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Warhead Lab Leaks Killed Thousands In The Fukushima Disaster
Sun Mar 11, 2018 00:21

Warhead Lab Leaks Killed Thousands
In The Fukushima Disaster

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

One of the anomalies from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is that releases of radioactive isotopes throughout the Pacific Basin are far greater in quantity than what’s indicated on the ground in northeast Japan. Reaching across the western region of North America, into the Rockies some 10,000 km distant from Japan, the wildlife count of aquatic species, birds and insects has been plummeting since March 2011.

The long-distance effect should be a pale reflection of a huge toll in human deaths in and around Fukushima Prefecture. Although there’s been a decline in the Japanese birth rate and a spate of sudden deaths on train platforms in Tokyo, the island nation has witnessed only a gradual reduction in population rather than the precipitous drop anticipated soon after the disaster. What accounts for this disparity between the wide-spread radioactivity impact across the Americas versus the moderate toll inside Japan?

Sea-dumping doomed the Americas

As we learned early on, much of the nuclear releases from Fukushima was being transported eastward by the North Pacific current and the northern jetstream, much of that abetted by years of official tolerance of unchecked venting and wastewater releases. The groundwater outflows were and still are being enabled by the media myth of an “ice wall”, an expensive boondoggle that provided cover for the release of reactor coolant from the Fukushima storage tank farm.

The so-called isotope-filtration equipment from AREVA and Kurion of Hanford were ineffective. For all the numbers games played by the “experts”, tossing out round-ball estimates, there’s been no containment of nuclear contamination in Japan, which soon proved itself again to be an eager exporter, this time of radioactive steel, used cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

To spare itself the burden of an effective containment program, Japan has been waging a “soft” nuclear war against its Pacific neighbors. Over the past seven years, I have suggested that boring tunnels into the hard-rock Abukuma Plateau is a proven method for water storage, as done under Kanto region rivers in lieu of new dams, but the government apparently prefers overseas dumping as a type of passive-aggressive vengeance.

Considering that the corium, or melted fuel rods, is mostly self-contained in the gravel and rock below the destroyed reactors, the math still would not account for the mega-effects of 311 on the environment of the Northern Hemisphere, which includes the sudden expansion of the Arctic ozone hole April-June 2011, fragmentation of the ice cap, annihilation of the wild salmon fisheries, the West Coast drought and lightning-triggered wildfires, poisoning of milk from dairy cows, and other bleak news that’s gone unreported in the mass media or falsely attributed to global warming, al in the service of course of the utilities companies that operate nuclear power plants.

How then did Fukushima disaster manage to achieve such planetary destruction while Japan itself remained relatively unharmed? The underlying answer to this paradox is center of the most pervasive cover-up in scientific history, authorized at the highest levels of the UN nuclear-energy agency IAEA, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and uranium-producer Canada’s Nuclear Safety Commission. After failing to warn, much less protect billions of their residents, the “regulators” in the US and Canada have been complicit in a cover-up of the rising radioactivity risk to population centers in the Americas due to their idolatrous worship of the nuclear bomb, the Moloch of our modern times.

The total absence of health-related data concerning radioactive ingestion, has forestalled any accurate determination of whether a global “hibakusha” (radioactivity victims) crisis is under way, but certainly the unborn have been sacrificed in their millions through miscarriages from radioactive exposure of ovaries and abortions out of unspoken fear. By the time in the future, or perhaps never, when studies are done on the spike in heart failure and cancers on top of terminated pregnancies, it will be too late for the health-care system to launch effective preventative measures to preserve the humane genome. As in the loss of insects across the Americas due to our inaction, homo sapiens will soon be extinct. And perhaps for the better, since our collective inaction proves the streak of inbred criminal denial in our less-than-masterful species.

Inexorably, as casualties mount and the economic damage spirals out of control, public anger will squarely put the blame not only on TEPCO and the deceitful Japanese political elite but also on the cowardly sold-out American and Canadian governments. Their ultimate responsibility, however, is the direct role of the US and Canada in supporting Japan’s rogue nuclear-weapons program, which lies at the heart of the 311 disaster(s).

Weapons-grade Plutonium unloosed

On this 7th anniversary of the Fukushima triple disaster, a video on Japanese N-weapons production in the Greater Fukushima region, produced by French environmental filmmaker Phillippe Carillo and myself, based on the disturbing findings from my dozen research visits into the 20-30 km nuclear exclusion zone is being released here at Here the key points are summarized:

First, the meltdowns at three civilian reactors and related fires at the TEPCO Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant were not the only sources of radioactivity releases. As dangerous as it turned out to be, including the explosion of the weapons-related mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel rods inside the Toshiba-Westinghouse Reactor 3, the rate of isotope releases solely from Fukushima plant cannot account for the grandeur of scale of contaminated seawater and marine-layer moisture that’s been hitting the American shores.

Second, a much greater amount of highly enriched plutonium was released from separate nuclear disasters that occurred at four nuclear-warhead production sites:

- an underground lab inside the compound of the seaside Haramachi coal-fired plant operated by the Tohoku Electric Power Company, less than six km north of Fukushima No.1;

- the TEPCO Thermal (oil-fueled) power plant in Hirono, about 4 km south of the Fukushima No.2 nuclear plant in the Iwaki district;

- a yet-uncovered lab or processing center inside the Fukushima No.1 compound; and

- a military nuclear-weapons test site in Kitakami, near its namesake mountain range, in Iwate Prefecture, north of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures.

In addition, steady releases of heavy water have flowed out of a suspected tritium-extraction facility inside the hollow structure of the Kido Dam, in the hills west of Hirono town. According to local residents, there are several other sensitive sites in the eastern Abukuma Plateau, making the Greater Fukushima nuclear complex one of the largest and the most-advanced warhead production site in the world.

It might be noted here, though unmentioned in the video, that the military-focused nuclear program will soon be resuming at the Oma nuclear plant on the northern tip of Honshu, near the Misawa USAF base and within sight of Hakodate, Hokkaido, across the Tsugaru Strait. The remote area has no major city in the vicinity for the marketing of electricity. One of the ramifications of secret weapons development by Japan is that it compels North Korea to amass a deterrence capability, and unless the Japanese program is officially exposed and dismantled, Northeast Asia will continue to be a center of nuclear-weapons confrontation between at least five countries.

The misdirection of focusing solely on Pyongyang, of course, has not only been hypocritical, it is a massive self-deception concerning Japanese duplicity over its vaunted “Three Non-Nuclear Principles”. When its warhead-production is fully functioning again it will be merely a matter of time before a revanchist faction decides to get its revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although in the meanwhile the radioactive outflows from Fukushima are doing that task quite efficiently.


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