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Are They Trying to Disarm Americans So That They Can Eat Us?
Tue Mar 6, 2018 14:29
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March 06, 2018 You can see why. Major world judgment is in the wind. Is there more as to why they are trying to disarm the American People? Are they forcing
millions of Americans to become homeless so that they can be eaten? They want to disarm the American People so that they can then eat us?

It might be timely for people to leave the west coast as soon as they can
before they are literally somebody's dinner. Try to imagine that this is going on in New York City and on the entire west coast. The Department of Defense had me evacuated from Everett Washington in 2002 just before I was going to be used as the Boeing Company's winter Solstice human sacrifice by the company executive staff who practice Satanism and Cannibalism.

All of the heads of all of the Washington State bureaucracy, banking, judiciary, law enforcement, and corporations practice Satanic Worship and Human Sacrifice. CANNlBAL CLUB EXPOSED: PRIVATE RESTAURANT IN LA - - -


March 06, 2018 I also apologize for my having been an extremely targeted individual by the crime syndicates and criminal agencies who have been using the American people and especially the unsuspecting residents of Washington State as experimental electronic mind control weapons targets.

Thereof, I also suffer from extreme brain damage from the many years of my having been targeted by these governmental organized criminal contractors having used me for extreme mind control targeting. I am trying to recover from this also. All of the FBI, NSA, justice department etc, are completely compromised and controlled by these crime families in the Northwest. They have robbed and murdered many people there and no one knows this.

Are YOU A "Targeted Individual"? 10/23/17 -

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    • Are They Trying to Disarm Americans So That They Can Eat Us? — willpwilson 908, Tue Mar 6 14:29
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