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"Your Irritate Truthful Makes You Die Softly. Stupid Ment Fe
Sat Mar 3, 2018 08:16

"Your Irritate Truthful Makes You Die Softly. Stupid Ment Fell You."

Those were just a couple of negative comments from yesterday's post. Had a numerous and continuous stream of negative comments about yesterdays post. At this late date and Patrick is still not real sharp. Still stupidly irritating you's.

Not on purpose, merely missing some factor to see things from your shoes apparently.

Here's some more Tele receives:

"The X-ray guy has scored your field. 11.56 a.m.

Pure rape. 12.23 p.m.

Jew is incapable of managing life here without dope. 12.37 p.m.

These guys control the paper so you don't get to see their rap sheets. 12.54 p.m.

Bitch's sole (soul) mission threw them out; they right failed us. 2.03 p.m.

Contact will settle this life. 2.48 a.m.

They shit ass us fair really dumb. 3.33 p.m.

Russian booze-niks they're trying to bring in. 4.55 p.m.

Real shitty. 5.02 p.m.

Their grit die. 5.10 p.m.

Papa's coming to take us home. 5.19 p.m.

I protest 5%. 5.22 p.m.

They false thee Dallas.

You lost your rights palace sin. 6.26 p.m.

Thank you for letting us in on his secret.

They're homelessing us out, and they've already failed the ship. 6.42 p.m.

It's canceled, your wits are quite dumb. 6.44 p.m.

Their fists are what are up keeping them in. 6.58 p.m.

They falsed us air rape.

Your health is right under attack.

You failed

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Corruption is really fault; they sure fist us war. 8.04 p.m.

Their ouch package is thrown out.

They threaten resources here and in a few months time Wilbur adventures will fatal us.

Nuclear has failed your life forms.

Are you ready to pull this out? Martians have rolled their day. 10.18 p.m.


It's an angry problem that's caused us to fall all days.

The animal despots.

Incredible fist life error here.

You fudged a deal with warnality.

They're enemies.

They repossess the American state.

Dough boys failed us.

You failed the psychatory and failed to save us, Patrick.

Jew wits forming muscles here.

They raped you out of your life forever with a great shot.

Their assimilates bring us back to beautiful nothing.

They failed the scientist goofy.

Police failed filthy.

Stupid smart fell you shitty crumbs here.

Their tightness failed for crystal lies.

It's masters war he's summoned.

Scored saleable for failable

They tumor us useless, stork unmakable.

Purity keeping out solutions to die us pollution leaving miracle thief to take us away.

Because we're not ORGANIZED right conspiracy dies us.

Let this go if it had to be.

Mutual vape our field. 11.43 p.m.

Threatened you sight wars. 11.45 p.m.

Bitch, STRIKE THEM OUT! Do you believe this guy is tossing us out?

No true rights to our labor. 11.54 p.m.

Jew failed your sustenance life force.

You established enemy wound, Patrick save us, save us quick, please.

Corrupt speak pitiful Lies.

Benches corrupt to fist.

We're gassed to leave.

Jew rifled us.

Get out aphis deal.

Germany yields to turkey.

This roast killed Patrick scoff-a-gen.

Purposeful on us died us out.

Jew surveilled us dutifully, beautifully. 2.11 a.m.

Your assignment's out, fold you out. 2.12 a.m.

STRIKE Jew and fail cheaters.

You're life forms douched happy, you failed to all these guys bruisal.

Your life is fisted out.

Journalist has fallen and Judah has fallen dutifully

Pat braves us too painful.

Closing up riches awfully fair here. 2.13 a.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick, you sad this economy die-ful.

You still rage us, Patrick, you obviously help us sad.

Patrick's shape is stupid.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Over failed refused. 2.29 a.m.

Pat his mode is ever helpless.

You failed to save us Patrick.

Patrick fault you make us.

Their sale free makes us.

Their technology makes us old fashion here.

Your catalytic die percentage, 30% error you.

You carefully faulted yourself.

White man is toasted Memphis.

You don't establish us, Patrick.

Patrick will keep us nice percentage.

It's failure that's sinning you right.

They're falsing us out mysteriously die-ful.

Congressional life made us pitiful insured.

Munistas die us naked.

Pat you save us due to police forces.

That special day they smashed fierce baby.

Viceroy obviously out your income.

Truly exhausting out yourselves, racials die us totally nuts. 2.52 a.m.

Tear me up, peaceful ended; you wake the boys. 2.54 a.m.

Pure rightful dies you exhausted.

Pat steer us rightfully. 2.58 a.m.

Roughed up Sal failed us wisely dumb.

Your irritate truthful makes you die softly. 3.05 a.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick, you obviously out yourself. 3.15 a.m.

Do right for me, do fall missile. 3.21 a.m.

They made us dead." 4.01 a.m.

"Your life forms douched happy, you failed to all these guys bruisal."

Such great comfort we have here in America for so many of us. So happy a life for us. Does it appear from reading the comments on the web that Americans by and large do not yet know that we have been douched right by weap Judah?

Are there many who do not yet perceive the forceps on our heads from the brimstone waste disease?

For those who want to be saved might the best hope be to pray to Father for what we are facing now?

And what are we facing now?

Is it any other than a few years of horrible sickness before an early death with our kids?

The irritate in yesterdays post. Might these be some of them?

"Will we not put the comic down and to try and save ourselves?

Will American Labor not get some mothballs and bring the sports terrorist of our species to an end?

But Americans now as rightless as Russian peasant serfs due to Judah blowing up some old white elephant buildings in New York City on September 11, 2001.

The chicken wire that Judah has strung around his coop.

Will we not try to perceive the mice abuse with invisible cancer-causing hot radioactive particles that also produces birth defects that Judas put in on us and act to stop it?

Reich house shows white be the accessories here.

This fail is quite goofish.

Your parents tossed you out.

Murder died your over mentals easy.

I just conspear you beer. My ass world lets me fool Casper. We just got hold of your head and shot you good because that's our sport."

Might those be what produces irritate in Bitch posts?

Could it be other things that are not in Bitch's perceptual range yet?

"You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them," elder said to Bitch.

Might Bitch's range be so limited that he just misses what it is that irritates so many?

The right to confront one's accuser(s) in front of an open grand jury before any arrest can be made. Are Americans not aware that was one of the rights guaranteed to Americans in 1791?

Might we see that by Judah getting hold of the American Labor purse our grand jury protection was done in?

The grand jury force that could save our lives now. Will American Labor not put it in?

The dangerous, violent force of weap Judah that is successfully perpetrating genocide against us. Is it any other than the force of our bourse in the private hands of weap Judah?

The politicians that want to win our vote by talking about schools and health care. Might it not be more useful to talk about clearing the radioactive waste out of our air first?

The atmosphere with invisible hot radioactive particles that have the angels and God in heaven shedding tears for our going away so soon. What about the next nine million years to go before our life form naturally disappears?

Must we not try to prevent going away so soon due to inhaling invisible brimstone fumes?

Father said He is coming to see us. A Tele sender suggested that Father is coming to take us home.

Might it be time for the rapture to begin?

With thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR over many years from God Almighty what might happen to us now for not listening and acting on Father's warning words?

Judee is gloating over his ability to easily throw Bitch's message out but in the long run, if not for whiskey might Labor have figured it out on its own?

Who in their right mind would ever believe that any nation could fund and fight wars eternally without there being serious repercussions?

Might we think of Martin sharing how our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power?
Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jesus and Martin both stolen away at an early age after trying to guide us right. Might a few lines of verse be for them?

Give us the rain when the time is due,

Scatter flowers for us in the spring,

And, let us see them once again,

We really do not wish for more than that.

Will American Labor not try to STOP THE WAR and bring the peace and love of God in? Have too many not died already that we will not see for ourselves the truth of our love for each other?

Will Labor not turn to the spiritual side and put our Godly guidance system in once again?

Bitch found it quite strange that he should be calling for a Godly guidance when for most of his life he saw no evidence of God at all.

And here in His magnificence and wisdom, God let us figure it out on our own.

Who would ever believe a Star Trek episode where the God of our planet lives in an advanced extraterrestrial civilization and is a mortal as you and me?

But didn't we learn in religion classes that God was immortal? Yes, we did.

And so how can it be that our good God Almighty is in the last years of His beautiful life if God is immortal?

Might we see that when precious sweet Father dies there will be another Father to take the seat of God? Might we perceive the seat of God is immortal?

"I'm dying," Father said to His shill Bitch. "I'm dying," Father said a week later before Bitch understood what Father was saying.

Father in the last years of his beautiful life dying as all mortals do. And what is Father thinking about in His last days other than His children on earth who are perishing Jewishly breathing radioactive brimstone dust.

"The answer my friend is blowing in the winds."
Yes, how many times must the cannonballs fly before they're forever banned? The answer my friend is blowin' is blowin' the answer is blowin' in the wind.

Will American Labor not ban the Jewish sports cannonball by STRIKING THEM OUT and ending funding it with American Labor dollars?

The hot radioactive particles from Hitachi-GE that are set to take a third of the human race away.

Might some be wondering, if just one Jewish electricity power plant is that deadly why did we ever let then build over a hundred right inside the United States of America?

Might the answer to that not be found in who is blowing cash to hire the votes to pass legislation to let it happen to us?

The authority to issue our cash. The Authority to issue our money. The Organizing Principle of Society held worldwide in the private hands of weap Judah and his extension warrior Fornian brand.

Will American Labor not act as a group and end Judah issuing our money?

Might we consider that so far the answer to that question is "NO?"

In the face of Judah's self-professed right to kill us will we not pray that We will demand our God-given right to life be put in as our law once again?

Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough
But were gonna make it
Starting all over as friends is gonna be rough, on us
But we gotta face it

We lost what we had
That's why it hurt so bad
It set us back a thousand years
Were gonna make it up
Though it's gonna be rough
To erase all the hurt and tears

Will American Labor for the love of God and man not STOP THE WAR so that we can begin to erase the hurt and tears?

"We assault racial," Judee say.

Wil American Labor not end the assaulting of Judah by ending funding his sport of hurt and tears?

Judah keeping our advanced technology of peace out so that he could hold in his sport of war. And how long has Judah held our technology of peace out?

Elders inform us that once the question is asked if the earth is in motion or not that it is a three hundred year time frame to answer it.

Do we recall our Greek family asked that question if the earth was in motion over 2,500 years ago way back in 550 BC?

The constant war, the arson of Judah as bad in the old days as it is today. That it took two thousand years until Copernicus in Poland proved in 1543 that planet earth is in motion might we have some idea of how far back Jewish violence has set us?

That Berlin Jewish attacked the lower 48 states of the United States of America in the middle of the night June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads might we surmise that they wanted to set us back to when we were dust over twelve million years ago?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty in heaven said to His Simian children on planet earth.

The absolute nothingness that Jewish tried to make us using their invention of thermonuclear blast weapons.

We the children of God living in the land of the free. The land with liberty and justice for all.

Will Labor not let our real advanced technology come in?

The technology of abundance for all of God's kids.

A number one physicist working together with a number one theoretical mathematician who mathematically discovered where the free energy is. Can it be true they figured it out about 90 years ago give or take a few years?

Kaluza-Klein theorem made public in 1938, 80 years ago this year. Not understood by Einstein or the others at that time. But 15 years later in 1953, Einstein claimed Kaluza-Klein had gotten it correct. The free energy is to be found at the "Plane of the dimension."

In 2004 a 4th level thinker's scientific calculator discovered the free energy was to be found in a "displacement of the time-space continuum."

Only after rereading Kaluza-Klein's theorem in 2005 was it clear where the free energy was coming from had been discovered 80 years before in about 1924.

Theodore Kaluza mathematically mapped the 5th dimension over two years from 1919 until 1921. Oskar Klein studied Kaluza's mathematics and together they gave the world the good news in 1938 of where our free energy could be found.

From that simple example of the difference between our number one minds and the rest of us, is it not amazing how number ones can be so far ahead of the rest of us that it takes eighty years even using an advanced scientific calculator to figure out what the brightest knew so long ago?

Einstein told Kalza Klein in 1938 that he wasn't sure if they were right or wrong, but it didn't matter anyway because the decision had already been made to put us into war.

A simple solid state electronic circuit to tap into the Power of the Cosmos already invented and shown to the world in 1928 by Dr. Moray of Salt Lake City.

And today a third of the human race set to be died off in a Jewish nuclear brimstone waste war.

Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Jewish and STOP THE WAR?

Roughed up Sally has had a tough go of it. But she is based in love and follows Father's word.

Her stupid words as elder said. "set you back a way."

Will Labor not bypass the errors here and give us our right to live in peace?

Will Labor not close the corporate terrorists out right?

If so will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"They attach us with missiles. 5.27 a.m.

It's obvious they've failed us. 5.41 a.m.

Gen hold. 5.51 a.m.

Sorry I'm holding them up. 5.52 a.m.

Throw them off for weaping us foul. 5.59 a.m.

Wolfare. 6.06 a.m.

They beast us cash. 6.11 a.m.

It's a strungle. 6.18 a.m.

Continues at:

Patrick failed his desirous for peace." 7.45 a.m.


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