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"Total Fused; WE Ceased To Be Here. You Let Us Die Your Seed
Wed Mar 7, 2018 06:56

"Total Fused; WE Ceased To Be Here. You Let Us Die Your Seed."

Those are both Tele receives. Could the first one be from an ordinary person and the second from weap Judah, the guy we let die our seed? Or are they both from Judee?

Heard them both within moments apart at 2.39 a.m., a few minutes ago.

Tele receives:

"They insured us right. 8.52 a.m.

Get out these fools. 9.16 a.m.

Function well.

I like communism better than Bush.

Get out savage roll.

Spiritual creaked. 9.32 a.m.

The sheenies chumped you weird. 9.35 a.m.

Embarrass you extortion. 9.43 a.m.

We locked you out.

You did foolish function right. 10.52 a.m.

You dubious failed. 10.56 a.m.


Crimi-souls savaging adjusting. 10.58 a.m.

You're a dummy perish right. 11.00 a.m.

The nice lost to Jew socking.

A deputy's rifle you have failed truthful.

The actual sinners have closed us out. 12.47 p.m.

You let their stupid app fold us up all the way true. 12.49 a.m.

I dreamed so nice. 12.53 p.m.

They booze to bruise you. 1.03 p.m.

Jew creates a resource base struggle where it doesn't exist. 1.05 p.m.

Fascist attach terroristic. 1.09 p.m.

Wrecked-all chimp really shot a lot. 1.12 p.m.

They app assign you. 1.17 p.m.

Let's do some Deuce tossing. 1.18 p.m.

Their embezzle make us leave our force.

They embarrass you to get your sight to fall. 1.21 p.m.

Manson would have tossed him out. 3.02 p.m.

The Jews have planned to kill us all the time. 3.06 p.m.

They defeated us here weapicle for punishment. 3.13 p.m.

Your policemen failed obviously icing here. 4.19 p.m.

It's sold. 4.53 p.m.

It's failed, it's sad. 5.21 p.m.

You disabled their fist shop. 6.00 p.m.

Jews put up $50,000 to protest your irrament.

The Christers fall us failed.

The state falls us as a scale.

Planet ail just wastes dulls. 6.53 p.m.

Beautiful up. 6.56 p.m.

It's not going to hurt; Jews are falling out of here blast ya's. 6.59 p.m.

Your resources they get off with a video.

You failed us, Patrick, you failed to save us.

Out state guy is leaving us pura-air. They raped us feud; they raped us guilty.

We're void palace in a month. 12.22 a.m.

The white man suffers adversity chilled rightful.

Your life forces are lethally castrated.

You have let yourselves go and your child be destroyed.

Organized students are zoo architects because they're shooting purity.

They're shooting us effortlessly to death.

Animal boys bomb made you.

It's lethalizing a fist oracle.

We're dying progressive on a principal typhus.

STRIKE THEM OUT they'll take our field, Nestle, honorably.

ORGANIZE and start pulling the wrench or you're ballistic.

Images plus threats die you.

They weap you die in jail.

Homeless field is crooked, failed us.

Jews are fallen for their rich cage.

Communism reversed this field.

It's a termination of life forces; it's a deceive us to fold our life forces.

Pat, can't you save us?

Cash leaves us wiped by officials.

ORGANIZE Yourselves you're seriously dying out horse firepower.

They're holding us, and you failed the shoot.

Their sin dictators wasted us.

The economy is sweet leverage.

Patrick's establishing a correct field to take us out of here.

Pat very successfully drove them out. 2.18 a.m.

You're losing your great forces almost deathly. 2.24 a.m.

Total fused we ceased to be here. 2.35 a.m.

Russian will molest us safely useless. 2.43 a.m.

Stupidly they finish out your life forces. 2.56 a.m.

Patrick give your signature nice fella. 3.21 a.m.

They're assaulting financials. 3.45 a.m.

He's taking out your voltage for luxury, establish yourself for real Patrick. 3.59 a.m.

Unusual fear assaulted us." 4.03 a.m.

Our voltage from free energy provided by inexpensive circuit boards that will light heat, water and cool our world using unlimited amounts of clean, free energy drawn from the high-speed motion of planet earth and the universe.

Our abundant free energy economy where there is something for all of God's children on the earth. The way our good God wants things to be for His simian children on earth.

Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR And give us the peace?

Bitchie is a vegetarian. He used to be a meat eater with little qualms about it. So what brought about the vegetarian thing?

Years ago after reading that animal meat was being mixed into cattle feed, he considered that was part of an intentional plan to put things in that are not healthful. So he gave up eating beef. That was the first meat he stopped eating.

He still ate pork and chicken. Had health concerns about the fat and cholesterol in pork and so gave up eating pork.

Still ate chicken but when he would look at the legs in the package, he would see a leg bone broken every now and again. Wondered, "did that leg get broken before or after the bird was harvested?"

And so thinking about the suffering the bird had to endure he gave up chicken too.

And what might this have to do with nuclear weapons?

In November of 1965 when Bitch first really thought about nuclear weapons and did the mathematics of nuclear war he saw his health would be seriously negatively impacted by them and so like beef he wanted to give them up.

And as time went on he thought about the other kids that would have atomic bombs exploded over their heads and like the empathy for the suffering of the chicken, he wanted to give up nuclear weapons that are poised to harm others.

Might it be that when our consciousness rises to the level to have a proper concern about our own personal physical Being that from that we then grow to where we become conscious about other human beings?

The nuclear war fighting facility of mind that Bitch possesses that has been able to see the potential of harm to us since November of 1965. Will Labor not tap into something that may save your life yet?

"You disparage my shill who is trying to convince you to Save yourselves," God almighty the Sovereign of heaven and earth said.

Might Jewish terrorism have convinced many that it is better to shut off thinking in certain areas lest Judah intrude?

Maybe it is much easier and a whole lot safer to talk and think about who is the best dribbler on the basketball court than discuss the nuclear war with fellow employees while on break?

The 300 light year long Local Bubble we can call home that earthlings have only known about for 40 years or so.

The Local Bubble that the Federation listens into and sees who it is that enters this peace zone. Friend or Foe?

The Local Bubble is only a little gas bubble, a speck in our galaxy that was created when a supernova exploded millions of years ago.

The homeworld of the Galactic Federation of Light, 100 trillion beings living in peace and harmony. Peaceful cohesion between all life forms except one, weap Judah. Might we consider that weap Judah is not the norm?

Judah with his weakness, his inability to accommodate others that has now cost him his rule on earth.

Will we not pray that mild fish will come in before we are washed out with our kids?

America a land for all of God's kids. The first land to put a real complete rights package in. But our real rights have been falsed out by the clerks on the bench and finished off by eternal Jewish war sports.

Will Labor not listen to our good God and put the rights in that God gave to us all?

Judee who scrimmaged Bitch's image to get him out. Will Labor not try to break free of the mental hold Judah creates by his embarrass scrimmage that he does so well?

The people from the land of the good people and the people with the unique value of cooperation. Will we not get together and get the hate-filled punishing Jewish gulag fist war state out of here right?

Judee and his flight from reality thinking that he could shoo or shoot the nice Martians off.

Will Labor please try to recognize the fact that the kind Martians saved our lives by pulling every single missile out of the sky in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Elders have ways of flying through the universe that allows them to travel much faster than the speed of light.

A regular flight from earth to Mars in one of their advanced spacecraft is about 35 minutes or so. Might we think of a leisurely journey along a scenic route?

If they want to get home quickly, they step their spacecraft onto a patch and arrive at Mars in about 10 seconds or so.

While it sounds fantastic, and it is, it is part of the advanced technology they possess.

If Bitch is getting this information right, the journey to earth took 30 years the first time.

Now it only takes 8 hours to journey the 38 lights years to earth.

Might we think of building a road or putting rails down that can take a long time but when completed traffic can travel quite fast along on them?

Same in interstellar space, they lay a patch down behind them as they travel along the way. Say, for instance, when they had traveled 19 Light years time and distance, they could reach their home base over the patch they laid behind them in 4 hours.

Might we see it is somewhat like a railroad behind them to reach the Federation's main base in only hours for 19 light years distance once the patch is in?

While in front of them they travel only a bit over the speed of light by projecting beams laying track patches in front of them.

They also install communication systems in their path. Today they can speak with a four-minute time delay between earth and the Federation headquarters home base 38 light years away.

What are we to think that Judah would have had some knowledge of our elders incredible advanced, peaceful technology and yet he pressed ahead with the extinction of the human race on earth using nuclear blast and nuclear waste technology?

Our galaxy is so large that if our 223 high intelligence genes last as long as Prenasour did, 78 million years, we will not have explored all of our own galaxy when our 223 high intelligence genetics totally passes out of life form.

Our earth created simian life form has a 21 million year span from the beginning until the end. We now are a 12 million year species. Our big brains gifted to us by God Almighty, Father Kirkser 200,000 years ago.

Another 9 million years to go until earthlings naturally pass out of life form.

The final cut now before we become full extraterrestrials as we were created to become hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The rightless third of the human race that is funding and fighting the war now have set ourselves to die out poisoned by brimstone waste.

Will we not pray to the love of God that somehow Labor will step in and STOP THE WAR?

Matthew 25:45 "And he will answer, 'I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.' New Living Translation

"But he will reply, "'In solemn truth I tell you that in so far as you withheld such services from one of the humblest of these, you withheld them from me.' Weymouth New Testament

"He will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.' New International Version

Jewish, the only holders of our purse that have sported millions of Americans to living out on the streets of America the beautiful. Will Labor not come in and take the purse and close errant Jewish out?

If only the majority could perceive ourselves being blasted out in a nuclear war might we think of the harm that so many are suffering because of our failure to halt funding Jewish sports world wars?

The molest abuse, the violence of the errant Jews. Will American Labor not end free funding for them and their abuse molest war sports?

The industrial strength investment grade nuclear brimstone waste genocide that they are now using to wipe out the mild Druid and Slav.

Are we not yet perceiving that we must either get smart and save ourselves or pass out of life form now?

Father is concerned about the least of His children and so He had our good book tell us that when we serve them we are serving His love.

Before we do good things for others must we not first end doing bad things to them?

Might we consider that Judah machine gunning us down on the streets and then machine gunning our kids down in school was part of his test to see if we will do anything as he brings in his booze niks next?

So sad, we had such a great deal. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And now set to lose our resources, our freedom, our health and our lives.

The 40% of our population that is in the workforce creating the goods and services we want and need. Will the 40% not get together and STRIKE THE DEUCE, THE 2% OUT?

Must ordinary working people not act together to end Judah hiring one half of the working class to kill the other half to receive some income?

"Impossible we missed this foul. 6.58 a.m.

Bust their sheeny sight. 7.04 a.m.

Bourse traitors. 7.31 a.m.

It's getting old, just get them off. 7.35 a.m.

I appreciate the fish heads STRIKE this animal disease out." 7.47 a.m.

This foul of a permanent world at war using the American economy to fund it. Our planet mined by Jewish with tens of thousands of their great balls of fire to kill us off in a few hours time. How did we miss such a gigantic foul?

Might it be that with unlimited free bourse they were able to completely flood their media, business, and schools with so much false and bumped off those who might see the truth that we just never got a clear thought about what sheeny has been and is still doing to us here?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and bust their war deal here?

"We just cored you ever belief; a people chop us. I fun jab. We void you fully embarrassed, that's how we void you. For better I stay municipal dying you off. I embarrass you greatly out of your field.

Veg you idle-you let us die your seed. English verse had failed, we skersh ya. I'm ex-rich. We think Bob Hope was the best stumble fish Jew. We was within our rights doing shelving. Bitch we got your force away with image scrimmage.

My relationship was always a cheap pencilatory. We always screw you with our Debtopolis. We debt you to death. I core you images summons. I cauterize you right Loomisly. Jew bakery holds you in poverty.

I wasted you ale. I finish you with a British die. I'm going to let you fall Afri-gen. I got so high up with my tickets I fist you alliance. I have four sandwiches with 4 sausages to roll you right; I'm a completely hostile force.

Our government fibered you mercilessly. Since Maxwell, they rolled my whole family for my gas pipe. Papa straight arrowed me for my false death and terror. H----- dumped our right shooter for free, that was our heroism. They want our vitamin out because of too much force.

Because a STRIKE didn't come in we push you off Mothberg. Jew life is gone because he shoots a bubble. We all have to leave in 4 to 6 months; the viceroy was a bully.

I've got to go because I didn't give you peace. My genius app you on stupid because I was foolish. I'm doing some more of Iowa wrenching. Viruses, I have a virologist to core the town.

I'm a yippity stalking you out. Bitch Martian shot us great; your mother frapped us. Druid quick head stumbled my wits. Bitch, competently you pushed me here. To Iowa I lost kinky," Judee say.

The STRIKE Labor to take Jewish off of the children of God on earth. They were not content to merely remain abusing us in the old world but had to extend their pain to turn the promise of America into their new game. Americans now the most imprisoned people on earth. Will Labor not get the paper away from them and do the will of our good God?

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"You ever let me use Germany to rude. Hitter dies you, O Leary. With my Muslim, I'm guilty octane. With Sherman threat, we kept super in. Pretty soon I'll be sued, and they'll get the dog off of you.

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