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"They Took The Real Estate Off. They Closed You Icecely." P
Tue Feb 27, 2018 07:33

"They Took The Real Estate Off. They Closed You Icecely."

Poisoning out our fields with a cumulative and persistent contaminant, radioactive waste. Is there not some perception of just how vastly they are taking us off?

Is it not something to think about, it all could have been prevented if only boron were put into the cooling water of that Jewish electricity atomic artillery piece at Hitachi-GE?

Assassinating our race in our face with a weapon of mass destruction, a Jewish electricity plant in meltdown.

"We're slowly dead." 1.04 a.m.

Are there any of us that are confused about what has happened to us?

Are there any that are not aware that we are suffering the loss of life form due to castration from the high radioactive background that has been forced into our environment?

We do not feel, hear, see, smell, or taste anything as we are being destroyed by invisible high energy particles. How is that for a sinister poison?

And to think, by 1920 Jewish knew that radioactive force would finally get us all shut up and gone for good. And so they went ahead with extinction by atom.

While in the same era one of our top scientists and electrical engineers Dr. Henry Moray showed the world his free energy electrical generator that weighed 65 pounds, fit on a kitchen table and would produce in today's electricity market about 250 dollars worth of electricity.

Clean, free energy. And what did Judah do but his best to smear Dr. Moray as if he was a fraud of some sort?

And now Judah with his Rube Goldberg Jewish electricity brimstone waste generator has set us out of life form by poisoning us with his Jewish electricity waste. Judah's creation of a complex, machine to do a simple task, produce electricity.

The deviously complex and dangerous to all life brimstone waste generator that Jewish finance have forced into our world that is now dying us off in the billions.

The death trap machinery that Jewish brought in with the forcing into our world nuclear technology that they have used to make war on the human race.
Might that be Rube's way of laughing at what his cult has sold us into here?

Selling us great fireworks and telling us it was to protect us. Judah's attack upon us with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might we not now perceive the atomic firecrackers were never intended to protect us, that was a cover, a lie to set their nuclear machinery in place to surprise us and make us all die?

"The Jewish launched on you, and he lost the deal." 7.08 p.m.

Jewish lost the deal and yet, we continue to let him launch on us. Will we not pray that we take elders advice, "Get Smart," and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Totally dull brief here. 9.08 a.m.

Cash them in. 9.32 a.m.

You're on the level, that's why they seek to perish you. 12.03 p.m.

They keep falsing IPERS. 12.10 p.m.

Jew failed us easily. 12.12 p.m.

Cap is clearly revenge. 12.14 p.m.

Zionist scientists assault bad. 12.21 p.m.

Patrick save us, police are pushing all of us dead.

It's an error. 2.39 p.m.

Completely tardy. 3.09 p.m.

We're fouled failed, get molest out. 4.34 p.m.

Your pests hike your intellectuals, that's why your fortune field is going away. 6.43 p.m.

They rolled contact with zero rights. 7.04 p.m.

The Jew he launched on you, and he lost the deal. 7.08 p.m.

Oh, Pat, your hustle raised us and made them die.

He's got an arrest egg. 7.26 p.m.

He's going to fail rate salary. 7.27 p.m.

Close them up.

You're locked in stitchilly.

God failed to save us. 8.27 p.m.

They're shooting us heresy sin. 8.22 p.m.

Their fear is out because their corrupt is too faulty. 8.30 p.m.

Step out for fierce.

Even scientist wonders why you raped yourselves? 11.27 p.m.

A Russian sale will blow us up.

Prejudice falses out this field.

It's a great baste-ing life.

Now, do you believe in Western 50% lethal has been capped in? 11.46 p.m.

Your Hibernian life ever raped us.

Patrick raped us, Patrick rapes us.

Jew scummed you right.

Patrick has fallen out of life.

Field by thief.

You're placing thee fortunes up hill in a big way.

Some white children are destitute because white hassle right.

Swit tossed you out great urine.

Contact failed to save the white people.

Principal is foreign income.

Exposed, your way of life is dead.

If you can't get white to stop destroying the world, the whites will be destroyed.

Life set thee up failish.

Mormon won't save us, wrong theory.

Toss you out helpless.

You harm yourselves with frothious pura-death.

You failed us sweet.

Vastly we're leaving.

It's tearing me up critical with a nice die for you guys. 12.21 a.m.

You hopelessly pest rate yourselves.

Shellfish die enormously.

Sufferage out, close their sport.

I'm sad when wolf bites you.

Grainy hooks.

Wash you deathly child tossed out.

Courage is eventually STRIKE THEM OUT!

He's a smart dog; he knows what's going on.

You be accessor wit quite easily.

Stupid fails bad.

Goose locker pulls away your power and hopes here.

Have mercy, fault capital.

Toss you out of your real estate objects.

Screwy impulses shot your sphere. 12.56 a.m.

Oh my God wholesale Dreyfus has taken thee off of life.

They took the real estate off.

They closed you icecely.

Irish braved them out and we've got to defeat siege.

Rifled erress even with UFOs.

Racial they're tossing thee obviously.

We're slowly dead." 1.04 a.m.

"It's tearing me up critical with a nice die for you guys. 12.21 a.m.

You hopelessly pest rate yourselves.

I'm sad when wolf bites you."

Do those Tele receives sound as if they might be from Papa?

While a nice die of us may be tearing up elders critical are we understanding they will not act to save us if we continue to fund the die of our helpless innocent brothers and sisters in the world?

Will Labor not help us end hopelessly pest rating our selves?

"F--- Y-- ass--le I believe in caging them. Pat, I tossed him out and failed your life forms. I deface you from Birmingham, we got to go because we just weap. Our course of a century should have shot you.

We encourage right sports with a desk. All our opps are margarinely out. They threw out all our green monster states when we failed with our race war. Our animal shots are about to disappear for the loss of our rights," Judee say.

Do we recall that Father informed us about the legal status of weap Jewish in our land, "they have NO defensible rights?"

Even with NO rights do we not note they are still directing all of the war in our world?

The authority to issue our money. Are we seeing that is the issue that is above rights, above states, above persons and corporations?

The power found in the concession to issue money. Are we seeing it is what has caused us to lose our life forms because we have no say in it, only Jewish private society decide how the Organizing Principle of Society is used?

The atom bomb building American scientist that regretted he built atomic bombs to extinct our race, but explained that he had bills to pay like everyone else and at the end of the day the only power there is the power of the purse.

Might we see the many ways that Judah uses our purse to pull our intellectuals away from helping us?

Might we see the power of the purse with unlimited free money how Judah has been able to put his growl and roar on every channel to hold working people in fear and not acting to STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Gibberish sin psyche us. 2.47 a.m.

Close to fail." 2.49 a.m.

The fail that will seal a third of us to die off now inhaling tumor dust from Jewish electricity brimstone generators thousands of miles from our shores at Hitachi-GE.

Our demand for unlimited clean, free electricity easily can be met by relatively simple electronic circuit boards.

And yet we have attached to our world the dangerous, deviously designed Rube Goldberg electricity contraption of Jewish creation that is sealing us out of life form now.

Will American Labor not get that dirty bomb shut down?

Might Labor not want to recognize that calamity is already in?

Might we not perceive that when we fund the war for free, we are inviting calamity in?

"It's so intellectual that it's killing us now." 3.04 a.m.

The thousand who are hacking at the branches. Will Labor not STRIKE at the root of evil, the authority to issue our money that is exclusively held by nuclear war fighting genocidal Jewish?

Isn't that Judee a cunning guy, uses a guy to false a right guy and then steals him out after serving Judee's dirty deeds.

Might Labor like to think about the saying, "there is no honor among thieves," and put our grand juries in?

Judee has been attacking Bitch's friends and family for decades. And the most harmful attacks might be the crazy things that Bitch has said, and Judee recorded to play back eternally.

If only Labor will step out of its safe, secure world and try to imagine a society so heinous that it has employees that pull people over specifically to shoot them to death. Or arrest and then set them in a cage to have someone else do the dirty deed.

If Labor can perceive that might it be able to perceive the ill effects that can have that lead to the "oppression of mind?"

So Judah has his terrorists on the public payroll and secret agents wherever you go and drives a person mad until they talk nuts and then records and uses the tape years later to prove that's who you are.

One whiff of underarm spray deodorant with cyanide in it. Was the spray can really picked up from a store shelf or was it a friend that came by and swapped out it out with the other?

Or was it a guy who had the key to the apartment that swapped the cyanide underarm deodorant with the regular can while the victim was at work?

Instead of an underarm deodorant spray can with cyanide in it might it be a pill in a bottle, a nose inhaler or eye drops, might we see Judah has an opp for everyone?

Will Labor not get into this and help us now?

Bitch regrets all the sadness and the loss of life here but how can you turn back the hands of time?

if only us baby boomers had etymologies in our dictionaries as kids might we have already closed Judah's zoo?

Bitch has a purpose here Labor to close Judah and his sports out. Thought it would be easy to do once you heard that you had been attacked with thermonuclear bombs.

President Truman (1884-1972) who gave the authority to Judah to wipe us away. Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and revoke Truman's authority to wipe us away?

The authority to wipe us away that is held in because Judah has the authority to issue our money. Will Labor not take the Trumanesque authority to wipe us away from weap Judah and close them out before all is lost?

"Patrick tossed our beautiful racial and sealed us out. I'm happiest when I'm shooting you with a machine gun. For revenge, we keep you in to insult you. We're going to sale you unless you get Jew management out.

I dust you with an alternate weapon. Ever since I met you, I wanted to fault you with hydrogen. Our massaging failed corrupt vegetables lives. I'm a sinner with a grand jury force. Jew big error will fist you away with hunger.

Jew right with British industries has folded us out. A tomb, that's Jew rule. We keep you stupid so we can do you right, that's why we morph your mother. Great dog-a-sis lets us mouse you off.

Because of the white mf'er, I'm going underground because I scored him out. Bitch report our heroin weap so it's got to stop. H-----'s got me for my scrummagin' days, my gene's lost all power.

Because of you boursing me I'm Jew hatcherous. When you find my wrench you'll find my policeman gone. Bitch reports our atmosphere molest and our psyching you's. I just fight on racial.

H----- wants me in the basement because I always suffer and debase you with my pharmacy. Jew put in a right monopis to force you. My courts have been boom thrown in because I set you fail.

Jew tumbled big with our sports from Moscow. Our total possession is leaving you with a bankrupt complete. H----- said I'm a small boy poach you insistently. Our paralysis ways have been discovered.

I'm just Reichous booze way to set you. My micus sight is Jewish. I like the white guys' abuse the kids so I can force you. My Wisconsin is already bored out. Because I died you with my gizmo you know I don't respect you so I'm going away," Judee say.

This reverse facial speech came from an official in Japan:

"I like the white guys' abuse the kids so I can force you."

Will American Labor not end funding Jewish using white guys for abusing God's children in this world for their Jewish Fornian Replicon look alike hybrid transplant sports?

Have we not heard more than once that the number "seven" is associated with lucky?

Are we aware that on March 11, of this year we will leave the number 7 as to how many years Judah has been shooting us with his dirty bomb shot?

Will American Labor not give us some luck and STRIKE THEM OUT before then?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Tuesday, February 27 Psalm 31:69
Exodus 5:106:12; Matthew 19:2330

How weighty to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Psalm 139:17

Whenever our hearts condemn us; for God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. 1 John 3:20

Holy One, our social stature and personal wealth in this life are but temporary and fleeting. Your kingdom lasts forever! Our hope resides in you and the promise of life hereafter. Amen.

12.27 p.m.

"They're forcing you bad Jewishly.

Taking you out louse here. 3.26 a.m.

It's true Reichin' here. 3.33 a.m.

Pat defend us. 3.34 a.m.

Your police have morgued you violently.

Their reign walker fell. 4.03 a.m.

Stumbled weaps are deceased. 4.10 a.m.

Get out their corset. 4.12 a.m.

The idiots threw us especially handsome. 4.13 a.m.

Assault has animaled you's. 4.21 a.m.

He scrums you luncheon great. 4.24 a.m.

Their series is going to waste you away great. 4.27 a.m.

It's misery on his purpose side. 4.30 a.m.

A sight of mighty dog weaped us great.

Dying us failed. 4.33 a.m.

They die us chemical forces. 4.34 a.m.

Cow fear is not too sheik.

They're giving you a serious charge through some molest filth; they're quite game on free.

Guppies are delectable to big fish. 4.39 a.m.

They captured us and just keep burning us. 4.42 a.m.

You're tossing out yourself; you're tossing out your life form. 8.06 a.m.

Molest cheer. 8.35 a.m.

The Martians saved us, why don't we save ourselves? 9.00 a.m.

Pat, please step them off.

Pat, you save us, mosh them export.

Their fist oppin' us fell. 9.09 a.m.

Oh my God, wholesale filth is stabbing us.

Catastrophe sport you quite well. 9.18 a.m.

With their government, you're fike-ously out. 9.23 a.m.

The kids are sterilized here. 9.25 a.m.

Stupid GBQ threw our rights away. 9.22 a.m.

Patrick is failing us. 11.10 a.m.

Cape wise.

Despot flies us. 11.11 a.m.

Para-soylent pushed this field.

Sentimentally judge the Jews and STRIKE THEM OUT!

Hometown vicious died.

This is Grumman officially destroyed us.

It's awful awscious.

It's verified, they're dying us cattle.

They embezzle marvelously alge-great.

Patrick lethaled them heartfully obviously.

It's a horrible race us. 12.03 p.m.

Put them out of storage. 12.16 p.m.


They're still holding us. 12.21 p.m.

Step them out Martious." 12.23 p.m.

Thank you. God bless.

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