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"Oh My God They Have Killed Us Arrogantly. At The End of Thi
Sun Mar 4, 2018 07:48

"Oh My God They Have Killed Us Arrogantly. At The End of This Month You Fail, You Leave Us."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives, one from our elder about the last times being with them. Are we seeing what is coming at the end of the month?

Are we not aware of the reverse facial speech that informs us that April is the month that Judah is bringing his booze-niks into sport us?

Can we not pray that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and prevent what is befalling us now?

For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

The message to love one another. To not harm one another. Might that be the message to us from the cross?

Might the message to love one another be foolishness to those that are perishing now?
"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."

That we are funding war, might we not recognize that we are wounding ourselves?

Tele receives:

"A stupid life force let Germany win. 12.04 p.m.

They shoot us dumb and we died fist.

They're trying to rape your force quite filth. 12.09 p.m.

I fear a Euro-grip. 12.12 p.m.

Thank you, Sangamon for fairity. 12.13 p.m.

Un-assign your fist, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.25 p.m.

STRIKE them morphal. 1.39 p.m.

He's setting us burley. 1.40 p.m.

Their seatbelts resemble dead life.

Shell market us. 1.45 p.m.

The snail's bumped, the snail's faulty held us in. 2.47 p.m.

Google sharp us. 2.54 p.m.

Oh, my God, the state is failed. 5.52 p.m.


Oh no, STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.06 P.M.

War is going to fake all of you off.

31,000 a day will pay for this sin here.

Jew delightfully perished us.

You failed Jew blaze out.

We're dying off horsefail.

Save us Patrick; Patrick failed us completely cereberally.

Pat, your failish cycle.

Save our beautiful Patrick!

A life of sin hiked us hysterically.

Lethal has been fused, you're dying well as sports leaves us.

You failed us historious kids.

Goose affa wit failed.

You're hosting out yourselves, you almost failed diskless.

Authorize yourselves; you're returning to space roots.

Patrick boiled his face company.

If you can't get a STRIKE then you've perished.

Urine-plex strategy fetches state.

Lethal owls ash you off.

A nasty wart defeats us.

They perfectly freeze us.

Disparage they assault you out material.


They pushed us out bully mattress.

They organized this field hydrously by fist.

You failed Jesus obviously by fist.

Your wits are cashed, ultimately they smelt us.

A genius falls.

Horribly you failed to save us.

They have no hope for these guys, these guys jest dying you off

All your scientists they give heart attacks to.

Rome established us.

They don't have any rights anymore, let's core them off the street.

Let's fail the monsters.

Pressure failed us. 2.16 p.m.

They use a false of helping and protecting the hostage to die us off.

At the end of this month, you fail, you leave us.

Virtually destitute total life fail.

They failed the right families out.

Save us; you're a right story silver.

They're appetizing us fast.

Margarine wits have refused us; sin has failed you. 2.22 a.m.

You guys died yourselves awfully nice here.

Vegetables are going to fail you well.

Vicious fighting you honorably dead desert.

You've spoken us failish, save us, Patrick.

Patrick annoy you fail.

Vegetable wits failed us.

Life is struggle to death.

You passed your life to matches.

White boy's failed to save us.

Right forces leave us. 2.37 a.m.

They leave us permanent desk fell.

Rights won't let them scale us.

You passed your life form delightfully desolate.

You failed us racially Patrick.

We're cashed tomatoes. 2.39 a.m.

Pittsburgh failed this life for us.

Tokyo will save us. 2.43 a.m.

ORGANIZE yourselves delightful wit.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

STRIKE THEM OUT constitutious. 2.49 a.m.

They make us cordial jest rate.

Oh my God Patrick you failed to lead us to safeous. 2.55 a.m.

You're set for really spiteful.

White fish are death beyond.

Pat, you faded your life rate innocently.

Oh, my God, they have killed us arrogantly." 3.08 a.m.

Have 5 million dollars? If so then you may be one of the lucky ones to be able to get into a safe world under the surface of planet earth as we are weaped by brimstone in our atmosphere.

Don't have 5 million dollars? Might you be stuck on the surface with the rest of the catch from Judah big fishing fun expedition?

"Jerk them out of here." 4.22 a.m.

The general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish and end their eternal assault against the rest of the children of God on earth.

Will American Labor not do us all right and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?

"Save us; you're a right story silver."

Might we not recognize that the gold standard for money is flack, it is one of the tricks that Judah has used historically to block us from seeing what the really important thing is, who gets to issue our money?

All the gold ever mined in history is equal to about the value that three months of American Labor produce. From that might, we derive the really valuable thing rather than gold, is Labor?

Jesus, Martin, John, Harold, Malcolm and Bobby and Labor leader William Sylvis only a short list of those who have tried to help us all.

Judah fisted them out and tried to shut them all up one way or the other?

"Oh, they shot us expertly." 4.41 a.m.

Yes, they did. Might we see they've shot us as expertly as they shot all those who tried to help us?

To put the principles of Jesus Christ in service to us might, we consider we need to use William's wits that informed us before he was stolen away in 1869 that Labor must have a seat where our money is issued from?

John who effectively took the authority to issue our money away from Judah in June of 1963 and gave it to the United States Treasury.

As soon as John was stolen away do we recall that LBJ reversed John's executive order and returned the authority to issue our money back to nuclear warfighting international weap Judah?

The need to issue our money that Wiliam Sylvis informed Labor about before he was stolen away as a young man at only 41 years of age in 1869.

If only American Labor sees what William informed us about, to issue our money, that that fact has the power to save our lives will Labor not act to take our money away from the rightless nuclear warfighting smoke us, crowd?

Extraterrestrial forces that stepped in and held Jewish hands from destroying us and our kids.

Our Sovereign good God Almighty going beyond what William informed us to do, get a seat at the table where our money is issued from, Father gave as His will that Labor should solely issue our money.

Will margarine wits finally do us in or will American Labor hear the word of God and STOP THE WAR against His kids?

The extinction of the white race now set to happen in the years ahead. A miserable, horrible death due to only one Jewish electricity plant spouting invisible deadly radioactive waste that kills over a few years time, maybe less.

"They've poisoned my village I want them off. They're no friends of mine. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They have NO defensible rights. I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," our good God almighty in heaven said.

"They scorpion us HUGE!" 5.07 a.m.

The lethal sting of Jewish electricity sport to be felt in each breath that we take from now on.

Will Labor not respect and honor the life and death of Labor leader William Sylvis (1828-1869) who died for informing us how we could live in peace and plenty with each other if only labor will issue our money?

Will Labor not respect and honor and thank our good God Almighty for saving us and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

The dangers of the sexual psychopath, the serial killers that hold management complete worldwide.

Held from the destruction of us only by our extraterrestrial saviors when Judah fired their three-hour nuclear blast extermination attempt at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will ordinary workers, not try to see what William informed us of before he was gone in 1869 and take the concession to issue our money away from these most dangerous and rightless guys and gals?

Might Labor want to perceive that our wits are going to have to reach up to the level of Jewish wits because God almighty will not knock Jewish wits down?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Are we understanding that we will either get smart and STOP THE WAR or we will perish out with our children now?

"If it wasn't for Elmer you'd of never learned about us," Judee say.

A difficult thing to think about, but do we recall that the Federation's computer simulations from two thousand years ago predicted that Jewish would succeed in destroying a third of the human race when it was time for them to go?

They had their nuclear blast great balls of fire pulled out of the sky leaving them with their last weapons of mass destruction, over 400 Jewish electricity power plants to wipe out the surface life on planet earth.

And in a few dozen of them they installed their Stuxnet controllers to turn them into Hitachi-GE brimstone waste generators to die out the mass of the human race as they planned to do for thousands of years now.

And have some of us noticed how our extraterrestrial elders have vigilantly safely tripped over 40 Jewish electricity power plants off of the line in the last few years?

From our elders shutting their Stuxnet wired Jewish electricity plants off that Judah has been trying to get a bunch of Hitachi-GE's burning might we perceive how thoroughly they planned to get us out of life form altogether?

But what does that have to do with the people not learning of Judah if not for Elmer?

Who is Elmer?

He is Mabel's brother, Elmer Grayson. His family owned the two flat on Sangamon where Bitch's family lived when he was born.

Bitch's Roman English father had jet black hair as did Bitch's mother. Bitch had white hair as a child. The other four kids all had black hair.

Elmer was a Norweigan hybrid transplant Fornian Judee. Might that explain where Bitch got his white hair as a child?

Bitch recalls his father one day sitting at the kitchen table when Bitch was about eight years old, and he ran his hand through Bitch's white hair and said to him, "straw hair, where did we ever get you?"

If Elmer was a 50/50, half-Jew and half Norwegian might that not make Bitch about 43% Judee instead of 12 and a half percent as he thought he was because his mother was one-quarter Judee?

But what does this have to do with the computer simulations of the Federation that predicted a third of the human race would die of brimstone when Judah went underground 2,000 years after Jesus died?

Do some recall that elders did computer simulations of Bitch's path and they gave Bitch a 50/50 which way he would go?

That Bitch has rejected the path of fist and gone the path of peace might we extrapolate from that to indicate that the Federation's computer simulations do not prove which way the end times will go, they merely predict a most likely ending scenario based upon the facts known at the time?

Might elders have accurately simulated the "rare" of Judah and predicted from that that it would allow him to molest and abuse ordinary people with brimstone and get away with it in the end times?

Might Elmer's message hidden in the genes be what has afforded Bitch the opportunity to see these guys so clearly now?

Instead of a one eight sand vibe might it be a 43% sand vibe as to why these most preposterous false dangerous guys stick out like a sore thumb to Bitch?

Might it be because of Elmer that Bitch is here to share the truth with everyone?

Might Judah type genetic switches of Judah's secret life explain why David tried to get Bitch into a demo derby ride for kicks?

Thank you, grandfather, for blowing that engine up and sparing Bitch from driving in a demo derby.

The seven other supers that have already died. They just could not take the abusive pressure; the constant molest of weap Judah.

And yet Bitch is still alive. Might it not be useful to try and perceive the level of effort that our kind elders have put in to see that the children of God have a fair chance to save ourselves now?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," Our good God Almighty in heaven said to His simian children on earth.

Will American Labor not let our good God Almighty save our lives?

Masters war for free on other peoples money. Will us other people not take over the purse and fund peace and plenty in our world instead of hatred and war?

"We train bullet. I really conquered roots with my sale. You leave us falsing you. Our assault makes you dumb," Judee say.

"Pat's distinguished revealing their mouse battery." 7.30 a.m.

While the mouse is their favorite munch, they shoot off others too, especially those who help the ordinary people. They seek the witty, the spirited, the especially useful people so they can steal them away before they get a chance to help us in any way.

"I got southside off your nation to get the mouse off. I fall the Martian to get passed you, that shows my force. We just rock you with weapedoes. We shot you away nice, we tombed the white minnow. The right ways of Jew college scrunch you every time. Pat, I overshot you right.

Our bourse out sight Iowa so we genocide your kids with our corrupt. Weap Jew set you with a fight then disappear. I'm a giant who believes in luxury, so I hold you by minnowizing you. Our Muslim corrupts. I booze you up for a dictatorhip.

Our ark is always bruisen', we genocide Germany. With cancer, it's possible that I can push you all to die. The white guy makes war, and I'm going to take his rich out, he's over here. Jew false is all your problem, Judee say.

Might we see that Judah is using war as his method to take rich America out for good?

The free permanent war finance package we gift to Judah, his authority to write as many checks as he wants for any amount he wants all made good by the working men and women of American Labor.

Will Labor not try to overlook Bitchs insect side, his temporarily, driven mad wild crazy talk and act to try and save yourselves now?

"Bitch, we sold him as a biped riflous. I'm a foul ejecto. Washington is holding my Jew aggression in. I'm a jerk on my best Halloween. We took the American race out. We did some big-time fumble here with police gear.

My psyche war spoof out your kids. I just stab you right. Bitch off my algebus, my right stupid. This is my final war behavious. Bitch ingenious put out my foul weap, my fool college is quite dumb. Our rackets are fun. I just weap jails with a pizza pie.

Bitch sees our appolis family quite Jupid. I believe in war, that's why we got thrown out, that's why we ghost. Our psycherment sets you in poverty. Tossed you out easy with a foot borough brush. My chapel makes things happen.

We shot the Martian miniature state even though they've thrown us out. We stage you with coercion. I play fist for an orchid, my complete time is fool you. We just Kashmir fantastic to port you away. I always had a priest for my company because I needed a right hold.

Continues at:

History has ditched me for my Judas hits; you all won. The Martian apping is showing you our hydrogen which is part of our fierce. They're bumping me right for my attempted morgue. I'm always authorized to stump you fine to take away your fut

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