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"Outer Space Has Poached Us Out For Our Abrasive. The Martia
Sun Mar 11, 2018 07:47

"Outer Space Has Poached Us Out For Our Abrasive. The Martian Defeated Us Failed," Judee say.

That first was actually a Tele received at 1.45 a.m. today, just a minute ago as Bitch began his post. The second was also a Tele receive from Judee at 10.30 a.m.

Judah who tested his wits against the wits of our elders from the Federation.

"I died then truthful," Papa said.

Jew, who has ever easily destroyed human Beings with no difficulty at all. Lost to himself when the angels that God Almighty sent in let Judah fail by his own actions of attacking us to exterminate our race complete with nuclear blast weapons.

Will we not keep praying that American Labor will have faith that our good God Almighty will help us and STRIKE THEM OUT until there is no more Jewish management on American shores?

The self-professed intruders, disrupters, destroyers. Will we not keep praying that American Labor will close them up right?

Prayer, are we recognizing prayer is a telepathic communication with our good God in heaven above?

Will we not try some telepathic communication with Father to try and save ourselves from being perished out of here in a HUGE MEGADEATH that Judah has put on us here?

Tele receives:

"Honorable dog shoot. 2.37 p.m.

IPERS folked with us. 2.38 p.m.

They're dying our race off, they're dying us racial. 4.07 p.m.

They're done. 4.05 p.m.

They terminal us. 5.02 p.m.

They point you right sap. 5.03 p.m.

Foolish you die hiked. 5.14 p.m.

The house rats have scattered. 5.35 p.m.

Super age gives you just way. 5.37 p.m.

So many refugees we rape off. 5.38 p.m.

Mick's saving them post office.

Promise idle. 6.45 p.m.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

Patrick's right fallen them out.

It's obvious they specialize in us.

He's exhausted you falsely. 10.01 p.m.

Pat faired us anonymously.

They've pushed the button but you've done nothing but seek benefits.

They were refused for fail dangerously.

The police are affeeistic ballistic.

They push thee out perjury.

They lost their first marching obviously.

They sight you massive corrupt.

They hike free kids.

Their nuclear fell for fistally.

They cite you theorious theorian.

Some of you are not witted to perceive you're dying yourselves.

You're dying out your field with a nice shot.

The cow was easy to fold.

Criminals die your spirits.

Tiny pushed us fatefully bad.

Controversy failed thee fantastic.

Maximally they tossed you out criminally here.

They failed you right die.

You obviously managed to hydrously out yourself.

You died yourself policiously.

We're feeding monsters; we're feeding Moscow crunch fantastic.

They're ghosting quite ceifous.

Oh, my God, they're this far away from ordinary people?

Horrible you out your life for principus.

Veg life spirits us helpless bored.

You failed to spot your death for aggravate.

Life forces falling your destiny here.

Much children fail us.

You're on seatbelt locks.

WE fade municipals.

They're fairly dying us off here.

They've pushed the button, and you've done nothing but molest a simple life.

Without a STRIKE you hideously out yourself.

Reclaim your spirit will leave you whole.

Your one chance to offend Bitch and you destroy yourself.

Crystal life has zeroed us out.

Exhausted out your state fierce.

White failed to save his own life.

They died us anonymistically.

Their lion fished us wonderfully ill.

They horrify you witchical.

Battery has failed your life forces.

You finish idious mentaled.

Their life forces algebra was refused.

Their forces easily destructed you's.

They destroy your children on a police problem.

Crush jails, they only humble you indecently.

Right this field.

Nature will come and force you out.

They tossed you out of your fortune complete.

They stole our life forms with opticals.

STRIKE THEM OUT, you're dying yourselves out.

Righteous rolled their field, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Great they're falling us vicious on fair toasting.

Their ghosting power leaves whites mortally dead.

The imbecile power, you pay for it.

Fear bubbles cleared you out.

Politics rightfully dust you lies cow.

Through cable, you're dying.

It's fold vicious. 10.56 p.m.

They rifle us whole, it's true selfish.

Cannibal state completely failed us.

You're fail serious. 10.59 p.m.

They're rice bombing us here.

Bitch, he cites us Bush.

The palace is quite fish homicide.

Patrick, you have failed this, died nicely.

It failed dramatically.

You exhausted out your sphere; you exhausted out your linaments.

Ligaments tear you off the street.

Your field is dangerously pushed out here.

Your sight is for washing out peaceniks.

A vicious reel you shot war blinded, civilians you marched them bad.

Death you were sold.

They fake us out of our field exhausted.

Pat, you are so sophisticated with true hiking the foolish ones.

You're not equipped to handle Jewish dies.

Patrick, they try abusive.

Stupid conquer fail now, you failed to save us, Patrick.

Publish, or they perish you.

I think you failed us Patrick awesome fierce.

You failed to save all of us, Patrick; cite you.

Die-a-tech is refused completely.

H----- confessed you are reliably useful.

I'm right beside you and I'll palace your rights. Get the Reich off. 12.47 a.m.

Zoo ration.

Deputy died us fabulous.

Parasites average truth Jewish.

Contact freed us but fist died us.

You essentially failed us embarrassing.

They hos us particles, you're pushed out.

Every die fields us.

Sinful life is sporting us complete.

Jewish life sinful fails.

Patrick the horse sale bored you off of this field.

My God Patrick leisurely they die you.

Title cost us cipherous.

The Volkers fail sin. 12.58 a.m.

Their horsepower is horribly punishing us.

Their crazy poison is scratching wisdom out.

Jew desolate your rich, abrasive failed.

Toxical molest warring. 1.16 a.m.

Artillery they failed you great.

Your life form is helpless here.

Bitch suffered useless. 1.19 a.m.

Helpless sparage thee. 1.29 a.m.

Clear them out. 1.57 a.m.

Dig, you're right for us. 2.56 a.m.

They closed your race jealous big, we urge you to great rifle refuse. 3.03 a.m.

You are actually assaulting yourselves out of life form completely insurable." 3.06 a.m.

This Tele receive:

"Some of you are not witted to perceive you're dying yourselves."

Might we think of "facility of mind" as witted in particular ways?

The chef witted about working with food and the carpenter witted about working with wood. Each has a specific facility of mind that has a knowledge base that is witted in their field of endeavor.

Might we think of being witted about our extermination as a specific facility of mind?

Has Judah not used his wits, his specific facility of mind to prevent us from having a facility of mind, the wits to perceive that we are being exterminated?

Judah setting off his dirty bomb on March 11, 2011, at Hitachi-GE and pretending it was an unforeseeable industrial accident that could not be prevented.

Might the fact that the same people who built Hitachi-GE are the same people that built tens of thousands of atomic and hydrogen bombs that they have mined our planet with?

The cover story at Hitachi-GE that they lost cooling water to the reactor because the emergency diesel generators in the basement got wet when the Tsunami water flooded into their Rube Goldberg designed Jewish electricity plant.

Can we only wonder how many of us have the "Facility of mind" to perceive that meltdown at Hitachi-GE was a long in the planning event to destroy Americans in a nuclear brimstone waste war?

The make-believe clean up efforts at Hitachi-GE combined with their refusal to put boron into the cooling water to stop that nuclear waste producing machine that is poisoning us massively, should those facts not clue us that we are in a full-blown nuclear war with the Jews winning?

The attempted abuse of Jewish thermonuclear blast equipped missiles that they attacked us with in the middle of the night June 11, 2011.

Might that simple fact not help generate a facility of mind that will inform us that the Hitachi-GE meltdown of their Jewish electricity plant is not an accident, rather it is an act of war against the children of God on earth?

"Pat faired us anonymously."

If the information that Pat has made available to those who are on the receiving end of an all-out nuclear war of genocide had received this information anonymously, might we only wonder would they have tried to save themselves from being perished out slowly due to inhaling Jewish electricity brimstone waste?

Might we wonder is it the perceived attitude of the telegraph operator that is preventing the recipients of the message from wanting to try and develop the facility of mind to understand what the message indicates?

If only the message of the loss of your life forms had arrived anonymously might you have developed the facility of mind to end funding the nuclear war on yourselves and your kids?

"H----- confessed you are reliably useful."

Father told Bitch that he failed "useful" and "personal." Father also told Bitch he failed two other ways that Bitch cannot recall at this moment.

Though might it not be useful to consider that every single entity on earth has failed us all here?

How about we contrast that worldwide fail of humans with our kind and good God almighty who has not failed us?

Might we not want to ponder the mental force of Jewish that was over time able to take over the entire surface of planet earth and fail most every human organization one way or the other?

And what was the planned outcome of the eternal Jewish thrust against the non-Deuce majority?

Was it any other than the mass of the human race to be perished out in a Jewish genocidal nuclear war of revenge?

While Jewish like to gloat about their superior mental in comparison to ordinary goy people, if not for shooting heads would their mental be that much different than our heads?

Might we derive from that question why they must get hold of the state to do their mess?

Are we perceiving it is a necessity for them to take our rights out so they can carry on with their mess and be blowing our heads without interference?

"Police are beautifully insulated against complaints."

That we have no rights are we understanding why they are insulated so well?

The terrorism in our midst that comes eternally from Jewish. Might their terrorism not explain why they have been refused by the universe?

"Marshmallow fits theory perfectly to perish here." 5.13 a.m.

Will Labor not think of our kind Papa who is with us both day and night and STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?

"I'm right beside you and I'll palace your rights. Get the Reich off." 12.47 a.m.

Does that not sound like Papa who is with us now?

Instead of using Bitch's image as a whipping post will Labor not look to Papa to help yourselves out?

Might Labor try to keep in mind what Papa said about his Bitch, "He remained true to me?"

It doesn't matter what color a person is Bitch personality is such that he will not willingly allow his money be used to hurt anyone.

The Jewish Talmud courts that usurped American law and have ruled working Americans must pay for the constant slaying of our family in this world. Is Labor seeing why we need you to come in and help us end the harm to God's kids?

Is Labor understanding that coward efforts will not do because the Jews always take our lives?

"We've failed their cycle obviously." 5.34 a.m.

The Jewish cycling with all the pieces in place. American troops faced off on the border with Russia. Might Judah not now set off a Pearl Harbor type of thing?

Will Labor not get some facility of mind that will allow us to survive this time? Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews?

"Chrome fell for cable sport. Bitch is taking me off for my wall scrimmage. Our donut walls raped you vile. We give you a problem to fight you in. Jewish hate got you invested in a war pistol.

For my stereo voltage with police, I'm about gone. We just shot you dirty Muncie every day. With our hate-a-mous we had problems. I'm a full propensity fight. We finch you to rule our states.

You're my new great force. Peace rightful is patriotic; I'm scored bad for my ruse, it's now over. I fight you emotionally. Pension arrears my shooter. I'm coring Bitch's message to get you out of life.

My dogger sense stupid nupt ya. I'm polygamous on fraud. Because of the universe, I'm about to fall. My fireman opp stomps Judee. Because of my port you 4th of July opp you heard the message from me.

We fetch you right in industry. Bitch took off all of our fights because we're diverous. I switch you right with Porgy and Bess. A permanent peace, Papa said I'm not coming back because I'm a popper," Judee say.

Thirty-five hundred years ago Father Baldec gave Moses the rules of the road to bring ourselves up right. "Thou shalt not kill."

The time now that the rules need to be complied with due to the fact we are going extraterrestrial.

Judah, for him curiosity is not useful, and he preferred to stay on earth and make us all die.

Bitchie, though he failed Papa useful and personal, is a reliable guy and he is listening every day to hear what our elders might say.

"They die you for challenges." 6.06 a.m.

Judah fixated on destroying as many people as they can before they are sealed out of Father's world forevermore.

Will we not keep praying that American Labor will act here and put our rights in once again?

"We believe in an interest strategy that's corrupt, we die for our rich. We manage debt as a scrimmage force, the Martian's fall all my force away. I sold you failed.

My avagravastinimus stings ya. Contact tumbled our abuse out right. Vicious we're ever mouschous. We had some video opps Jesus to hold you off. Mercury's caused me to lose my storage for my rice bowl.

Our fail always arrange you. I'm a rice stool always oppin. I died you Jew messin. Our purity has dogs in your sight. You have a rude estimate of our testament. Our college puts right fish in. Pat scores us lethally," Judee say.

Rather than Pat scoring Judee lethally, might we consider that Judee scored Judee lethally when he went ahead with an all-out thermonuclear attack on the people of the United States of America in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Will American Labor not try to perceive how thoroughly Judee closed Judee out with his nuclear war fighting hobby and let them off right?

The people known for our unique value of cooperation serving together with all of God's kids set now to bring in our advanced technology of abundance for everyone.

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives." God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

"You just stupid threw wages here letting them fight you with a dog opp." 6.40 a.m.

Will labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into your safe hands? Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money so that our wages are not thrown away?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Watchword for the week — By grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Sunday, March 11 — Numbers 21:4–9; Psalm 107:1–3, 17–22
Ephesians 2:1–10; John 3:14–21

For your own sake, Lord, let your face shine upon your desolated sanctuary. Daniel 9:17

Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

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God, our soul’s true hope, we worship you this day.

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