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"You've Failed To Receive Us. They Spend Thousands of Years
Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:17

"You've Failed To Receive Us. They Spend Thousands of Years Flushing Them Out."

The first Tele receive was an elder and the second was from an earthling.

While not wanting to disagree with a fellow earthling, but might we not consider that elders rather than spending thousands of years flushing Judah out spent thousands of years letting Judah flush themselves out?

Must we not end the fail and receive our extraterrestrial family that has spared our lives from weap Judah on unlimited free bourse that he uses to brutalize, cage and hypnotize us with his war machine?

Has there ever been a Star Trek episode where the Enterprise assisted in a multi-thousand years transition of a planet out of war and into peace?

Is it not some heady thoughts to consider that Judah has known about our extraterrestrial elders for thousands of years and somehow has kept the majority of us out of thinking about the significance of such an incredible fact?

The pointless antics, the ridiculous sport. The way Judee corrupts our courts. How his erection has taken over the entire surface of planet earth might that not truly be some pretty heady stuff?

"We sport kind of beautiful. I mice you obviously out of your fair field. Your mush me failed. I stole them right ditch wit. Singe you ever though I'm hopeless. I'm ever opp Judas, take Anglo out from Hollywood. You bust me, crush me off of this field safely," Judee say.

Will American Labor please try to realize that Judah has busted and crushed themselves off of this field safely and flushed themselves out of here permanently and help us now to close them out right?

The Federation in all these thousands of years never once bending Judah's arm. Letting him do as his free will dictated to him.

Judah, refusing the wise counsel of elders carried on genociding the children of God wherever he traveled to. And now with his nuclear attack upon Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, finally he has flushed himself out of here.

So what's the problem? Is it not clear that he has flushed us out of here also?

The mild people of the north, must we not end the fail of Jewish courts? Must we not put our rights back in again?

The short interlude from 1791 until Bush-Obama where we had some rights, passed and now rightless again.

"You always let me take your rights away from you," Judee says.

Might that be our history in Judah's possession, able to create great wealth but Judah takes our rights away and always steals our great wealth? Must we not change it this time? Must we not come alive and pout out rights in again?

The simple working people that are holding Jewish in that say that you won't act because Bitch "munched on ya's, peeved you's."

The mass death and destruction that American Labor funds on our world every day. Are we just to blind to see what our lack of responsibility has done to our world?

Are we too blind to see that we are perishing ourselves out now?

John Barleycorn that Judah tells us is fooling our heads. Are we not aware that this is our last round now? Must we not clear our heads and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Judah cunningly pushing us out of the way so that he can have it his way every day.

Bitchie accepting that he would be shot dead in the 1990s and here it is, already 2018.

Bitchie held in by the Federation to even the playing Field that Judah is playing on now. To be here to inform God's children how to spare yourselves from the destruction of Jewish genocidal brimstone waste war

Bitchie so stupid he couldn't even figure it out for years.

Regrettably, he was there in war in 1966, only a teenager then and had no knowledge of the world.

Figured it out quick, the war was a fraud then and still is now. Oh God Almighty how have we fallen so hard?

Did it not seem after the millions of deaths of our brothers and sisters in Asia that Americans somehow would figure it out and act to stop the war?

Didn't happen, Americans continued quietly funding Wall Street's bombing and shooting out our world. And it still has not happened even today as we start another day of funding bombing and shooting and terrorizing our world.

Is this mess all Bitch's fault?

Judee claims from his analysis that it is "whiskey" that shot us dead.

And yet the Federation with their out of this world power, should they not be able to save us yet?

Can we not pray that our good God Almighty's words of love will be heard yet?

"They've completely ignored me," God said.

Father only 200 years of age when Jesus came to save us. Prepared our Bibles for us so that we would have a good chance to make our way through life in peace.

Judah, the cunning guy he is, took over all the leadership of the Christian churches and ran his inquisition for centuries where he burned tens of thousands of Europeans at the stake then.

Might we see how using Jesus as the basis of the church he falsed himself on the image of the best?

The high holy church crowd that we now know are big mousers and insurance rackets collectors. Might we see the personnel there are largely Judee on the half shell now?

Can we not hope that American Labor will get smart and give us our grand juries so that we can chronicle their happiest deeds?

As a note, Bitch picked up the word "viceroy" from several of those who were involved in the school shooting in Parkland Florida last week. Will Labor not give us our grand juries to hear who those viceroys were?

Bitch served phase one of the Federation's transition, he helped let Judah flush himself out.

But phase two of the Federation's transition of planet earth out of war and into a permanent peace, to bring Labor in to save the third of the human race that is marked to perish out, did he not fail there good?

Judee actively stoking his dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE every day. Judah himself revealing in reverse facial speech that he has poisoned out and died off the 39 million of our family living in Tokyo already.

As a note, while watching the international news from Japan, there was a story about the Olympics that are scheduled to start in Tokyo in 2020.

Here is a reverse speech from that story:

"I'm perishing you out reality fool."

Might we perceive the story about the Olympics being in Tokyo in 2020 is a ruse to make us think there is no problem with the high levels of radiation that our family in Tokyo is being subjected to? Might Labor want to think about our extraterrestrial elders who clued us at Roswell in 1947 about the "MAGNITUDE OF THE DECEPTION?"

Judee in Japan had his Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shell legislature pass laws that give journalists ten years in prison for reporting the truth about the nuclear war that Judah is waging against our family in Japan from Fukushima.

One reporter in Japan that was telling the truth about Hitachi-GE and couldn't be silenced.

“Very Frightening”: Journalist on popular Japan news program found dead — Only person reporting about Fukushima on national TV — Chilling recent quote: “I want you to know I will never commit suicide” — No news coverage of death, no obituary, ‘strange’ nuclear message shown on air (VIDEO)

Published: September 15th, 2014

While on the subject of journalists that have been silenced, here is another recent slaying:

Slain Slovak journalist was targeted by Italian mafia, says colleague
Jan Kuciak was killed just before publishing a report about ties between politicians and organized crime, a fellow reporter said. Kuciak is the second anti-corruption journalist murdered in the EU in the past six months.

Bitch read several reverse facial speech and a broadcast reporter indicated that the assailants were Brazilians that came through Russia that did the dirty deed.

These are RS from several different speakers concerning the assassination of Jan Kuciak:

"Brazilian force shot him this time. Euro-Fed exercised their right to make him dead, he was cashed true. They popped him because he was trying to make their commercial. The East do right with border prints to let them in. We simulate NATO HUGE to take out your whole country. We properly waste you through fiction. My corporal worked with the West German police to spook him. We always mace a nice guy. We did him interstate. We had a few British here in left field to sport."
"I was rated high field. I found their ruse mousin'. They're mousing white people harsh. Bitchum, he's showing white guy." That the slain journalist Jan Kuciak said in reverse facial speech.

Bitch has found Brazilian police doing opps in America. Does it appear from the reverse speech the Brazilian police came in through the Russian border control to do the opp?

Are Americans aware that Judah is installing NATO bases in America?

Do we recall that it was the Jewish NATO that attacked Poland with nuclear missiles causing the Fornian Replicon look alike Polish government to stage a ghosting opp?

Do we recall the highest military, police and church officials that ghosted out at that time in 2010 with the Polish president?

The recent assassination of head of the Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohija
Oliver Ivanovic (1953-2018)

In Belgrade, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called the killing "a terrorist act" and said that Serbia is demanding that international missions in Kosovo include Serbia in their investigation into the slaying.
Serbian president Vucic

What might these two slayings have in common?

Might we recognize these were state directed opps on an international basis?

Reverse facial speech of a broadcaster indicated the Oliver assassination was a Germany Russia opp.

Might we want to consider though, reading the reverse facial speech only gives what the speaker thinks happened there?

Yet might we consider that most times broadcast journalists know the facts of what really happened?

At the deeper level might we consider how many big bribes have had to have been paid to allow these assassinations to be carried out?

Can we only wonder until our grand juries are seated how much cash the border guards got to allow the Brazilian police shooter team into Slovakia to steal Jan away? How much cash was the local police paid to stand out of the way?

Are we seeing the root of it all is in who it is that has the concession to issue our money?

And back here in America, a beautiful high intelligent stolen away before she even finished her university studies.

Northwestern student dies suddenly after being rushed to hospital by friends

Bitch watched a couple of videos from different news broadcasts and here are just some of the RS found in a couple of videos:

"Our chapel sight rapes you on stupid. Estimates are that it was a sandwich salad that fell her out here. A sizeable effort from Montana. I believe in hape. Our knowledge is all on locks and I've been canceled. My premise is I port your true life.

This had a Federal for a poor proceed. The estimates are this was to bourse off a mother. You'll understand our opp witless if you core this scene here. My mother had a saw and now it took me out of my management force. The Martians have got the Federal to flub so they're making me go away because I'm taking more life, I'm through, I'm a chemical sport here, I did this.

It was tomatoes that faked her out. It was a bourse ditch right so. Birch your life for all protest. This opp came from Jose in Denver. Bitch will show you now why you've thrown us out."

We're holding for you Labor to throw them out.

Our handsome, beautiful, spirited in the right ways. Our intellectuals. Those who will help us bring in our fabulous wealth for all of God's children being stolen away systematically by weap Judah using American Labor money to do it for free.

The authority to issue our money in the private hands of international weap Judah. Boursing corruption in Europe and shooting politicians and journalists while at the same time in America dying our most useful off before they finish school.

Might we see from the school shooting Judah did in Florida last week how they are using that to sell the dialogue they want to now?

Might we note the Jewish students are not calling for taking away the purchasing power that Judah used that boursed that school shooting that stole some of our most useful away from us?

Have American Labor folks not seen enough that we cannot organize and close weap Jewish up?

Have they not shown us quite a game they play on all the free bourse that American Labor gives to them?

Are their children not quite cap wise kids?

"I just sold you's trash," Judee say.

Can we not hope that Bert and Ernie, Hansel and Boris, Mickey and Stosh will put our thinking caps on and give these errant guys and gals a proper send-off?

Are we seeing Labor the large volumes of cash that Judah needs to fund his police prison court system to allow these sorts of opps to continue on?

"Murdering us fails us out." 5.21 a.m.

Bitch who has been murdered numerous times who came back from the grave due only to the love of God.

Will you not try to mature and overlook Bitch's minutiae and STRIKE THEM OUT and quit funding this worldwide genocidal Jewish war against us and our kids?

Are we perceiving their cannibal complex cipher trains their littlest children to set us up and steal our lives?

"I want the crazy out," God almighty in heaven said.

Must American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from the craziest of them all, weap Judah on unlimited wealthy mild peoples bourse?

The vast depopulation that Judah has scored on us with his seven years of nuclear brimstone waste war.

Bitch not trying to peeve ya, or munch you, just trying to get some help to stop the war.

The thousands of years that the Federation has spent to afford Judah the opportunity to flush himself out of our field.

Will American Labor not recognize the magnificence of the big guys and gals in the Federation and receive their wisdom and join with them to make peace in our world?

Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder
Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we?

We all know that people are the same where ever you go

There is good and bad in ev'ryone
We learn to live, when we learn to give
Each other what we need to survive, together alive

Will American Labor not give us what we need to survive? Will American Labor not stop funding Jewish sports war and give us PEACE?

The Chimney Store managers that Judah installs on every shore that he gets a killer grip on the hostages with. The loveless ones that extort and die fish. Will Labor not give us our grand juries to free us from their business model?

Must Labor not close their deadly foreign insurance racket outright?

Will America Labor not stop funding the systematic brimstone extermination of the Japanese, Euro-American and the European people?

Are we understanding the Jews kids that are sporting us now will run into their well-prepared underground shelters in a few years more and leave us gasping our last breaths?

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The people that have suffered and endured the largest number of genocide victims, the mild people of the north. Eastern Europe that was done in by Judah a century ago

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