 years.

And what is the diagnosis of our problem at the root level?

Might it be not answered in one single word, "love?"

Loveless Judee bird that only wanted us dead. Must American Labor not end their war cycling here?

The message of Jesus to us two thousand years ago to "love one another."

Will we not pray that American Labor hears the message of Jesus and ends funding Jewish sports war?

Tele receives:

"Transhumans. 9.23 a.m.

They're leaving us homeless here. 11.09 a.m.

The U.S. failed, get them off of this place. 12.47 p.m.

I love you. 1.05 p.m.

They're weaping you's savage. 1.30 p.m.

Your forger tortures. 2.25 p.m.

The most beautiful die. 2.33 p.m.

What a beautiful thing you tossed. 2.36 p.m.

They rice bowl you for fun.

Bitchie came in with the right stuff, not a perfect boy but he tells you what they're doing. 2.45 p.m.

Save our fragile peaceful life. 5.47 p.m.

Patrick get rightful here and stop this. 5.51 p.m.

Let's win it!. 6.47 p.m.

Idiots burned us off of here. 6.51 p.m.

Real savage freightable.

The average Jew obviously rube-ish your dream of a better peace off.

Israel is a false site. 11.38 p.m.

You're almost Federal-ex.

Germany takes a sorry stupid field.

Your stupid held you right lethal. 11.52 p.m.

Their driving police failed. 11.59 p.m.

Scored the races. 12.04 a.m.

Duds, missiles and claustrophy. 12.06 a.m.

Settlement make alliances.

They Bud you.

STRIKE falseness.

Our family dies electricity. 12.12 a.m.

Vicious tyranny assaulted us, STRIKE to save the diet.

Patrick helps us. 12.19 a.m.


These deadly guys have fell the states.

Approve your Thatcher sale, Patrick. 12.21 a.m.

They failed us lifeous be fistic.

Animal psyche, Casper psyched them completely out. 12.23 a.m.

It's awfully foul that hits you.

Cancer they're using to take you off of here.

Rising quite legitimal fell.

Cash outed the greatest things.

It's an addiction that defeated mental.

Tomorrow is guestimate we're crashed because we failed ourselves promised electricity.

Jailbirds mousey site.

Operation wretch cores you. 12.47 a.m.

A miracle creeps us.

It's quite a bind that's coming in, enough to die us all.

Our family died through baby, we could have made it if we leave our fears go.

Super rates bad. 1.01 a.m.

You're looking at harsh falsing here.

Idiots stalked you out here. 1.10 a.m.

Very neutral to harsh theory.

They've got the system at the root level.

Patrick save us, they raped us out. 1.14 a.m.

Police humbled the field orchid. 1.23 a.m.

Oh, my God, they're tossing me.

Fear cost you vastly. 3.27 a.m.

Your true sight revealed true false here. 3.31 a.m.

They use poverty to scrum.

You injure dead criticize. 4.00 a.m.

April will cost you. 4.40 a.m.

They've raped the whole country rice. 4.45 a.m.

Nice guy really involves himself in fair. 6.35 a.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick. 6.43 a.m.

He apologized to the hams.

Good boy victory is eluding us. 7.01 a.m.

Wit sight us for a deal. 7.26 a.m.

Revolution is all failed; Jew is dying you out.

You've be riced foolage in your morsel boursal. 7.29 a.m.

ORGANIZE! 7. 39 a.m.

If you leave them war, they'll bench war.

History is drunk to be fist dead. 7.49 a.m.

They've been bench mousing life forms here.

Some wreckage to your life force port you wholly. 7.52 a.m.

Assaulted your ecology to dump you rare. 7.54 a.m.

We've let ancient throw us quite easily. 7.57 a.m.

Parasite ever weaps your state off. 7.54 a.m.

Stupid miracle Pat's died. 8.01 a.m.

Patrick, you have a right place here for flushing them out. 8.15 a.m.

Get them off racial racist. 8.18 a.m.

They microwave us on their racket side. 8.28 a.m.

Jews inductionate ya." 8.44 a.m.

"Patrick's cipher tossed us out. Our stumble failed and fished our idol. You're attached to wake failed. Patrick's been Publishing our criminal thoughts," Judee say.

The extraterrestrial family that is trying to wake us up to try and save ourselves. Here are some excerpts from a book written by one of the many people who have met our extraterrestrial family over the years.

Contactee Howard Menger. He met some of our extraterrestrial family as a child. He flew into outer space in the 1950s in their space craft. Here are some excerpts from his book, "From Outer space to You."


HOWARD MENGER (1922-2009) 1959

This is an extraterrestrial speaking to Howard: "Remember that the murdering of one man or mass destruction is the same. Evil is not gauged by the magnitude of the crime. The evil intent which goes against our Infinite Father's laws will turn the same laws against your people. However, our Infinite Father does not punish, destroy, or put any discomforts in our way. Man himself creates such, and blames God for his own discomforts. He even asks the Creator to punish others for their wrong doings."

(Bitch) Might we think of how Judah uses the sins of an individual person that is convicted of a slaying and then uses it then to execute what is termed capital punishment?

Might we see that capital punishment is a violation of God's law, "thou shalt not kill? Might we note how Judah always alibis his sin by repeating the terrible deed the accused did?

Might we perceive the real purpose of Judah executions is to lower our souls, spirits hearts and minds by getting us to agree to disobey Father's clear rules, thou shalt not kill?

Next elder tells Howard what direction we should head in:

Speaking of music our elders wrote, an elder said to Howard that "People hearing the musical theme would react in their conscious state with increased understanding and brotherly love toward one an­other."

From such language, "react in their conscious state with increased understanding and brotherly love toward one an­other," might we surmise that Howard was true, he did meet with our extraterrestrial family? Seeking understanding and brotherly love, is that not what our Father wants for us all? Certainly.

"All of us have a spark of the Infinite Creator within us, and certainly this spark is of no different color in different individuals. The soul is beautiful under the skin, regardless of its physical shell in which it is expressing through natural law. There are stages of evolvement, but one is not any "better" than another."

Our children who are growing up in this world of ignorance won't change the world into a better one of understanding and love, unless we, the parents, along with the schools, colleges and churches, teach them—not with words but with deeds.

In our churches we teach our children to be good else God will punish them. This, in my understanding, is a degree of ignorance. GOD DOES NOT PUNISH ANYONE. Anything which happens to us we bring upon ourselves. God is all men, all things, and is present every­where, in an Infinite Universe.

Continues at:

Man is but an infinitesimal, physical, limited expression in this three dimensional world. Man is an insig­nificant frog in a barrel, who has no concept of the beautiful lake on the outside of his little world.

(Bitch) Might we note that Bitch learned that there is no punishment in Father's house for anyone for any reason? What might we think that Howard learned of this in the 1950s?

Howard tells of going to a restaurant with elders: "I notice

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    • "April Will Cost You. They've Raped the Whole Country Rice. — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Feb 24 10:15
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